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5-9 6:45am Tommy, Saints draft

May 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's draft analyst Mike Detillier about how the Saints fared in the 1st Round

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thought of that team of course your -- below -- it's -- day. And a college football. Analyst at cup and the maker of the it was a late last night as you were you might the and the -- the name and address that is the -- -- and draft report but you'd. You have later analysts tell me your initial reaction to the saints maneuvers and dressed in Brandon cooks. You eagle's money but those that we've been covered in this stretch out every week now that we Libya last month between games. Every week you talked about was. -- back -- issue. All bulky suite from USC in -- coached at Morgan State. So you guys know. -- -- we felt the sanctions would try to make them do well at route one that grabbed one of those beat wideout. And so it didn't surprise me at all this team that's always been very aggressive. Well on the short patent and certain player that they market. And using the exact fit for what they need to really stretched -- -- -- the field. What Tommy journalists on the got to talk to Michael. In the back go back a few years he was an assistant. All all and that human outlook straps so -- on each other book for a few years and he kept. Tell me. Like you've got to take a river locals will this year and a branding and even different political winner this year. -- just -- outstanding. Receiver I was not a real big kid but well built and fast. Any issues that. That drama -- -- nuclear threat that this team that didn't have election without them -- -- It's not a pretty young received numerous. I would keep up with -- war in -- steals all all of a sudden now you will you've got the most in the SP. What went. Impresses me about that I guess is is now the receiving corps has been made all agreed. It happened so -- sort -- thing you know -- perhaps to generalize would huge has stated that -- -- -- -- new young guys again run pretty fasteners or dramatic. -- and so you know now she condom where this is cool and because you -- -- get -- all of a sudden out of position. And opinion that -- -- that he gets something but. The one thing missing from the esteemed had been so well. And in the ability to get undrafted free agents. Oh in the Big Apple -- seventh round. Years ago. All -- has -- over this it was twelve round you know and a one dollar and 78. So you got that ability to come back in and gravel layer that can help fuel football wise that. All of -- pick a brand new coach I think she is a bit cryptic it. What this all that's really need that big. A lot of times and each draft class -- -- looking for what has made this thing working wants to find that perfect -- Now the second port and that's the matchup today. Because last dramatic leaders division. Got real tall watt receiver. When Mike Evans -- the Tampa -- Kelvin Benjamin North Carolina. And well you know it doesn't matter a lot because the quarterback. It's about can you get the football and tight -- Britain that there is world. These factional patrols. The big receivers going up against quarterback. You've got inside the matchup down field. And I think today that it to you guys about six. Quarters -- -- decorated as a second round pick all of course six foot tall and all so that's an advantage. Born into the city process of round two that you get out the match up eventually we get some of these big wideout. He does flooding in the NFL. And it's a way the guys are built to write my coney did the bigger guy needs of the big wide wingspan. Yeah. -- -- about -- last night -- -- be careful Washington State. -- in the -- -- -- -- -- a 78 inch wingspan now that's like on a portable console. Humvees he's got a got a -- accusing him out there in Kuwait football but you know what as the only advantage you guys. It goes up against would it would have been the change union and it felt what she would force actual thought wideout. You can't match him up against but what can order a little spots even at the -- not correctly rolls. Said bigger receiver can reach out and just smack it away. So overall I thought it was an actual pick up but it -- to grab -- groups. Well one -- the young man and also he can help you in the return game. That's you know without -- rules. You also need to Margarito. My given name of the corner -- relate to note that we get maybe it wasn't for his name in the second round. Bob here at the war on live at college in little Hillary. I'd love it though at a small school players of this -- Stanley John that -- Daily job that these sultans of vehicle formal wide receiver. Loans ordered the last two years that quarterback for Nebraska I think if you -- in round two. But that this would be there when this site strictly round Q. I thank you Mike appreciate you time early do you -- out of radio sounded fantastic last night. You --

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