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5-9 6:15am Tommy, Saints draft

May 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, an NFL writer & senior insider for the Sports XChange, about the Saints pick and the whole 1st Round

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So wanna get right a way to Clark judge our friend and NFL writers senior insider for the sports exchange -- -- Now -- and I got to be and I don't mind it I'm just wanna get as much information from music and tell me all overall moments are the saints and we'll work -- way back what do you think about the saints number one pick with sonic boom as is nicknames. It was hard not to. Like him because he's got speed he police say position I think -- need for the things that teams people. It's more you probably need something in this some kind of list for comic Drew Brees who. Not the youngest quarterback -- certainly quarterback in his prime and that somebody can make it targets like that and I think this is. -- -- -- great -- you can just -- the one knock them of course is that besides that he's playmaker and I know some people thought he was one of the best if not the best. Wide receiver other than Sammy Watkins in this draft so. They got themselves I think -- steal -- 20 am surprised that -- passed up. And eighteen generally thought that the jets had lived in New York would get something like that because immediately make public things just got himself the playmaker and -- -- -- Pretty good replacement. And let me assure quick before we go to break don't -- come back and get serious again about something that Texas says about Drew Brees throwing the long ball to sonic boom and and -- -- -- about the NFL first round. Have drafted the NFL in on -- they did the first round of the NFL draft completed. Combos to deal with the fans there last night what they boo everything. New York they got out -- explains it and it is yeah so it -- well. Right to -- because he's not real popular with I think that the mandate have explained that the people in New Orleans. But until people feel that these ruling with a heavy hand in do you -- too much. But yet there are a lot of people. Obviously giant jet into the back there. And who liked disliked and they often don't like what's going on but -- think with the Jessica help impart to depict them but he wanted somebody like -- They wanted to play -- But I mean -- even other teams like I don't know let him be so concerned other than Johnny and so tired of being a big yeah him. -- -- They -- judgment they'll hear anyone -- team shortly -- that would have been orbits its New York you know we're not happy with. Egon and you know the rocket Cho was displaced there -- six when he three more with Clark judge when we come back right now the time for -- WL traffic. That would get -- Robinson who might Tommy -- talking about the saints' draft on Debbie WL with. Friend of ours Clark judge NFL writers senior inside of of sports exchange and Clark when you look at round one and one happened in the division Tampa Bay gets Mike Evans wide receiver their second. Guy that's -- six foot five. Carolina -- -- winds up with Kelvin Benjamin another 65 receivers so. Should there in Atlanta if you wondering -- tackle Jake Matthews so is -- -- -- in the saints perhaps should of addressed instead of trading up to get the receiver. Well you certainly can make that argument that you know I think again it it said before when you lose somebody. Like -- guard Derrick brought to I think it is the game breaker and really a very tough matchup for any defense. You'll look to replace him with somebody who's got -- we got explosiveness. Mean certainly can catch the ball this -- it's on all three of them I mean he really kept all the boxes of that the political award winning best wide receiver in the country so I think you know when you've got a guy like drew greed I want to give them weapons yet he can go that direction -- decently pretty well -- -- -- -- I think I've really would like to get Drew Brees while he's there like at the top of the game. And many weapons that possibly could subtract one has brought Atlanta board and other -- he's got in the same category because explosive he's special player. And I don't think he would've gotten past. Philadelphia 22 that's one reason I think demonstrated that they treat -- like again and it definitely would get past Chip Kelly 22 so I'd lie I have no problem. I random thoughts and observations about the round one in the NFL draft and the other 31 seasonally. Yet shock the judgment though those 22 are generally surprised he fled but it's happened before election Appleby Aaron Rodgers he's now got a chip on the -- -- -- -- -- -- When that happens and now we don't know. Cleveland that they had a conviction about it would take him. The fourth spotted them -- traded back nine don't then moved to eight symmetry all the time they could take community didn't. They -- them that we did which is confiding that he will be able to get 22 largest -- the 24 we know what happened there I'm really surprised aboard elsewhere with the third pick. I didn't beat you to -- quarterback he certainly is the best. Miserable in terms of size but -- though is that is something special. The board -- go to the third pick that the gamble for Jacksonville. And people can say he had great ticket you know what did you think it -- have Blaine -- at ten. 2011 until. You know others that I I think that Saint Louis really helped itself you look at that got the best. Up the deployment of the draft. And now they got Aaron Donald on the defensive line to to rush the -- they're going to be very difficult. To deal with on third downs because you've got. A -- coming -- the edge long -- and he had Aaron -- that there could be very difficult getting very difficult division. The NFC west -- got that much better at them at the flip side. You know I live here in the in new York and you know what's that what the patriots do I'm really surprised that the -- Dominique Easley. With the first pick I noted positions need to had to tackle the history of injuries that player is on the field that on the field that much and when you talk about the division Carolina. Governor Benjamin yet whether he could be key we might -- more -- a tight -- he's 240 pound. He could go up there I don't know that's a great pick up again will they be in the position of need to -- quite seem to -- a lot so many in the off season. I don't know if you got a way to agreement got into it and. Maybe maybe down the road you might have a decision. Carolina. Oh and wide receivers tight and Mike Leo yeah. Right and what do -- make a -- with Tennessee got talent when it was a good terrific tackle but I do think that electric pick I thought. Sticking with it might go to Johnny Mo I -- yet football there and at -- but because they're not enamored with Jake Locker pocket I don't feel all that much. But you might take John football that he didn't they take -- tackle when he got a pretty good offensive line gave the player and -- he's certainly. Disturbing -- that I'm not sure of the Tennessee needed. Like I appreciate your time I really do you have fun for the rest of the draft --

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