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Saints Draft Fest 5-9 5pm, Rocket Fire Pizza Co.

May 9, 2014|

Join Kristian & Hokie as they bring you their analysis of the Saints 2014 Draft live from Rocketfire Pizza Co. @ 617 Vets. Blvd in Metairie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- our number two. Date to draft fest here on Saints radio WWL the black eagle making a big splash in the first round trading up seven spots from pick number 27 at pick twenty. And grabs right to coax the letters he got -- organs they beat speedster 43459. When he success Stockton California. Certainly an area of need for the toilet -- to grab that player. Went up made the trade. We're the of the third round pick to get him but now they turn their ticket to round -- -- number 58 overall 26 in the second row alongside saint -- also guys got. I'm Christie Garrett phone lines of wide open for it to 601870. -- 3866. 89 -- -- -- they would ignited the pizza right pretty good and well. -- it and he -- -- routine down yeah. Pretty good yet but so you know about -- only did that I would have media all over me it is a politics. They are somebody basically a deprive -- fun and not intentionally that's noble thing of eyes but I. 260187. Is still 3866889087. They are ready jaguar people. On line for area where should the Saints go with their second round pick -- -- cornerback at inside linebacker out. Offensive tackle. Or other -- outside linebackers well. Weigh in on line it deputy you'll dot com party jaguar people or called 260187. -- told Corey. 866889087. -- -- -- It looks like if you look at the draft picks in the division in the first round here will see -- Atlanta does with the sixth pick. And you know of course the estimate Buccaneers but it looks like. Quarterback would be the position. With the most logic behind -- because you had two receivers go to divisional opponents and it's at bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers Calvin -- Mike Evans from. Texas native and off -- money going to the Atlanta Falcons so it. It might be the counter the saint -- found -- -- only I don't. You know ready you know we certainly did that back when -- scouting department you know he he he took a look at who the 49ers. We're drafting who. The Rams were drafting and -- the Falcons were drafting to detract counteract that now. You can't let it -- consume you and say well they took receiver now we gotta take a corner but we've still got a good get somebody. That fits that mold of the best player available things like that but oh yeah there's no doubt about it that you you take a long look at. Who is in your defeat in. And how they drafted him -- where they got these guys tonight how we gonna match up against a -- guy I think -- -- right now feel pretty good. We Keenan Lewis the one against either Jackson or. The new receiver is the inevitable in the steel outweighed me. And they got a little height advantage going looking -- -- those long cornerback for the long arm and I mean body and it really good year. For the Saints last year so. It in that regard I think they had. Match up and I'm sure that those teams now they're looking at the site going off that Drew Brees got another offensive weapon -- -- -- precise about how hard is it yet. In three straight seasons so that it now he's got another fast got to throw his. Keith McGill the cornerback out of that you tossed 63 to ten appeared to -- year out of -- college six foot 2205. The -- fit those that all that Rob Ryan is looking for. At the quarterback position he wants it at 34 so Keeneland was it was able to do as a longer leaner corner last year for rod sweeting. Corey white of the taller corner of variety so yet to figure that those -- To any -- -- Robinson is. The only thing -- -- half an enemy of 511 that's but to. A fairly good sized corner. You know -- if they keep -- the six foot three guys out there than. Corner that's under six foot has been -- it be looked at like. You know we can't play with -- jockeys on the outside anymore guys that are 5859. Might have tremendous field but he Houston it just complete mismatch when they get out there and you'd hear from everybody if felt all about matchups then you know that's what quarterbacks look at. Who's matched up against who who together they're double team in and those guys have gotten so good at reading that in. That's the one thing that. That they're gonna look at you get a short corner on a big receivers that they -- going to. -- -- to check out WL dot com we have a complete draft board all seven rounds every selection where -- at the top of the page. Just click on the 2014 and develop raffles draft for -- You can follow it tracked each and every pick on line for -- to -- if you will not come along with great video from the -- cannon Bobby -- of the man sitting to my right. Saint color -- looking guys on our NFL draft analyst. -- it today and of course the big chief Deke Bellavia Brad at home thanks for calling you -- -- well. I will but it just that it shout at them. Right they got there. How you know you just forget and great at talking about this right now I mean I went down grade you know bowl pick left side receiver -- But I mean I think that a lot more where he. On the special that he spent the side of the ball on -- I think Rob Ryan agree that beat you need another corner and that -- -- I mean even when we get out that the being that the season last year there was nobody there to step up and encourage guys in the playoffs especially. I mean you look at you look at who we have in the late start our starting defense to back. And as -- -- -- Caroline birds going to be out there and there was going to be out there there's no really others solid you know defensive back that we have to cover. Expensive but does that comment. Like -- you can bet that sent Adam Halloween night. Heard about beat him. It might have their version of Steve Smith there with black and gold now accorsi. Credit goes to being compared quite a bit just -- and -- -- built but just attitude the way he plays Steve Smith though it plays that aggressive. I don't care about -- and make plays kind of an attitude. Yeah but seek just and I'm on the other side of that that. Think that they address that in free agency would scares Byrd and with. Champ Bailey is then look at I -- a lot of people were down home court white last year he was thrown into the fire after it barring Grier got injured. Now he's got another year under your belt got some playing time he hanging fruit and I'm not gonna say that he's going to be another Keenan Lewis with each and I have more experience so. The jury uses its. I don't think it's Alabama man I don't think he's going to be that complete corner that you look at. Yes you know that that's I think we should stay put it kept our third round pick and picked up our quarterback and TCU. It went in the first round last night there -- yet. At TCU -- I mean. Well I think yeah I think it needed they had. Hope he was was greater at the speed element. One which -- -- another weapon you know after another where where we don't know there are built that your chip well lately either Rob Ryan -- that treatment in the worst in NFL history to -- -- six. Last year and now he is their enemy he's added somebody in the secondary that can't even -- that. In the secondary that can catch the ball. I think you're -- little or -- -- a whole different treatment -- we got the catchers but in the car that really the guy or you -- go to -- Operator -- -- -- every angle new quarters. Today do you got there and oh by the way -- there is no -- -- -- -- at heart sank because negativity in detail but I think that they have done that they can all call them without you know. The biggest but if the Saints would have somebody in that second -- they can catch the football. Have me turn which would they have had -- -- about more positions that he is true in the obvious. That was to be windy. Just to look at the map of deacons and Roman Harper. Had four combined interceptions in what the last two seasons and every final nine where the season gains on interceptions and last year three in the final nine in cares birds had what when he think he currently that's that that's one of the biggest reasons why they brought him it was his ability to -- right. And that he basically young kid but I don't win if they did the same thing with and care -- but Darren Sharper and been in the league a long time. But he made a tremendous improvement. This being -- in just his ability to create that internal and maybe take a step back in terms of statistical rankings as rob Bryant defense. Forward. To it well. But the turnover throughout its like yeah it's the same day but -- even made even better because of the fact that you can get through. If you get drew put a lot of extra possessions a year he's gonna action seven they are I think it is gonna move up in the rankings because of that. So I looked. It and I am not trend is say that -- it is totally incorrect that mean if they get their -- cornerback out there at this point -- absolutely. They -- making. But they can defeat to take him in the second round to third and I think he was upset that they. They gave away their third round pick of where that might be when they get a quarter if there at the corners that they really like at this second -- that baking. Keep McNeil appearance here a couple of teams to keep it -- down here on route to the seats the 1 o'clock. 58 selection overall 46 in the round number two he's saint tolerant also guy John pershing Garrett from rocket fire pizza company 612 veterans memorial boulevard draft that's the two. Right here at saint -- WW LA -- to -- WL dot com I welcome back to draft best day to Kristian -- with -- guys on saint color analyst getting ready for. The start of the NFL draft round numbers two and three today of course. All eyes will be on. The New Orleans Saints then -- via saint 12 o'clock with the fiftieth overall selection point six round number two of course. Sect member quarterback for the LSU Tigers a lot of the one where he might land -- this is his day when he goes round two or three but. Potentially. Is thrown -- out there Oakland is there may be landing spot for. Sect member they've expressed some interest on the Vikings had some interest support they traded back into. Round one and wrap their quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will open it looked at a couple potential landing spots -- -- -- burger and it went I mean if there -- About all the scenarios and everything else in Houston not taken there are because it was the favorite target. I mean that you think Oakland a tremendous three strikes we have -- few quarterbacks we market for us with the number one pick in the okay. That we got mad and over the last year or the year before he gave me could land god let me we don't make another really good quarterback so if that's the way they play in the game. -- -- admit -- because -- of more at a I know this if Al Davis was still there he would have -- great -- -- it can throw -- out books he likes the big army and he likes of Macedonia that. That's it but you know they do well for themselves about the Raiders and Dennis Allen were pulling for him to do well out there former Saints defensive back coach and part of that. Through bowl championship squad but they take a little back with their fifth overall selection in round one of Buffalo outside linebacker and I guess -- -- -- You know just happy about this selection because he did it up in Atlanta every day so you know at the -- not any NFC south. He not to worry about him Jason Drew Brees twice a year you know. In any different Oakmont it's a good selection for the race. Yet but also kind of following that raider. Tradition if you will he is a fast guy you know -- -- run like some of receivers but for a linebacker. -- like those mean the pitcher players so it does benefit -- -- and it probably at that that was the best player on their board is something he might have been a top player on their board because I know a lot of people that fit the -- Mack was the best player. Doesn't have all that the talent that clown he's gotten but the more effort you know the more. Work ethic all that all the stuff that the intangibles so to speak that go into it. Bogey look at again likely landing spot for teams of the quarterback -- -- -- Houston certainly want. They lead off round. Number two the first selection in -- Oakland as we talked about with the fifth thickened around one -- shooting the fourth pick in round one it. Ten in round 242 overall the Tennessee Titans along with the -- on the Cardinals picked later. I was twentieth pick of the second round of the courses -- many Eagles I think we got a ozolinsh. Alison there yet -- absolutely Tony Romo coming off back surgery and you get. Was Kyle Orton. And then. Their backup guy. Slipped my mind right now ammunition mean Maine that did that have -- around here right now but. If it doesn't make any difference they they are not completely city quarterback and that's why they were flirt with the idea of it Johnny -- -- So it again ain't nobody I mean it. Tony Romo is he's not far enough removed neck surgery yet they say oh he's coming along real well there and -- but he came near the top maybe you don't feel -- You look at much like the first round the Saints were hoping that maybe some quarterbacks quarterbacks and offensive lineman. Go early push the player down -- but I think that might have that might be the case and what -- what -- -- -- I -- it's similar situation the second round for the Saints if you. See that run on quarterbacks I you know if you got one it with him with the Raiders the Titans. The Cowboys as you mentioned the Cardinals of the bagels there before the Saints to 1 o'clock. That's five right there so if those teams three out of those five that could push one of these corners that we've been talking about or position. Of outside linebacker perhaps he Minnesota but it could push some of these guys later down the board that the Saints could -- up gravity there that they feel like. Should have gone earlier. Yes it was something happened in the draft he used it very fortunate that things fall right in the active promise -- this every draft board is not lined up the same way. And you sit they look you got it's packages all who have hit a little bit more and I've been in situations where right before your pick that team. Takes to gather you recovered meaning and you build on that thing for so long opening we just slipped down far enough to go one pick in you. But sometimes everything just worked out perfectly -- go in we don't have to make a move because the guy we want these other teams are not the market for that so. More often than not though it's the other way around -- you know. You're bite your -- open that it does happen as opposed to feeling fairly comfortable that it will happen. But but I really think that you know right now with the with a -- that the Saints. A dress in. Free agency and people would only make it one player so far today and if everybody's. Opinion of this draft is correct about how deep it is and how many quality players there are -- and they may not be that you'll hear a lot number one. Picked up there but it takes it deep draft -- that's it there's a lot of value in that because number one you get again -- -- all that money it. I'll bet if you -- -- Like the -- so hard it is it's it's terrific situation to be and so they're different avenues that. The Saints could make right now I mean you know which it your hope somebody like that little with the -- from USC and mark mark mark mark. But that may not happening you have to make them take it right at first and the second. Every draft class under Sean Payton has had. Except for the 2009. Class has headache Warner or offensive line. In this seven out of nine class of -- and force elections obviously. It was -- -- tickets chip on Stanley argue. Of course Thomas More -- So you know at some point I think it's safe bet -- in the draft a corner yeah weather today are aren't they don't have the third round pick your weather is tomorrow and of course offensive lineman. Couldn't and it and it. Well and that we don't know Drew Brees is surprised with that this team mean you've got to keep -- up right not say anything and nobody. That was an -- you know -- we saw that he took a pretty good beating last year but. So yes it it doesn't surprise me any it would surprise me it makes us instigated an offensive line. He's Saints color also -- guys are Kristian -- draft best -- to right here on the beat him well as there's time with Donnie -- -- -- -- -- guy Jacques Kristian -- and of course Saints do not have. As we stand right now a third round selection they traded that away. As a part of last -- it feel to get up seventh slots in the first round to get up and get trying to coax a wide receiver at Morgan State. They treated -- the Arizona Cardinals of course the Saints have the 58 selection overall round number two point six. In that round but. -- to the Saints have enough ammunition to move up back into the third round. They can't. An animal day cup two years ago. We were alive today construction crew out there renovate houses he kept saying can we do this if we do that we did. You can do whatever you want and how much do you -- span you know so. The hero back out there on. Another but I trust me I'm not charges that I act act it out -- it yeah I would open. That it would go that way but. So anyway yeah. And if they think can easily in the third round. How much are you willing to give up. 260187803866889087. Where you think it's safe to go. With their second round pick where should they go quarterback center outside linebacker offensive linemen can weigh in. 2601870. Till 3866 inning nine is nearly -- it's also are pretty jaguar -- people lined it to be to be well. Dot com right now overwhelmingly 70% of those voting on line say they should go with the quarterback will go to the phones that Greg and Metairie. You're on the -- They would go on on a very you know you do I don't keep up your game. We when your point is gone and I would go about things maybe. -- and not think the mean you know. It would be so he'd be and I. With that grit and I think you're great outlook huge it -- -- -- Don't call it off and kept going football they've been and there's really football -- of them but you know I would -- Yeah -- president wants to football season is if we don't get it down here. I think we are a decade wait for you again up in the -- be here off -- -- now. Cook Indian bill. Whether it's gonna happen but it didn't -- for it. But of course I am buying property. Gregory thanks for the kind words been -- the full body fired up Allah rackets. Oprah hey guys great. Anything else bad. He's guard Steve on a cell phone you're on WB well. Yeah -- got it back -- my call them. Our our thing earlier we would be a -- Last night I think that they did I think it speech wideout and it. What. Through -- -- but morneau drove great. Second thing hurt you off your belt more young man name appeared to be here. Sure it yet Oakland it would college. And I was depressed but that ballot -- you know you know you listen Colin talked. And B well it it it it -- -- -- what you know I understand that that crap shoot at all but. We're that young man and is going to do well because. Would it be road blocks and he's had it is like being where he. I for a. Melissa first off how you want the only one I was impressed by -- here as well spoken guy -- itself very grounded -- He's got two daughters she's married. It's very very important tool. Competing winning. He can tell he's just got things in perspective and maybe. A little wise if you are mature beyond his years if you will. And -- added that that has something. That that counts for after the LaDainian itself at what's got to look at that yeah. I don't know manhood at an early age should -- and do what it. You know you can just hear -- -- that whatever that meant to happen like he's got to do well. Yet here this -- No doubt about it let's let's hope. That'd in football to start his career once he gets out of college because I didn't hear the if you would you've been. Talking about him you know him very high regard it was young man -- up in heaven knows the kind of guys went in opting out you know it really pulling for bat. Regardless speeds of the new worlds or elsewhere you I know this if he gets up with the Saints and the Saints are. Have a on the radar if you will and it certainly they part of it for pre draft work out. But no matter where he ends up he's gonna look the and a kind of follow yet because you're used to you're so I don't knowing now surely you've talked to him in and that's. Next thing you know again go back that little deal that you and he Bob had last week about talent or there it. Lewis' situation well the young -- got talent -- -- but he's also because he's a quality guy it actually think and it that is the kind of guy. That you want on your team and -- Courses seem to not shy about drafting small school players know in class -- rosters littered. With the players from small schools term Toronto Armstead last year Arkansas Pine Bluff. In my Busch ride out of -- of course Jahri Evans at blues were college. Corey white way out of Sanford I believe it is of course Marcus Colston. Out of Hofstra so listen. You know some teams might shy away from that not this. Not avail as they always a level of competition yeah I know this article has been kicked in it. Are out of NFL level competition for eight years now so you medium small who dat -- Saints are also -- guys up Kristian garic. You'll listen to the WWL IMF haven't. Dot com player draft that state too from rocket fire pizza company 612 veterans boulevard Metairie. Winding down here. Saint killer also TI's got crushing Eric. We'll give way to Deke Bellavia Bobby ware might say here momentarily from rocket fire -- six to -- veterans boulevard. And it Metairie and hokey. Just a couple things if you could outline a unit looked for today's rounds two victories. When it bothers -- on running backs the quarterbacks coming LSU players that are going to be off the board. Certainly where the Saints should target on my target. With the 26 pick in rounds. Well we carved out we have mean obvious I'm not so concerned with progressively. That I like to look at what thank you gonna do and I'm. You know it's. I mean I haven't an opinion on who I think they -- not that the player itself the position on what they could target but sometimes. Easton area it's like you know this is just too good to be true that this particular guy. -- it in the league anymore you know all it takes to get one injury you know all of -- quickly gave you one play away of being a starter. All I looked -- if you know the things that you that you started right there in opposite alignment basically -- Somewhere along the way addressed that -- you'd need. Another guy in the secondary wouldn't bother me in the least bit if they got another receiver that can run because they they'd like to have a lot of weapons. I would like to see a linebacker that can go side to side. You know gather rob -- I -- in that yes -- well not necessarily. You know because he does so much of playing guys that put him in a hybrid position but also put him where they can. Use their best Akron you you could say well he's an outside guy but if you -- -- -- -- -- has -- -- and things like that so. He's very creative in that way -- that I speaking but. If he's inside linebackers don't just think -- he's going to be an inside guy right there moving up the line of scrimmage let him. Use of rush feels that he's got speed things like that so they're different avenues. To go with -- right here. And still got a long way to go and read it again I'm going back the thing that. By all accounts this is a very deep draft. In only 32 guys are gone right now they can't be selected anymore so there's a lot of quality football players out there to be taken. And one of them might be sit there and it. Another receiver and things -- if we if we can't pass that up and you might. You might see a situation where they. You know hey I don't like -- on the board right here and trait that second round pick. They get back into the third round so there's options form but you know who that player might be. I don't know. You follow each and every selection on line for on our website the front page top of the page point fourteen draft click on the full draft board you know command. The selections as they read it off there. Paul lines we did at WW well dot com 256 selections overall Houston started the draft they'll end it right now. Though it did the seventh round with the F -- to its like tonight. Trade those elections though mr. irrelevant will be with the Houston Texans the theater that's terrific and they also lead off. Round at number two with the first election and 33 overall will they go quarterback Willie go defense once again our wide receiver will find out here momentarily. He Saints -- also guy John pershing -- here at rocket fire -- to draft as the two right here on saint radio WWL IMF and it WWL that. -- couple minutes away from the start of the two round two with the Houston Texans on o'clock in 33 selection first round over first overall selection in the second round. Saint -- so you guys are -- Garrett out here rocket RP to joined now by Mike. The two BA and of course NFL draft analyst Mike -- to the Houston Texans go win this it's a couple storyline to watch here. In the second round. -- -- Butch is it like golf area. Talked to wanted to scouts for the Texas this morning and he told me they had gotten more phone calls. For the first pick in round two in the gut for the first pick in round one. A lot of teams trying to maneuver to get up and they all open to that situation of trading back. So it's interesting certainly there's a big hole at quarterback put them. I know they have been trying to work out a deal for Ryan mallet hasn't worked out yet. They could certainly use another running back in law's been -- And the bit aware of him -- Foster and sent some help so well on Dolphins lines so. Those are some areas there but how many big men are still available is the surprise to me defensive lineman. Louis -- the third Rasheed complement. Coney you -- I'll enjoy the outside linebacker. That that's the most. Surprising part for me because normally on draft day hope. What else gets elevated is the big men yet and what's happening on the because of that type no football and what happened this year what got elevated safety. Goes to show you how this world is changing matchup wise when -- cannon Jimmy ward -- pick in the lot of Porter around one. And also slots normally that would go to -- he -- one out. Thinking that today. This is where if there will be around on main thing it will be those big guys we did you know that you you're running out of time real quick. You hear that Dick Dick Dick yet had a good and you haven't it you -- have a tendency to panic when the one guys on -- -- you. We need somebody that interior in May not last long so that might be the play with a guy -- -- run Mike and about fifteen seconds here -- the first tiger off. -- Well public take a shot with Jarvis Landry. Boy he's one heck of a football player but I think -- -- -- all fast. Once if it's a -- three -- Jeremy hill met burger or -- turn up. Eagle Ferguson as a guy a lot of people really like to plug the middle in and another big man. I'd Micah to be here with. Deke Bellavia Bobby effort draft -- -- two rounds to -- through you right here. On that saint radio forcing Torre also you guys off crushing -- thanks to put Landry here master control in the final vote here rocket fire pizza company. Well see down wrote.