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5-8-14 9pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 4

May 9, 2014|

Hour 4 of WWL Draft Fest features the Saints trading up to pick receiver Brandin Cooks at #20. Bobby, Deke, and Mike Detillier analyze the pick and coach Sean Payton addresses the media.

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And welcome back in the Baltimore Ravens picked is again. Wait did that for you and they were getting closer to the Tony's spot that -- -- -- seventeen to -- the Dolphins. And the Cardinals and -- most recently that bought the pulpit of with the Notre Dame with the Dallas Cowboys. Varieties here out back from Ohio State with the Steelers. In copilot. Cornerback who would you pick. Proud that I can hit three straight defensively is where all the -- Rams the it's. -- -- -- -- -- Group B you know with surprising dog squeeze the -- -- hot but it still out there now I mean if anybody else's and that got arranged what it would get this. Also do with when you look at it from an offensive -- once it was close -- -- tell the receivers it's -- Fourteen NFL draft. The Baltimore Ravens select. CJ Mosley. Linebacker Alabama. All right those people arrangement though isn't so -- fair amount you'd see people -- -- back at a university about golf. The CJ and he told me that two teams that have shown the most interest you know whether Saints. And the Ravens. There -- the two teams that show the most interest in him. So it's funny how he goes business -- here. Maybe just look at what's the ticket -- we -- three down linebacker to inside linebacker at outside linebacker his draft class but. It was funny how -- that that this was the the two teams that instilled in the -- it was what you wallets of Baltimore Indians -- football. Well now be. Baltimore Ravens have made their pick CJ Mosley it's the Jets. The Dolphins. And Arizona and all I can do you Bobby -- had the ability yet it's threat as 2014. To hear All Saints radio if you give you and welcome back to San Francisco you know Seattle restaurants and they're not contact in the world famous for its quota. And the New York Jets and -- into the last five seasons picketed defensively with their first pick. All on the clock a ballclub that made some strides a year ago as it was late I guess you -- -- to this season. A coach it was not hot seat -- -- coach Ryan Rex Ryan got all the hot seat what they would use it very similar to the Rams are the -- is there. But never -- down run is really the big kick to say but I know that upfront yes -- And when you look at it on a bat -- Cuisinart still on the board are all you wanted it to receivers. And and well say it is. Nineteen in the when he saw it this late wanna make a move well and ensure that they would get that receiver. In nineteen in the twentieth it would make the most sense. After the Jets bit. You know Mike a bit dull thing but I'll look at it like to say -- we all like explosive players well look the last night they took a receiver. Arguments -- back. It didn't quite pan out not like that upper promptly went on me of what I bring up. Robert Meachem. It's been good but not an oval like -- like Cameron Jordan. I'll look at you drop back you Robertson. -- there -- that we will be worked out but not that that's why I think it. Might be -- what have you fallen in love with the player to say you know what I. He's the missing key here right you know because dozen teams do that you fall in love with the players say. He's that guy out -- the other water bodies falling back with all these safeties in quarterbacks. Is certainly an early round do. That would make it worth your while justice we get back into more becomes Christmas. Or because you look all the mock drafts all they'll Beckett junior a lot of people thought that definitely he's going to the giant. More -- Liotta USC. Or Randy go to Oregon State. And if you look at Denard the cornerback out of Michigan State now you look good quarterbacks. With the Jets. And I -- mock drafts. But nothing about Johnny meant to help. But Gary -- I don't think it's gonna happen but they've talked more about our image analysis by. Yeah and look at Arizona that's another team. Not against hill's name was not brought up not from -- political play in Arizona was that he -- you at all and that -- the political bottle I picture all of Michael well -- definitely. And mobile quarterback that's where I want to end up. Yet that it's like you're you're living in Phoenix -- is a place like Buffalo. Well if I go to WW -- not comic it all of the draft information it's on the draft board. Right up on the top of the -- -- depict the players who also the -- its full -- Everything you know but -- -- in the draft right there with the the guy is a college. Now was. What is predicted to be in the pro before draft board is a phone line. At that you that you will not count on your chance to pick it alone -- and in the end what adjectives -- this guy got it -- desperately. And now after the hit that the Dolphins. That caught the Packers Eagles -- big goals and challenges you to the playoff teams from when you go -- And I think this is where you know when you look at the players the projections all or look a little bit off what you get past like thirteen on. But none of the players are really shocked all of -- people we thought would cool would row what has not been that one guy says. I. There you know after twelve or the feeling that he was saying it's well like you play us grapple you don't have that back it shaken up. And -- whatever you -- no it didn't -- personal preference right approved fifteen right almost a middle the first round the 32 it's like personal preference. And you know -- shot -- -- dominoes fall. And a ballclub that that picked -- Michael me in the offseason through -- back up you know it's the ones who will Michael Vick you gotta be in the game plan to come away. -- -- -- Mean -- -- this and you know if you don't mix your god it's somewhere along the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We won't -- back to my big in the 2014. NFL draft. The New York Jets elect Calvin prior. Today you -- that back in Louisville. And all right so now. Brian before the Mexico. To the New York -- the Louis the surprises. Yet nick before half Clinton picks yet and so how could drop. If he was the guy I had gold in the twenties in round one. Talk about a god it'll take you had all the Disney had to -- at the highest level in Maine is a man out of that football you'll and who would have thought. -- first pick in this draft and -- -- not many -- water ended up being. Calvin Brock dismay brought him in to work out how that part out like get that -- didn't put down the line so I -- -- -- -- that you never know how they're gonna follow. But I think also you know what Mike. The remainder of -- to compare to their cities -- -- see -- -- -- compare. Dog who we have on board. You know and look Ali looked prepared to hit it that -- We -- when you use those workouts are like. When you look at. That the Buffalo. They got the home -- Darren Byrd Jared Burton and I think comparing. It's the holly looked but Mike he's been 111. Or two when Oxley and it says sports. It's close between in my -- picks we get picked ahead of him you talk about a guy that rule out -- -- -- -- golf and it is Calvin -- he goes the right coach. I mean he goes the right guy -- Rex Ryan in that type defense and it didn't go all you can score points. That's the year are you gonna score points on somebody with that all. Though the Jets are almost like three games over the wind like 1713. -- wanted to seventeen. You know type outings because they're deep it is there and obviously. We've got an outstanding coach. That the Mets defensive coordinators in our Rex and Rob Ryan -- you do offensively that the Jets -- Remaining picks in the first round only to not play LT Arizona with a double digit win team made it six era and exit of the point. In the Cleveland has the 26 -- that's the one they -- one of the kicks the crap from Indianapolis in the early season trade are in the 2013 seed or running -- Trent Richardson so we are and beat number nineteen and Miami Dolphins. And you look at teams like Miami and Buffalo team to the course will hold over the course of time -- -- -- and -- that yet. A UCL one back new England and although he's one of the greatest ever. -- -- and you don't work out this year in Buffalo sit back in the draft pick on okay what do we do quarterback racked and you know -- they don't wait all these quarterbacks. Years do you may be and then that's it intuitive direct. And I think they've hope it will hopefully maybe -- Morton would fall to them. Because they they need to protect speak about lime rock and roll what happened Retief not -- would hold I beat all the elements of line. Mike what about along those lines. -- browser thing they hear a few little apply hello. Probably you don't know it. That's the name right there and like you said I think it was Zach Martin maybe it would have all -- about the kid from Alabama. I just want to -- that Yankee. Go with the artist Stanford. No I would be surprised. But still more -- Bradley Roby a quarterback but but they need help on the up excellent. I think. Mike a lot of people don't like him but I still think. That if you -- the -- quarterback a lot like I'm kidding you right. I got to give him some help yeah somewhere along what you know what that the -- isn't bad. Got a pretty solid defense across the board but maybe not if you can't score. You can blame did you -- -- -- world you -- the matter how good you. They asked -- -- -- the fans wondered if that is news that nobody yet it's speculative follow football in Cameron Wake you know. And -- -- quarterback that dude if you look if you win. But is that -- -- thing you don't like the Dolphins don't win. At the Dolphins when he gets more recognition. You know we talk about the Cowboys if they it is fluent or what -- when you're not looking real real close look at the culprits will look at. You know they wanted you play and play football and I mean I think it hit -- rock bottom did not. Say the worst team put -- that picked us up well right now laid -- the right hand that he is old Miami now. Yeah -- basketball team owns the city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Five straight you know -- -- -- though Miami is a friend that we will keep the Buick draft quality Aussie trio. -- the nineteenth pick in the 2014. FL draft. The Miami Dolphins so art to -- James. Tackled Tennessee. Well the look at it that big right then. Jeff Duncan at times because you don't wanna see a week ago. That's who they. Thought it would go along the line. And you look the Pirates. 00 look look -- knights are on the boards. Receivers. Two receivers Brandon cooks more easily available and dark reason no -- We've talked about it this is the spot tonight even money that nobody gonna make him play this is where it's going to be. And two wide outs is still there. Hope what you look at is that's who we got to get young wide receiver. Who's gonna help out Drew Brees on the back in and obviously when you got -- marquis -- I think USC. And they've got that hit branding coach I don't markets they've built the -- We've known about it also starts Bedard might like instead of cornerback. And it went north squeezed the ball this -- that that's a pretty but those two receiver is all right yeah. Let's go out to the Saints this into a mistake that was made at trading at Mayo on the clock at the when he picked -- -- -- -- was -- late. True that is obviously targeting a player here. Whether it's a wide receiver or cornerback that you guys are talking about moving up the -- general manager Mickey who was earlier today say that. More often than not you're going up for particular players that you had some conviction about that fits you sent your skills. And and -- system in it's more often you. You trade up a little bit in he didn't necessarily like the idea of sitting back and waiting for the draft. -- -- -- him and of course. Saints you know had their picks. Had seven went they might have given up certainly -- give up something in this draft to get up to the twentieth pick overall with the Arizona Cardinals and looks like it's going to be. In all likelihood a wide receiver here but again to our Cuisinart still on the board. At cornerback. Toward the -- Saints out of Michigan State so -- about a all little bit of idea. A little bit of a surprise but not that much considering. Mickey Loomis is straight up now four times in the first round shopping in general manager -- or states they have someone they like is it mark you sleep. Maybe marquis sleep very well very well could be more easily. Could be -- Just on the board yet are we Denard could be. Could be Brandon cooks for Morgan State. There's there's a lot of different ways and really could still -- crazy the run on tackles we keep some of quarterback -- that are and how that striving. Of the valley for the Saints in the rough on the tackles has really left a lot of these top names. That we assumed would be off the board by now they're still available. As we might see the details of the trade the Saints are now on the clock here. We are waiting on the details of the trade for the world -- moving up. From a pick number 27. To 120 with players on the Cardinals and whether they're targeting a wide receiver or defensive back in the posted a couple of receivers they've been to. A few promoted to that a lot of reports that they're willing to mark he's leaving one receiver out of USC alone -- -- look at that deep threat. Again the 1000 element to about this in the most last year went on is that we were actually the the trip to play now that -- -- -- since -- -- It is just all of this first round for me today. Like we talked about for the draft ever really know. What's going to happen -- the day. Draft when all of those down there in the CL ENC you can pick but it. Figure out the details. It's great wouldn't it if you lose him. All right guys -- -- -- -- with you induced a few moments -- -- so all the clock and make it through the Arizona Cardinals and what that moment or with some of the things you know wouldn't consider -- very deep draft. Haven't given up the issues first round pick which is -- -- overall at some point and their third round pick which is the 91. Overall it's bad they they obviously are definitely targeted and that it's vaulted him wanting and so when you look at the ball Williams is still annoyed. Brandon Colts blocked instantly. And I thought it got talked about I know about night they'd be -- But the but it followed but that might OK -- just announced that you won't get that they say yeah that you looked at third round selection there but having it's really the two receivers and the quarterback when you look at all the mock drafts. Is Denard aren't even coats. The two receivers in that at this spot. Got to talk about this weeks ago brought this up how this team has always been aggressive. On their Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis if they think that there are some missing piece of the puzzle they're gonna go out yet. And I did it showed up one draft pick it up -- -- -- weeks that this team is gonna make a move. Aggressively. Go after a guy that they feel is the missing link to the puzzle here but it's football team. And an edible you look at with Anderson about branding coach a lot -- -- -- Beckham. Also the return game -- -- -- -- know all the special teams yet you know what when you look at well what do you bring to the table you don't always talk about public -- in. Or did you make you play Garnett standard. Can't you play wide receiver and also give mark the return game that you have it in lead. Good look and remember it was the final question acts Mickey Loomis about do you want to help your return game are you out one on -- in the house and he answered that question better than any you know is -- it is now we we got some in house guys but if that's a certain guy there we wanted. Now you know what it's been a big goal and -- relied branding coach. Upward a couple of players I mean media people NFL guys NFL network. The kind of look at Brandon cooks you know they compare to since then Smith needs bit. Among those parts this thing needs a bit and -- little Bubba Paris and no more sleeve. That's been Percy walk. So would you want. It's like a way to win you want. But it is straight defeats. Decent when you pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The New Orleans Saints like Brandon cooks. Wide receiver Oregon State and -- on -- -- -- he moved -- to think now I think like -- did you target him. When you look at it Mike Riley's connection to this football. But while it was on this staff. Brandon hook slash here -- red believe that ball award winner. Now -- the first what you might wanna bolts ball to a receiver. -- they have selected because he's five point the end. But no it -- -- -- Maryland on DeShawn he's normally yeah yeah it didn't receive right and it was a guy. That horrific -- out and you talk about it big time performer last year it took us all American. -- rental fort -- reporting yard dash well built. And he's that guy decade changed the school board every time he touches the football. Bobby your -- -- could well. I projected him to go anywhere we usually break it down anywhere kind of where you went. Eighteen to 23 kind of like -- gene and I you're looking at number of my jacket drafts and I thought. All along. That at this ain't gonna get younger receivers and they wanted to get what are receivers they wanted it could outweigh the 27 this is why it wasn't that. They had -- and that's that they did all right let's bring in saint violence but the guys on boot on his lap out of -- -- -- -- -- -- The Saints want to move well they moved from 27 point in the Ukraine took some wide receivers they obviously -- What they can it just in my opinion. You know that -- that was the one thing that we all thought was lacking pretty sorely on the south -- Q was it. Big play threat down the field and you know in a lot of cases they had used Darren Sproles to trying to get that big play you know -- slot. Once you know and now they got themselves a ball outside receivers do that so. All in all especially if they if they moved up it was just listen to what Mike about it we've planned that if they had to state that. Where they were point seven there's no way one of those guys have been -- so -- he would take the gamble in move up in it that -- you want it now -- guys don't know burn him out that. And okay I know you appreciate it all the things being witness. They prepare just being bit by you know Utley -- bit of thought in this thing aside and believe -- if you turn out to Vietnam as he bit. Got to be pleased. And I think uniform. Yeah in my -- my whole thinking about it because it never did like it because of but he didn't think so now he'll be he'll be -- and effort flew orderly -- it would that. Hope one of the things is you know the guys that are really -- the Saints more than any. You know the last with this year's Steve Smith did George Galloway. You know when you think about what Galloway did in Tampa and which Smith -- Carolina. The comparison. To coast it's favorable. Because he can bring that to the table and I do know one thing Mike Riley with on this staff of the Q how slick. He's close friends with Mickey Loomis and I think that -- connection certainly helped out but last year. Just think about it you caught a 1018. Passes and averaged thirteen and a half yards -- catch and sixteen touchdowns and Oregon State. Robert just rotated his side of the New -- remarked east lead with two unbelievable players in the -- well what he -- what he well. -- last year. Well I just as well we were sitting here watching -- -- the pick was up there at they haven't made the announcement that it was branding coach -- the -- some clips on there. In a lot of those little bubble screen that he can't -- just make that one quick move to free to defender and then he'd break it to the outside now to put rates and in. You can see the angle of pursuit change from the defense though. Is it things like that you know and I think that that complement the nothing Mickey has even back when he was with Seattle. Under Randy Mueller came here -- note they like both -- that we all -- Galloway he had in you know he might be a little bit undersized but. He mandated that little -- who could -- into. That looked at what we look at brown off the guy he -- field but yes -- yes yes -- goes -- the he's good he's been we worked in a lot I think in this thing -- because he looks to me like he can -- that you're slot receiver. Now hope you've been applaud -- draft room before and now it's everything stance that the Saints would because in until. Saturday -- book book if you have the second pick particular -- third round pick in such a deep draft. Who is now the point now we don't look at to see what you don't do. In the third round or do you feel focused on that second pick I'd take us through two moves now what's that you've given up and heard around the well -- That's they what they comedian on number one kind of like we were talking earlier earlier in the day you guys -- you got to sit around him either steal more picture left up on the board you know still twelve more ago so. You got to sit there and and take a look at that in what happens what goes down. Because you know you've probably got a -- of second round guys you know you just don't do it for. Just the first round -- look at the second round -- you know what might be available when you get -- date it is a long way down in the draft. Nonetheless he you've got to digest what's happened overnight and then. You know they'll sit -- a kick the tires a little bit and they'll move around you know that kind of start looking guys in no you know I can't believe this guy field. In he'll listen to. Keep Bob in in Christian earlier you know. Some of the quarterbacks that are fallen world view and eventually somebody can take them so that makes in certain certain cases it makes players that you covet in quarterback not want them for this team. -- a little bit more used so. It's -- it's still a process right now. Of just find out what comes off here over the next dozen picks -- they're work is not done for the night. Saint -- has a big guys on -- he's taken to saint to move up from 47 when he they take. Morgan State wide receiver Randy cooks in exchange they give up their first round pick twenty sevens in this year's draft first round and also they give their third round the which was 91 overall. Credit -- to those -- -- -- all of Saints O here from draft visit Oceana restaurant and there's not contact my game Bobby Hebert. This is saint radio bit UW. Britney when he first pick in the 2014. NFL draft the Green Bay Packers select. Hot chocolate mix. Defensive back Alabama. I welcome back to advance it out in the first round as they move. Off from 2720. And they pick radicals wide receiver out of Oregon State in exchange for victory with Arizona they give up the issues first -- 27 overall. And their third round pick which is 91 now just a few moments we will be hearing from Saints coach Sean Payton he's gonna addressed the media click. Christie Garrett and hope you guys on and keep up a grandstanding by Chris it would jumping in and any moment's notice that we were here coach Payton had to say. And now coach Sean -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Years -- -- shot -- That we we're we're still obviously in this first round. We're excited with our selection and you know we were able to move up and get a player that -- we kind of -- you'd. I think the the interesting part in the early part of the draft was. -- when we felt. Would be kind of -- question was how the quarterbacks were ago. And you know you're just hoping that there -- number of them taken number of players taken to push possibly some guys that we had a -- Or in our group of players back. That didn't happen however there were few players that were selected that. The kind of move the group back in unfolded a little bit like we plan. And there we were fortunate to. Two to be able to go up a few spots him and get a player that that we like coming in process so any questions on Brent. Well look he's playmaker he's someone that. The one thing about him that stood out is. He's he's a tough player both physically and mentally you know he's been very consistent. -- herbal. Obviously runs well. But I like his make up. With regards to his mental toughness and his interview was fantastic. Of course we've got a pretty good relationship -- does with coach Riley there but. I think. There were a lot of intangibles with him aside from just his skill set as a player that. There were really. Excited. Yeah will have a chance to do those things. You know he he has returned. Will work through both as a punt return a kick returner and CCO a dose. You know he's got the skill set to do it. You know he's got. Real good hands. Again I bring up you know I think he's a tough player. And I think in order to route to be good returner you have to be tough so to get an opportunity to do that. It's all. Well. Without without going into detail -- that with the names. There there were really three. Three guys. That. Were still in our group. But the problem was there -- 78 picks. Left. Only one of those three. With someone that that we felt prior to the process that we possibly would move to get in and that was Brenden. Prior to the draft to begin and you know we we put together a list of players that. In order and then kind of a line. At a certain point and above this line we might possibly move. To go get. Below that line you know we would sit tight in conceived we can make -- pick. He -- he was. The one remaining player in that group. That. Was someone we identified that we you know we might. Trade up together if we felt like it was necessary and I think as it -- to begin unfold I was just trying to find the right. You know the right -- right partner. Here. Well. You you look ahead of you with the teams but you also understand that the the one unknown is always a team coming back in. So yes certainly there there were couple teams we felt that. At a need to receiver of the Jets. Before we. Made the trade officially you know we released set on that they're waiting. And they want to direction safety. And that. All of a sudden. Made it apparent that that you this this could happen. -- Lance Moore goes off season. Yeah we're here. Naw -- but I wouldn't say those decisions were based on the way this draft class shaped up. I think. Those those were tough decisions one with the trade the other with a guy like Lance Moore. But. They were predicated on the depth that we knew we were looking at at all. There were separate. Coach on your undefeated well. Who we waited some but. You know when your pick in 27 in each of these rounds you're really. You know five picks away from being in the fourth. So we really felt. With regards to the value sheets it all added up made made a lot of sense. You. I mean obviously like there's been considered prior or anyone you know -- wouldn't. Guy. Because. You you guys didn't really. Feature. Street. Yeah I don't. Look I think we've got some guys a two run I think Robert Meachem can run I think. We've we've got other players that are threats Kenny stills is someone you know nick toon who had a real good training camp and didn't get as many opportunities. A year ago week. We feel like we've got some team speed in and I think that this was this was more about. The makeup of this player it is. Obviously. You know we think he's good football -- good receiver. He's very confident. And you know Joseph Morgan become -- back off of an injury so there's this this was really just looking at. A player that stood out. As is we tried to evaluate the first round you know we felt the -- eight players and maybe a little bit of a space with grades and then another clump in. We we just saw this guy's a real good fit and there were few others same way that that might not have been at receiver. So. It was nice when when. When you're able to. Grade scouts. Everyone in the process coaches. A number of players. And you know periodically in each of these rounds you. I don't -- unanimous but real strong convictions. About guys and this is one of those sports. We are his grades came in well before that. -- the first time we get a chance to really meet a lot of these players -- the -- line. The scouts however spend your whole season really and even prior to that -- And preparing reports. So you do get those impressions then when you first meet him. He's someone that did you guys will see the first time you have a chance to visit with them is is extremely impressive. You know he's he's very competitive. Knew he was a big part of what they did offensively and you know often times. You know drew safety help coverage. But. His make up. In his skill set were were things that. The scouts and obviously seen in the beginning and then as we go to -- come -- we've become familiar with them. And then. Got to take it from there. Well. No he. No I I think probably. Let's go back to see the ratio guys we've drafted more than on -- -- or not it's. He was yeah he he was someone. That. Was it was as clean in and clears to who we wasn't in -- the type of Larry wasn't and how we approach the game. He was real impressive. Sometimes. Well -- There there -- couple reasons you know you come away from the come mine and you may have some unanswered questions or some. Concerned you might bring players in for visit might bring players. Look that may potentially be later round free agent candidates you know there's a lot of different reasons to bring in your thirties. And there. They're mixed you know some. To spend more time with that you didn't have a chance to maybe. As much to come by and others who might be to get a little separation or or to get a little better feel for and we brought players in that we thought maybe. You would not be drafted that. Would help us when it came to free agency on Saturday so that's that's kind of been our approach. If generally. There might be a question. Not a negative one but just a question with regards to. Certain things will bring a player and did you know when you only. You interview 7580 become -- your visit list is much shorter than that so. -- you're trying to. As you go through the process and preparation when you're reading the board in your your put names up if if there's some discussion with regards to a player. You might at that point sale let's use a former visits him -- get this guy in here Brandon was was a player that. There really wasn't. That type of discussion it was pretty pretty clear as to how he interviewed him how we felt about. It's this. Well it's very competitive I mean when you talk to any coaches in that conference and you know our scouts certainly -- coaches when we go to work outs. Have that interaction not just with -- Morgan State but with all the other schools and in that conference but you know his name keeps coming up with someone that. It was very good football player anytime were interviewer risen with the defense aback could be normal process can be very. At the very into the interview group who were some of the better players you won against him and vice Versa. Knew we'd asked the receivers in the same thing. It was pretty apparent that he was one of those guys coaches at the school. No way anyone who's seen employee or been involved with his career there is the real positive. Saints coach Sean Payton here on W to be well black and gold select branding coach wide receiver out of Morgan State. With the twenty -- twentieth selection overall. It I think it's I think it's one there's. The specific targeted player that you have a vision for. And then part of that is just fine and someone that's willing to do with you but. It it's its specific it's player specific where you where you really. Idea guy that that you have an understanding and then it it looked when your pick and later in the draft that they're they're a lot more variables. Obviously when your pick in very early you can narrow that decision making process them but. -- fortunately you he was still there. Yeah up in here we've got two fives in this draft you know so. You're still we still a lot of lot of work to do here with our second fourth two fives six. You know there's. Again I've said this before there's there's there's majority of the draft still ahead of us that we're gonna to be prepared for. -- well in in this case he he he filled a need. There was one of the positions we -- going in. And for us. Our highest rated players so in that case both one more question. My second. Yeah I think when he beat you just. I think you're looking at. Well we've got some good young players. And you know we don't look at rankings that way we look more at. Our roster and we we got to look at. The players on our roster. It is it certain positions. He does give us a threat. And then he's he's a guy that can be used in a lot of ways so. -- -- It's it's always challenging when you lose certain touches you know Darren provided X amount offense force. And and and I think more than anything else it because -- he's he's the type of guys that really fit. Our program you know I was -- got -- excited our players a chance to meet and I think he'll fit in real well to our locker room. Thanks to say -- coach on tape wrapped up his visit with the media. Just go -- go up the Saints go on a clock at number twenty trade up. And desolate branding coach what zero Morgan -- you heard their from a Sean -- we'll have an opportunity coach -- two -- kicks -- as well. -- impressive in his interview did not commit for a visit they did visit with him though at the outcome -- so they were very impressed with that you -- Sean -- talk what that about. Just how much he fits into what they're looking for he did fill -- need in the Saints identified that early on they wanted to fill. A -- you position as the media for this football. Now and they deftly dressed them and did not things. -- was really even on the table I mean we're gonna make anybody think we need to think that -- right. There's a bit of a piranha on tackles there that push down the receivers. So early opportunities it hooks and that they -- to think they got a pretty good field right what was your third round and round picks and have a second round pick -- -- the two -- -- -- this -- not real -- value -- all week. Consider what they were able to get I would really like rating -- one of the more surprising things. I read on -- that despite being just five pin and 188. -- did sixteen reps of 220. So he's always come back he's strong. I think that'll open with some of those -- DB's try to jam on the line. He's -- about it very Kristian -- got a seats can't watch goal got their guy Brandon coach what receiver out of -- of state more draft that's coming up on W to do well late 7 AM and -- a five point three. Having to do well I think. It's. The Philadelphia Eagles have traded the 22 pick to the Cleveland Browns. With the 22 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select Johnny -- now. We're. Irving Texas Stadium. With the 23 pick in the 2014. NFL draft and Kansas City Chiefs select. The court. Defensive and Auburn. And welcome back about a accident it's it's a New Orleans Saints moved up they were originally supposed to pick number 47 overall in the draft. They've made a trade with Arizona Cardinals Saints gave up. They're picked in the first round of a point seven. And also the third round pick which is ninety -- overall -- the number twenty spot they kept it wide receiver. From Oregon State that the reigning -- operated tag swapping people. Online at WW dot com right now I was asking you think that he -- to -- with -- first round pick. You like to pick vote on line -- -- if you will dot com and the Cleveland Browns who once thought that they would take Johnny and they'll. All the way up in the top tier of the draft with the fortnight they go all the way back down it would be reported to pick it accurately for the you know yeah. It's. These guys. -- Cincinnati Bengals quarterback. Arc whereas Denard. Defensive back. Michigan State part of yep all right so -- with the audience in my blog about going back to that you heard John Payton talk about Randy -- some of the things that it is very impressive. -- -- you handy -- -- whoever we helped them. Everybody keep him there. Capable well and just watching him this -- also talk to Mike -- about him during the summer he just raised you know. -- his work ethic and his focus as a football player and one thing Bob you'll really like about this is asked. Coach what was his greatest -- he says that the receiver. His ability to work back. The quarterback when he sees him in trouble. It's a lot of that stuff we do was short on a -- squeezed out. But he settled the longer things one that thinks he instinctively does so well it's workers will be right back that a quarterback. Well. That means he's been through and Kansas State and we all know it's Steve Smith has an outing of the things that the knowledge that you aside. How could you be against that we go back in the break. What analyzed also picked out that a thing you know that -- the Packers. And the Cleveland Browns who took the Eagles late. That -- because we're going to be faced in those particular players on this. He's been on the schedule that gives baseball more more exciting football moment -- Cranston took Knicks the Knicks. When he went to school they were coached by their piled it on our draft board at WW dot com -- -- it was limited Orleans Saints wide receiver. Out of Oregon State feel like -- tickets operate that war thing people pull off line that if you don't dot com these bits and all right I'm not actually here in the first round All Saints trade their first round pick up a 27. With the Arizona Collison who will put up with twenty bases and at Oregon State wide receiver. Brandon cooks the sanctity change also you have this third round pick. Nine keepers overall expect to be here who cooks and about fifteen -- here wanting radio. Yet you yet -- operated jaguar that you both critical to do it's been with a New Orleans Saints you like to pick vote online -- going to be yet -- -- -- why you're there. Balking on your phone on your computer if -- appeals. Grand Central sound golf hall of fame it. 2014. NFL draft. And Diego Chargers select. Jason -- That's the back. Here I took Jason -- -- -- at cornerback we thought we'd be available with this thing to him when he sent gators beat good teams like you -- -- -- Bobby dreadlocks you don't yet know what to think that. Well if you look at it -- -- but it department for the -- but Auburn three different. Analysis that's the -- junior. When you look at Brantley hooked in his ability on those things Fayetteville with these submit an etiquette them. And now when I'm excited to talk about love it that team it. If you look right after the things you got the Packers. And to -- who've been that they eat hopefully I'll look at it and players. All of us that we've played the Packers. -- but. At night football against Green Bay October 26. -- Clinton picked. What a great name that's like they're -- -- Carroll. Apocalyptic. And Eric -- but I'll go. God I can't I think no accident and I've got an okay -- -- and I'd be excited anybody they hop. I mean is that you don't know them but that's. Probably just everybody told them. -- -- please don't tell us the ability to get 8 o'clock I don't know so I'm looking forward to an act comes in October when they do you know what. The second day of the regular season. September 14 at Cleveland. Johnny Mets fail if you like LSU vs stadium this thing vs Cleveland -- -- got a bit to help. Which shall be nice weather that's come September to fourteenth it's gotten beat -- then I'll be interested to come after we played Atlanta on September Evan. I wouldn't have them Ortiz. It's unbelievable. It's like a guard Brian I'm much the ATP. Every kid -- -- that the yeah. One got a -- that -- now we. Brown could play defense in economically it. Yet to be heard about that I will come back and -- -- -- to -- with him with a New Orleans Saints ran the local to attribute a -- for.

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