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WWL>Topics>>5-9 9:10am Tommy, perfume/cologne etiquette

5-9 9:10am Tommy, perfume/cologne etiquette

May 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, the Founder of the New York Etiquette School, about people wearing too much perfume and cologne

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well there's a place in in Nevada in the Nevada public utilities commission. And there and skin and you know it is one of those things where is it political Craig correctness going crazy or is it actually some open. That makes common sense as far as being considerate of people can't. Police themselves in the at a public utilities commission. They don't want this stance for the visitors there. -- wearing Cologne perfume percent in personal diet products. As a courtesy to sensitive people and I will see Dennis. If -- -- -- this road where do you stop it because again it church -- restaurants sitting next somebody went -- way to deal deodorant has sent. And you can they not want to Wear deodorant on -- under Rico body odor. Wait a little worse that's another complication you have to get on -- and deodorant and Andy's you know look if you smoke it's illegal product -- she bit like -- but sometimes. You have been in church your view that ban restaurants sitting at the DMZ where somebody next to you is just -- -- up. But what about fried food sometimes you get that as well so where do you draw the line honest -- Patricia. Patricia nappy now BA Fitzpatrick is Aaron. Closed the -- -- need Fitzpatrick the -- yet at school -- New York. You know on good morning news that Patrick. Didn't he -- -- you do you think about -- Paris church of restaurant. The -- bit accurate and very confined environment for at least eight hours today. But check it but when you go to a restaurant that you pain I have an enjoyable meal right now if somebody can ruin that because there dripping of I don't -- any names out but it. Yes I think the men's and -- or worsen women with it where it's like in old you know refusal bottle every time you go. Oh. So. I brought. Snow wouldn't be appropriate effort and money man used treatment. You perfume lovely umi deem it to be making mean shoes did you move please. I'd be careful about. A really. Good. -- on church and that. I would ask the person didn't necessarily. I think people especially older people doesn't -- very strong and that. -- they -- and take a lot and now. It would be right -- her husband -- daughter -- is no friend to tell you we're in this particular. Because really it's all about that man that you have demand should incidentally and others. Personal. You know highlight -- and stepped up. I don't like I had it to the next step in yet at the acting. Out. -- -- -- -- And settled and then make note that he might not let me. That the point it would add fragrance that airing at. And let it they're -- And. He said -- on mosque because it's it cheap Cologne announcement at wing Aaron people -- it -- -- only donate anything and yes exactly when people and it smells good on you is that -- way of telling you where and too much. It could be it could be eighteen he. And that they edit thinking that and that in the trunk that. Is the times say well use them rate it is so they really mean that they mean. You smell the smell like he has a sample card and a in an agree eco department store and you are -- -- I think they like. -- -- my life. It -- hit it to saddle Franklin. The bicycling Gator going out in the weekend and -- you know -- -- and if it weren't. -- matched that closed environment. -- you're going to be people -- day and even in church like they're restaurant that you know Howard if it. You know and part of that great at it they should be telling and first nine months pregnant back into -- -- that. -- -- So you can't -- that much. I'm selected ought -- analysts keep in the eyes of its standards on me. Squared too much of it they give me a backhanded compliment I'm. Here. Once was in the medical procedure done in lovely lady said one. -- -- -- Pretty good about it. Tell me about the it correctly -- -- it if you early eighty what you should do your man he would me weird too much. Well with the lady for instance I mean aren't the statement saying that -- -- -- that you have an especially when it was considered kind of -- fragrances and -- ninth between church and that you spray -- for the -- Our department and -- a -- and that it cannot rate your skin to get too much. And what about guys I suppose. A well. Guys that the different story right guys could just -- Little bit on your hands and then put on about the -- much -- -- about one of -- -- -- -- Do not have apt to shape a fragrance and you can't. Couldn't shake hands with someone and that -- it's -- you know. So I should noble but low over my head shaking. -- pretty -- problem thank you Patricia I appreciate your time you're quite welcome.

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