WWL>Topics>>5-9-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

5-9-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

May 9, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do in New Orleans this weekend. They talk with John Calhoun about the Wetlands Art Tour, Jude Borque about what to see at the theater, and Lourie and Julie Formby about their Ella's Light Foundation and this weekend's Children's Fun Day.

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-- hope you all got to listen to -- that the incredible people who are now running river counts theater. Theaters and they're they're just special they're talented. They're committed to being they've got a vision and their make and it happened. Out in -- main street. Were living in the change and I just wish him all the success in the world and again for the next several weeks there what's playing his young Frankenstein structure will be. -- great production. I hope you are getting ready for fun weekend including something very special if you're lucky enough to have your mother. Even if it's a little rainy over the weekend this is not to worry this is why I was so this is my god made inside. I think. But as always. Oh thank you through it thank you had a little at that dislike we want to please find out what Ian is doing but before we do our great you know who is our. Hoch who is our that was wonderful cohost. I brought to -- you didn't yes I did watch last week remember too which is a Friday I was going to my wonderful friend -- minus yeah. The remarkably young woman of course and it was -- Not to -- it was a wonderful crowd. And I want to thank the people who were listening. Because she said and she was so touched she's not mentioned on radio she simply hit people lot of people we didn't know to Katherine. Maybe they heard -- great talent anyway she also does wonderful water colors and that's what's hanging. But she also does cards greeting -- until I brought to a set and they are the eyes. Of animals that is just that nice Angeles to stop the -- got this beautiful green ribbon yet wanders and I kind of openness operator we'll look at some and these are watercolors these -- water. Just in unfriendly incredibly talented champions a year or something yeah. Is Angelina so that you can never have too -- -- -- you want it because you had to -- in town that you two guys have just a wonderful time. We had a great time policy -- left here on Friday knowing -- to crescent park and everything and then. Saturday we went on a giant like cried wee -- our plan was just ago. Two city park to kind of just right around and maybe it was a panel votes. But we got on to the was her path you know that runs up the eastern subsidy partner and we just kept going going it was just such -- -- and then suddenly boom we were at the lake front. And then we had to go all the way back to city park and then to dinner so we went on you know. But 25 mile by cries something like I can you know you can always -- waters city park and -- -- -- back down. Yeah it was a it was a long ride. So that night we are pretty structured in the strategist at a quiet dinner. But yeah I was really such a nice this every time here in that we made him a nice dinner. On Friday night which we never -- -- -- parents -- like what restaurant we go to should go to -- laws and that nannies or what what I said -- you know I want a week. After 101214. Years whatever it's been one you let me make you dinner here one night instead of taking us all out to restaurants we did that it's nice salmon. It was really delicious they -- -- -- -- you have and wonder loves meeting new Capitol Hill I can see why you all the way you are because you have. A wonderful mother and a wonderful father well thank you Americans. Now we have all kinds of things happening in this actually is we do we have that we don't have monoline yet he ansari. This is a friend of yours John Calhoun I'm very excited about this again hi John -- years. I I can't I can hear what you have to really be on the air. I say great. I think you have put together and just you just take it away from here. A great -- tomorrow. Is the wetlands are for -- and all day event and it's free it's open to the public. And I and this is coinciding with the second Saturday art walk that happened on our district. But instead of tomorrow that the artist and focus on the coastal land loss and wetlands restoration. And I -- Not just -- but there's going to be. Events happening at least five different venues tomorrow Walter de. Merry part waters rock. Neighborhood. Injury hit start off and I am at meeting Clinton -- excitement and blew it for people I -- -- a bike right out to -- Europeans and it. Haven't. By -- in the news in the lower ninth court and people can see first hand picked first and look at. Coastal land -- I'm right here in Portland. Area. That it answered and continued to under the Heidi our markets -- -- 4 am and one of the highlights of the consent. At American opera house from 2:4 PM we're gonna coupled a lot of speakers. And people that are. Early -- Environmental heroes and it comes to this issue and people like John Kerry and mark status got used as an expert and. Michael -- to -- and others will be speaking there. In -- you do so that they are heroes. They are definitely definitely heroes and that. But not just speaker artists. Filmmakers not meet puppetry poetry -- Every kind of media art and performance. He's in the represented at this. Festival. Stream -- we've seen a lot of sports thirty simple. And then from six to 9 PM. It's windy -- now. And probably about twenty different. Gallery continue to have our opening. All the information on wetlands are toward -- and so -- schedule. Yeah that. That I'm on their FaceBook page here he's got 403. People confirmed going that's pretty great congratulations. It is great. But. Really -- communities conduct our net because. You know I think that is you know meet the the most important and urgent issues facing region without. What our wetlands and there are. We need to land has hurt we can't you know everything help a great culture and I think we're doing -- agent so this. Don't like to do it. Being -- the first year the darling can you explain kind of the that's the Genesis of the idea you know to this conversation has some other artists over coffee or. Or how to how to. Like I I coast a late night style -- -- -- -- -- not just nice to good. It's. And we've got to focus -- second -- and on on the issues. So we've had just like the plight of people operatives cry you want Joseph Perry marked it as Bob Marshall and -- And on. You know we're preparing to interview them. You know digging deeper on this topic. Just CNET that. -- really really important. And I just noticed the market like I don't feel our community. Is engaged enough and -- about conversations that help. Arms so I'd get right at poppy what other artists and people and brainstorm about ways to. Get the community -- continues to. It's it's so expensive what you're doing and everything from the bike ride to physically showed the laws. -- it captured in performance or captured. On campus. It's a beautiful thing you've done pulling all of this together and you are absolutely right John we. You know I think -- actually we all understand that things are happening maybe we don't feel there's a lot weakened -- And we look to people like John -- and others to fight the good fight. But in fact there are things that people can do. Politically. And I think it just starts. Being knowledgeable being engaged -- at. F. I think majority of people here Tera -- position and -- and want to restore -- then -- wetlands but. If we can actually. Have all the different people feel that's where it will united on this issue like I believe there is -- Right when you you know it's the chorus that needs to be heard in and that's who we all are. It's also wonderful that and we had him on several times. General honorary who has picked up the banner of the environment. And -- what a wonderful -- army he is creating the green army. Apple. And work. It's been great pretty cute and then because I've got to meet so many of these people and it's gonna wait Q I can act. The community people working on this issue. You have a wonderful day tomorrow rule. And and will want to hear. Debrief with how everything went. Think that much for her having -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nine -- to PO I mean there's just stuff all day long for twelve hours until completely for free we like freak that's awesome. With the everyone of them were talking to. We welcome you back to what is happening and what is happening on any news we find now this. Being the name of the decade element. But -- and you know it's really good are you doing. I -- I cannot be more excited. I'm having a public greeting cards Angela diabetes greeting cards and that's what I have read the finger. An obstacle to talk about it I'm just not sure. It. The merging of the two. -- -- -- an international film that the -- they have stopped that we can and got through and they're so much they're not an outcry. There's been great web site. Two that we see Ella allies. Feel that -- war vet explained at all here and partners at what can grow. They're more theater and there are being started last start with a gala opening. Wonderful film and all today morrow. Sunday. Lots of great field. It and it's. A true red carpet film festival they're gala party they're reception. And also a great speakers documentary. He would -- an example of the wide right. They're documentary on -- black and acting at the documentary. About the need it it'll. And there's another award on Sunday that come -- called being built cowboy. But straight year on that gay rodeo circuit. There's something for everyone here they're even that great movie called art forgive. You may remember the title from Clint Eastwood movie. Clint Eastwood took sort of the structure and hinted that that doesn't step -- Well the Japanese filmmaker said you know what we're going to use this same compliment them and they re created it -- And movies being shown here at the film a little bit it is. Great opportunity for people to come out of Perkins Roland we're huge have a more -- Over at Robert cantina. -- -- -- And it could -- -- if it turns out to be rainy day this is for. -- yourself and get that Margarita. In. On -- that he won the Academy Award for. He did you a couple of them from that so be it it's -- great. Little back toward him. And there are a lot of great movies one of them who wondered Philip Seymour -- hopman. Movies is also going to be shown that. Festival. Truly too many names. He wanted to spend two hours at. Block that. I don't know. -- Super Tuesday about God's pocket is that it's directed by John Slattery. Who plays Roger sterling on mad men. And it's also got Christina Hendricks John Madden -- so if there in the Batman maybe pushing it -- John Slattery -- Guys that we are in note John Slattery and that they would like them. So it's great now. Some people in make it to partners but the local theaters four of them showing new movie it might deport this summer. Blockbuster's ball toward tendered the comedy out there that my brother in law and -- -- -- they're getting tickets to -- so excited about it. -- -- This is a bit -- -- here. I would in the army -- that from knocked out and his wife in the neighborhood right next door. Where it turned he would opening up. So back at lowering -- rob. And it's like animal. He. Suburban. Village it it. Paul Walker comity. It earned all reading and it flopped. What -- people. Excellent interview with the man and this is on the newscast who is living next to turn this -- And peace it's so real that the movie coming out now because it's it's people will now understand. He has the I guess that has taken home video of incredible. The typical Edmonton in. -- The sense of humor he's delighted abreast of America understand. Every day. But it's a great content and to that problem but it's. After on six. -- liquor. Lot compared to. -- -- -- You know market Rita -- one and that he can go wrong. -- Into margaritas until it's on your -- but what -- -- on his ripped. He is who he is -- I saw him on Jimmy Fallon the other night in a layers I'm so happy for him you know a lot of those kids that are big stars and their little known him doesn't account for -- -- -- has like legitimate acting career and he's. Plot. Yeah is not. He doesn't interest margaritas. At. -- Israel going to go to the film festival. Are gonna tarmac it might have been responsible. Family letting go on and be everywhere this weekend. Your wall and over over active theater that now clay. Woody -- actually storing in a movie he did not direct -- -- gigolo. And John Latino who did a lot of the Coen brother movies. Key aren't soaring and also directed it and Woody Allen. Said no never been to be in the movie. Them personally and as well yeah it companies that some people wanna see a different. And neighbor does not threaten him. Maybe got enough and that went check out a lot of great options out there Angela -- I get it checked out when it. -- thanks Jude you have the best weekend of all. -- -- got a -- -- so I virtues that now that is great. Fading gigolo. You know -- -- I just grew up this looks pretty interest and cut its real classic sort of like late sixties movie poster panel and. -- -- I love how you work that Internet media like at the Internet warriors pretty fast. Well we want everyone to stay with this -- we have some other announcements of things that are happening if you're planning your weekend stay with this but now let's go to the newsroom. Well as we talk about wonderful things happening this weekend we're gonna go. Over -- neighbor state because something great is happening at Jack read park on the boulevard in picking in Mississippi. It's the second annual Ellis light children's ministry on day. And we'd like fun day out from 9 o'clock until 4 o'clock and we have the founder of -- light on and the father of -- And we are so delighted to have you with us sir mr. from. I'm so sorry for. I'll tell us all about to what today is tomorrow. Will we of course the ministry was founded in memory of my adult who was killed by drunk driver. And to result of the drug driving accident on the 25. Like January of 2013. And this is our second annual and basically. What we rule what we will do tomorrow is weather permitting. Appointment -- -- have a Kincaid and fast date and then ma'am we'll have a Porsche and -- -- and -- -- and then also. You know. Motorcycle run. But of course for the activities for the -- the inflatable jump these. Rob -- ball -- like that into. Well if you're wonderful to do that and that will be for the whole community and anybody who wants take a delightful drive from New Orleans up two beautiful Picayune. To enjoy that but but tell me a little bit about -- I'm more -- there -- -- I'm also a particularly bad. About her daughter. -- is our only child and she was just just a fun loving sweet. Little girl she is Israel concerned about others. She was very. Cramped Asian Dolly indicating -- been very active. -- down blood and blood to Sunday school class in her blinking not church services. Vacation Bible school. -- just love being with -- children and adults. Just. Enjoying her hurt church activity. Let's say I'm looking at her picture and she didn't absolutely such a beautiful child and thank you camera and I -- and I know that everyone aches for you but I I have to tell you how much I admire that your doing this in her honor and in her name. And to look at that can jump in here is -- -- Well the big board of directors is gonna consists of fifteen. People and but the goal for the first year quickest this is our first year of the ministry. It was too he'll be one churches that we met that goal and of course it will play out with that the -- summertime. They didn't what we do basically is we we've we've -- -- focused on local churches and those that may not have. Have the resources to do activity should vacation Bible. Little Bobble can't -- like that but what else like that we jumped in the air we will be able to come out with those resources. Indians that he didn't. You with. But materials and stuff like that we we and now bibles and and we also rule been purchased -- -- -- talking craft stopped. I think in such a profound moment of grief. Then I'm sure you still feel. To come up with something like this is is really wonderful. It's kind of ironic that there at 10 o'clock this morning makes in just a woman to -- but it is from behind and you get for thirty years -- this -- in Mississippi obviously. I was just this morning that was this morning. -- -- -- decent home in relation to the right thing. So it's -- -- say the taxpayers. Trial. Oh my gosh. So sentenced to thirty years that you are you able or both the view are moving forward. With that beautiful face staring at you all the time and doing terrific things and you're having a wonderful day for everybody tomorrow but for all the right causes. Well thank you very much in we just. Pretty good weather. And then don't know -- it's a beautiful day tomorrow and every one will be thinking about. Thank you very very much -- to do and for all the listeners. About where. We're a good at that. We'll we'll be thinking pink wearing pink. Tank and there there. Okay yeah -- and I've got a pulled up -- slight dot org is there a website that's really beautiful web sites got a photo gallery in information about their family in their story in their ministries so anybody wanting information. I think they should go to Ellis like dot org spill just like it. Yeah just like attempts. But a drunk driver and in a blink of and I you know and that does happen and brutal accident to -- -- very descriptive story every year. -- well you know I and it sounds you know almost corny but it is meant to be. That couple is keeping that child's alive in him in their hearts and in the hearts of -- people who get -- and rightly so absolutely still here. She is still here anyway that is again tomorrow at Jack read park on the boulevard in Picayune Mississippi especially if you enjoy antique cars that's a great thing. And if you are any out runner or walker they're gonna have that and then they're gonna have all kind two games for kids so I think developed Wear pink and will be right back. While we are back talking about all the fun things you can do this weekend and there are a number of things. I wanna mention of course Sunday is Mother's Day camps and hopefully you're gonna do something special for your mother. And done but you know something else that's going on that would be a pleasure for any mother to watch is the greater new orleans' youth orchestra. Is giving its performance it's going to be. Sunday at Roussel hall at Loyola university. Which as you know is on central avenue it's at 3 PM and I bet they would absolutely loved. See everybody out yeah cheered them on and their Sunday finest in their son in their mothers to fine missed. Wheat to every week we tried to do. Hike for Katrina fruit tree planting and this time it's for tree in how they will give away trees this is really your opportunity if you want a tree. It's going to be. Saturday the tenth from nine to 11 AM not location will be sent in a -- do you if you click on the link. Which is. Katrina fruit -- Katrina hike for Katrina and that's KAT. Leahey an day -- for Katrina. Not. And let me tell you -- give up every this is the way how we will -- we are. Hell yeah I'd love it rebuild that community. You know what else is happening this weekend -- leader Alice in Wonderland is opening in the sculpture garden and all the project is doing what their big fancy spring. Outdoor plays at the sculpture garden and -- got this really creative adaptation of Alice in Wonderland where. You can choose different tracks. The -- where you can either follow Alice -- can follow this other character and and these different. Paths through the garden kind of into we've -- overlapping. And each one is totally unique experience and all your favorites are there the Cheshire cat mad hatter. And the white queen and everybody's so and that the buzz on the show is phenomenal. And he mean when they did midsummer night's dream there and and much ado about nothing and everything that they've ever done in the sculpture garden has been a smash success so I'd. Think people should really going to get those tickets in advance and pencil that's occurring because that's and that's all weekend. Yeah I think -- Friday Saturday Sunday and opened. Wednesday. May seventh and I think you know this sculpture garden always has sort of a complicated schedules so people should just go to no projects dot com okay. And and see exactly when their shows are but if if if people have not to -- to the sculpture garden should we add not to display but it is free yeah. It is spectacular. And it is right there next Sonoma for heaven's sake. We I had taken both my parents to the sculpture garden before but when I had not done before with my folks is granted one of the little boats. From those little boathouse and and that goes through the sculpture garden as well to totally different way to experience from the water you know he can get a kayak or -- voter. Or -- -- with kids and that's a really unique way. To look at the sculpture garden you've been before but perhaps you'd like to go against -- will definitely -- boats. Yes and I but I I love the idea of Alice in Wonderland and you sort of participate. Yeah I mean everybody's there in and you know old the characters in the story your dressings and come -- follow me through the bushes you know and you've got to kind of go along with them and you can. Bring your chairs and blankets and set up there and you know it's a really I think it's gonna be really cool experience that's wonderful and I absolutely wonderful. You may know this woman her name is Donna -- she did with the choreography and Madonna well she has had a good dance her company good dentist 1984. And she's gonna perform this weekend at the mayor any opera house church. Church of arts I -- that and that is Friday through Sunday and it's at 8 o'clock and I'm sure it is going to be. Breathtaking to appear in today it's absolutely. And not to be forgotten we love our mid city theater history it's as sondheim's. Marry me a little. I like that. And that's also all this weekend -- this -- Yes 8 o'clock and that also. On May eleventh and may there may fifteenth sixteenth and something so. You got time. General admission tickets the best minds in -- Yeah it's it's funny I heard you say just now the mayor and opera house church of the arts because I even it's it's pretty close that community but I had never heard that phrase really used much before but now it's like another -- slug line acting. That's because back when they were starting out. And they were having I mean I don't analyze voices speak too much about it because I don't know all facts but I think there -- having some. Licensing issues or some permitted conditional use all that sort of silly thing. And since it's a church they settled by an economic analyst -- feeder or art gallery were actually can incorporate. As a church sites that are -- all of which is groups like think that's where this term church and virtually arts so you know I think I think it got -- all settled now public. Couple years ago -- not. Go see a concert or something you're really attending a religious service which I think is -- cool creative way to get around that. Tricky usage problem well that's -- but too many empty churches in the city yes probably won't -- -- -- -- -- fine let me tell you the marinate -- unbelievable what they're producing after the opera beautiful. Beautiful while it -- nice people to. Well let me also say that for all of us who love vegetables and it isn't just -- those who are vegetarians all of us. Sixth annual -- veggie fest. Saturday and Sunday Saturday 11 o'clock Sunday 12 o'clock. It's at the New Orleans healing center which is right up your neighborhood Julia backed up 2372 saint Claude avenue. There is say ten dollar entry free but that's okay kids under twelve for free but it's -- a way really to help support the humane society of Louisiana. And all that they do and they do a lot -- so it is the tenth annual like. Is attempting it is the sixth annual no -- veggie fast that's the way to. Well every every Monday's event -- fast in my house leaders are -- growth market box. All the vegetables. To kind of struggled for a -- for the it's so much stuff I mean aren't so good about these recipes that she -- you know everything to do all these local currencies and that's the problem with the local and seasonal -- -- targets and -- recipes for -- times. But we did we just talent those -- regional connection to. That's -- yet great well let me tell you speaking of food tomorrow. And on everybody which newspaper anymore which is a shame but they always have that paper bag and this time of year so that your letter carrier. You fill it up with groceries and your letter carrier picks it up. And I heard today was something like. Over 250000. Pounds of food they picked up in one day its tomorrow wow. An all goes to second harvest -- and second harvest food bank. Let me tell you. They do a yeoman job and our hardest area. Really needs help I've seen their name on all kind of yes and they do an early job and they kind of joined hands with the a local letter carriers who do the heavy lifting and is now I don't joke because I live in a Condo in -- you know forty people leave bags. There -- forty. But -- -- counts so think about it tomorrow you can create your own bag fitting in the newspaper. And just leave it up by your your mailbox and your post postal carrier will pick in a note to do with yes and they will definitely appreciate. There is called stamp out hunger. And we can do it and it may be one bag at a time weakened -- citing. Now I know where you're going to be given a -- over to. Kiwanis club of Covington assisting your pancake breakfast you know on May tenth LB their. Bright -- -- get their book for the pain keep people let me tell you both fly all of the greater Covington center and that's on Jefferson avenue. Nothing is better in life than tank. In my -- breakfast really love pancakes you know -- is there anything else I'm sometimes I put beacon in between my -- that works. I don't know if that's an interesting question you're just asking but I felt like it was important let me tell you I think that's a brilliant. -- also -- an amendment on the North Shore well chiffon animal hospital celebrating their new location. In Madison -- open house Saturday may tenth. And they're gonna have rattled the gonna have everything is going to go to Saint Francis animal sanctuary. I've been many stories with Saint Francis animal sanctuary. Truly angels on the -- truly angels on the -- stay with us we'll be right back. I love our Friday's I love in me to know coming it's so nice to be wraps up the beautiful week. But let me tell you a very special thing where you could take your mother and I really means very seriously. They'll -- are beautiful Louisiana philharmonic is having their swing in the pines Saturday night it is it both fly park. 6 o'clock it is free. I keep pushing these free wonderful concert -- because if it's spectacular you bring your own. Wine you bring the dog you bring the kids. The most glorious musical ball and it's free. Over in Covington just would be very special to start mothers call us union in the pines playing and in the time and smells beautiful absolutely -- Aren't -- wonderful weekend I will have got to go back -- -- draft coverage tonight -- the live at rocket fire pizza in -- and then tomorrow we will be at. Analysts the other place yes twitch free peaks in -- yes it's clear -- Molly SO coming out there that's a lot of -- meet the guys watched the draft. We'll see yeah. Stay with me because the next -- gonna be mr. Fitz Morrison were going to be talking about food.