WWL>Topics>>5-9-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on stolen cell phones

5-9-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on stolen cell phones

May 9, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with security expert Catherine Torrez about what to do if your iPhone is stolen.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Al welcome back into the think our thing staying power numbers to add to thank him now. Welcome aboard on this Mother's Day weekend thanks for spending some time as you debated seventy WWL. It's stole your Smartphone. And you tracked it through an app like on my phone what you go after the 26 year old yoga instructor didn't she found out through GPS where a phone -- drove there. Confronted with the she got the phone back but was that really Smart or dangerous. What would you do that question for you. If you could tracked down your stolen phone would you actually go there and try to get it back. Have you ever had your phone stolen. I did -- really yeah. Burglary or staff it was basically was in post office and sanded down. In walked away and actually went and got them. Check box got mail went out got the truck and went to look -- off left and in walked right back in and it was gone. Well the one of them the bank on the post office employees on the line it was east. Three teenagers and who Indian it would only ones in human they've got a -- gone from -- It was -- simple flip phone wasn't like Smartphone a lot of information on. I anyway -- later on our art called the number in the Anson hung up and then all the phone company in now they had made one phone call. Before the it was his disservice -- was changed in the was disconnected but. At any rate you have my experience if you haven't liked to hear from you 260187. URE 668890871. When you do about it. Tell you about a story disappeared in a New York Times article. Says after a -- he Saturday night race Arab McGwire. Walked the next morning to find that iPhone was roommates phone was on to. Where they at the bar she won during the camp. Used in the find my iPhone app which is on a computer. She found that someone had taken the phones to a home in Los Angeles X thirty miles east of -- West Hollywood apartment. -- McGuire who was a slight 26 year old yoga instructed did what a growing number of phone theft victims have done she went to confront the the use and to her surprise she got the phones back. She's quoted in the article saying when I told my mom what I did she thought I was crazy. With Smartphones staff rampant apps like find my iPhone offering new option for people would desperate to recover the devices allowing victims like ms. McGuire. To act when the police will not. But the emergence of this kind of do it yourself justice some unintended result of the the liberation of GPS tracking apps has stirred worries among law enforcement officials that people are putting themselves in danger. Taking disproportionate. Risks for the sake of an easily replaced item. Quoting George gas on who was a San Francisco DA -- a former police chief this is a new phenomenon. It's not simply running after the person grabbed the phone. It opens up the opportunity for people to take belong to their own hands. And they can get themselves into really deep water if they go to -- location. Where they should ask on and on -- some have been successful. Others have gotten hurt. Smartphones have become irresistibly delectable morsels for the it will more than three million stolen last year. That's according to a survey by consumer reports since 2011. Cell phone -- thefts have risen by 26%. And LA. Robberies involving phones were up 23%. In San Francisco. In New York more than 18% of all Grand Larceny east last year. Involved apple products. It's understandable that victims are often desperate to recover their phones them home today text photos. Their friends' phone numbers they feel less like devices then actually extensions of their hands. While I've -- may be the most popular with these apps that can track stolen phones using GPS. Now available for most Smartphones. Although pursuing a thief and occasionally and in triumph. And also lead to violence particularly because some people on themselves. -- -- -- While running for this stolen well joining us to talk about this is Catherine -- -- security expert. And Catherine you take on this particular situation involving ms. -- did she do the right thing why did she really take a chance. -- tranche she -- and keep. On talent shouldn't -- You want on that one back. You know at the ranch. In gasoline and her parents are alarmed and and extremely concerned. And -- and then while a lot of people. Real and especially the young light Sheen has a lot of magnitude. Sometimes it's just like the situation that you that you can install. An opportunistic. Crime -- and here's what Michael Pollan calls while on your. Regardless of where uncle -- to make will be out in the country or agency local -- -- a -- but really no big -- category of that. -- -- -- -- You don't want. But some people aren't thinking that right now the greatest crime in America. Higher crime indictment. And the mark is what went right. So. You have major. Criminal that that is going on around our nation. People need to realize. McCain is with all it could be two. A criminal rain. People do. Send out O worker to go down to bring them and now. Mission there where there actually outlining all the information -- -- and they turned around Allentown. To go overseas or whatever to be used for a. While incredible. -- and that. Yeah absolutely understand that now before you became a security consultant to world police chief. And I guess you can understand the frustration with the number up to three million according to consumer reports and a stolen each year. How much time does law enforcement have to go looking for people stolen cellphones I'm sure people can brush. Maybe -- insurance. That being on the bears. -- mean. Ninety quite fortunate in that time. I'm not that there's not one that looked so if you have tracking information on your cell phone. Then they're going to be willing to do. -- man but you know turn you know directed. Self recovery and showed and -- had -- wrapped -- the search warrant a week ago. That's how many man hours and literally put -- put yourself -- Knowing that your insurance and Arctic Kara. Sold the cure all is the answer and I mean not the -- the prevention is more the -- in the cue for own phones. Primarily. -- you know the I have a lot of people. It goes. On -- that you BioWare my own. Yet -- it was mandatory that every shell oil company. On the cell wouldn't that stopped shell -- Well. Thank you would it -- it greatly. Diet for people. Who only heal itself bound for the -- nation with optional. That it's still. -- with them. Unless you have a kill switch and it's so good that they can not -- -- implementation that on the drive and there. Talent for the implementation and. Catherine if you stay with me we're gonna take a break it would come back -- calling he's listening to us in Texas he's got a story -- also a few of -- -- -- stolen what did you do about it did you get it back. Did you call police in what was their response will be right back and listened to the think tank on WW. Well what happens according to a New York Times article three million times a year in the United States some talking about cell phones are stolen as it ever happened to you know. We're talking with Katherine Torres -- it was a security expert and they. Former police chief about what you should or should not do in terms of being able to recover your stolen phone and get a lot of interesting text -- -- 87870. We get to those in the second -- Katherine Howard's been all the Mona tells the story I guess has kind of related to. Retrieving your own phony talking about retrieving his own stolen car how -- thanks for you to call. You're right to live in the open area opinions on loans and I'm alcohol was stolen -- -- -- cynical. So that they would call phone company -- -- phone calls made it yes it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I call the number and nobody skirts you know hung up. So what a -- very. -- that phone number two straight. Instinct -- and it happened that the street is -- -- But the people that that phone call me. What -- it would start calling every morning at street music groups. And got people person got our team of course grandma. And let them. Talk to grandma. And eat greens is the -- -- -- -- -- Appreciate it and we returned more mourning their retreat. Fall we -- essentials are -- he's got an accurate. And will would should drop the matter. Next morning call -- pop art house -- -- Got called back in and called police the -- we ought to say well look we've got -- -- want to know who what where. Don't look happy that he -- ago. Allen abruptly he called cops so central Paris competent people I got a call. Well I don't -- have been attempting to do that Katherine do you think he handle this problem. Well I don't think -- and so a lot of danger that was that was kind of a risk free but that is being able. To take care at bat a lash. -- That group of people there is some of them warm all decided -- unlike you Colin. That people and they are scrambling to come by track and shoot you. Bet that something that could happen it's kind of a long shot. I don't get it at about one point three years but he probably have more active job a lot of -- -- -- done for what. And no outs opt in to that woman's attorney. At a local copy shop. Don't tell the story in the -- their attorney represented this woman. And you sit out the terms under it. She would want to present. But that is what put one more thing -- rain they clogged up so I'll walk pac. -- alcohol tax in the -- police when the information is no army not what we're told police way to go I think it is rich. Together then you would have been enough put at risk from retaliation thank you handled as best you could. Okay now thank you for the call a scolded JM Ferraro he's got a comment on stolen phones today you -- with Katherine Taurus. Ban any and all -- At -- microphone. And -- what. I just -- -- it it wouldn't. -- -- trash too so opera to call that number. And it just sit there and protect -- -- back bumper and I had. After the economy. An economy that you get some meat and number. And I'll leave him out. Cold that that hurt the problem war you know. But you know I called the cell phone company Adam cancel. -- a little while but the. -- -- -- -- Yes see that's at a whole new dimension is Catherine pointed out I mean they've got some valuable information an amendment just be some -- Fulham with a opponent he picked up -- offered burglarizing a it's turned over to almost like a syndicate type operation which I wasn't aware. Absolutely. Yeah the identity that. -- that things are. Our news and the United States and and actually international and there are other. Country out there who argued in -- chipped it well. A lot of top ten or whoever our -- back I think that they are all if you -- back I think that they party -- -- Extracting information -- is it what it hurt more than a lot. Catherine thank you for the call. What are they talking about there in would that be more active. Bet that Chandler. What they're talking about where's that that -- -- -- -- Either that at the end amber and whatever that number is at the Turkey but -- no -- -- -- turned on my own company. They used that number to turn at all. Wall -- they may -- that number. Then it can never be turned on in -- happening. Turning it on T used to might -- Paul. And could be used for you know getting online and texting. That the least of their worries there are realizing. That her and skill that shell on to a computer. And computer. Totally copy everything that on the part -- the computer on to the Ayers and extract information. Or your account number and password and and personal deprivation that on that well. So it's not at all but we we update -- Actual call by phone. It beyond that personal information on the most important thing people should never store personal information on well. They need a word that is meant them. Digit. Long. There have been to Albany. Collapses on itself on forensics. That talk about breaking into song at the four letter path forward. It is very broad and one more numbers -- them more difficult it is to break into the and that have to get on the -- -- to be able to mirror the information. Off. Aren't. Confirmation year your self conscious an option at this. Well being able. Action into the ground and it should automatically. Are required. -- itself and it turned out -- internal. Katherine going -- which is saying at of the theft goes beyond just someone's stealing a device to make phone calls is one -- -- this is a Texan and -- down a friend of mine had a phone stolen. Got it back two hours later after paying a fifty dollar reward. But later discovered -- information had been downloaded an ID stolen so even if you recover the phone. The problem may not -- it kind of damage could have already been done. Acting as they went into the news breakdance. Chair I would got a couple more text that Monica with -- if someone would like to call him and talk with us. 260187. ER 8668890878. Also in the next half following going to be talking to Austin -- on he's up there at the legislative session and updating us on -- appeal with regard to boat trailers and motor vehicle and trailer inspections. -- a lot of even waiting to hear from all that coming up right after the news this is the think tank on the big 870 WW. Now welcome back in this morning with thinking about the cell phones in particular Smartphones iphones being stolen happens three million times a year in the United States it's a growing problem and it can be problematic in more ways than one. Some people -- using apps to track them down through GPS in the attempting to recover the phones themselves has been a lot of frustration because. Want -- and officials don't usually make this a priority and people are very frustrated at missing this device does not only. Calling device and also basically is their computer has a lot of photos and images and stores a lot of information which can be used by hackers to steal identities are talking -- about this is Katherine Taurus. She's a former police chief and security expert. Catherine got a lot of text and we'll get into for you to comment on the president Bobby called in from Canada on line one he had his phone stolen Bobby thanks for you call. Surely -- -- fine thank you get it on the I. What I don't think a couple weeks ago and did this same tank column was -- around for a new odd. And what my ire from -- and our. Own separate from. I kind of -- home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try it for -- Mike's bell and the people on death Tuesday defended by turned it from the union. Can you but you know answers were negative so -- -- and went on Apple Computer when I -- -- And I went to try to. And I'm sure I'm not. Own. My own words probably. Forty blocks away well lit. So I appreciated it much -- in. Light of life and so we put. He -- on my phone on her eyes I'm -- He went to correctly where a lot of ones and it was actually in -- And you people that were out there caller. So. -- holding her own you know walked. Why don't see the spot where much well which we wish trot them out proceeded to -- last week -- You know. And he says he hit it it -- and one -- He would put it on the way. Yeah. But I don't think she was the type of -- continuing market. She turned it well Litsch can remove it in situations where I felt that four. Bobbie I think you used two -- if he. You know and it could have been any good reason it took about the storm -- -- -- his -- usually if -- had good intentions to get that back that he -- -- right -- -- the -- -- will -- And and that check. But the heart and -- went on my computer it was. On my. Day -- have a little. Sentence lockyer well. You can actually law here and so that -- cannot get the nation off the wall looking forward. Right -- well under. And I don't want my phone. Only prevents them from making phone calls. Into it to -- in a lot my phone. On actually prevent -- phone calls or prevent them from being able to download any termination yeah because most. Songs are. They can still be connected to stop. At another computer and download information all. Yeah that's kind -- thing I do not know and it's of that that. You know because you know. Bobby glad things worked out well for you that ultimately could hear me. -- security news you need to. -- incompetent. -- Now I'm credited to thank you -- out. Catherine I got a text question coming in -- know if they password keeper app is say is that secure than the one that keeps all your -- and a lot of is that a lot of different things you know always says was on remember which ones applied which device. In all I'm not that tech -- room. And I would want to answer that question on. That particular -- I'm aware of the app. I've even used to and from what I understand that App Store information -- -- broad and not at their own. Don't belong -- out and really did password to get an entry your password out holder then. It's I'm thinking it would be. And saying that. I can said that I'm not the tech -- -- captain before you go if you would and valuable web site. If you could tell us what that side is of people wanna get more information about them being safe in dealing with the phones. Yet it sent a lot by investigations. Plural dot com. Still -- old spy in a lot of games dot com. Yet. Very good captain. But improper investigation now or. Several years our product and stand on my web a lot of interest in -- our pockets into. Very good thank you had taken the time -- we appreciated. What. Thank Catherine Torres security expert talking about two phones I got a lot of other text you're not really questions that would have been for -- the last comments that the coming in I'll share those -- listeners. And also Alston battle coming up -- up Davis about a bill in the legislature back -- that right after this timeout listening to the Friday edition. Of the think tank come down to do you Good Friday morning from the big gates.