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5-8-14 10pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 5

May 9, 2014|

Hour 5 of WWL Draft Fest features Bobby, Deke, and Mike Detillier's interview with the newest Saint, first-round pick Brandin Cooks.

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And welcome backward OJ had a restaurants and they're not contact the world famous I bought out at New Orleans Saints. They've taken Brandon -- wide receiver out of Oregon State with their first pick they -- it via a trade to a 27 when he. They also gave up their third round pick 9791. Overall. In the third round of the 2014. And -- Ran we expect to be here from bankruptcy just a few moments the Philadelphia Eagles active Mike victory back. Picking them to beat them Cleveland and they got up and picked up the services of Johnny and him and you're now talking with the so. -- 2014. NFL draft. The Philadelphia Eagles elect. Marcus Smith. Linebackers Louisville. And Mike Hewitt look back on the field all the team that was in the it rail around Philadelphia. The Eagles went to be perceived to be with the Chargers and Browns point six sink it or it moved up Arizona was there. Can't see Mike. Might have been of those teams record in the couple -- volume of our -- -- at -- time when a guy like Michael like I Alex. And I think to is chip on -- Andy Reid coached. Mike -- adjustments on the you know. You see the same sort of similarities. In maybe. I think man tells a much better passer than him what Mike tickets but I think that was -- move up to ensure that you would get Johnny and me at all I'm telling you. Is so much Indians. It is really predicated on how good. You can get that football team and Cleveland is a good team now defensively you're not Josh Gordon. They got Jordan Cameron -- -- -- the offensive line it's fairly solid. This football team that's close. The surprise pick Philly picks Marcus Smith and look at it this -- my Villa sent 21 round there. Principally. Teddy Bridgewater still before. Just think about that Calvin Brock Marcus Smith. They -- look at the product upgrade to pass rush Markus -- we -- that has shown some skills. Certainly really look last year he was the conference. -- on the but it's not the football. But this is that you're getting a lot of value with -- -- this time. Mike what interests -- as a ballclub Arizona had they even beat San Francisco as we could hear it. They still have now and eleven -- because the Saints at the tiebreaker. With him a year ago that being Arizona ballclub it's. Over the course they have done well my own defense. Also Obama you know he struck hot last year but what do they do here -- the -- both old quarterback threw. You pull the trigger now and young quarterback got Derrick hall Teddy Bridgewater is still up on the board at this point. How long you gonna go. With course that's -- how long you gonna give him greatness of Bruce areas is a guy that really has always. Connor did that developmental quarterback out of what you -- Pittsburgh yeah a bit Roethlisberger and he really took his game to another level. On that division I got to separate -- -- -- -- -- Carson -- not gonna let me know I gotta get me a god can give me some separation. At that quarterback position and I don't listen Russell Wilson. He's just don't get better as a player and hopper nick -- gonna ride that roller coast as a passer. We know. I don't what you get -- I think it courteous with Saint Louis and Arizona don't happen at quarterback. I think that's why they're gonna be really -- team that's what they don't match. Well in New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandon cooks with the effort it it now. Fourteen you know draft people that in the -- we'd take him out of organs -- top but welcome in new with him -- -- thing. -- -- -- thank you so much for the timing of all congratulate these. Aren't you heard mark. Grant at what what is it like people who is it that process and I'm finally have a team BQB a first round pick in the national football only. You know be excited about it. And let me. Brandon wanted to things. A few -- Like neurologists already I got to watch this guy he's gonna look this season and usually did -- a great -- -- you know what the -- you got last year one comeback routes. And one that things will still be was it. One thing that does very well is work with the quarterbacks always fun to work back. Lot of it is quarterback -- a -- house out the rest with that. Order your game you got great speed you'd like that's the least -- we got -- I laid up with that ability to work with you -- that it's real game. Yeah I mean after the club like the problem well there you know -- not -- -- grant throws the problem repeat well you hear people say -- -- back -- in reality it most of our market in the wrong place. Now -- look at it I think with the -- that can't you be reliable can't answer the bell. QB now in. What I noticed in to me. Is that that's the people that everyone I've talked about up there. You never miss the game at any level. And you look at that the reliability we just talk about that. Are going to be able to believe we could and we now. You -- be partnered you know effort artistic seeing them little things right though to be completely. Out and I had it -- -- mentality. But like that brings you a long ways that the in his tank they -- -- be. Now Brad -- what is that like all of a sudden. We look at right place right time. The -- to play even a hall of being quarterback like Drew Brees. Of reality to develop his skills. And that bottom line is if you got single garbage and you get over you know you can get the ball. Activities is great play and hectic part law he's becoming a better route to compete did a fantastic. Extreme ability. Don't -- don't -- quarterback like -- I'm in the you know the -- and put in the right place for. Now -- credit what about being that complete receiver. And obviously what you ask you do. That's part run block him. And as far as you know what you look at that particular run they can be seven -- eight yards string of loose. Because the year block maybe it's a 3040 yard -- We just talk about. At the next level respectively receiver. Acknowledged that also. That being a road block all of the big part of being that. You know top receiver be able to do that. -- -- -- -- That's what I'm not my game it is is the run blocking it better at that seem to work with that. Not psychic that up the past. And I you know you know you can -- being in the past here. Randy father we thank you -- a time what what would you say is your best strength coming to the NFL and and they do one thing you can do you feel like people have to work on to competently. You know being part of the month district the you know and out of these be -- and what I need to work on it -- -- -- -- -- block it. I've managed to get this you know and that is. Yet who will be well Graham gone right -- I got to Brandon -- congratulations to thank you so much for joining thank you interpret our rent now -- -- member of the dual thing in my like you talked about -- -- it's been more popular thought in the city ordinances and I of his catches. On comeback routes acted quarterback about. That I -- a Cinderella that. That is still the. I don't know. I'll think about that that we needed him regret that you get this deal I'll go back and evolved the bureaucrats that bit of football. They'll sit back. You've got to think that ball in the air idiot mind. The party was Smart or know now the tape their coverages well tonight at times you have to feel like it's almost like collect our Reba. The ball's in the air it is mine. Got it back got to be aggressive. Outside your body to be aggressive and catch the football. On the about it the president might. That that's really the aggression party it's been going after the ball. I know he's been local knowledge means one thing with Mike rob expect NFL team yet you know and you got it was. He was not how we would double rate him as a race crew. But he was -- highly recruited Malia. Coming out of the California race opted yeah I mean he was one of those guys that was kind of in between there. Indians have been Arkansas State goes to show you in the public -- of Oregon -- -- -- Washington from the -- One and there's nobody people -- California wherever there the population. Was an all time Bears players. Florida. Texas -- argue that but that number and better yet. We weren't happy wherever that yes all right -- -- to -- him to New Orleans Saints do you like the snake gets operated Jaguars -- evil and all of that grant information on everything but every team from Everett who. Is on our home page at WWL dot. -- here. With the 27 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Arizona Cardinals elect. They own you -- -- Defense to back Washington State. With the 28 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Carolina Panthers selecting Kelvin Benjamin. Wide receiver Florida State. All right so welcome back to draft those 2014 you don't get a restaurants and they're not contact the world famous for its quota in recapping. The New Orleans Saints thing grew up from number 47 in the first half of them but when he. They take Oregon State wide receiver Brandon -- he -- spoke with Brandon pockets at WWL dot com. They give us your take it if you give you a -- out. Q how do you like to beat the Saints who will take a wide receiver it's operated -- or that you will also the saint Pete looked a third round pick. 91 overall in this draft. Might -- TA the Carolina Panthers in our division we have seen earlier date and -- -- on the offensive line in the in the first round pick. With Dick MacKey that it takes to -- him the at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers go with the -- receiver Mike Emmitt in South Carolina it's. Another touted wide receiver in that event they really need to receive. No question about it when he has. I think he wants us who influences another benefit of the water round -- You -- -- you -- -- twice a year right like twice a year he'll wind instrument now Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson I'll just delegate. That no matter what it all -- wanna say that all we don't pay a lot of attention to what goes on. That a lot of but it was cool at all because it does that -- it would not affect it that night. All receivers Mike Evans quality Tampa -- help a bit too many count line. You know what it has been is that. You can have great coverage because the mismatch got a bigger receivers get the small corner the back shoulder throw that that's become a prominent. Still and also how aggressive. The few dogs because of backs are in their cornerbacks. They can't call a penalty every play the -- saw how they get a call this year. You know past five yards what is legal chuck and all that when you look at all. Of everything out there breakdown -- might look at it at 47 -- eight. To me that's the first surprise. Ultimate surprise. For the first -- one ahead of it to Marcus Smith. Like people aren't right -- he was a second round pick. -- -- -- got it really played well at Washington State but nobody thought he would be a first round pick one thing is in watching him play. That with the Cardinals wanna do yet you know. -- as the guy in his career watches the 384. Tackles and passes. Spots you go out there. Seventy. Look at this -- who will. That maybe the markets -- Lawrence they did it dark part -- they might go what. -- it's comedy he's well Florida. So I'm pretty easy to be president of north of Mike in recent picks those two. -- -- people to play is from Auburn and Florida before a few moments ago with the rich get rich on Kansas City chief and the ballclub they had a tremendous. If it's a presence a year ago really the key to the opponent you know. In playing in the AFC post season and now you have another one gone from Florida and a bright spot on for our club got. Hurt early -- you would have a great season. In the world is me. Goes on like you have rejected it don't know Clemens a second round out the check -- out but you sick guy that. What I think Bill Belichick sees is Manhattan he stayed healthy we wouldn't have gotten you know at this point it -- -- on. The quality of the gods quick he's -- goes -- uses and it's just that penetration. The big question what was how quickly to combat that if you like that -- is amazing today. How fast these guys come back from that -- -- it's not about the surgery rehab. Rehab in your dedication their rehab and also. You know life is just an unbelievable technology. You look on this topic surgery and all the that you do now. Any part of your body as far as but the beauty your shoulders. L -- EU or whatever. It's unbelievable the rehab if you do the right thing. And you work your behind off how quickly come back -- now I always could be off a year no you can't say anymore now its a matter of months. And Matt Murton would it was basically a hundred days and he -- not throw the football I'll be up -- that isn't at all old school that had been maybe next year. You know he's going to be at that level. All right just a few moments we're -- chicken -- a fool for -- recap with -- the outlook on the ground on him also in the Saints. Had taken branding -- we just spoke -- -- might bother myself pockets that if you if you -- not obviously to obtain critical. I think when seventh pick in the first -- to Arizona in exchange speaking their twentieth -- in the Saints also -- -- third round pick which is my first overall. To the Arizona o'clock local news the regulatory effort. I'm Steve -- visit WWL NFL draft update is brought to you by the Louisiana lottery buy your ticket in Friday's Mega Millions jackpot 105. Million. Well the draft night started out with the Houston Texans taking dating cloudy number one overall. Defensive end out of South Carolina -- -- St. Louis Rams were on the clock -- Greg Robinson Auburn offensive tackle. UCF quarterback league world go third over all to the Jacksonville Jaguars the first quarterback taken. In this year's class Sammy Watkins Clinton's wide receiver goes to the Buffalo Bills who traded up to snag him. -- -- going to be Oakland Raiders with the fifth overall selection Jake bat to use. Going to Atlanta the Falcons get their left tackle of the future at a Texas seen him. Another Aggie goes to number seven over Roy as wide receiver Mike Evans goes in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cleveland Browns trading to get cornerback Justin Gilbert out of Oklahoma -- the eighth overall selection. Minnesota would snag Anthony -- outside lab linebacker for UCLA with the ninth overall they. The Detroit Lions were on the clock with the tenth overall selection giving Eric. Michigan offense -- -- little -- going to the Tennessee Titans with the eleventh overall date. The first LSU tiger comes off the board it's -- Beckham junior goes to New York. The New York Giants that is playing wide receiver for them to twelve overall selection. At thirteen Aaron Donald defensive tackle out of Pittsburgh going to the St. Louis Rams. Chicago Bears would be next on the clock getting a cornerback. Kyle Fuller at a Virginia Tech. Outside linebacker Ryan Shays are out of Ohio State going to Pittsburgh Steelers with pick number fifteen Dallas Cowboys coming on the clock getting Notre Dame guard -- -- in. Baltimore Ravens would then select. Alabama CJ Mosley linebacker Calvin prior -- out of Louisville go into the New York Jets. But the nineteenth overall selection the Miami Dolphins selected Tennessee tackle -- Jamison. At pick number twenty the Arizona Cardinals trade out. Going to the New Orleans Saints the Saints and back to Arizona there first and third round draft pick this year to get a new weapons for Drew Brees. With the twentieth pick in the 2014. NFL draft the New Orleans Saints select. Brandon cooks. Wide receiver Morgan State. Coming on the clock next will be the Green Bay Packers getting hot hot Clinton pics free safety out of Alabama then finally. It was Johnny football's turn the Cleveland Browns trade back up this -- second overall selection. Getting the quarterback finally ending his night of waiting the 23 overall pick is Auburn defensive and the board. Cincinnati Bengals pick at 24 getting Michigan State quarterback our -- Denard. Another corner going off the board a 25 to the San Diego Chargers that's Jason correct and it TCU. The Philadelphia Eagles who had traded back lay in Louisville defensive end Marcus Smith. At 27 the Arizona Cardinals -- Washington State safety Deon Buchanan. Finally a -- in fort Cam Newton as the Carolina Panthers yet. Florida State wide receiver kemba and Kelvin Benjamin with a 28 overall selection. And just in the New England Patriots getting Dominique Easley Florida defensive tackle between ninth overall pick. Just be San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos in Seattle Seahawks are left to pick in the first round of tonight's draft now back to Bobby and the boys that Oceanic. Real address those rules on. All right Stephen thank you very much great work thank to all bought in studio spent the night on draft coverage. And out it that's Saints can't was. Pokey guys on Christie Garrett antibodies then that's. Yeah he's out. Defensive back. Northern Illinois. All right so the San Francisco for and I think to be -- to back out of all the Illinois. With the thirtieth pick in the first -- both -- in the morning double coverage pristine beauty that they've been there -- get the draft. You don't have to wait to 4 o'clock tomorrow evening to sound off. On the draft -- keep up with the TV sports that you from all of a pivotal game -- to New Orleans Saints have taken. Wide receiver Brandon cooks with their first round pick they obtained that pick -- we put 47 point. With the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for that fortieth pick the also shipped their third round pick which is my first overall. To the Cardinals. So the Saints apparently now have a second round pick left which is -- point 646. Because tomorrow might stick around 58 overall in a fourth round pick. What's his one point 625. Round pick once 67169. And a sixth round pick it 202. New Orleans Saints have -- looks and Mike was -- cover -- he would become after the final two teams. The National Football League draft round wanted him Broncos 31 that. And at Seattle Seahawks who once again have a lot of mixed up -- and they will pick 32. Yeah and in which we see you back to back safeties to organize at the Eric -- last year now Jimmy ward. Jimmy's a good football player but you don't know I don't think but can you talk about a -- I -- second rounds on the Jimmy what is. Are good that with him because he's football hall. I think a lot of times that's not Jim Harbaugh brought up that he would like to create. More hurdle was with intercepted symbolic that is saying Rob Ryan and you know best safeties we years would billed as an intimidating guys. And Jimmy war not a pits with they. They do really well and boy if you watched event northern Illinois and he was got a -- the year is a really good football layup and you know put applauded not as. That's what they do well. Despite the fact you know a lot of as the happy him and it's a -- opera round pick. -- with the 49ers do real well the. And -- you think a -- and Illinois. I mean figures showed today like you wherever you come from it's amazing. What you when you look at. No matter what you went to school. How they protect -- it's all about production. And that's a perfect example. He -- an opportunity to play now what the 49ers. I mean Beckett represented. -- -- He just -- ball might you know -- a story is -- -- -- will help get out Illinois. With all of schools in the in the mid West. Coast and Illinois and he's gonna end up -- you don't want those guys right at the cusp of the of the second round. I do you think about that Illinois. Everybody on -- only rule unbelievable -- we look at the safety production number bring this up now. That you talked about this emphasis today which you can compare. Jared bird that Malcolm Jenkins. Over the last season. If you look at yards allow. Mordant -- on one coverage. Errors bird. Compared to Malcolm -- you look at touchdowns to allow. Florida won and covered in other words but I'll continue to allow twelve touchdown. Errors -- three if you look at yards a lot of coverage Malcolm Jenkins almost twelve yards. Jared Burton 450. Interception. -- -- well Malcolm Jenkins greens. I told you this miss tackles. Missed tackles OK rob Wright got the right the fifth Malcolm -- it's -- it's 45 tackles. Jared Burton is 153 to one ratio. You can see why they brought. Jarrett scored on board and they know they had to get better with him. We love what Malcolm Jenkins. And -- are ridiculous -- targeted agent -- weren't going to -- next level. To compete with the lights copycat league but it's the all we got -- -- bird. Hit -- -- -- Look at Mike with the Seahawks have done and that's where we're at right now with those guys I want. -- things to me is how the safety position has gotten so elevated is because of what's happening at hiding it. You gotta match up so UC two NFC west teams now Arizona in San Francisco. You lose first round picks on safeties. Goes to show you'd be important and how they've changed -- -- -- -- How are Clinton Dick's got a pick so that's four safeties in this draft they get selected. You just ask you looking to see one maybe two guys that say. I don't actually have guys that ships are right. Who speaks of that affecting the Denver Broncos and the Seattle's dips we'll come back opened up the phone lines to recap all of today's accident on the book called the rest with both jewelry here in what coach Sean Payton it is a father's things. First round pick Randy coax you to do that with the New Orleans Saints wide receiver out of Oregon State operated jaguar that you -- how do you like -- -- -- online at W did you go dot com. With the 31 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Denver Broncos elect. Bradley broke -- defensive back Ohio State. Seattle Seahawks -- 4 o'clock it is traded if he. To the Minnesota Vikings and now I now we've been to the situation where is that team needs a quarterback topic extranet used to -- the war back. Seattle might try to make it back -- 2011. Nittany or any other team thirty. In the end though I do that in May 38000030. Oh you know as -- and so you know what it's almost like go back to college. At thirty scholarships and -- you know what -- -- you go hit over Orioles can't recreate and that's right so what I'll look at this Bradley Roby who just got picked but yet. I think he's the most physically gifted quarterback in his draft class but not focus plays so inconsistent that's why he built the 31. Is gonna since then a funny name up about a guy who's got some skills but I -- Every time you watch. You see at different Bradley -- I get a picnic near the beat you -- replacement. The Champ Bailey. And now look at right now with the Vikings without our aren't they going out to the next ballot rusher or quarterback kodi really are Derek Carr. I mean that's an outlook and right now Derek Smart quarterback. A colonial yet even it's been out of Missouri. Is that with the Vikings and their might that would be taken well to get them last speak up from the field. You look at the guys and to -- -- Louis nix the third but gardening. Timmy Jernigan and you can understand that a little bit because of what apple with a real drug test more easily. And you -- -- background and his history we know why additional Jackson was cut -- from Philadelphia. It's so you know does that play a party ticket that got. He's a first round pick talent that's no question about it so that's a lot of variables that go into that late first round in a lot of these picks wouldn't -- Teams look at what specific position going -- -- that player in a position. And we get an out Mike quick look at that the people at the tackle like when you look at in the middle you look at him but those those guys they can't be disruptive. You visited -- -- what about our rushing he'd hate human predicament they given that -- that -- tiger from Minnesota. At the end you mix it obviously Louis -- on an -- it's -- -- it would go like these early second round. Yes and you know they told the boos -- -- -- -- -- middle just one of those guys has a nose tackle sits up in the middle -- everything up inside. Probably you know he was brought in -- -- hiding it. -- -- -- -- Seattle Seahawks have traded the 32 pick to the Minnesota Vikings. We hit -- 32 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select Teddy Bridgewater. Quarterback the room. From probably demand of the college so policies mean it felt -- -- -- -- -- -- -- would be the number one pick in -- huge red -- all. By far the best quarterback some analysts thought -- was still the best quarterback and most pro ready to -- a war so you I would think in Minnesota he's back. That's a real value at that spot. You know what many -- turnaround in the football -- you use. You played in those nine games their -- that that have great arms and all I know is able reasons pretty nasty welcome. You know it. They play outdoors so I look at him that's. Great value selection a critical care at all he did see him brown I know I call -- -- thoroughly with the eighties they. The whole night immediately and you know what it sets up is -- -- ball and now we never call are you brought up not that -- tackles in. -- -- -- -- -- -- really a huge part of it Timmy Jernigan. All Austin separate tickets that idea what is the wide receiver but he caught elite. Only barely over Missouri who's got it was right on the edge so and when you look at this that early part of round two. You get a nice not to think about what you wanna go -- read a -- could be drafted a local. No matter how horrible bullet to get around to get picked it round -- -- a B so if you miss he went back out of Britain's out. But I think it's a great -- Maybe rich political and. My you know I don't know we both like thirty and thirty wanted to show that he has and what he bought his mom. What they pay instantly escalation all mean along. He has a good guy and I realized that his mom -- in the argued jeopardy it's not a gut feeling that you wanted to have success sixth. Yeah that happens it passing. Posted its completion and -- and this. You don't just ball a lot of yeah it would that -- me that that that's really strong would you look at it that you talk about almost 70%. Completion right throughout his career. And already -- -- guess what September 20 birds. The first home game in the super -- is the Vikings. Will Terry Bridgewater. He's a quarterback for the vikings' hopes that exhibit what it's worth. When they face the Saints. -- they'll be -- game is over they'll. Receive its results are right to -- to take your brain because of the twentieth pick in the first round draft this continues it -- restaurants and they're not contacting conference call don't think radio that you -- youth. Saints had taken predicates. Wide receiver from Oregon State with their first pick in the 2004. Children I think that'd be a free movies for 47 this morning. And with Arizona they also view this third round pick 91 overall. Through the Cardinals well pot chance out of view the latest on this thing strip is available at that you -- you know dot com. Operated -- walking people of this -- nation. If -- take feel like the pick of Brandon cooks and get the latest on all draftees each team player analysis stats. All sorts of information talk about everyplace in the huge threat to every team available. On our home page at WWL dot com our draft board back out to saint camp where the host of double but with Kristi gave it to about a fair. But dictate interact on Dave -- Speaking about it certainly damage to one's. He Bob. You might use. It should be. The eagles' aggressive with the particularly would get out of here. You have I have a little tired man we got to be up -- a few hours and then. Back candidate in the mob of branding coach slot receiver out of organs they come out here and he. I'm so while with the axis. -- the Saints select Brandon. Coates wide receiver out of Oregon state of course that would move up from a 27. To when he. With the Arizona Cardinals trading for trumpet that -- not have a third round pick. They ship that to the Arizona Cardinals in the -- that make -- the eighth overall tomorrow. Of course when a coach or heard an interview with Sean Payton. Very impressive once again. In the conference call with many cooks he said the only contact the last contact he had with the with the the world season at the end of Telecom line can in your area code area. -- look at look at this now. Oh goodness sound guy and well. Apparently only a -- things I don't wanna say that I'm an expert -- It's pretty impressive part yep print books and sexy pick right you saw a lot of these franchises. Draft in now -- -- you climb in the stands were desperately trying to look like there in two valuable guys but those guys you're not. That's you see in the end zone on Sunday Brandon cooks on the other -- that dude is an absolute. Monster. His production in college you wind up every single year. Culminating in that five year where golf for seventeen yards on twenty balls is absolutely absurd and argument for a short years and rolling one way -- -- 180 pounds sixteen reps at 225. In this Altman's mind Graham. Colston in the threats to a degree table I think -- -- it's -- you know it's funny I was on your mind a little bit. In the -- -- -- earlier this offseason confused so -- expect it like we needed it we didn't even talk about -- birds there pretty seek justice in the Saints did at. The capitals played with Norton. Gilbert and even talk about -- -- really no justice in. He's gonna be off the board but you can't say yeah. And then and now I'll I don't know it's very exciting stuff from -- it really didn't -- That much in Horry in. Now I mean look trade first round picks -- -- swap -- you grew up W the player. He like in the third round pick if they have 25 round pick but. Southern California's. -- easily -- -- pac twelve conference perception. In receiving yards and points well on any team. Catches 100740. Yards and of course Wright Brooks goes down points thirteen in blows it up and you want to when he first seventeenth thirty. So really dynamic playmaker force Sean Payton's Saints offense in. Certainly some that they needed and you look around the division T Bob. And all office for the -- so -- receivers especially here in about the offensive line. At -- they vote here goes wide receiver and of course. -- Kelvin Benjamin. -- -- -- And that'll -- it to me go to Carolina mean they district leaders do obviously but. I -- -- get Chris is probably in texts you got my Falcons loved it Jay if Jay Mathews to Atlanta I think it's a great week for them however. He's gonna get thrown in the fire right away week one going up it came toward cam Jordan already Tweety. About Jake -- he's -- -- they didn't need those then he's a rookie right I mean he's got to take advantage of. -- of the Atlanta Falcons coach Jake Matthews in the first round Kelvin Benjamin a lot of receiver out of Florida speak going to the Carolina Panthers and of course Mike Evans a lot to Varitek seen him. Doing seventh overall to Tampa Bay Buccaneers we finally saw Johnny meant -- off the board T Bob as well to be up -- they've treated. -- will be the move to maneuvered all over the first round. And a found their quarterback and Johnny men's Celso another solid selection looks like for the. Yeah Kevin Costner's seem to have inspired the Browns to get pretty creative. This drafting Christian is there any doubt now I mean there was any before. That the SEC is the most dominant conference in college ball well. I'm though that that issue and but at third is 33 point 33 repeating -- it. And dad to little bit about that so they're -- Maria dominant conference there were named to look out for balancing school on the clock in the second that the overall selection. Morgan Moses offensive linemen that we visited with them double coverage you look at a Virginia visited with the Saints on his last pre draft workout visit. Appears -- -- cornerback Adam when it would college and of course we talk about your boy. That's let's say you're -- markets -- -- senator from USC and also Kolb in the way outside linebacker. From BYU but a couple players who pretty familiar with him Morgan Moses appeared sincere. -- vote vote I -- double covered. What's funny to me is that I really think the key for the Saints be able to give branding coach was the run. On O linemen ended up being five tackles taken before the coach speak I mean that's crazy -- five. And the first nineteen players taken. You know fall in that category protecting the quarterback keeping them healthy. I'd hate to about it record again arguing that the -- point 69 month double covered him well thirteen if the -- -- we kept round one were so against it's. I guess you could say it's time he took it. -- All right gasp thank you very much again this thing to take him Brandon cooks with their first round pick its fortieth overall in the 2014. NFL draft feel like it gets operated jaguar that you follow our draft sports central is online at WWL dot com. And welcome back to the final. Now final 4601878668890. Rates if we're Oceana restaurant cemetery -- not -- the world famous for its auto. Fifteen minutes left in draft this they want tomorrow evening come on out -- -- rocket fire Pete coming on veterans boulevard in their 42 in round two of the 2000. What team NFL draft on Saturday will wrap repeat trip a bit at twin peaks in the clear view shopping center. Top news for the black and go to saint move up from 2720. And they take wide receiver Brandon cooks out of Oregon State within it they also give up a third round pick which is by the first overall. To obtain Branden cook the -- now will be on o'clock in the second round tomorrow and and they still have the remainder of the picks. Fourth -- to fifth round. And a sixth round pick -- of round pick for. The black and -- coming off after the news we have -- to hear what Saints coach Sean Payton had to see. After the Saints moved up it took radicals wide receiver and will open up the phone line that might. He wanted to things that I know we are brought this simple but -- matchup in under one thing you look at what rob Rollins wants the quarterback he wants a bigger on the taller guy. What's left on the board Staley -- that -- from Nebraska 63. Marcus Roberson from Florida six foot. He's McNeil from you -- 63. Yeah -- -- -- from lived it would sixteen. Gillick watched Gibson of Florida six foot Villa gains from rice six put the water. All of those guys. Would rob wants he likes that hall cornerback he's always gravitated toward that. What it's almost like a comic Natalie reach chairman. Your hand and receiver and it challenged up pitches the call a penalty I got a call and every time -- disrupt the route. And then you go from there now if you look we branding coach. Two things what I like is that he made a statement might I was reading this. Is that he said. The what I tool compared to these well -- -- a motto might gain. After Steve Smith will now I'll like thinkable states and though that is and I think. UK if you can bring more what can you bring to the table and not be one dimensional. We've struggled I think we've done good in the cart rookie play cover kick off coverage where have we pretty much. Dogs are a bit naked -- my return punt return kick return Tarvaris could data author of kick return to get the party united but overall. We think those roles of all but that last year we were like thirtieth one before last -- -- return so if you get all of a sudden. You know -- eliminate. Because he's averaging 101112. Yards -- that one last. -- -- To get into scoring range but the kicking a field goal. Or getting a touchdown so I think -- -- not only as a receiver. With the potential explosiveness. In the return game. That's also going to be critical. We come back from break I had a little bit -- that about what. I think happened last year defensively that without Devery Henderson what I think he could bring Rick Brittany -- to bring that these. He's NFL as I did say hey Mike affiliate that -- at my theory on foot along the -- camp Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia -- -- -- -- -- 1105 this time the first -- -- go to Gagne.