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5-8-14 11pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 6

May 9, 2014|

Hour 6 of WWL Draft Fest. Bobby, Deke, and Mike Detillier wrap up the first day of the NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Three days a lot of luck draft coverage on that you get your radio at 7 AM FM that qualified drilled it does he get he will. Dot com wrapping up at Oceana restaurant here -- -- -- they're not outside the world famous French Quarter tomorrow evening. We will be at rocket fire pizza company on -- below bought him at treatment Saturday at twin peaks in the clear view shopping him. Redick cook the newest member of the New Orleans Saints the twentieth pick in the first round of the 2014. NFL draft. How do you like the pick its operating jaguar opinion poll at WWL. Dot com also. Draft board is on the home of our -- -- did you go dot com puts it out every pick that was made the first round it's a good way to polity NFL draft. It's a draft board at WWL. Dot com coming up all day tomorrow draft coverage beginning in the morning from 6 AM to nine it would double covered Peabody. And Christie here. He'd use there and we will also here with -- coach Sean Payton had to say earlier tonight at the Saints moved up in the first round to take Brandon cooks. They gave up their twentieth 47 pick in the first round in the third round pick. With his 91 SO with a break back you bring up a point. About that the -- in the field and yet after the public yet. We talked about this but so long that you know not haven't every you know he got up and -- Joseph Morgan's injury. Q you saw it different coverages come their way in essence defensively you can put that seed in the box you had no fear of -- cool and the poignant now. You put -- the latest things differently now because of who -- big play ability. So you're going to be looking out defensively. How quickly you can get all of that tight coverage I think that's got beat apart with Brandon has the Beatrice and how quickly he'd get off with that but he brings you. That big play element. At this football team did not have in I think also with the development of any steals. Got yourself a pretty good. Hand them there but put a future. Well I might go along those lines in look at all. But just a mechanic USA today -- Randy -- in -- instincts and you gotta like this when you look at. Obviously we already talked about it Annika political toward. Compared with these admit that I was reading where greedy greedy receiver. We could hang up the creek beat. Strong route runner with good vision equals the appeal -- jailbreak screen we've seen the highlight real -- -- it was -- Eagles wideout greens. -- -- well liked. Okay you catch the ball would be do you fall down get tackled because we've seen at times plants or. Make the reception. -- got it -- dealt well when -- -- the first tackler. On a regular basis. It was that -- yard yak yards after the catch. Accredit to receive -- strong and catches the ball in tight quarters in its not a -- to -- over the middle. You know stupidity that it's small -- go across the middle of the picture of volatile whereby get hit and that's that this guy is. -- opening minute -- minute coverage competitive athletic after catch we talked about that. Makes the -- Smith. Tough to cover in this slot. So elegant that. The win win win win now all across the board that robbery who get a spot the ball at its head and all of us I think it's like. A twelve yard reception all of a sudden it's 45. To thirty yards and it's not like -- break it down. And I think -- with Brandon is you know and at Oregon State offense a lot of it was predicated on real short the roles in him breaking a tackle get no. So he's used to that right thing to -- it's opened up. Because you know when you played at Oregon State -- that type player. Getting coverage rotated to your side of -- -- so you're not only beating man coverage you got double coverage a lot. You've got -- -- that the NFL because if you go to double cover anybody with the Saints QB Graham. -- but I doubt. Hey it's appropriate -- -- tell him. -- -- You've beaten a 10 like coverage I'll get the ball ball and how opinion I'd be successful and all of a sudden when its goals haven't -- you have seven receptions. He's the Natick native by BA bad XIETA it will play breaker it will come back. But it would Saints coach Sean Payton had to say at this point selected Brandon -- Plus an interview from west would want is they caught -- radical right after he was picked by the -- -- has covered executed Oceana restaurant here Oklahoma -- Feel like the pick Brandon cooks its operating jaguar -- -- -- along with our. It taco with the draft board it if you if you don't dot com. And welcome back where it was in restaurants and -- -- contact in the world famous quote make the big blow it all of his fans out here. We'll take a good campus tomorrow evening we'll be at rocket fire -- the -- -- in Metairie and it's Saturday. From eleven to six we will be at twin peaks in the clear view -- accident in New Orleans Saints. Moved up from 47 -- take part of state wide receiver Brandon cooks also that -- they gave of their third round pick. By the first overall immediately following the saint big Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media. -- Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media following the saint picking Brandon cooks with the fortieth pick in the 2014. NFL draft and now Michael like coach thinks it you know we did we can bring you mean here but they did -- and had a great interview with him back at the com buying it. What hitter as everybody talked to. A competitor a coach -- -- whoever. Spoke very highly. Yet with interest in any book -- -- made the comment that he almost lot of hamstring on the -- him in the Alamo Bowl. We used back so you know you see what type of -- years. I know Mike Riley spoke at the highest by you but I'll political player Brian -- was for him and -- in state. And it goes to show you you know all the stuff a lot of time to try to connect the dots. And I've done it all and ups I don't mean a lot of kids into it but people come in and visits. In all of a sudden they connected to the team. The only. Comment that they Saints have would cook was that the combined they bring -- -- put -- this -- to show you sometimes you cannot connect the dots in that manner. But. He's a playmaker at the highest level. I wrote in my book he reminds me so much of Steve Smith he's got that -- big play ability I think you can also help -- in the return game. That's of -- this football team. Really -- that you played a threat not if you could use that we actually got. And you gotta pay respect that you used at any. -- these these the yet yet though the -- well yeah. -- -- I don't know what department -- We've -- with the the things that I wouldn't it today and -- had on the is Douglas aka the or anything in particular I'd like to put a he thought the good news at what you -- is the united I think. It opens the -- what you say Campbell and applied -- A look back now I. Just hope that. Not long cavity like oh that's right that's right -- well look at it we speculate guy like that we've had fallen. Over a month ago and it what was it three guys we talked about this book he's legally or outback -- -- -- -- -- yeah all the -- Beckett threw to Brandon Jacobs marquis -- And we -- -- Will now I think that that will all look like get active leader at seven. That we Gloria at at least you got a cool to pull it -- geez you know we'll look at that look at that kind of late. Twenties. And all of a sudden retreat winner in the morning. They get branding coach but that was Eagles speculate it is to get a receiver and -- you have rated. And you know you look at -- blower. And you know that's the guy you are that it helped you late the only one that that they did and at -- that we got it red -- and I think. To visit me you know so many to written about it they'll they'll show two guys -- -- aggressive this team has been. If they want somebody vehicle out and getting yeah and the could have whichever is -- And nobody thought that they would be able to have that kind of when it -- that yeah go out in getting him in yet you were able to do it the same thing with Brandon cooks he was -- got. As you you know you gotta move up which you gotta do you gotta give up a third round pick to get him. But as well this team has signed undrafted free agents. You know you can see where that -- comes into play here much -- that they have done such a great job scouting getting goes on draft. -- NFL analyst -- it to get a ticket now I appreciate that comment on Twitter -- might be a very active -- to it. Improvements that night and it notre qualified either of the winding down will come back even -- if you -- Every camp with the effort now. And we'll hear some of what -- it -- if it was the but the more things to say about being -- fortieth overall pick in -- 2014. I feel like the Saints for me it's -- dad -- your -- long time that you've got through that. I'm Steve -- is WWL NFL draft update is what you by the Louisiana lottery buy your ticket and -- a 105 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot. Well the big block in Golden's on the night is this thing to making an aggressive move trading up seven spots the only important state wide receiver Brandon. What his five foot 10180. Pounder -- he brings to New Orleans. Yeah of course Philly applaud the top off also gets another that he throughout screenplays. Military and self. To be honest you know is getting and no more receivers in -- The Saints and their first and third round pick to Arizona for the twentieth overall selection to select hooks. Now looking at the entire draft board number one on the night. Would be just dating clarity going to be Houston Texans after that was an easy pick for St. Louis Rams could be offensive tackle Greg Robinson out of Auburn. Jacksonville Jaguars were a bit with the third overall pick taking quarterback really poor and you see -- Sammy Watkins scored the Buffalo Bills they traded up to take it Clemson wide receiver Julio -- go into the Oakland Raiders with the fifth overall selection. -- -- offensive tackle out of Texas -- them going for the Atlanta Falcons with the six overall pick. Another actually going off to -- with the seventh selection Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting wide receiver Mike Evans. Pairing him up -- Vincent Jackson even people we receiving duo. The Cleveland Browns trading up to get -- Justin Gilbert quarterback out of Oklahoma State and eighth overall pick at number nine. Need Minnesota Vikings get outside linebacker from UCLA is pretty far North Carolina tight end Eric -- brown going to the Detroit Lions at ten. Tennessee Titans of the -- taking things will want offensive tackle out of -- again. LSU -- Beckham junior's head to the Big Apple of New York Giants selected. Wide receiver he'll be paired up with Reuben Randle in New York Aaron Donald going to St. Louis Rams at pick number thirteen. -- Chicago Bears were on the clock at number fourteen taking -- quarterback Kyle pulled out of Virginia Tech Ohio State linebacker right keys are going to the Pittsburgh Steelers. At pick number fifteen. -- Dallas Cowboys get a guard from go to game -- Morton at the sixteenth overall pick. And number seventy. Baltimore Ravens hoping that CJ Mosley can be a replacement for departed Ray Lewis at linebacker. Louisville safety Calvin prior going to the New York Jets with the eighteenth overall pick. -- do the Miami Dolphins at pick number nineteen giving Tennessee offensive tackle to one game. -- twentieth pick Saints traded up getting Morgan State wide receiver screen -- a great speed he's fit for them could also play special teams. 360. Hot hot quick -- from Alabama go for the Green Bay Packers at number 21. And finally done it before coming off the board go into the Cleveland Browns at pick number 22. The Saints will have to play him in the end of the season. At the number 23 pick for for defensive end people were going to Kansas City Chiefs. Cincinnati Bengals defense select Michigan State quarter darker whereas the north. San Diego Chargers at pick number 25 getting TCU quarterback chase him for -- Philadelphia Eagles moving down getting defensive end Marcus Smith out of blue oval. Washington State. The -- Buchanan from. Of course they'd say we go into the Arizona Cardinals at pick number 27. -- veteran wide receiver from Florida State selected by the Carolina Panthers who had 28 overall selection. Up next for the New England Patriots getting Florida defensive tackle Dominique -- Jimmy -- safety out of northern it would Benoit day go into the San Francisco 49ers. At 31 Ohio State quarter Bradley -- going to Denver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings would trade up. Making a move with the Seattle Seahawks -- pick number 32. Grabbing Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. That's a look at the complete draft board I'd be the other back to the guys that -- draft as the nose yet. Real feisty thank you very much we'll be talking to where rocket -- beat the company -- gave it -- guys' job it will be with here. Count down to draft as they do Bob Bob and Mike and myself will be out at Rockefeller Pete coming on -- in battery and it Saturday that it takes place. Top and -- since the court you bring new fans first take. And then also hope he not -- it but -- He will be out and twin peaks from two to eleven to 6 PM with a company B I hope he. And Bobby all along with two weeks in the clear view on where earlier rent it -- was up visiting with Westwood One. On being drafted by the door thing. -- -- it's that Graham always would want we'll come back and give Bobby's final take on draft day one of the Saints because. Credit -- wide receiver out of Oregon State and Mike can you give us his kind of take it. -- sweepstakes the top players they come off the ball with Houston's going to amount to. Tomorrow address this wraps up from Oceana restaurant they want on Saints radio that the Uga Uga. Good volley every draft -- every round as it happens. And Debbie did you go to dot com click on our draft pool if we -- the team if we have positions who the latest and -- -- profile so what sport. It's all about draft board that you'd get you real dot com operated to act -- people were asking you you take on the saints' first round pick wide receiver out of Oregon State. Brittany cook at our friend if they too will -- -- rocket -- pizza company. In battery on it better and we'll look forward Oceana restaurant -- -- moment you threat as they want they felt if that people everybody out here. And Oceana submitted contact. In the world famous for it or -- it rent it -- Yeah they look at it in the B a draft report -- of the great job that you know all my -- in the draft report. We look at -- -- any breaks the value in his background. Whole family. -- that broke Maurice Washington. Played football at picked him heating bill. And later with Oakland Raiders -- when you look at that in the end if you look at okay it was a guy coming out of Stockton California. You let that like archeology go to Oregon State. He was the pac twelve. Was well aware of branding coach he had offers from the Washington Huskies Washington State Arizona wildcat. But he has so going. Oregon State now what you look at it. This -- the -- that. In 2013. When every department lately. He caught 128 passes. The 1007. To thirty yard average thirteen -- yards per catch it sixteen yards down. Oregon State now would you look at. Pac twelve and towel with you are at the major conference. You broke -- -- twelve single season record for receptions. -- -- -- -- If you have anywhere. 7080 or above. Did you think about ecology of professional season we all know what that means as far as reliability. And reached definitely -- the wreckage. Now the pac twelve in a single in the bucket when he reception. When he hit it NFL combine. Read a four point 3340. Yard dash. Block out at the cup by an -- but the clock autumn. Not a 44 of well four point three thought Doug had a botched tragedy defense by doctor by the regular. Being that threat like Devery Henderson stretching the field if created tickets be accommodated him -- Joseph Morgan. That distract fit me fit -- now by -- Now the one thing I'll like now being able to be open as fever and stretch the field. But aggressive football player who will fight but the ball in traffic. Still is not what the Mitchell who threw wide -- greens still go across to me you know middle and also beat cornerback the that's the kind of refuse you want as the first drop me mine. Yeah you look at with Mike -- ruins a lot of that up is -- middle short. Bubbles greens yeah -- you know what it's yours not that it can't get their ability to break a tackle negated an open field. If he's got some what you were return. It is background -- store. So I can do with who will -- I'll -- this thing is we're a smaller guy he's hit six. Reps but one by. That's pretty good forgot its about a 190 pounds I think about my I was proud I did seventeen reps felt it was not pretty pleased that they. Were you look at it -- article a back up quarterback from Fresno State's. What this league wide receiver broke something now. -- -- -- Louis nix completeness of money. I could DA onto him miked today Danica thanks to happen as this case explain my beloved. And -- recently -- -- hope who's been putting everything -- got my highway department. Really doing a great job guys -- and I'll make sure everything gets up on line and jamaicans are we look good. On I think almost everyone out here -- a restaurant -- as far as it would be free to address is out at Rockefeller he's a tough. It meant to efforts of the team by -- 2006 -- and -- -- as they sound off you sound off on doubled over on the saint strength. -- -- the topic of the things fortieth overall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's to beat him badly flawed that we -- know who dat who -- the news good night.

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