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5-9-14 3:10pm Angela: with Tom Fitzmorris

May 9, 2014|

Angela talks with Food Show host Tom Fitzmorris about where to take Mom on Mother's Day.

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Well we're going to begin with the trivia question. What is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. According to our very special guest today it's Mother's -- That is according to a man who knows a whole lot about restaurants and their habits. Tom Fitzmorris. Three WL fame is with this for the entire hour to talk about the best places to take mother. For her special day. And that includes wives and also includes mother of four blanket kits. That makes you know -- must have been much. Aha yes and we're gonna invite you please Collison talked to Tom about any questions you have about any Mother's Day ideas. And somewhere along -- I'd also like to talk about. The best meal to fix FEMA in fact that's what she would like -- it's really all about -- but today. It's all about Tom -- -- I wanna say from the get go I am thrilled. My wife or hear my wife would say. That in in my mind every day is all about Tom Fitzmorris. Well let's just say this Friday is about what it's worth. I do appreciate this I'm looking forward we're going to be doing this a couple of times a month where we get Tom sitting here. Not talking about the latest greatest or whatever and we're gonna come up with some creative ideas but we're gonna pick his brain. On some power -- and now. Not to talk about because Mother's Day is special and I think you make a very good point to an in your blog that it's really should be what mother boards. Oh yeah I mean I learned that I've I'll never forget I took my mother -- to commander's palace one year this was when night. And finally started getting into this might my parents never went out to restaurants and also any going out to restaurants was going to be an adventure from my mother. So I took -- to commander's palace and they gave us the treatment. As they do. And my mother got turtle soup which was exactly the kind of stuff she achieved -- really are originally from the country. A boils parish and G-8 all that stuff and her sisters and Brothers would wring the necks of chickens and they would cockamamie there was they've really had that country thing although it. She moved to New Orleans in 1918 which is long enough ago. Anyway we went to. Commanders. And she started fussing with the turtle soup because it was a little too salty for her. Should blood pressure problems and -- to watch which she ate and she kept trying to hide the fact that she wasn't eating every bit of -- so the waiter wouldn't see. That that she hadn't and wound up just making a tremendous mess on the table. And she was just shaking your head at all or countries as you know I don't really like this. And not long after I I took her out to dinner again we went to drug use and in those days -- goes. Had a lot of waitresses who were on the older side. There will like you know a guy like me would register a -- like mother like your like your income. And my mother but much to my mother they with a perfect people to have. Taking care of her because they they could relate to -- on on that level and they were talking about. You know I yes I and he never bring -- -- -- you know and all of that and she just got a big kick out of it that's what I realize that there are some mothers. Who don't want to go to the fancy restaurants they wanna go to someplace where they're very comfortable way it's very family can bring all the kids and kids can eat hamburgers and everybody's happy. And there's everything in between. And what it is it's her time with her family and this is where she is comfortable as you and she's not having to cook. That's a big help that is a big help and that is that initial should be what mother wants the. And you'd be surprised though I mean every year I get two or three calls from people who say hey Tom. And 91 run by. You know Mother's Day is coming up. And I was thinking my mother's always cooking for everybody in the house and she -- all the time and I thought. It would be great idea that taker to a restaurant. It's that. Who play out but that's really a great idea wait let me right settle down and creative yeah. And and usually this is like two days before Mother's Day and they don't have a reservation anywhere and I have to break the bad news to him that you you know planet for next year right that's not a good one planned for next year yet. -- you do have a thing on your site and it does talk about all of the beautiful places and interestingly. The very first one is commander's palace and if you wanna do it. Upright and they they just do it beautiful job. Always it's -- -- such a gorgeous place they have all the pieces there they have history they have a lot of great signature dishes -- a fantastic wine list everything about it service staff this fantastic. So I don't want to make it super super special you could you do have top flight top dollar. -- and then you have restaurant August that another one it's got magnificent and a -- Nash as good as it gets -- mean yes he's one of the real people. He has a real people honored recently and James Beard. Allen and -- just. He sued his sense of taste has to know what what a each generation of chefs what you hope they do. Is bring a whole new level of cuisine to the to the scene this if we just ate the same things we do -- to a certain extent anyway. I think would get sick of it and I think everybody else would get sick of it -- and then we wouldn't be the food city that we are so you have to have the new developments and that's what John -- does. As well as anybody I know. Yes absolutely and is such generous in person on many levels. In in sharing with other shafts. Giving them along. He always has stunned that they're young people the and when someone. Is. Showing. Real talent in real motivation. He'll put him in. Of a good position and and then. Finally actually give them a piece of the action EC east is has always done that all of his restaurants there's a chef who actually owns a piece of the restaurant. And I think that is done very well for him and certainly for the shots and very much so I think it's a very Smart because now you really bar. Connect it there is one thing I don't like about John -- My wife is in love with him but that's an issue. Well way he says well or no she says well all women are in love with John that she's such a cutie he has he has yet isn't. Horrible man you know very sweet but we you know I remember he was -- green is a marine you have a -- he fought in the gulf war yes. But such a talented sweet kind man and I was just very happy to see that he won another award James Beard and on Tuesday to -- promote a little bit we're going to have. Two of the other recipients. We're going to have the delightful. -- of cash. And the marvelous -- from good actress who work they tied and I love that. We had them on earlier you know as they were nominated and they were both so thrilled. And they were all excited about going and then they tied for best shift of the south and that's not bad. Susan manic I didn't hear about this yet she want she and what Carolina it's about time she says certainly been doing it long enough she was there before the hurricane even in the game back after. And she has taught New Orleans. An appreciation for halibut. That is her signature dish -- when she can get that she I she told me that it's her favorite fish and when she can get that she puts it on the menu and it really is a great fish it's it's. It's a flounder about the size of this whole desk. And it's just as beautiful white meat in -- comes from Alaska most of it and just led to a delicious fish nobody had never really done that -- around here but she. -- targeted it and now she's got that is whose son -- wanna go back again and again for -- do. Well that's going to be on Tuesday and I want everyone to stay with the -- Tuesday. On Tuesday yes but please stay with us and give Tom McCall is that your cell phone ringing it is not -- -- music Myanmar. All mark Menard. Gibbs called 260187. They were talking with Tom Fitzmorris about Mother's Day and anything -- you wanna talk about right after this. You know that can I do know that guy who is he Tom Fitzmorris is watching doctor -- The alleged abductor by doctor Oz and doctor on he's gotten a lot older and I know he is a wonderful human being -- a wonderful doctor oh yes. And the big doctor Oz -- anyway I'm also object on its Mars. We're talking about restaurants. To take mother yeah and of course issue that mentioned early in need the reservation. So if you if you don't have one. Pick up the phone now while. There's a that's a trick I would like to tell people -- we looked tracks because. Sometimes you'll -- you you're looking around and you call and you call and nobody has the time you want stories they might be booked up completely. But what is is not well known is that a lot of restaurants that ordinarily are closed on Sunday. Are open for mothers de facto a lot of them Omar. So if you go through your mind and is of a place where you go. Fairly often that would be the best of all could you know it and they know you too. Are called them because I'll betcha they have some space available if there are open and a very well might be give you good example this. The pelican club which I -- just a terrific restaurant. They are general only seven days a week as far back as I can remember. But for Mother's Day they don't serve dinner they serve a brunch. And not many people know but this so it's a good place to go -- you avoid the crowds and you get the great food and great service and everything to. Is that where you're going to be real life and my mother -- of my -- my yeah my wife who is the mother in my life now. -- Is of real so she's very serious about being a mother in in every way and that's what she lives for real and she'd be the first tell you that. But she her idea of perfect Mother's Day is to actually be at home with the kids doing family kind of stuff that's which she likes. So that's what we do and by golly. Kids are going to be there all yeah which is unusual these days -- their all over the place. Now I couldn't agree I think sometimes simple just gather the family that's with the -- It's what makes sense it makes a lot of sense -- but as -- with the restaurant's -- here know but there aren't many women actually -- coming up in the elevator to work and woman looked to me she goes -- -- -- on mr. food. Meaning you down at the little place down here in the building. And I said oh is that -- -- -- he's -- to be on the show today at 3 o'clock am so thrilled. And he says oh yes she said done and so we're gonna talk about all the wonderful restaurants -- mother or recipes and or suggestions for dinner if you wanna fix dinner. She looked at me. And said it's called restaurants on Mother's Day he went and -- -- right. And so a lot of women this is a nice break right. Oh yeah ruined a lot of a lot of a lot of mothers do community -- my mother for example to bring her up again she was. She'd love Mother's Day I mean she almost as thought about it the entire year we knew what it was going to be next year. And so it yet you have to have something going on. And that she would she preferred it at home or she. She really liked today at the older she got the more she like going to restaurants as she does she like a little bit thoughts. Video a little bit of fuss is good. Okay let's talk about other now this is a restaurant and there's not know is boring. Well for radio that's a terrific place tell me about its on the corner of camp in common and that's what's what. What's funny is that if you tell that to someone. For some reason nobody can compute where that is it's very easy to find -- -- it's a block of canal blog at saint Charles. And in open about four years ago. It's a style of rest on that we have had very few of new in the last few years first class white table cloth. First class ingredients a real shift doing beautiful presentations in the whole thing good wine cellar. And not really really all that expensive and doing great service staff. That's one that I'm always telling people but because it isn't all that well known. And that is great and you mentioned at pelican club -- alone -- wonderful place. -- -- I Islam nuts about -- knows -- I'm a big fan. And we went there on outlets in my fiftieth birthday. And I think my fortieth to. And it was it was just you know really exciting and great those those people. -- Jane Kaz -- son and her daughter. They they have. It's like nothing happened wooden -- -- passed away. I'm you know you wonder what's gonna happen now nothing's happened they just kept on going like they always have and it's as good as ever if not better. Some examples of other restaurants that have been multi generational. That have been able to pass the time. The I was just talking won a couple days ago. The guys that run and alleys. -- they are into their third generation aerial fourth if you count frank -- but he wasn't there all that long so. And they just keep rolling along and you can tell. Also by looking at the people who are in the dining room that you have a generational aspect there too. I remember being in the are not all that long ago but the former attorney general William cost. Ultimately. He was there his son was there and his son was there they were all have a barbecue shrimp. -- -- didn't -- just celebrate 100 years they did last year was a hundred years now that is that is wonderful. And of course you cannot be gallant no not too much not in the things it does well it doesn't really really well. Now I have not gone to their new -- steakhouse yes that I hear good things yeah it's it's good it's. Quiet year. The in the main restaurant it's really. They they went out of their way to make it very different from the main restaurant but that was a very good move. I thought making a steak house there was was really inspired. This is not really steak house downtown and all what news this and more to. -- There more. On though I'm not a big fan of them but the in -- set -- Reese metropolitan it opened right across from yes I tried to get in there and it's just closed this is. And in the were in between luncheon -- so couldn't do it. But anyway there's not much in the way of steak houses in in the French Quarter a thought that was it. Very well placed in to put the bar up front so that now if you your table isn't quite ready for -- gala toys in his goal in the bar there and sit down and be comfortable and enjoy. It's pretty good. Very thought -- -- and that that they -- well -- not to need to by the building next door. What are we gonna do with it oh what -- what -- story that is it's it just goes to show hum. How much you can do if you got money. It's suspect that because not every one would have been able pull something like that off but it was glad they recognized the value with that and and did it right. Well as we know it's the high point of Bourbon Street it's certainly is certainly his stay with -- in the high point of Tom Fitzmorris will be right back. We welcome you back and I'm talking week Tom Fitzmorris mr. food mr. yes he knows everything about everything. I'm certainly yes you do. We don't want to know anything about that restaurant to what you should do that. Celebrate with your mother -- but give us a call 2601878. Or ask about anything else because I know you were asked many things. But we're going down a list of restaurants on to sort of getting out. Get -- for violence to it's been years since I've been. Lot of wonderful place to go for anything like Mother's Day on Tuesday anything like that it's such a beautiful restaurant. It's another John patched thing. John -- told me his maverick he told that everybody in the room at that time that was about fifty people. That he didn't think that that was ever going to be a chance that -- opera funds would make a profit. -- just because of where it is in and all of that and he says but we're gonna keep on going within anyway. And I said well hats off to you. Because it's such a terrific place and has so much heritage. And -- they have that Sunday brunch that kind of starts off with big issues and stuff the minute as the day goes on me they start putting in some other things. It's just a complete delight to eat there. Especially on the -- -- and we hope that adjustment for a well why do you do -- hopefully you know at some point. Okay what about and this is -- Him. -- -- You wanna you wanna hear great New Orleans incest story yes I have a theory about the world society I believe the only 500 people. Because if that if more than 500 people lived here you would find different people each role in your life instead of all the same person. You know how it goes all the way. On the last jobs Susan Spicer hand before she got a really good job -- and Louie the sixteenth. And and showing you know the great talent that she adds that nobody can take away from Rory claimed credit for they say that -- What she was doing was she was the type setter from time magazine. She was in her teens at the time. As -- but. Just a brilliant lovely person. Nada not a -- -- her body to anybody and just. You know then issue those types it in your magazine. You must migration I take no credit whatsoever but it -- she'd left it was of a friend of hers said hey we've got an opening at Louie the sixteenth at lunch lunch come join me. And she went over -- -- you know pretty good cook obviously to begin with -- she would get a job fair. And then torture her career just took -- a few of -- -- few other things some. Great career when the better. At least six. Well they never came back after the hurricane exactly what happened woods that the ship who had been there awhile is still there. Name is and yes definitely and she's very French she's about this -- And she's just a terrific -- But the nature of things in the French Quarter being with they -- The owners of the property. Continued. Using that facility for private parties in port conventions and stuff but they never did get it going now court again and it's still there -- but she's still there running things -- they do a lot of special like wine dinners every now and then. Let me take you one when I moved to New Orleans in 1975 must have been 197677. I discovered Louis and loved it all it was the ultimate one dress up. And I'll never forget bringing my -- that there were talking about modest. And and who was a pretty savvy person and an enjoyed good food but she said this is. And it was the elegance it was the the style of their service it just he felt special from the minute you walked him -- always sorry it's it's not fun all meet. Do. Now it may have been a good thing because that style of dining is. Just about dead even in France and their own good that I couldn't believe despite a couple of years ago there's a restaurant in Paris that has been consistent Michelin three star. Restaurant and three stars as despise it gets and if you have three stars you walking on water as far as mutually is concerned. The Lucas -- home was the name of the restaurant the guy who owned it. Said OK that's enough I'm closing this I'm turning it into a bistro. Cassettes -- it's the people don't want the grand dining experience anymore they don't wanna dress up nobody's got a dress code anymore. Nobody wants to to know what they're talking upon. You win you win it no one wants to be mystified by food -- that ago. All I hate to you know what I think it is and I'm not sure. But mighty mice son and my daughter who are in there early twenties both of them. They have been eating in restaurants. Since they were born. I took our son. My wife and I took our son for dinner and -- when he was three weeks old he's had the good taste of just sitting there on top of the table vault them lettuce -- And just slept the whole time -- but Dayton took to them. Restaurants are normal. Going out to -- restaurant is normal procedure for my generation. It was the most special thing imaginable. And I think the specialness of it as. Definitely it's just the -- -- a to a lot of people. Well it's it's the whole thing I like experiences -- memories -- two and I mean I can remember 197677. That time taking my mother to leave port in this test was. So memorable on all levels it was unforgettable every time you ever went. -- -- take a break on that camera can continue our. Tom Fitzmorris. We -- back talking with Tom Fitzmorris we're talking and Duncan mothers and we have a caller Martinez. 222 -- happiness yes. Aspect particular -- -- say you know unfortunately my mother passed away in 2006. Or however she was living -- absolutely -- our. Ought to keep all kitchen on. Arctic -- there every year five or street. And I'm there are under strong in -- on the different strong. People enjoyed people act. But -- particular. I'm nominal. Outstanding. And -- the first well -- there are years ago. It note -- -- Hall Monday I don't question it. On any topic. And don't call my inner I realized. You don't need out there. Not only they know -- and and cook and com. All the -- folk -- and nine all own and operate a all service that that's. And oh and it in the last six years Egypt and all people are implemented are. I am a court of not shot on individual who lost the call. I've gotten most of my techniques on -- -- and because there we are privileged are doing are you. Our kick your erected for the New Orleans Saints job and we do want it easier for the march of our operations. And I'm very well known for making -- caucus India and I was a model or a lot that's on its artistry -- like you. -- are opting out what sort say that what -- -- look at real -- complexities. Or paying I'll treat myself. And that basically do exactly what -- it -- it all different martial arts. Vote a little bit from each one created its own technique that's like the food. Well I appreciate this call and you'll be thinking about your mother on Sunday and she'd be very proud of view. Okay thanks a lot Martinez announced on of that memory. Memories taken his mother of a false. We -- a good place to take our. You know it's. Okay it's not the -- Paul see you remember a long time -- like any other good rest and it has evolved over the years and he's always. You know this this to Paul says. Chef Paul Prudhomme and and Paul Miller who is his nephew I think and he's been running the grass gone for years but today it's a first class -- Petition drive down street all the -- to get to work -- on my gosh in an -- reservations. Bomb other fun -- Bruce -- change of ownership. Yeah I I don't know if they have a really settled out into what it that's going to be its. We've we've been there a few times that their brunch I would tell you this my wife and I went from for brunch once. And it was it's so good but we we could hardly believe it was really and the two beautiful beautiful rest. The rest of the dinner part of it I don't I think there's still work -- on it but that's normal right. Cafe Natalie -- down the street. I think that's a really under rated investment. They have. First of all the best breakfast and pound it it's really incredible what they put out there it's not. Quite that the Brennan's you know the old Brenda and so and royal street kind of thing although they did have their share of that. But lots of other stuff too they you agree odds in -- they make -- Monday news. But their luncheon dinner is very nice to. This is where you know you brought up -- Sanaa. It'll be very interesting to see how that unfolds in the coming months. I heard a very intriguing rumor about that yesterday as -- trying to find out. What it is but it could be that we will see Brennan's. Run by Ted Brandon as he has promised he would. Maybe sooner than anybody would have guessed. All of this is very intriguing yet it is is to meet two and I don't have all the facts yet but what I heard is. It's certainly possible it. It's reeks of plausibility and -- joining hands no no idea I am I am quite sure that's not how it's gonna play. Oh I don't know what I'm we will have something to look forward to implement the other could be I hope you. Have a wonderful weekend with your family and that your wife is a great Mother's Day. Or let's especially hope for that because you know happy wife half a happy life you've got the and thank you Tom Fitzmorris of -- in a couple of weeks but I appreciate this and will come up with a great subject that we'll pick your brain again. Well thank you. -- have a good weekend okay we'll be right back. Well this is to all the wonderful mothers out there I hope Sunday is a very special day for you and I hope that you realize. You're appreciate that he got the toughest probably best job in the world. And thank you for all that you do 365. Days a year. Everybody have a good weekend we will see you next week.