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9-9 9:15p Newest Saint, Stanley Jean-Baptiste

May 9, 2014|

The Cajun Cannon, Big Chief Deke Bellavia and draft Expert speak to the newest Saint Stanley Jean-Baptiste.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to draft coverage here at -- pizza company in Metairie. Along what are now all of Rose healthy body and my TA I'm the ability for the latest on the Saints at the same trip go to WW -- Dot com bobbled not a welcome and let -- be it in the 2014. If -- out at the saints' second -- -- -- off. That he's been a thank you so much for the time congratulations to you. But then it would take us through it what you get the call who talked to you and what's it like you know you've probably seen it a -- -- -- thought about it. What does it really like but -- is that you Houston to get a call from -- National Football League team that you -- drafted. Not a whole lot what made up -- from the experience make the big -- are aqueduct that year. Ability -- being. Now I don't. Now and -- talk about the transition. Going from wide receiver. That the business side of ball the quarterback even have an -- ability to the -- the if it is being a football player just talk about that. Because obviously. When you have the skills that that you haven't had that brain. That's 6350. Pounds that -- a lot of flexibility bit more about that it -- from wide receiver to be at the back. I think it is gonna fight in beautiful up there -- is Smart people and -- he was just too much of faith via. It was just learning the system. The playbook. My car -- Pro -- -- -- -- -- to keep everybody in what I've got that. -- parents can't out physical. Dallas Stanley that you realize that you have -- the most popular names. Coveted you all of government to Louisiana and John Baptiste and we know how to pronounce that. You gotta know your background but that's definitely around here rich creole -- could you -- your high school career in Miami before. But you went to North Carolina attacked Brett. But dude did you realize you like you're coming home. Very similar to probably a background in Miami beating you all and with it -- with a name like John bad -- None of the who -- that he's up there and lawyers been there. Now from Haiti is now album from our point of my game the most Mohammed there -- so. Who have bought -- that and then in the -- accused. In inevitably. That. Then as John Baptiste Saints newest member of the black and gold threat that would this second round pick 58 overall point six in the second round. Is off the extent that you went back to talk about coach an opening to talk about -- I'll program and -- the program defensive PT AT&T Q played in. Is this past season they end up a a tough situation they say coach putting it just came out and look. If the golf club really gonna fine me -- -- -- Philadelphia audience I think some of these players kind of take on their attitude. Would go out we do offensively equally hard but it could -- would -- make. Yeah. But there -- people who moved in -- CE. Do you resolve -- it involvement. He. He would always think -- It would let me see him. Transfer because -- vote vote is your partner buyer. That Bryant might see that they both mental. And. -- -- -- -- Standing what what are the things that you feel as though you can work on to -- as a former receiver is that the technical -- of it. And how much time you spit in his in the film room. You know just kind of a servant. You -- a former receiver knows what receivables duty you do you have a little bit of an advantage that way in understanding. How this people wants to beat you. Put your stamp point what's the one -- -- yet you want to upgrade the -- It does Stanley is that tackling or what. Very one. -- -- is -- all main culprit you know. And now they have he's in the -- -- -- it I'm all up on it means don't. And it will work well. But. He taught me how to read routes down and reputed to we'll make it run all the in the old school I think there it gave -- being that'll. Everything. Then his job back -- is auspicious incident as a member of the New Orleans Saints instead of that data to ask you these questions almost Saints quarterback. Bobby -- his you know private. Now Stanley. Look at that the ball skills that you know that no matter what level you're playing it's all about particularly -- football. That you pride itself. That the ball in the air that I don't care of your receiver -- -- at the fact that that's my ball and not only having a path that fit that. But BA being able to have the capability to catch the ball outside. You know your body. And I catch it -- you can't just talk about that being a big part. The states and actually. Take it away to football and not only getting not -- doubt -- that make an instant. Yes -- he's here. I'm mad at you -- but the heat check the ball that thing opposite in the bottom line you repeat it. It meant that they have all of it for so. By any chance right here. Hear them. Can we. Ethanol is though and it well or even even much of it and it will be there. Then it's not bad these Stanley congratulations. Thank you so much for giving us some media timeout go celebrate with the family frantically gradually. -- you -- right and the newest member of the New Orleans Saints damage all Baptiste second round pick out of the press and -- you look at it. Not only. You would think navy is grandparents -- from Haiti are -- -- there's not that he does a lot of creole influence -- back to a year in New Orleans area. But he was saying -- -- mom and dad. So Utah but that's reason you look at Jonathan Vilma. Okay. Achievement when the Ricky Jean-Francois. I'll pass rusher from -- temple -- -- and -- equipment and you go let. No Derek is strong at their guards all -- -- -- -- -- it is bulletin NFL. And that athlete that just goes to show you. They'll find you wherever yet. It's get it out of my admiration yes not a Mike greater Miami area recent fiery red -- at -- especially South Florida attack that's where -- high school in Miami.

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