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May 9, 2014|

Join Kristian & Hokie as they bring you their analysis of the Saints 2014 Draft live from Rocketfire Pizza Co. @ 617 Vets. Blvd in Metairie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several -- of the draft as they do here at rocket fire pizza company 612 veterans of boulevard in Metairie 260636. They killed three. Huskies because it's a 187 -- the he had double covered when you read on problem keep up with along with saint color also guys on Kristian -- it is set for. Day two of the NFL draft rounds two and three of course saint trading up last night. From the 27 overall selection into the when he -- to with the Arizona Cardinals -- right coach -- human organs they. Your take on the saints' first selection to 60187 told Corey. 86689. It's nearly seven now it's excellent quality seventy. 87 Ian -- you'll start there with -- -- overall. Night at the time to digest this election trading up you can give up a third round pick to move up seven spots. You get a player and -- Sean Payton said he's a playmaker toughness and -- over the Steve Smith. But also that it's an area of need in the return game in as the writer is receiver. Or I mean first of all yet like speed and him that we we know. He'll even in the in the days of Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem -- last couple years Q Tennessee. -- can -- a little bit. Last year you really didn't have anybody that it. He's downfield threat QB Graham -- but it was only because you know you really don't have a jump ball and look he made a lot of tremendous. Pitches in a lot of big plays. Darren Sproles was that guy that you would look at the Yankees he's a threat but. There's only so many routes they've got four running back get the ball down the field that you that would get. If they all the facts slot receiver one of those kind of guys. Wes Welker gonna make it Livan going over the middle according to you everything that we've heard on paper it that was one of the things he kept emphasizing. Last night was tickets toughness and -- even when they've they've brought up the you know can he -- return man or he done to returning talent. Is he today you've got to be tough acting you -- we've got to have good hands to feel the ball so I think he sold all that and that's the biggest thing right -- -- going to be that slot guy when you're little undersized like that you gotta be tough because people would any if you. Going across the middle with a involved ability not to like a rough few he's going to give you a free run to go across the middle field so. I like it. More than anything else because of the speed unit that is the one thing that you just can't -- could make a guy gets stronger on the bench press and you can get him to run better routes and is. No more the opposite -- it but you can't make team a fast person who is young Q it is it's fast let's not make in the state does not just all it means. Not just fast and we've talked about their value that you look at they're not at -- yet you look at Andre -- can catch the ball and it consistently and did it. He goes -- state you know Michael Bradley if we you know we've got right. It's not his fault that but to his catches were you know the little bubble screen you know take -- step up the last scrimmage come back. You know but he'll listen -- -- Last night aces when he talked to Mike Riley -- -- 40% of the pitches that he maybe he was coming back to the ball. So that includes. You know the the 141517. Yard come backs -- receivers -- run but he knows how to work back to the ball is. And -- you do and that you know you've got to concentrate on it and you can hand that kept the ball couldn't use -- he can kick in your body it is. Too good -- a chance accurate today off so I look I didn't really need oh last night to that that gifted because. Just the enthusiasm that Sean Payton had talked about it enough that they'll need it and been to move up from 27 -- pony negating. That -- me that they agree there. This kid was goaded by the scouting staff because that that's a pretty good jump to make it you know he ration it made. Rational sense of it but anyway you know in the third round where we're picked in its almost like the fourth round pick would -- in the third round. Yeah well so you can kind of sugar coated all you want. But he was excited about that it looked at -- he has sold the on the fact that he knows what quarterbacks do any knows what receivers do and he knew that if that would feed you stuffing it. 59189. At a Stockton California courts or state university. With the beavers and and -- the smaller stature receiver and now I've been -- asking this question. It was seen these big corners in the NFL with the Richard Sherman in you know -- these teams that are going to lose 6162. Guys trying to find. Those big tall corners it's either counter to to those guys because he's got that speed it's harder for those one. But you know generally speaking when you play of receiver in the slot you look at your third corner that comes ended the play he is generally a shorter guy you know so now you're matching up. Sacks against size in. You really when you look at those big corner here they are on the outside guys because they you have to cover them Marcus Colston you know bill they. You know you look at Mike Evans and I mean does it. Yes there are a lot of big receivers out there in the league is no doubt but this guy's going to be playing where somebody more -- that you're going to be gardening. But he if he's if he's matched up against those guys at 62. 661 -- that it. I guess I mean this that -- I have the recount amen you know if you know going to be the speed element is something that because they're long bird and like -- -- -- compact and maybe I don't there's quantity as the old saying goes you know if he -- even he's Leven. That. The fact if you. The bottom line then it's going to be can't they catch up with him. They still have somewhat of an advantage -- they're part of one here within arm's -- nothing because you know they do have that the long stretch but. Generally speaking you know you'd third fourth quarter that coming in -- Maclin bad situations are not that Canada because. The bigger corner those starter to their -- outside for the very reason that he is making. Looking at the first round in the NFC south of course divisional opponents. Six -- sixth overall selection mile without mistake -- Matthews office tackler texting him back to back at east. -- -- Mike -- slot receiver texted him going seven so talk about those two picks. It certainly you look at the Falcons ways either their inability last year. To protect Matt Ryan this was kind of a logical choice -- the out. Well and you know with that Matthews name. You know what you -- and -- guy. He's gonna be a solid player for you for a long time you know I don't know if you found -- -- footsteps you know like 17810. Years everywhere you know it going to be. An NFL hall of Famer. But you get yourself a quality player that you don't have the character issues and all -- the mayor -- conversation that you had. People up at last week about character vs Dallas most of them I mean the talent. An athletic ability of all let Matthews clan is. Very good and you know that character is tired so I mean that's about as safe critiquing it and they did it as Q did you keep Matt ranked clean. And it went to come back to happen now they've yet to. Big receive -- evidence that accident that -- thought yeah and you know they gonna need that for. Their quarterback -- you know where it can be McCown was speak late in that nobody really knows but. Lovie Smith is the defense of Miami coach if your defense demanding coach you hate to speak receivers on the outside could say. You know our guys to cover him but can they defend they can make it up there and knock the ball away from the big guys so you know just somebody else we're gonna have to it. Lineup and play against. Mike Evans at 65 and of course later in the round -- the Carolina Panthers take Kelvin Benjamin. 65 wide receiver out of Florida -- we've seen a trend here so my question now as a -- turn their attention to the second round. Is it a corner to come -- some of these guys within your division often times teams draft for competing in the division more so than they they draft for the conference that he got -- and we. And you look at. The book here it's on the corners that are left don't aboard the new secrets guys out there 6362. It a six foot corner used to be considered being -- you know most of them -- but I mean you'd think Champ Bailey you know he's not a tall guy. But that was the league back then you you going more in the shorter receivers so yet something that you have to match up against those guys but just because the guys -- Plane going he's still got to be able to have you think there's any real -- -- is it Kenny leave we've been out there you have good ball skills and not the ball away. But I don't know if you've seen -- in it if if the guy's big and fast and equipment receive -- it's tough to cover that on the outside. I seats go on -- -- has -- right now with the 58 selection overall point six in round number two -- draft. Best date to right here on WW LE 7 AM wanna five point Korea and WL dot com. Welcome back -- guy -- Kristian garic rocket fire pizzas 612 veterans boulevard draft as day to -- course around one in the books. Hokey and you look at. No running backs selected in round one you're not in a row yet kind of going that way whether -- back position. It's been the value and he's got trade -- on the board right now Auburn care you know Milloy issue. What do we what do you think we'll start seeing these rounds on the. Here in the second round and I don't know that there have to be a run off. And I know what you're referring to -- just -- the listening audience out there if you say it like when one guy goes and all the -- trickled out and make it like well. They know they go with who look at -- and now we've but again next down the board. Inning it makes a run on a group of back there that can matter graded all that same area. But I don't think the position -- been devalued I just think it. Even in college now you just you've got so many more wide open offenses. That these guys -- basically just another receiver. And in the football. Some that trade Mason what's in him in here me you know what I mean those guys were units in the passing game a little bit but they witnessed the pounders they were the guys that. Auburn and -- if you relied on for their ground game. But the position is still important. Because you do see a lot of times when you've got to run out that pocket in the ball game it is somebody's got experience but. I just think if there's so many different things now that. On a scouting report the greater run him back on that you have to say. You know I can't pass blocking. Well I don't ever seen Billick because he's either a hot release. You into the flat there may be right up the seam or something like that going against a linebacker one -- one. Or that. They take him out of the game and they put a smaller guy in there you know you would think to be back in them if you gave me he'll for an example -- -- not saying that you know. Put this on the scattered -- thing. But you can't to dark and obvious -- situation they're gonna take him out there -- it can't -- in the ball game and I hear it at the linebacker which ecumenical frequently. We're not in as you pick that guy out so you don't seed is often. With the tailback. Like hear me you know you're not gonna -- run block because he's a guy get the ball is this the fullback in front of that can be that guy doing the blocking. Which is where -- comes in he looked at him I mean they really did use him quite a bit in the flat throw well this week they've built -- will back. He can't do it needs a good run blocker but. Pass protection he never in the ball game so there's a lot of things that you can't evaluate because you don't see the guys. Physically have to do it in the game at practice they might work on a little bit but. You. You know you make note that practice was not because we got blocking dummy. So anyway. I don't you know maybe maybe you brought him back if not good as they used to be I don't know affecting me. That he because of the production teams have found. Here Thomas that area foster's another -- comment in the -- as they NC you know -- undrafted guys that elderly and proposed to and I want to take one girl I have always ultimately it. They're running back is the easiest position to train train station in two from college to the NFL. But you're just doing what you've always done you see -- your run to a Spain nothing real hard about that you know. It's just a matter of a running back if you if you know you're one of two things to think I want three things anymore yet here a lead blocker for the team to do with -- profit. So it is that with a fullback comes in and then mail -- you know here than the grander you know the ball game we've kind of run out the clock and pick up a first down to. Or you that got the backfield that you can put out this slide you could vote him out of the backfield. He's going to be threat in the passing game. So. Yeah I think you can you can find guys like that in the free agent market in in the later rounds of the draft and you know area Foster with the creation Vietnam -- -- -- Vickers average was hurt created here iron Robinson was created. -- of you know. Yet people look at that until we can get it got to do what we want to do it especially if you say at this point because meaning you'd be a passing threat in the running game. Or I need to be -- 23240. Pound to pound it in the game. So I utilized the days of of -- Emmitt Smith Earl Campbell then not over then you come back around eventually but. Right now it's not the way the majority of the league does it I don't think in my opinion. It's to storyline to watch round number to Houston leads off obviously with the first election in round number two in. Derek -- the quarterback in the Fresno it's Fresno state is still on the board in the courses rather the franchise's first. Ever traffic. It in you gotta wonder. That eliminate Houston and but there's a couple of quarterbacks that are you know kind of keep an island during the second round -- -- met -- -- -- grapple oh. At a eastern Illinois but if you Houston. -- draft there are considering. Of how he's going to be perceived. Because of the lack of success that. His brother David Carr had as the first overall selection in the first ever draft pick of Houston Texans. You know I don't know if he is if you that. What's. It's a little I was a little unfair -- you look at us automatically evaluate. Derek -- that based I have Texas I have a phrase and I'm trying to look at for the right word it's polite enough and correct enough to -- on radio but if you don't have. The domes if is that you know at a lot of people use now. It -- forget all that and say hey they're two different players -- -- to different time. Our organization is totally different what we do now offensively and defensively it differently it back then if you're gonna hit it take just because he's David Carr. Little brother. -- he's not going to be good for -- will that you don't have faith in your scouting staff. Or would use the head coach you've seen so. I if I I don't believe it but there are other people that. Will think. It's not like to Matthews -- you know those guys they all of our tough hard nosed guys immediately in the league for a long time you know -- we're about him well. There -- -- David Card rather he's going to be a flop from day one if you don't if you don't have any more faith in yourself. Then that in. I. I don't know he should be in charge of the draft anyway. 260187. He told 386688908764. Alou thing and it just the -- that's -- type. You'll lead off as we come back from -- news headlines here ought to be developed draft has 82612 veterans boulevard a rocket fire pizza of guys John Kristian garic. I welcome back the draft that state -- here and 1 o'clock. 58 selection overall point six in round number to the Houston Texans lead things off 33 overall followed by the Washington Redskins in. Cleveland Browns in -- because of the Cleveland Browns -- -- to where tropics yesterday we -- the deal of the first round. Johnny minute -- going 22 overall for the Browns are you surprised the he slipped that far. You like this election. I'm not surprised that he slipped that far. Because really -- up to the drafted a lot of people that that he could slip out of the first round. Like I I. Was in the scouting department for the -- for fourteen years you know not. Not really hole a lot of things that surprise you because -- with the Wheeling and dealing that they do Rafael stuff is done bankrolled the -- You know even when years you know like yesterday when we -- talking company that tell you exactly what happened you know well we got a call -- we made a call it. You know there was interest in the incident on what cancer they just say you know we thought it was the right time to make a move so we jumped up to it. -- cooks in. The but it wouldn't you know out of being equally. As. I guess comfortable would have if I meant -- would go to next. With the first day. So. I think they get him so very exciting quarterback I'm not one of those matches on the guy. I've seen what he's done Alabama. LSU for some reason I was able to rally for a couple years but he's an exciting player to be a burning. He definitely will bring something that Cleveland Hopkins no doubt about that that they had. Trouble with quarterback for years it seemed like it was it and it it don't take long would it seems that game. The season what's it -- yeah it's kind of had some -- early that first quarter of the season. You look at the Cleveland Browns 2007. Point two overall Brady Quinn 2012. -- we 22 overall Johnny mental point fourteen. Point second pick overall so three quarterbacks that they've taken. What the last seven years at the 22 pick in round one hopefully this works -- -- -- better than the previous two Brady Quinn and ran. Regular -- Cleveland is one of the more storied franchises. In the NFL. Wanting. Starting quarterbacks so that's going back I know the -- you know we're for whatever reason things don't south went sour there for a long time. Everybody makes fun of the city Cleveland. Played there a couple of times we've been there. When the Saints have had to play him on the road. But again I mean they're one of the historic franchises in the NFL. With one of the great all time players and in Jim Brown so. Look it's about time for then we get to well the new movie that's out draft data field based on the Cleveland Browns so. It just -- seems like things are kind of coming together for him from the standpoint of at least there's interest in the interest in the Cleveland Browns now. As opposed to in years past was like. Cleveland gonna find a way to mess it up. And it's one of those franchise that he you know even if you're Saints fans are here. You know packer -- you still root for a city like Cleveland team likely that just because of I think it's been a dog now when it's really role and it's a great. It's a great fan base and it's really going back to -- going over to the NBA team is really it's burned. By yeah. LeBron James of course that whole issue so it's good for that city to city of Cleveland they haven't had. An athlete that has galvanized the city. Since LeBron James left and of course China itself. Wolf I don't lately and you know when I -- -- what I heard today what I've read today is that. The city of Cleveland it's it's absolutely ecstatic yet we have Johnny. Well we were sitting there watching him last night when they may depict. The fans let -- go to New York in probably. Every team has some kind of represented him representation from the fans them some talking about. That's there for both people went nuts and it took -- meant to us so that is it's good to see it. And again I don't. Mean I don't have it's like four. All the teams in the league dislike for a couple but Cleveland is not one album I mean it. It's about time they turn around it and have -- something go their way so. The Johnny -- deputy he seemed to be keenly excited about it. Maybe he wanted to go to Houston to be the first guy or maybe want to go to Dallas with all the theory you know -- the chance to deal with that whatever else but. Looking at reaction last night when he did get drafted by the Browns it. Seemed like he was happy with that obviously the fans were so and I mean that's what this draft they have both to be about. Is that it's a brand new beginning for our team I don't care how bad we've been for the last forty years. Who we now have a quarterback that we can rely on. 64 loose fell on a phone lines of the world your -- WWL. So what we should do this every -- but who is who don't want to go. Put Kubel awards evolved partner you move to come up with you're creating. There was doubtful for Victoria. I agree lead. Okay in the second they'll. Well. At the free agency. -- knows there's like some of the dark that wreck between McCoy and -- so. Oh is the number one -- book in the first round first round draft you received with with these. The these guys called me out I mean they they try to repeat -- -- in my they wondered what my who had -- -- -- I've been picked you what if it's the grip of the net for. I'm a call recently since animal make comparing. You've done. -- done that. -- I'm wrong it. Successful and that the book called to -- -- that would turn go -- whom that issue here goes out with the group. -- -- -- -- And they ought to put. I'd vote you out and try to make you know trade -- in the side of what. I don't know -- there -- Grier it's is right here on W and six Portland the thing they quoted me great when he when you make the right pick in everybody else out here. -- but and decade god knows how many people did do a mock draft if you tunnel when it falls into place you know he could play on them back yet. You think it just element this kind of if you look at it this move here writing books from the states. We. All publications irate at him going. You know and in earlier via Atlanta earlier. And that's why I think he wasn't necessarily on the radar all like to Harrisburg and creates Yemen. Now I keep it on the line the -- -- right and a price racing in Atlantic coast and not a delicate up that far in mobile. He hurts on base they last night once he slipped past the New York Jets at eighteen. That's pretty much they sit I this is this is a likely possibilities in the -- air force so they go get them to 60187 it'll free. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up there with the New York Giants of course look ahead to round two -- date to a draft that's right here rocket fire we -- well. Veterans boulevard it better come on out it's out -- -- -- -- WW Lelie -- in the world five point -- Draft that they do here on WWL Saints -- radio rocket five -- to 612. Veterans boulevard hokey guy -- Kristian garic recapping -- one looking ahead to. Draft -- round to. Selection of a 58 overall point six in round two for the -- world Saints coming up course Houston Texas lead things off of the third third overall selection. In the first pick in round two and pokey looking back on round one obviously no doubt that from -- going to. The New York time to twelve was the third wide receiver off the board but he's teaming up with -- Eli Manning up there in New York. With Reuben Randle formality player of course Eli Manning. With the Newman high schools he got a lot of Louisiana to act right there. With the New York Giants but -- Beckham junior. Look I think he's gonna fit right it was that often -- -- New York. I mean he's a tremendous player as a matter of fact I was just don't news stories that. Even toward the Palin the college season. Scouts heading ranked fairly high but you know it was like they were but the other guys in front -- him and you know fortunate enough to even when we're on the road gets the LSU game where we're staying. For the most part and confident look back on I can't. I just can't see that Theres seven -- receivers in the country that are better than him and once he goes to come back and you know that the numbers they are that he put out or. As good. You may -- he put himself in position right there they're going to move up but you just about watching me you know maybe because it was it junior coming out. Whatever the case but. I guess in my own little fantasy world because of I was looking kind of where he was greeted again is that still a lot to be done a lot more film work everything out. I guess I was just living in that fantasy world that somehow or another he might slip down with the Saints in the bottom into the trap well. That as again as the story played out you know in -- in -- combat numbers -- pro day and everything else is now I knew we went in the last that long but. Immediately brought if you -- having me in some cases they. So where he has some people had garbage Landry rated ahead of him and Europe are planted a quality receivers make no mistake about that but. Even the kid from Vanderbilt. He was rated higher than an elderly about -- yet you're in math and mean some cases he probably is on to -- -- -- Jordan Matthews is rated higher than. Oh they'll let them but I just it was just a pipe during -- open that he might slip that Favre was. Once again. You know once you get -- you do it from a much briefly run -- eat up time you pitch to the -- -- effortlessly. And things like that -- you Eagles sit around too long. But my estimation -- eleven SC players going in first round of four out of the top ten. It's just speaks to the conference the Southeastern Conference well network today. Seven defensive ends slash outside linebackers if you will have five offensive linemen in eight quarterbacks but. -- the linemen and it's been an outside linebackers here. Throwing. Inside linebackers he gave Mosley. It looks like. What shopping with talk about what you mentioned yesterday it's it's going to be a premium on office climate guys protect the quarterback guys that can get after -- Well I mean it's kind of the game now where is flat open is it is anymore you have got to make that quarterback uncomfortable in the pocket in. What is the term they use now -- -- spot. Because to be here electrically and Rutgers. You know -- let's keep it on its yeah. But -- is that just the way if it going in you know in campaign -- one of those kind of guys that he. He believes in building a team from your -- in defense of lines. Out and he didn't like taken receivers in the first round. But then again that was old school it was a lot more of the running game back in this day. Wide open -- you look at college football anymore you know. That even in places like Nebraska and Oklahoma that we -- known for. You know their running backs and offensive lineman but even -- linemen that came out there -- it was worded that you know don't booty pass blocking you know so it was. Always kind of scary to take those guys -- with the wide open offenses right now. -- you are you looking for guys that can score score points or guys that can cover them to keep them from going points. Draft as day to right here on WWL. And FN NW WL dot com 612 veterans -- right now rocket fire -- to come down to a seats go on a clock with the 58 overall selection in around that number two. This is. Draft as they do on WW LA anathema dot com I got about a minute and a half here for the top an -- it is just the Shell that sit tight that Gregory in Metairie he's got a huge -- met Randy coach will -- -- calls but. The ratings. -- -- last night fit a 51% from a year ago -- looks like the draft in bay is valuing its. -- Well I think that reason it was so much interest in the draft last night. With because of all the unknowns you analogous -- how about that. There were a lot of little side bit made it between coworkers and everything up. Would clowning bill number one how far -- -- on demand they'll slide a -- please don't leave me the number one guy. Would get -- to -- go -- in the first trip. Who's going to be. One with all you know several quarterbacks they figured it might pick up. I just think that and you and I talked about it -- it was just such a jumble that there was really no information leaked about. You know all this get him in the year than Andrew Luck came out if -- -- -- -- -- to that so it's. I just think that by the ratings -- so high draft as they do it continues for rocket fire pizza company 612 veterans boulevard and a better.

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