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5-9 7:15am Tommy, Mother's Day & special mothers

May 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brenda Bellavia, the mom of the Big Chief Deke Bellavia

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We want to talk about Mother's Day as well and we've got to be interesting to hand the moms of some of the staff members here at WWL lawn and join hasn't just tells a little bit about motherhood and and and their kids so ms. Brenda bella via joins us right now. Big chief Deke Bellavia as mama good morning as Brenda you Dylan. Good morning I have I'm -- I'm well thank you and an early happy Mother's Day today. Well I appreciate it very much so tell me about the big chief growing up with ninety it was. He -- there are being prepared. Anxious child. You know he -- Did you go out and play action and you're -- -- corporate keeper Colleen. Pretty corny. Child it turned out there. Pretty funny they'll -- -- -- -- -- when he -- point. Very weird -- really not yet -- 7 am on now. No and I try to be indelicate here but when you were carrying him was he. Constantly kicked in in talking about sports. That they he punted the ball a couple of patent it that you know I think we're okay. How -- did he -- was he always very very interested in sports. -- Ali and I actually am acknowledged in -- sports oriented and I've been played. Be right. I've geeks uncle played too boring you know are. Trying to you know wait. Sports oriented. And that -- says. They tried their markets are okay as things that guy can get after -- -- -- Mine mine mine is gone my mom is gone that we used to. -- man on the now I think I would talk more for a while with her than it will with my dead not the case in your house is their bodies and the sports. That's true when we get saints game wherever it and not the external -- -- and I jumped up and show out. How old you know our hockey doesn't flag that discriminate like on the field like the United Nations. People turned -- -- it can't -- to -- people I actually aren't. So I think I'd be our next -- about -- -- -- teacher -- election I am still can't Deke Bellavia MarketWatch expect it. In terms of everybody being. In -- in sports and like in the watch it I would presume. Gone by big chief Deke Bellavia that ability is going to be someone opinionated when it comes sporting events. Are you really can't do. So the state of Florida momma when it happens errors mama always right it will -- any arguments breakout. Would. -- out on the same -- are. You know who we're cheering -- and can't we get that Monday -- We seem to be. Cheer for the under and out there -- to query regarding anti mine elegy and it was gallant man. To -- warned Pakistan India and maybe it was -- after going on against Belichick there it I know within. Towards the late eighties. And by -- intimate pronouncement -- -- can I beat LA she's that night and margin would be in cancer. Well it was a rainy night how everybody in the family went to the game -- purple ago. -- -- But he -- aren't quite a lot them went to ninth scored the -- it touched and start and -- -- close. He had it. To right under me. -- And on Mother's Day weekend as a mom -- -- the hard and you know obviously guys it really in this opening and you can somewhat but. It would use the mind in your heart and and what is it about motherhood that you love so much. Well. Being your mother. I -- lots of people now in my daughter species of schoolteachers. -- -- -- -- Eight in dairy. Actually have people commitment to healing and point eight feet long -- writes about sports and you know from them electronically so much college boards. Amateur back in -- you speak to that issue not -- -- I. We had -- apparently. It's growing up we -- -- can't -- there are a number here and then. The kitchen and you can't -- -- -- you go out there Howard. I'm sorry it didn't go out there allocated cabin is in play in Iraq that four Wheeler and and they would -- opt in and Iraq. That bodies gravel pit exit pond dollar and how would never learn about the -- right. Get that certainly now -- -- -- conscious beyond belief that. They had very happy childhood. Our house has always been posted change could be the place where different has gathered and -- -- he -- -- not constant. I a couple of those moments to ms. And it worried. You look -- like window island -- a little -- Question it comes in via -- analogy go out -- a great weekend but Whitney Deke come from. Now I honestly don't know Harvick got started more than I've been -- for. Make it right pat screw it. He didn't lightning. And how that he bat I don't know -- but it can't maintain it Mark Bryant and and certainly deep hypnotic. Our brand and so -- injured and it is good. That's funny when Wendy you know I -- what impressed me so much about -- is. I somebody he was on a Friday night report a couple of years ago for a high school football which is is passion as you well known somebody called in and said today in central Louisiana their watch and some guy run a ball he was -- -- rattles off on yet that's number blah blah blah whose blood bloodline goes that is school and -- was it it was he always -- font of information when he came to everything else urges football and sports. If he he's not gonna be doing issue -- let you know about it. Any debt that now that he's definitely -- researcher -- -- I can't tell you much about it savvy he -- to. Educate themselves and he tried to. Speak firm. Appoint -- -- I'm talking about he's not gonna put it out there -- -- Acknowledged that you know. He's got like a photographic memory I'd be very proud thank you so much news -- for coming on. Don't count me in half and one quick thing I know there -- a lot of people out there truth had not given our children -- -- actors mothers. The old grandmothers god what exactly trap I'd like this say. Thank you -- the Miami and he would always stand pac people I know. You you you just proved to me that the big chief doesn't fall far from the tree. And a great Mother's Day weekend is Brenda -- -- bad weeks. Among the market oriented. That's that's the big -- room names tonight -- -- at.

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