WWL>Topics>>5-9-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on ethanol gas

5-9-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on ethanol gas

May 9, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about ethanol gas with ethanol expert Pete Landry and Patrick Trahan of Chalmette Refining.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna close it out little tribute to Mother's Day and that was very special guest on he is known is a medium whose name is Joseph Higgins. And he knows for those of us who have lost among others included in that Mother's Day is a challenge he's gonna tell you how to recognize and understand signs. That you departed loved ones just might be trying to send to you that's coming up in the 12 to 1 o'clock hour. Eleven to noon we're going to be talking about a a new issue you know cell phones really have not been. Eight targeted item for the fees until recently and I think that's the cause of the Smartphone becomes a certain information and things they can certainly used. Well there are some apps out there 19 particular called find my -- -- a -- -- -- stolen -- -- -- for you to find out where it is and someone did just that and actually got a phone back. But was that the smartest thing to do or dangers. Will and it explore all of that about attracting down your cell phone through apps so he should or shouldn't do that. But this our kind of a revisiting an issue we've talked about several times that one of ethanol replacing conventional gasoline. On the EPA. Has ethanol and may have changed the regulations. Actually trying to phase it in as a replacement for standard and gasoline. On the goal was to improves toxic emissions and promote energy independence in this country. In my opinion and that of many others that has failed miserably it's caused operational problems for a small gas engine power equipment has been a nightmare in particular. For marine engines those of us who have voters. Is it really hasn't achieved what was hoped to as far as reducing the toxic emissions. And really has created some unintended consequences as far as what it has done to agriculture with the corn crop and property and how that is also impacted. While life in -- Two pretty big issue most of Europe with a well now are some new developments here locally in southeast Louisiana which is going to make it even more difficult. To find ethanol free gasoline we're going to be talking to. Some people who were involved in that issue -- one up -- Landry a lot of you know Pete he's been all of this before. He is the operator of the landry's real gas dot com. I got a lot of experience in the fuel industry and the all oil and gas industry with blending fuel. And he's almost made -- a mission to -- tried to alert the public in awe of the dangers. Of using ethanol in small gas operated engines as as well as the availability post on his website where these locations are we can get ethanol three gas at least. For the time being also joining us is Patrick train him. I'm Patrick is the manager -- public and government affairs with shell met refinery which. Due to some circumstances which he will explain are not going to be able to continue to supply us here. In southeast Louisiana with ethanol free gas all that being said. And of course the phone lines are open for you to comment to six though. 1870. If you wanna call us told free it's 866. 889087. Team we do have an instant text message board that comes right here directly to me in the studio. We ask that you least act responsibly. Dislike no drinking and driving no texting and driving. Have a designated driver if you gonna be texting and messaging you do that by sending it to 878 cents. First of all let me introduce Pete Landry ethanol fuel blend expert in the owner of the website -- landry's real gas that -- thank you for coming on and thank you for your alerting me to this new development on the availability of of of ethanol free gas in southeast Louisiana. If you could briefly because I don't wanna spend a lot of time Monica's a lot of people aware of it. What are the problems that have been associated with this EPA's regulations that have brought about the phasing in of ethanol gas. Although on some of these you know some of the recent problems occurred in the past few and so refiners. -- what the torture for part of the bullet that is when he approaches ethanol blended their view. There refined. What's called -- and probably do more identification number so -- contracts. Who sports capital and -- services into the fuel. Well for years partly -- development thirteen reasons. We're usually -- printed two cents apiece okay. Then in 2013. And we have -- -- rather volatile situation that occurred when they -- it was Wall Street and support group of small independent refiners. Decided that they can make a fortune -- By the new anyone purchasing movies it means. So it was written the predictors cornered the market. If so that would replied what would be -- on the warship. On whichever. You know needed departure -- is because it would not able to -- do you record volume of death penalty area. Visit to go to these people approaches them and it was the -- went from two cents two dollars you've reached peaked at about fifty but the road. It's been detection. And you know that's one of the reasons that show that -- and gave court the Patrick could shorten -- and fortunately to discontinue. But million dollar drop in prices there have been individuals who put you against these people. And big prize gave Edwards an outgoing public appearance since the region politely if that's about it before. So yet it has been a problem that could -- be a problem and that's one of the issues push them to the Washington. The Google land through an old congressman. To deal with this issue and and find some way to put a cap on important written response group -- traders don't do this in the future. Pete how how hard will that be now for people in southeast Louisiana people -- -- -- with and generators especially -- Are McCain season then -- weed -- chain saws any small gas operated. Equipment how hard is it gonna be now that shall man is not going to be able to make this available to its its retailers how how much how tough is it going to be defined. Don it's going to be a short descriptions. I wrote a letter to the manager of -- but reply in which a portable web site. And basically. Outline that bill did read it believes that he understood. The major impact this would want southeast Asia. And -- that -- is the war is war. The lord is manufactured convention on that cold it is insulting to Asia -- to the refineries -- -- That that. Corporate sales conventional -- appropriately in class refineries and sure enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back and the only manufacturer 10% of their he has this a little bit the economic problems with -- they don't like mutual funds which have a lot of it reviews that the manufacture octane booster -- there was more on the portable units. So that they can. For Arctic -- -- provisional. And what does it -- with their capital itself you know to. It is that Arctic could capital has won thirteen knocked in -- so when these bills conventional game on the market will be -- They've been there for Arctic conventional with 91 down greetings from -- 912 -- when. -- agreed conventional not a little bit unfortunate that it's fifty cents a gallon the report review. Brought the four. Trucks particular. You know would -- -- distributed -- -- from from the report found that about almost like this -- that would and over for the process to go into the cold so plot to replies and they've been able to replace some of the few. It's sort of novel that we do with which on the refining. They have the department. Not real -- -- Phillips 66. Refinery in Wesley -- trials they've they've bland and so conditional on -- is coming into this -- what the borders they -- that would then and even some issues tropical -- important role. But the loss. Of volume and -- it is going to be a political problem for the parachute. If you will and so these coaches like when. Played the -- only -- -- does all the crew perished in the food terrible. Primarily. White speckled look at a pivotal moment spoke with mr. -- expert told about this but it is -- it is going to be disaster. Eyewitness at the problem now hopefully weakened on again off further explanation of shell -- refineries decision and also possible solution. From a Patrick train and will be back to do that right after this break with talking with people Andrea retired. Chemist who worked in the refining petrochemical industry for over thirty years he's also on the prevent a repeat landry's real gas dot com monkey being. Up to date on what's happening this issue and Patrick -- and manager of public and government affairs of shipment refining coming back right after. Welcome back to the Friday edition of think tank come down to -- game for golf and Robinette with a so. A couple of fellows would love to hear from and I'm glad they jaundiced people Landry ethanol fuel blend expert to also has people landry's real -- dot com a man has been on a mission. Explaining to people making them aware of the problems associated with the regulatory on impact. Push to put that ethanol in to replace conventional gas X calls a lot of problems to. Small gas engines and particularly marine engines also it has failed to live up to its promise of them reducing toxic emissions and creating energy independence long way from doing now but has also created some unintended consequences about the forming. In the agriculture and that is forms farmers with the corn prices. Patrick train him and also joins us he's a manager of public and government affairs at -- refinery. Pete had written a letter to them. Asking questions about why the this decision to. No longer be able to supply retail locations throughout southeast Louisiana with fuel and Patrick -- think Pete did a pretty good job explaining and if -- if there's anything -- you'd like to and would like to hear that but maybe you could. Explain the reasons behind each element refinery. Discontinuing making them available. The public view Saddam is that it costs thing isn't a regulatory thing or combination of both. So I think. It is very good job of explaining that situation. And we did receive your left to Uga -- and we're. Well put a lot of thought into our response Wilson that back to you -- we hope you will take the at that to your blog I think you've got -- really good information there. Are you talked a little bit about that five claws were purchasing those renewable fuel credits. And that's really to a large extent driving. This decision. The current regulatory point of dispute under which we. Operates compels us to do. Yeah there are a lot of refiners in the -- region were probably portable Estes is preaching it to make this change but we made the change for the same reason. And allows us to comply with that huge renewable fuels standard by generating -- biofuel credits. Well don't certificates have a numbers problem that they called renewable identification. Numbers problem and so you'll hear that we're and so. In connection. It also reduces our exposure to that -- well to cross that he was talking about it costs the cost -- tens of millions of dollars this year. You know you talked about the impact also be. Well of this change and I think -- did a good job of characterizing what's going on in the market. Pick -- talk to -- of people you know our employees were about 500 people that work at the refinery and we. This issue in every TV and have lawn and garden equipment. And we've experienced some of the things that happened as a result of the use of ethanol fuel. But to stoic one among friends here don't a lot of patience as the situation -- not keep it from goldfish connect. So we're. Two. In terms and use use of capital. You'll think Pete is that real good job on its site. Talking about how what are some of the things you can do if you draw have to use -- all you talks a lot about stabilizers. Demanding game each. Our company recognizes what you've been talked about -- we have been advocating for reassessment of that renewable fuels standard. And we have an opportunity here they go with da -- highlights you've put all this. For those people who were concerned to account leverage that concern -- -- -- Go for web site called smarter. Fuel future. Top or it's smarter. Fuel. Future dot or the that it provides people an opportunity to go web site that provides information about what were discussing. But he better than that it allows you to sign up. And signing furcal petition that provides information to our congressional leaders. And to policy makers to help them got to understand the impact. This not just an impact on oh. You know -- outdoors people has an impact on people who run businesses -- have equipment that run those businesses. And we really need to have good discourse in this country adopt that standard you know that standard issues it was meant to one. Doctors are fuel supply so we can -- -- oral. It was meant to help put the greenhouse gas situation. We don't have that scarcity anymore. There -- federal studies in other cities that call into question whether or not the actual production that biofuel. It actually reducing the carbon output. And so we're really need to to have that discourse and appreciate what he's done he's he's raised concern all the important issue. What Patrick. He mentioned that there are some other refiners in the state -- -- -- Lake Charles port Allen until the though that although they're not nearly as large as as the output that you had been shell met. Are they going to be subject to the same problems that -- met the refinery came up against and is there a possibility they may no longer be able to provide ethanol free -- You don't and -- and I've had these discussions so we are refiner. -- and we provide the product I'm not. In a position to talk about what happens at other facilities. You know there are certain rules against much. Getting into speculation in the market -- can only speak for our fire. I think he does a good job of characterizing. What the situation is with the market. He -- -- tell us what would have you had any discussions with the other providers of personal free gas and what situation in my opinion. After Percival on -- -- -- more who bought or -- -- from their web site quite. Web site opened -- address this with with O who's also partners or is that he's back. It opera and also ignores what would woke -- this issue of first place in the mobile web site the ambulance services. And -- -- in Washington. And stated vision before we. Senators and congressmen and also it was that the that you won't provide ample. Progression on capitol it is the west but it also. Now I'd been out spoken to the sales rep applies to respond in detailed code continues fourteen -- human infection but again there's a small player. Department for a customer first -- -- -- more about this from readers. And I spoke with fetch about this. There are at that he could provide you with information. Which originally it was factual. About what -- conventional capital of their produce enough pressure on the upon open. And then sit at the resources -- that was factually would be bought them. The -- but this week when I have no idea who said what we've been told now as we can provide information. And Patrick you didn't talk about the comments that you made to be and also publicis sportsmanship with the partisan political for the it would make me. About which of them continue to manufacture of conventional ideas and commercial outlets you want do what you want Woodruff. I was gonna have to do that after the new missiles they would -- gentlemen we have -- Landry and Patrick train -- Patrick is now with these -- he's the manager of public and government affairs shell met refinery. The of course operates Pete landry's real gas dot com we're talking about ethanol -- lack of availability of it. Because of certain regulations forcing shell matte refinery to -- provided to local retail. Also we got the text -- a lot of messages and questions if you have one for these two gentlemen you to Tammy in late 7870. Or call us at 2601. Rates right now -- time -- news. We'll be back with the think tank on WW. And that his phone number to call us if you wanna get in the conversation we also have a text message board opened for you at 8787. If you just tuning in let me bring up the date on what's going on we're talking with people Landry of people -- real gas dot com. Amanda's been on a mission to explain the problems associated with the EPA's phasing in of ethanol. Are few options has been an opportunity to approaches at -- all three gases southeast Louisiana which a lot of in particular sportsmen all people who operate farm in. Home machinery that operates on small gas engines have been able to purchase but that seems to be getting tougher and tougher. Now we've also while Pete is alerted people readers of his he is a website that. -- shell met refining his no longer going to be providing it to local retail so we could become. More difficult to find it. Patrick train in which element refinery is with this so I'll also won't let the audience no we did request nastiest police. David dinner and merry land drew two to join us either by statement on person. To weigh in on. Are they aware of what this problem is I'm sure they are in what their plans might be to reverse this situation on long term. Basis and now we have not heard back from -- in those three. Back to our question -- if you would you posed the question to Patrick train him before we broke for the news if you would please restate that question point. -- -- to Steve I was interviewed by reason sportsman glider -- oracle and so on the show that are funding announcement. Further. -- -- -- And in the process you know -- sent him. It -- application that was to right respectful work because it should be visible from Shelby. And and are our biggest problem mr. hill by respect -- respectful but it came from. From off by all replies in Indian port Allen. In the opinion what we called and said this two -- respectful. She told that should receive the director's forum. The emotion -- it was fine. It it did no viable out of -- -- -- -- some modifications revision to mobile terminal. And the -- incentive coincidence. Of these of these on the application you know. Don't -- is open ruling on June 4. They can get as indeed it would be available conventional -- -- -- but won't be available. It's sort of brought this about Patrick and I told him want to lose. He didn't simpler in the open is that what that well and those who have refused Portland to. That was never our intention are additional with the continued manufacturing and make available conventional non capital it is but to commercial -- And I have to what does that mean Patrick and it indicated that time and it has changed since then. That they would -- for the newcomers apparently could discuss details of the possible because the public trust regulations now. My experience in refineries in accused of being what that means commercial outlets. Is that probably these type music do continue to dispute with the drugs that. That it will probably. Enter into a relationship. With electrical terminal that have large storage tanks in trouble in Iraq. And that -- to open it from my experience working replies and that they would been -- their product shipment replies. But you patrol real George Tenet terminal in that this should it is that would have been injured -- -- relationship -- that terminal which probably in the Olympic -- the price. To pick up their view that would show that replied in particular from this terminal. And then I haven't heard about and so Patrick has been with provisions to address that report. Appreciate -- one -- -- if in fact in the partly about reader's apartment Paterson nor parish. And some stations even if only just simply. Out of commission on capitol -- the -- to -- Not a a couple of putts to date not available. Patrick are you at liberty to discuss this. Yeah commercial. Not that do one thing. And so so. Is is correct it -- -- -- And that is what you wish to leave that as it is that it is. But he that he probably -- To which can speak on this but let me let me clarify though a couple of thanks to. It in -- too so if you go to. The station and you're going to be able to your regular your super premium. Diesel each one has. Relegated for. Storage of that until you -- Iraq gives -- the same way. Because of the regular -- situation we our our -- being that you can create BP and products okay. To -- storms that that facility is relegated or use the top and products. I don't have the capacity. Impacted in supply. The DP zero product and so that product we will continue to produce it will blow out. Awful commercial and industrial. Course or statement all along was that we would not be able to supply of that -- -- the -- And that is the sort of -- and it does it it doesn't change the impacts impacts that. He talks about. Are about real -- the situation. And so that were considered respect chronicler. I'd very -- we're gonna take 08 we got to take a break -- we come back I'll let you follow up on -- comment and also get some of these. Some questions in May be either of both of you can answer from some -- will be right back to listen to the think tank on WW. Are the results of our unscientific. Up -- opinion poll question of the benefits of using ethanol outweighed the -- a 100% saying no it does not think -- got that settlement. We're talking with Pete Landry and also Patrick -- and about the -- the new development where it's going to be even harder to find ethanol free gas and I'd love to be it would get some of these questions on. About ethanol may -- -- will set aside another day in time to do that but let me get back to Patrick Patrick. The made some comments about chairman -- decision to discontinue the retail distribution of on at the offering gas but yet it make it available in the commercial aspect one expound on. Guess what we talked a little bit about that -- the economic reality Ross. But both of regulatory and economic reality is -- for us as it is world -- urged. We just happen to. Blatantly. Easy to him fuel that's the reason why that regulations in place. Are otherwise -- we talked about the volatility of that market for buying the credit to have to be in the position. Purchasing that fuel. Think. Pete has made a good point about the availability. Of supplies in the market but the bottom line is gonna see some. Changes in that supply in the market. That is not Tuesday southeast Louisiana or goal -- if you -- -- nationwide issue. From miners have already made the change many voters having won two two. And they're using that the products that help to stabilized those fuel stabilize that capital you'll. And we still have the opportunity to make it clear policy makers. And that just type of mandate. In the premarket has an impact LP material impact on people so we have to continue. To make that the case. But it doesn't it doesn't benefit to single out one manufacturer. Or another when all bound by the same regulatory. Guidelines. In our war for oil and gas facility that operates under these guidelines. Pete is a retiree and -- to and from modeling gas company that works on the these guidelines and -- from many people don't. In that industry and a outside that industry who have the same concern. Think the best thing we we can do well this is two others have done to death but continued to make the point. At the federal policy level that to renewable fuel standard needs to be reason to. Exactly -- I think you know short term solution appears to be used to stabilizing products finding the ethanol free gas and approaches it whenever it's available the long term. That's not going to be settled here that's going to be settled in Washington I think you know we found that government is always slow to react in the business science out there that this -- has proven studies and tests that say this stuff is not. Accomplishing what that set out to do and of course we know with the public opinion aspect of it is. Again if you all would put out that of that website again for people can actually gives MO voice and a way to get involved in this. Dissipated Bob May when -- -- to do we certainly talk into the typical. Audience like gave that and admiration out -- I know -- Pete has that information on his blocks and we can talk about. Are aware he supplies pretty good in relation to the -- that's smarter. Fuel. Future. Dot org. An opportunity to see more about this issue long what's going on just. On the fuel side of it but all the other -- different side of the business side. There's an opportunity to sign up at that site and become part of virtual petition. It helps low leverage voices on this issue and that Pete can talk about two the availability of information. Deep on a more direct approach to getting this problem was solved what is been the response you've gotten from our elected officials in Washington and -- you contact him about that is. What that -- as Patrick won of course the New York Times slot in the middle and done before that Patrick. You could put them. It'll produce as you indicated to medium in this sport on Tuesday. Conditioned on that ultimately commercial outlets is that you still would do that. Yeah that that that case mentioned that to use it to the berries. Media. That aspect question or what -- -- -- the question that report okay. I don't wanna -- to web site -- realized that on the original order on partnered. Some years ago with the Venezuelan state company but view ExxonMobil. Operated -- Now the big question or if you if you believe that the audience. If you all knew as you indicated to me that it was never -- intention to -- it would discontinue. Manufacturing field condition not a productive human. Which could make it to commercial outlets. Would not have been. The responsible and courteous thing to do your distributed to retail. To make the multiple. Without commercial terminal and -- tanks. And -- the district is aware of a sort of pick it up is that correct. After replied picking up this struggle so that it is so that the -- service stations. Would not have been in erupted circus right now -- -- Don't condone this station a few unconventional fuel and many of them. Have to convert to court. To -- of the keys to -- would you address. I've that in -- got about a minute so -- and he's an idiot he -- that and that is by the time. Doubt about it that communication had been made months ago so we did. Very good gentlemen thanks to both the view and as new things develop on this issue I appreciate hearing from you and letting us let our public know against Smart fuel. Future dot org and also -- landry's real gas dot com if you want more details on thanks again appreciated. I will be right back do wrap up this first hour with the think tank right after this.