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5-9 8:45am Tommy, Mother's Day & a special mother

May 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Judy Garic, Jordan Fiegel's mother & Kristian Garic's step-mother

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now before we go to our next mom. Of this staff member were to play a little match game here because the ladies Judy -- who is not only. Jordan Feagles. Mother. She's Christine -- ex stepmother. Sold my county staff members at one time here but before we do. A man have to be something -- cutie can't heroes. Not a -- to -- Jordan you write down on a piece of paper and hold it up what it is the dish that your mom made that you absolutely positively loved. Hurry up here and and mortgage Judy -- get Telus which he thinks it is -- we got to go quick here morning Judy -- you -- and -- Think Eva taken -- time -- this and I know it's not easy to come on. The radio and talk to the entire golf cells but. Any easy questions start with the -- like better Christian church. -- Is it I wouldn't I would never ask you did it to answer that question a little Leo now -- -- Tell me about these kids. And he -- Christian later in life became in the Euro alive to tell me about Jordan grownup but. I understand it one time this -- refused to Wear clown costume. Unlike yeah that must spend about. Three of people -- preschool. And he was buried the line and and ways and he's and he went on and he went in there and but it teachers I'm sure that the technique. How to handle much that they. -- background in school with a pre outplay. And -- Okay and I don't think we'll be all right -- -- -- in May be better with teachers and he'll cooperate everything. You come out. Late in the content that my son and ratty T shirt and shorts but at that sentiment but underneath the constant. And -- that they could get back -- on him and he did hole and he. And campaign saying he did he -- it has no one could detect -- caught in on him. Isn't some kind of a version rounds -- -- time it. Doing what yes in the duke because I've noticed here and there is an aversion to doing what yes he did do. Think that that I don't like it was a crown problem I think Jordan -- -- did you. And I was humiliated humiliated a whole program. Did you know. And I hate to say this in front of him but DG you know ho -- intelligent and gifted he was an early Ager was -- late bloomer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- -- know really. -- -- -- -- guy but I windows filers brilliant now he has he's a very very Smart guy and I mean no different kinds of fields with. Sports and politics and you name itself he does -- jazz right. Right did he wanna go there did you want him to go there. You know he he had to do it as a father went there and he was at that review the account partner did not want to he proceeded to fail. -- great signs the first semester I'm not going out he involved within out. We'll probably wait a brilliant -- eagle. Allen a little bit of fallibility what happened unique -- during RT. Mr. -- after that progress report came out at a time it was and they RB. The -- Non core rate cannot -- an epic at least not doing everything no homework not -- participation. Failed the test and made an app on his report card the first. Order and get why would that keep -- -- that -- -- jazz. Where did when he was that will not by getting the staple crop. -- and sciences -- school. In an enemy and he wants is tipped -- -- In practice at -- Point excellently -- the idea. You know that is definitely like this. Many times Judy corrects me on words that I use and and every now and and I catch him he's wrong we seek constantly correcting you and as a mother did you deal with that. No he never correct me he's very kind to me he called on my little. -- pot you know he just he never correct -- so I'm appreciative -- on mania may MP you're kind. It's it would argument Jordan's only have to work in the trees and -- -- and you were. It's tough to be in the same room with the you know yankees players Smart but he isn't it a nice Q what's the most embarrassing thing ever -- you -- just hitting. Stories about in grownup about oh Christian Christian agreement Christian. Would you think when -- -- -- when these -- get togethers it just nonstop sports. It is not up. Let's stock -- -- Christian practice and get out at that maybe -- but I'll bet you -- in agency. Was determined he was one plate and make a name for himself and he did. As has Jordan -- I think both them and this report. Think history creek cutie and you don't have to go into it if it's taking you know please you know like building -- added I think your owners' right -- a tough time -- medical technology is -- a tough time. At the hospital during Katrina. You wrote a storm there and and and eventually it riskier. Right -- -- -- -- -- it came in boats to get to do at let me not switched on the people -- -- sometimes yeah it was around about. -- on Monday no talent no water in the bad situation in Jordan and sister. Whitney. As you can heal yet from where Jordan trampled. A -- -- jail -- -- very very -- except -- -- got a -- -- and called -- and got stuck -- and -- National -- We had big guns and I -- on him him be quiet Jordan -- can't and it will not hesitate she -- -- at your health and. It currently is not he knows that it really do -- quickly let's play the match game now as -- To say what it was that you made just flat -- -- his -- thing and I am I'm looking at it right now on screens you tell me what you think it is. -- the least of the port decline about what about the least objectionable in. -- -- -- Side with what he will wait a minute it does say management. Happy Mother's Day thank you you know you know they don't always come about right. Oh yeah absolutely to tell you about it later I love you thank you so much for coming on thank you were given this year. You son and stepson is -- and really. And agree to an agreement I -- to record Dawkins stinky.

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