WWL>Topics>>5-9-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on talking with dead relatives

5-9-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on talking with dead relatives

May 9, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with medium/author Joseph M. Higgins about communing with deceased family members.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually it's Don -- -- with you on the Friday editions of the think -- Garland will be back with you on Monday welcome aboard on this soft Friday leading into the big Mother's Day weekend you got some plans to spend time with mom. -- -- get ready to close out this hour or some final thoughts wanna share with you about Mother's Day in and -- unlike the if you have not heard it well it's even worth hearing again if you have NBA MVP Kevin Durant so acceptance speech in which he recognized his mother I think there's a much more powerful message in there. Then just the -- thank you to his mom and I'll explain when I'm talking about there. This hour are very interesting topic we're going to be joined by a medium he's also the author of the book called hello anyone home. To guide on how are deceased loved ones try to contact us through the use of signs his name is Joseph Higgins. And he joins us now Joseph thanks for coming on -- -- we appreciate. -- only have a weighted topics like this on Novell a lot of doubters out there and then there are those who would true believers -- -- Islam which I would put myself into the category -- us. Some things I've seen over in my lifetime that it's just -- logical scientific. Explanation for and you just kind of keep wondering about it then in in your book I'm sure you -- this but this is a great time on the talk about contact with deceased loved ones because. Mother's Day is this weekend in I lost my mother recently within the last thirty days. And it's a challenge to get through that day when you know without being able to spend time and you think back of all the memories you have with your mom. But used say in your books that. May be just happens more often that we think and their -- ways that you can recognize and understand some signs that these departed loved ones that may be promising. Yeah absolutely I mean it's been darkness over twenty million Americans. At some point feel like that they have been contacted. But the defeat Baltimore notes that for the reasons oracle all the people -- all that. You know you know are going crazy there all the people that actually sent small boards are. We've been -- to try and so it's not something that. You know really law -- and it happens from all walks of life. So we wanted to make sure that people realized that you know regional news this morning by the people that are similar type experiences. So I think that was. It is -- where people mullah. How can someone be sure that this was an actual connection that it wasn't -- imagination. Nor. I dream mortgages to you know something that they assumed happened. How to -- how how does this come they know for sure that this was in contact with someone Estes. At first audit they're looking for war they toward. And in the commons wrote probably quickly and something. That I mean -- content to be -- war Arctic like all the wobble or laugh factor. Is really important. If they're just thinking about their mom dad or someone. All the sudden bang like the obvious -- That they have been can -- -- really it should be air -- you know sometimes you can actually gave -- -- spokesman start. And controlled the real -- sorry I don't tell people alike you know -- -- trying to stop looking everywhere for war. Because you're gonna find him -- get confused and marketable -- real. So the best thing is to just let it go in believe that you'll be consigned. And then put them find a way. Where do we had to -- -- And but it does strike you really -- you know hard in that's a good group. Execution it's a real real -- We'll talk with Joseph -- season medium and also an author he's worked on missing person cases cold cases murder investigations as well as connecting clients of -- loved ones. Who has passed to the other side if you have had that experience I'm sure Joseph would love to have you story may before his next book -- you invite you to call us at 260. 187 mile toll free numbers 866889087. He had you have that for sure. Experience of connecting with the deceased loved one if you care to Texas and said the text message board is open and 87870. Please remember to text responsibly if you're driving use a designated text will be right back with Joseph Higgins in -- calls and text. Right after this you listening to the think tank on WWL 87 DA. I'd medium and author of hello anyone home is it Joseph Higgins c.s with us and Joan I'm sure you've got a lot of stories you could tell listen to Britain Obama over the years about. People staying in communication with deceased loved ones from the other side. Before we do that telescope a couple of calls wanna talk with -- we're -- Jennifer on a cell phone on line one Jennifer thanks for call on the think that. -- Act it out and eat. And how it cook by well not well out here at -- -- out there. And out lock in on the act out how alcohol play. And out a clear blew it out walk in you -- A huge blow out -- color. And their shipment and why Cologne -- or. Our -- Mercury each yell out. But -- find my act that contact me -- -- little. -- decision on Joseph is not uncommon for the sense of smell to be a connection to the other side. No actually that's one of the biggest common warns the small quick follow had passed late when I was child when he comes through arsenal -- gospel. It little smoke -- also mean it's. Bodies found in small that very strong about smoke in a little dance around that point so. That your personal the Cologne that's you know that's a very easy. -- to recognize because. What she's going on the sheet note is connected -- that thanks a woman might know perfume to a model program. So she walked in the house and she smelled something no. -- what -- related to word that there -- you know it would -- worked but something specific figure. Isn't she made the connection in poverty. The right choice of what to use it and put it together and should you know just intimate connection involved like it's still continuing so. Yes well the very important. Thank you for the call Jennifer appreciate -- let's go now to Paul he's listening to us in mid city. Paul thank you for calling a think tank you -- with Joseph Higgins. Happen to -- we lost him hooked yet Jolie is one that came in mile away about text says it says my wife's aunt died after. Hurricane Katrina. When we received our wedding pictures from the photographers she told us that she accidentally made two copies of one picture. She had placed them on top of the portfolio. And we opened the package to -- Q was that of my wife and aunt's daughter which is a constant. Kissing my wife and telling -- that she wanted to give another kiss for a mom and it. My wife immediately got goose pumps in new crime and it was watching over our. Is that also a common way that people communicate through signs in in photographs or images. Sure -- what they're gonna do is that it is not the best way. To make direct connection and that's all ago in the -- -- -- when -- -- October they wanna go. It's -- -- even be sent and how it's going to be done to move and word so when the situation. On she recognized the signs like we just talked about in the earlier segment she got goosebumps from. So be it really resonated with first we know that politics or. -- -- they will use any means but they really work keep it simple. And when that happens and then you can get the authentic. While our direct way. I had the phone number is 260187. ER 8668890870. We'd take responsible text that 87878. Joseph we've got pat listening to listen Hamlin on the North Shore -- -- punch train pat thank you for the call your -- Joseph Higgins. I -- And so many saying that aren't even want my husband passed away in and out and we had. A lot people come out that aren't yet it hospital. Caught in the record. High it. Is you know. Electrical. Battery operated -- -- But I'd make it work. Court that at least in my problem in the battery you know like -- -- it they're tablet that's light and that would probably in the Arctic outer. And if we're remembering back in years and you one we -- here. And the and it started. And -- Them again outlaw yeah. I keep it seemed like. After -- -- and I. Try to. Go out. And OK. And and it had a and it never let them. They would like to. -- and I and any other thing happened to. Contact. My grandchildren. In what may be -- there will be eight month old. Granddaughter that connected him. -- mean she was Smart idea to run and mother apple and Bob. Popped out -- -- She -- keep that in mind you know and not he would need at the danger oh. So many. Actually believe that the. All packed up and wanting it inaudible. Very important stories and yeah. I'd like to be able to you know you can email from our web site Chilean stock common. I can't. We can ship from these stories to Alina -- anymore. Between people is reflective. They it is it is expensive ones because they can recognize something that happened in the airlines -- At the storage is bring such feeling it's such peace. The only really wild and and a great glory would fare well. Check out -- -- -- Ellen there's many more is happening in so what you call it. Thank you -- -- that we appreciate your call in Joseph I've got one that you might wanna use for your book now in addition to doing radio and TV I'm also a writer and a wrote a story that I couldn't possibly come up with and create his fiction called the Halloween -- And I'm gonna saying that when I think you might find it very very interest but let's go to -- Punted -- left hand and thank you for you call. Well -- Not been in public. People. Here. And -- About. An. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it it really. At that -- a couple of days and get -- It. -- which is separate container this year passed I mean arms are there to support -- past. -- Correct. -- -- to an apple and an. Error. -- -- -- And air that it. There. There accumulated. There and we're. When I'm getting now weighs in in greens are like -- that the easiest way for them to come through -- -- because -- Wal-Mart to quieter or not but topic about work cellphone. Stuff like that during the day so it's really easy -- compellingly strange. But sometimes when Turkey which -- -- -- -- laughing and stop like that -- showed that she's. You know she's not in pain and she's been really good place. I think it would she changes -- expression does something like and that type of situation. It's gonna have something to do. Something that's going on around you when your whole life pop -- -- a lot of -- that they're looking over us. In it for various reasons you know could be some of the Stanley. Or something else going -- that you might be a little bit pay attention to war -- culpable what. Rubble pile of public. Yeah. The other 100 debatable perfectly conflicts talk. Something that she would be connected to medium -- to a particular -- something like that should keep an -- open and but that. You know for the -- the situation. -- And our record for sharing that with us we appreciate it let's go to caring and link on line three hi Terry you almost chilly. -- I -- my dad passed and attacking you and our our sister a few weeks ago -- actually live my dad -- home and everything going to changing. My heart and I we're going to leave and it went well at that -- play. -- -- -- Like island and then -- that electron -- -- its cherry pie or. And corner at my heart and -- like you realize -- on. He's like yeah where are well within -- radio -- corporate rhetoric and get -- -- that stopped the car. And the radio station and went completely different station able. Plain wrong and who we change. That's that's very common it really is and that's a great story because you do believe that favorite songs. In the actually did story in my book about a friend of mine Nino would whose husband has passed. It she started to look she started to date and I asked critical go to your Fleetwood Mac concert in she was you know she -- yes since she was nervous about it so. A home after you know couple weeks or so should she talked to her husband on the of the -- -- filtration article I would discussion -- Gordon street wood -- Is an okay in my dating to early in trick question like that was a lot new windows side. If you sit -- the radio on it and go all the sudden. A Fleetwood Mac's own came on. In. She start to cry and then right after. -- a Matchbox Twenty song came on actually was -- -- matchbox twenties so you know -- Rob Thomas saint. Right I'd give it again that I understand that so Perry. That you know -- you know like your message and the funny thing is that she wouldn't shopping -- him out there are always. Cut the cost. Look good but the radio back on it what was great was not a Rob Thomas song and then right after a little Fleetwood actual. You know my heart and -- you know if I can pilot -- gap it may be such are cranking that. You know he was actually. I -- it certainly in my. Acts exactly what I needed. Have some Toms and decide no good explanations I carried her thank you for the call Kerry Joseph got -- taken news breaks they would -- and Ed wants to tell the story Rick in them get going a lot of them on a text message -- what I'll do is now will pass those along to you if you like to get them. And them and I'll do it and have contact phone numbers you might wanna follow up more details if you would like to publish and use them and you book. Will be back to talk more about it right after this you listening to the think tank an afternoon from the big 870 WW. -- welcome back into the think tank and I guess does Joseph Higgins says Joseph Higgins dot com if you'd like to share. A story of -- communications with deceased loved ones from the other side don't ask questions you walk on the contacting if you want to talk with team. This afternoon the phone lines are open at 260187. ER 8668890878. And as -- you're doing is sending me some text was some really interesting stories and I'll be passing those along to jails with elected take enough time to do it in that method it's 87870. -- -- on doing these types of program it's not the holes and is not the -- is people telling these stories and eliminate these you know I'm glad we get his response. Yeah I mean that whole thing it's it's it's people helping other people bars so people elected that'll pick the crazy. You know other people were hiring these experiences. When that the the deceased you know wanna come -- it's great because it's just about the fact that -- -- I'm a stock with Ed -- down on lines four original with Joseph -- And then there there. In 1990. I am too little puppies in the open field and ago. And -- years later. During hurricane Andrew Card evacuated too violent actions. -- this motel I lost my -- And an open field and had to be church recently bought a vacant field trees throughout. -- -- years later during and after Katrina were hurt during Katrina back again with their -- you have entered perished. Although the -- in dorms in this field. And I would have a national question hanging nickel. And election -- that the date is 199. Which is the year I found my editor and churn out war. I don't really strange. For -- to try to forget -- data on the court. I think you know I don't believe in court it is an epic something like the fact that your outlook on the ball and you're thinking about. The Bluetooth -- lost in the field. Into. You're just what happened to be there I mean that's you know that's great ball awfully is that these Jack they eat that you're on the great -- -- play. -- -- sent sense signal to a certain that signed it we know that at the very. Very open two receiving stolen you can if you sometimes have both spots are walking in looking for a quarter of movement -- Especially your one of them that will apple way or that you know followed. That -- close to. A lot of Safina technique reaction to their pets. They can -- be able to. In Antarctica. In a different quarterback -- in the field. Which is -- should describe you know stopped at a -- -- -- you right away -- that that's what is significant action. And -- It is. The real coincidence that news. -- will have an advance should debate in nineteen. Thanks for the call it extremely -- store let's go to Rick now on line five Rick thanks to you call your own -- Page jail. Term. True experiences. Well on other war. And my youngest brother were found itself. Amman donated body you two. She -- label a year ago and out. That that number that they they gave each. Person they keep the trees -- They have. And an agent which argued that will let you know. Something between one and three years. So you know get to retain. Action -- Another circus. Anyway -- that they gave my father. Is that the same. Security. -- did you. Know that that -- bad. You can use. And it would -- Letter to her. I don't know why. Even numbers do want freaks out -- network. But it is it was a pro -- about them. An adjustment outlook. Well. That number -- my mother chilling. Is that same number. And my youngest brother. Says that. When he saw them. T he media. So all. The weight there -- -- Farm. What. And when you. And that the first two detracted from a certain number. The total not happen. Which -- The number of children. Obama okay. -- -- -- -- Was. A message saying I love you separate. It rip it away. In its opinion. Of Amman. Tell all seven. -- -- That with. -- apple may. Maybe or so ago. Directly on the more we -- good -- art practiced. Amid a rational. That. He broke this. One time in my life here and bill at all. One thing about Oman than ever. I don't sit there and rush or. And we just got out war. And I could feel her reps and so stroll. That -- Looked to my right. I immediately remember exactly where we should. Look domestic. Like you know I don't physically see. But I knew that you hear the structural. And it was so common. I -- talk to -- like structure ten minutes. -- man -- mumble out. I'm Matt who -- what you're saying only that don't demand. Because it's hot spot the crime. It's it's gonna -- -- pretend that. Getting ugly -- It was back. How so I just elected. -- casket of the AptarGroup. -- -- -- -- -- Before distort or -- or -- Want talks about am not a -- there at this -- blind side. But it apprentice was so strong. -- are an option to Canada -- I sat there. And I couldn't speak with my wife. A little bit and it ought not speaker now -- much much much -- it was ridiculous. They're at it they got my attention. And should they haven't even you know -- I had never cries war. It's probable the past. That spent a year trying to -- Why are not in -- through trial and some of the problems such. And I'll always just the opposite the same state or. My arms look at it long should not car wreck. She's she's she's. You know and where he bet you know then okay same problem that but I still felt like -- but it would Asia. You know -- agreed -- you know what is the G. So anyway so. You know those -- bought that it so -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I go well. It's 3 o'clock. -- -- tomko. And of course with them as they get. Into. Finally. You know LO -- You know what I totally. He immediately picked -- so awful call his -- And goes on where and what was marvelous Serb. She goes. A year ago to today. Are there. You know. -- or how much -- everything. Prior to that they know what happened that morning at breakfast. But -- to real. So this little clock -- shot launch which is the exact time. That -- Serb withdrawal and exactly. One year ago that it. -- It's. What you want to come to return to relieve you of your questions about uncle to -- If she figured this should be a great time because someone would make a connection that you probably the -- -- -- Barbara particulate. But it worked because she knew what you were thinking about that you were struggling middle of the stock that hadn't. I'll stop and and she got you that -- that -- It's is -- that. -- -- -- It -- coincidences in the timing and that stuff that. That still pretty. Good about just that experience. At at at the rough start but. To reinforce. It. Which it being exactly. The time today in exactly a year -- for. Now water can't win. Much more than coincidence we got to take our right director Joseph -- -- you know. We're gonna be right back Gerrard got to get to this break a big hole that thought we'll be right back in if we have time we'll -- on on she's been wanna tell a story to. Right after this time out to listen to the think tank on the negates them. I guess has been Joseph Higgins a medium and author of the book -- -- hello anyone home in some very interesting John ointment and have them able to scratch the surface on these stories have a common and attacks -- -- gonna have time for anymore the phone calls but. If you would Joseph gave people the way to contact you know you have a comment on the last call also if you could a discount -- -- It's -- -- web site Joseph Higgins dot com. And they can just email me some of their stories in the pocket back -- in the that we can put him in the and upcoming book. The -- degree fall it's it's produced the tickle me and the message that sorry it was so obvious. You know what we have expression or walks like a top -- market block. You know it looks like a popular eventually stop look at what -- so it's a -- it's not an -- you know. So. Ebola currencies. These fines will be like really really. In your face in kind of undeniable but I'd be very very you know would be very easy going signs. Used to people that that their government recognized right away and accept them and -- politics from time. And ethic is very important that we be on the lookout for those -- sometimes it does take a little bit of thought to comment. Figure things out -- I'm gonna reserve the right to get to back on it would do this again real soon. -- -- reported on tickets so much you know. Thank you very much time we'll be right back after this to wrap up -- Friday edition of the think tank on the brigade seventy WW. As some final thoughts as we head into the Mother's Day weekend did you -- NBA MVP player Kevin Duran's acceptance speech giving thanks his mother. Asked -- we here and I'll tell you what I think is a much more powerful message hidden in that speech. You would commute for new moon and I can sometimes. Make you run up here. Make him do this just. Scream and then from this mind games eight or nine years old. We were supposed to be here. You may have to leave until. It was sold to street. Put clothes on our best food it's a group. When you get me. -- shall we say what to sleep hundred. Sacrificed for us. You -- you can. Now what he intended as a thank you to his mother I think was contained and that is answers to many of society's problems. Crime drugs entitlement answer. Parent -- Mothering. That's the answer he gets it she -- Hope you get it get -- make some of those memories with mom happy Mother's Day see you next Friday and dark and early tomorrow morning on the outdoor shows starting at five. After the news Angela is up next.