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9-9 6-7pm Draft Fest Coverage

May 10, 2014|

“WWL Draft Fest” coverage (NFL Draft rounds 2 & 3) with WWL’s experts Bobby Hebert, Hokie Gajan, Mike Detillier and Deke Bellavia live from Rocketfire Pizza Company (612 Veterans in Metairie).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the flagship station of your New Orleans Saints not being 87 -- WWL -- AM new. And he's 1053 WWL have come down to New Orleans and WWL dot com its draft class when they're -- cannon Bobby Hebert draft now. Chief Deke Bellavia brush your blog river -- disposal our business stinks but it's picking up Louisiana lottery corporation -- proud sponsor of the same. Max Holman knew that. Call Max and relax and live Mercedes. Fans of New Orleans. -- your best of the best dealership. Look at the Saints and NFL draft is still alive derided player pizza company 612 bedrooms in -- for day two of WWL draft. And welcome to the best things to win it five feet so. I think -- -- on veterans boulevard if you haven't seen him come -- don't check it out they get the big screen TVs everywhere anywhere you can see. Draft day to. And it's a delicious who will be partaking in and you can as well we're in the pits -- and Jonas we will be here until midnight on what might -- -- came to camp by BA there. I'm Deke Bellavia what my draft date two days. Get ready to come up in Houston Texans -- on the clock. Are getting set to be on the clock and seven minutes in between the pixie -- to wait three through seven will be five days. And a lot of action it. What goals on -- in between the end of a draft fourteen. Well into the draft and then in the next day how much reset itself -- will what are what are they doing to try to figure out what's going. Lot of re setting the board of what they have in with you look good for. That little bit at times certainly helps you make that adjustment. On day two and that's why. I think you're gonna see quite a number of trades here but teams trying to maneuver up and to that spot to get a certain player. Got almost of this the -- that. I've had more. I talked to blow a scalp for the Texans and he told me they got more phone calls about the first pick in round two. -- it got about the first pick in round one. Tackled she showed you of teams interested to try to move up to that spot in a lot of it has to do with it -- That is still a lot of the boredom Louis -- the third Rasheed complement coney yearly. -- to it. -- of another Notre Dame kid so that's a lot of big men an accident usual what we saw last night was a run on safeties. And so that's a lot of four really quality big men still there very early in round two and a clock its ticket. Yeah you pick up ought to get a couple aboard real fast. Katie can't -- -- -- -- -- -- about it when you think about it we were able to take out some of the national take it day on the saints' first pick in the draft yesterday. Which is -- And a young man that everybody's saying that the Saints made a small. Well. I mean the bottom line is. I mean this is one big that like I know why are we picking him is -- that question. Simply because though we need you wanted to get young at receiver. And and it doesn't get any better than him. They hit the bottom line is this like. -- -- more playmakers you while you always that would indicate double team everyone. Until then I'll look at matchups that from a common sense does standpoint. Look at. Steve -- and the success he had against the Saints and Saints fans know Steve Smith and you -- just actually that that's a little balance got a pound for pound. Nobody want it to messes these -- will be good at it -- it -- You do those bubble screens all the -- yards after the catch. And that kind of -- if you look at -- beat you read the top. In -- time at the Columbine. And a Cubs that are the case in point where. And now I am a look at a quote got to get my notes out of -- green everybody that. -- it was quote that I have. And it's gonna be that. A lot of times guys who -- fast the track guy trying to play football. We're we got a football player that also can run track. Now I look back at of where the nightly with. More to Purdue book with the world class sprinter. Now the reason why he deeply football in high school this high school only had 24 people and I think you clap they did have football sleep couldn't. But he would've been a football player. So it would hit that happening in Mike is that all of those side. What you let a good football -- lot of whereas pat that is really a football player who could run track and not vice -- not justice -- But into and help Dan Marino. -- -- Mark Clayton was The Marx Brothers set all -- You know it's crazy because we've done this for so long and I mean onto. In watching this in so many guys that can run well on the track. They can't carry pads and a helmet. Mike you can't do it. All this it in Saints history Larry Larry Burton I'll do it with a world class -- He could catch a cold not get open but no it is to -- -- catch the ball I mean as that's the thing the other -- you catch it. Not only run fast to be -- protect the football better. Guy -- early in his career John -- John was a running back. -- -- got to learn how to play to wide receiver position but he wasn't sure of himself sort of speak at that spot. This wasn't -- he left the Saints and went somewhere else that we got that experience as a receiver so it does. Judiciary that hill -- head makes a difference alright that's my -- Bobby -- the building where rocket fire pizza company coming out on his way to midnight tonight for saint threat as the -- two to 33 pick in the draft the Houston Texans -- -- examples of it you know just a few moments. Welcome back the rocket five -- alone my theory about -- -- I'd -- ability -- -- -- I come on out and Jonas that they too. Draft best but at the New Orleans Saints. Remaining in this round they'll have the 46 pick in round two which is 58. Overall. And in the Saints have a fourth round of 25 round picks and a sixth round pick in today's threat the rest of the draft one picked that date as. This is -- In Houston Texans selection. Please welcome. From San Diego State University. A second round pick by the Texans in the 2002. Draft. Offensive guard Chester Pitts. Okay we're. Good -- But it took risks they just don't have too much I promised him I wouldn't so let's get down to business. 33 pick in the sporty sports scene in a pro draft. Houston Texans select. Big -- -- below that are from UFC. It felt like we do look at that Dallas definitely. First from protection. That council value we provide value. And he he was definitely a value pick even though -- start the second round some of a lot of people consider -- to the number of mock drafts -- a first round pick. Yeah I had it going real early in round two so this yet get that late first early second round you out top rated guard. 48 career starts for UCLA -- of the got it just right off the bat stepped in and played. Did a great job in pass protection part of the game also. Is a very aggressive run blocker. But the fact that he was a -- -- I think sometimes that takes a little bit away from you there and slides into round two but this is a really good pick of what the Texans. I don't -- -- you know you look at his stick around all team today and thought a great job they gonna have an alumnus. Make that take. I mean that they call it just appear that justice sort of over the history. Look -- week along with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that's not going to be the case of Marten and that's enough -- -- not only national but they connect. Oh a trade and trade in the works you my Hussein did jones' face waving but the Cowboys did not know it we will watch it all of a recap of the day. Bobby now weren't -- top bet that that's not all me. Balkanization. What owners on the phone with the tape for a nickel to block auditorium warning head coach did you meet you know once I don't know he's a bit caught an eighty hand the phone it -- this and look. It's his team understand it but an auto operations in and copy -- coach and an administration. That it that well but that's why Dallas is so messed up well the thing the thing about this though anybody in the United States. If you would Jason Garrett and you get paid to retrieve any doubt a lot of it would be a puppet. Not think about that. We knew that you look at their lives value one lead and that which you planning part in the future where else can you get a head coaching job. That's Mike and that's what I'm -- at the -- you know yes -- you know -- you know that's a -- that's almost at a point where. They get Jason Garrett and this that he was a quarterback -- on this thing. Like the third guy and is that -- was this -- -- head coach for along and his brother joke. -- -- that the whole the whole -- they've been a football family. But he knows the opportunity hasn't Dallas where else could -- go. You know all of a sudden you make -- a couple million dollars and it can be in the situation where you're 500. And he's still have a job. Especially when you look at the NFL what you have to win. Now it's not like he got a of rebuilding process you know 45 years they'll Woody department lately and -- winning in the right now you're in a -- Then think to me is just don't blame the general manager. No way as long as you don't do that Dallas you're right that's a general managers still have a. Broke -- broke right to vote is go to a little below the act does go it it make up a lot of commit to this live so we decided. About Brandon cooks in the -- spent two things what do I have read everything about him that really caught by. And it shows you -- -- everything is marketed. That we Brandon cooks when he won. The forty yard dash -- the com buying the he got a bonus think about this. When he won the forty yard dashes for the fastest 54 point 33. You won a 100000. Dollars from -- the units for running the fastest time it Derrek Lee. At -- com -- So you think about that everything's the sale when you take debt and now look at what -- when I'm so excited about. A hundred if you get ninety to hundred receptive that's a great achievement the hardest 18 receptions. Over 17100 yards sixteen touchdowns. But this the thing that got my pitches. Steve Mariucci. NFL network former 49ers head coach -- absolutely -- Womack which the young and old school 49ers. This is true it's very rare. When you have a four point three yards forty yard dash guy. That can run routes like that. That is so fast they can't cut out the brake yeah he didn't run a -- got around did all almost stopped at that they can run a straight line. But to run routes and be that fast. A quarterback you know what they do they trying to jam on the line it just hold them it disrupt the route. Could they could never play off big they get hurt that they're not fast enough at it you've got a guy they can run rosters that fast. That when I read that -- being -- that you would easy with the 49ers. Jerry Rice and all that. To be that fast they couldn't run routes like that's. Bit different not actually is that it's a track guy borrow one the forty yard dash no I'm a route runner who has speed. One of the things that. Joey Galloway in his prime that's what you can do so well commodity that cut -- -- who. And the Cowboys pick is up also. The Redskins have traded the 34 pick to the Dallas Cowboys. To announce that Dallas cowboys' selection. Please welcome from Texas and am. That third round pick of the Cowboys in 1999. Linebacker Dat -- -- that is the in the NFL. What the 34 pick. In the 2014. NFL throughout the Dallas Cowboys select. De Marcus and -- speed advantage Boise State. From Boise State now that our car -- now -- LSU baseball game that maybe you were looking forward to this thing to -- sister station. Three if you -- it has been rained out that -- it will be a double. Head to Mark -- -- team skipper Pittsburgh fielded the first game begins at noon on the second game wolf but in. At seven. Or thirteenth at at a very important series the obvious is at least there are very important series for the Tigers. He's huge. -- right now it's the Cleveland Browns selection. Please welcome. From the University of Texas. The thirteenth overall of the 1989 draft by the Browns. Eric Metcalf. -- in the 2014. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select until Antonio attack. All right so the Cleveland Browns picked up and -- to my -- to -- its own -- from Nevada. And now that is so that's the Cleveland has been very active Mike in the first it's -- round in the first few picks of this. Yet Joseph was a guy. To play both tackle look -- been a really good player at Nevada -- -- you look was in the post season. Everybody -- just how good of a football player was just a nice job as a run blocker. But everybody went there because he didn't have great size how well you can hold up as a defense -- And his that he'll look he is -- -- -- need to to -- just real quickly that -- defensive end he did a tremendous job but he was a guy. A lot of teams had rated as a first round pick and I -- trial yet I had a bad as a second. But it did some teams -- it would still work out to work outs and also the post season play. He did a terrific job and it's a big man who can -- this week and that's something that in this -- this is rare. You know when you when you look at it like it and and realistically you know -- being. The -- the big guy this guy don't lie as far as the play. But they can't take it different level like you said we -- Senior Bowl are you in the East West Shrine Game. You know you wanted to come by and it that this is a perfect example that that's taken into consideration where he helped himself. Where all of a sudden that. If you looked to mock drafts had him late. -- trial but it got to -- right here we'll isn't done yet again it's one of those things where. Kind of how you grade -- player is kind of how he falls at this spot on his dad was a -- Martial arts fight that he passed away early in his life but he was he was a bad do as a mixed martial arts fight yet and -- was. Apparently other recruited player where he was that. But he wasn't a big guy you. Really love basketball. You told me that was his first love as an athlete was as a basketball player. Allowing the cage you give -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia the Oakland Raiders have been thinking about entities that right now following on our website at WW they'll have a pick OK okay. You have people on their own cars that we have eight draft board and what it does speech you can click on around up following around right now. Any if you eat speak and as an opportunity to click on the team they've made that big. Eight -- an opportunity to call the player that was picked and it all sorts of animation. I'll pop up and it's very offensive already updated it they threw the three picks in the in the second round up to now the Oakland Raiders which is the fourth pick and it will get back in our division with Atlanta and Tampa Bay so I've been moving right along -- out. First round ten minutes in between heat picks second rounds seven minutes of tomorrow around three through seven there were five minutes to -- it. Well luckily you don't speak the greatest election has been terrorists -- we do that again and hopefully he he hit. You and the rest of the Oakland raiders' selection. Please welcome. From Grambling State University. An undrafted created in 1963. Hall of fame cornerback Willie Brown couldn't. Thank you very much to me out before I -- to -- the biggest say congratulations. Thanks to all the -- have to -- -- -- -- -- involves. My mom season and and -- so so both missy didn't make it to October -- beyond the years ago. Saw your mom thing. -- the -- 236 day. In the 2014. And have been addressed. The minded. Spoke to him rated. And I. Yeah and you're out. There. What for a. If you can't get auto club trucks -- -- from Fresno to Oakland a quarterback it was a rated pretty high up they have not about a conversation toward the end -- would see after those first few quarterbacks that came all the port Richey Florida man Zell and of course -- Who would be who would I begin next next -- would it be a call would it be met burger yet a hall of Rob Lowe and now we see -- call. Eight Derek Carr is part of David Carr with the first overall pick with that you detected he got beat up that it workout but he still in the NFL. But you know to -- but Edberg had a and it happened and it -- arm. Derek -- out all the quarterbacks. Might be noble one. As far as an NFL or you go to projected speak out so I'm going to Cleveland you know -- -- -- with a mock drafts had them -- 26. So what when I look at this Fresno state beat Hewitt and I remember that. I've played it next -- in the preceding game out of the Oakland invaders we've got a busted his drove. From Oakland to press -- without -- hard on all right and not. Our -- trap an hour and a half on that you don't get a plane if right there -- in the Bay Area so this is I deal. This is in his backyard the comfort level and so yeah going -- -- team and I have to move no right exactly did it feel almost like intelligent player -- collected -- -- in. What that that that basically the same think Fresno state. With Oakland Raiders and Derek -- that is you don't have to play right away. Could they have -- job. A thing about this if he beats out -- job. But it felt like we just throw at you is there because that you were taken in the first round Bill -- grown bump stop I think it's a great great great bit. For the Raiders and Gary Carr I think -- weight will put the player and the team. So the officials mean. Right now that the Raiders if you look at it I look at that it may be heading in the right actually considering they had to -- Mac in their first were. I'll write and -- but they were very active in the Alston they picked up just and so on defense. -- -- damn make that -- recent again Maurice Jones-Drew. Match job. I think you know it when those are names that that that fans don't know -- who put skid to the wall at the NFL level. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- second round it's 58 overall and right now we're coming up on. The Atlanta Falcons -- Tampa -- local youths. Round number -- -- we've raised three to advance the Atlanta Falcons election. Please welcome from Tennessee State University. The third overall selection in 1968. Draft by the Falcons -- 2014. Hall of fame inductees. Defensive end Claude -- -- With the 37 it. In the 2014. Draft. The eleventh so let's. Rush and -- He he got to have Bobby earlier this year when they played Nebraska. He is if any he had a couple of foul play or take death here and I think he could either block anything interesting story but he's a guy that. When you hear people say terms about breaking down play in new term used to be like. Caught note looked good in uniform physical unhappy with how motive it's all the ball you know a little -- -- -- Fans that that if he's he's pretty much a combination of at all. Well if you look at the Falcons to all the David July last year they got month. And up and their head coach even said that having you could look the that's like basically. When you look at the first round they got okay do it with Jake Matthews and now they go -- he'd hate when. And the guys have yet to show you how crazy. Value pick. I had him going number 218 to Arizona Cardinals. You know the rich get richer keep canceling out the pick. They'll wind up taking a marathoner. To get of -- but no the guy he -- apiece. He's the kind of guy that if Bryant Phillip went it was still on the team you really know what Bryant eloquently. Now nobody challenged. Jahri Evans. Being drugs no watch that we played a -- that there has to be at all by it in the mid. Well if they are straight playoff. Runs they were the most consistent thing about division this year they've been -- well fourth straight -- is active and well. You know they end up on the before it and not on the -- and head back to back winning seasons so for considerate when it -- -- lately. They want to forestry player out there with a double and see what twice the and it's Spain and fanatical to see him on -- hot seat. Well I know -- going twelve years he you don't think anything. Really college football like coming out of Minnesota the Minnesota gophers. With this one cat could have played for anybody. No we don't want it pre shot to -- -- like this that as well as you all know did he -- this cat was dominant. And god knows they tend to wanna hear it but it's a great -- for the Falcons he's that disruptive. That's chuckle out to Saints camp headquarters with Saints -- -- -- -- -- to about eight I was standing by -- And let's go on you know. Controversial and is evaluating up an early morning he'll again breakup and a course that is our product out at 1 o'clock then got. -- on the clock look at it you know what's going on a team like the run in the trenches continuing early. As linemen continue to -- or real quick. I'm now happy city's name Chris Rasheed -- Rasheed Anglia. Or she'd Hagman just did talk about his physical stature and freakish -- permitted this to 663. In. Ran up 49240. Did 32. Reps to 25 in the in its most impressive me. Jumped 35. And a half inches. At 663 to any type of guy he's on the basketball court he is breaking in the backboard. You look around some of these other names we talked about this morning Christians Xavier. -- opulent. From UCLA on the Texans. First pick of the second round interesting -- about him started every single game. In his career he's the only three years forty games when he at guard twenty at tackle split right down the middle. And -- back he's an eagle scout. And he's already completed two years submission work as a mormons do above average maturity Agassi today. For a lot of these guys that are coming down the course Tampa Bay Buccaneers now 1 o'clock and of course just recapping. A little bit of what's happened here obviously with the first round in the division NFC south office tackle Jerry Mathews goes to the Falcons -- evocative of Mike Evans. And in the Carolina Panthers -- the wide receivers or four offensive selections including the Saints branding coach now. Atlanta goes defense and be -- Shaughnessy got trickle down effect this has with all four -- NFC south going offense with their first pick. Now have an opportunity addressed their defense is his. We'll go there every every team in his division. Certainly Carolina Panthers have had had a solid defense the Saints as well. -- the Buccaneers -- Falcons they were they were up there with the Saints and and Panthers in terms of defense but then how -- -- do you see now. These teams in the NFC south start to address the defense some football you want to have it it'll trickle down to the Saints. Well and you look at the Falcons they continue to folks on the trenches that's really where they struggle last year NFC wider -- and I mean. If Roddy White Julio Jones don't get hurt last year I still think that whole season in double differently saw like their first two picks needless to say. The hype continues to grow for that week one Saints Falcons matchup that is just going to be an absolute ton of fun to watch and one guy interesting picked me. 35 to Cleveland. Picking jolt. That Tony room if I'm saying that correctly though guard from Nevada and I know he grades really high and he projects be very good at the next level but you've got to wonder with all the wide receiver talent. Still on the board when the Browns could get one especially in light of the -- Josh Gordon's situation where he may. Be suspended for the entire year and acute kind of said. For Cleveland fans managed can't get anything right it started three into last year -- that his story tears ACL. David good round one they get to celebrate for one night and now Josh Gordon. Maybe -- definitely not gonna help John in themselves -- transition in the league like I managed to bring up Manto. Of course I don't you have good you would you'll find a way the seventh round looking -- tomorrow and it fit into the national media in Johnny mental Tampa Bay Jacksonville followed by Minnesota the next three selections were waiting on. The pick from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You know in a recap it just a little bit the Atlanta Falcons Rasheed -- defensive tackle out of Minnesota at the going -- Matthews with the sixth overall choice. It around and won yesterday's saint go on the clock with -- and get -- overall. Extra. Bay Buccaneers selection. Please welcome. For Florida State University. A first round draft pick in 1995. By the Buccaneers. 2014. Hall of fame inductees. Derrick Brooks. Do you do. We're the third period in the 2000 Ortiz approved. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Alston -- for the adjective. That top names in the draft so -- the theories -- offensive weapons now that that this Buccaneers offenses. Has acquired area deacons Mike Evans -- -- that -- in other quarterbacks -- rates again McCown who plans to start this year in the in. Lovie Smith bearing on the record. About loving Michael in it and what he brings to table he just kind of believes or at least that's what he's put out there. That he needs a yen a year to -- -- to continue to learn in the game but. Apparently the books to accomplish in their future -- quarterback and they just continued at weapons to the Arsenal second time in off the board. A solid back to the tenth pick in the round at number one steal one line order surprising picks and he ground. They'll I did hear a train of thought today however as interesting is that is that he brown -- could be used potentially. To maybe get out of this Calvin Johnson contract and a couple of years I mean it's it's very fringes purely speculation right now I think this is. People may be trying to figure out why. They would -- -- deep route to inching train of thought his Calvin Johnson stands to make about what fifteen million dollars in the next couple years so. That would keep an -- and they know how the NFL contract -- slowed at the back in the -- Look at a couple possible Saints targets for the new -- the fruit for the black and gold eagle on o'clock 58 point six in this round -- it looks like more more to when you look at it. Cornerback is a logical choice and there's a couple of appeared this year we talked to Keith McGill you saw you kind of both of those guys at 62. It 63 kind of fit the billing. Over what Rob Ryan would be looking for big long lanky cornerback but they can go over the center Marcus Martin still on the board yeah I've got it. The Jacksonville -- word selection. From the University of Northern Iowa. The second round pick in the 2000 draft center Brad Meester. It. With a 39 pick in the 2014. And they'll draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars select. Mark easily. But eagle back you're right there with the Buccaneers if he's healthy now all of a sudden. They got 65 targets all over the place for that that office the -- sleep do you view it -- -- looking to help board wide receiver immediately yet they get them some help I. So T -- they've -- -- -- -- out of -- -- in the back to the boys a graphic Deke Bellavia Bobby there. And might it CA's SAT rated 1 o'clock here a few picks away about eighteen or so was Saints ethnic. With the at point six overall selection round of the two. All right remember -- -- -- -- -- -- they've been very active on social media take those guys out a Twitter and on FaceBook. And each and every morning you don't have to wait -- even to take out sport to talk about sports because sports picks. With double coverage on three got your thirteen 50 PM succeed in the ninth UT -- -- and Christian again I think you know I'm like yup I've not been without I have -- respect for guys who. Who make -- the National Football League with. If you that it that it's make it a pick for you. -- but you won't. Fans to be able to remain today that really is now we -- -- and all that happened in the -- them easily imagine played a legend in having this data came prepared now I don't know maybe took -- what Jacksonville Jaguars -- that is what we. Travis CL UNAM updated inject a real without the Bronco -- a game if it's up by the people -- know if he had yet know if you can maybe got enough history there but you look of -- sleet likely tell you that. You -- a lot of value pick considering. That when you markets -- -- in the conversation but don't know Beckham junior. Randy coached anywhere I think mock drafts. Want to Baltimore and anywhere from like seventeen to 23. In that -- when you look at the Jaguars. To get him early in the second round. I think that's a great big. And you know a lot of people gonna question we came around you about what portals obviously. Early in the first round. But you got to say at this is definitely not a reaching. I knew if not I think all analyst it's needed is a great -- for the Jaguars. Yeah out no question about it another one thing with -- more pieces did have a New -- -- That I think got a little bit of a clean up. It you know what he reminds me so much of the Shawn Jackson a lot of people think you know what -- -- -- gonna get hurt that the NFL level you won't hold up. How many games as the shall miss. Very few like he's held up I mean he's held up. I'd be and so I think that comparison to pull double looked very still look. And the -- that I really feel like it's Tampa get -- separate tickets that's another nightmare to match up with down. Feel like you look at that as a copycat league this you know that that that Jimmy Jackson -- -- -- Billy Graham. Tony -- -- you know that that's why haven't they went that. The tenth overall pick of the 1991 draft by the Lions wide receiver Herman Moore. The. -- the fortieth pick -- 2014 NFL draft to -- story lines like. Kolb and noise linebacker. He line. -- I'm Steve -- visit WWL draft update his rookie by the Louisiana lottery. Buy your tickets for tonight's a 105 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot. The Houston Texans started off ran to and -- quarterback with a 33 overall pick. Houston Texas the left. So what we are from USC. The Dallas Cowboys were up next getting the Marcus Lawrence defensive end out of Boise State. Jolt -- -- -- offensive guard out of Nevada go into the Cleveland Browns at the 35 overall pick. Fresno state quarterback Derek -- landing in Oakland the 36 overall selection. -- Atlanta Falcons getting defensive tackle Rasheed hacked -- out of Minnesota. That'll be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting in another big target Washington tied and -- except bearing Jenkins. The 39 pick the Jacksonville Jaguars get USC wide receiver -- decently. For the fortieth overall pick -- BYU outside linebacker piled into aliens in Detroit. LaMarcus -- quarterback and a Florida State just going to the St. Louis Rams with a 41 overall pick. In the Philadelphia Eagles have just traded up for the 42 overall selection meanwhile the Saints hold the 58 overall pick in round two. I'm Steve -- back to the guys at rocket fire pizza in -- for more date to. Draft -- coverage. Draft fast grudging barred by the river -- disposal -- Also by -- look Hoosier forward and Tulane football 2014. Fact of football on Sainz radio WWL. AM FM and dot com. And welcome back -- has -- continues here rocket fire pizza company in Metairie on the veteran football 98 -- -- there on the Soviet. A draft board is up online -- bet you if you attack make happen -- way to follow the entire draft as. Grant it to happen. You can check out if political in the name of the bio the players who and the team with the team has done it's all the if you if you will. Dot com operated jaguar that you -- was also a phone lines for you as well. What should the Saints makes the the center on a back into my back often to tackle all of them. As simple online -- if you get in Rio that come back to St. Louis Rams at that made movement that it back up at the top half of the second. -- out what it did they've been aggressive in what they've been doing you don't go back the cult fan noise in it's a list of Bob and another draft he's a first round pick. I thought he was the best defensive player of Brigham young's team the last two years. Is that yes they got picked. When the top ten picks -- issue but alliance and he's backed up with sixty in Detroit gives Detroit a really good outside linebacker got a can rush the passer well but. It -- really well from side to side really sports football player. The ramps up on the board and you know what everybody trying to -- well. We -- certain with San Francisco and Seattle in Saint Louis in that division and they just doing their best just taught us a spot you want -- little bit. Because I talked to Rick -- to everybody said Mike I know they can pick a quarterback real high. You want to go somewhere down the line that they pull the trigger on a quarterback maybe didn't want it to what it round 11. Did this to spot you're the second round. Now Mike is they would go our quarterback who's the next ranked safety. You know to me because those always a hotly dates Calvin prior obviously they helped the board because I think decade yet. Option also will look at it look Walker's joint and Barrett's Brooks that computes from Florida State. I'll still up on the board. Also at Reynolds from Stanford all those guys and I don't think it gives the real wall. You just audit riddled sixty's late in the first round you gonna start to see those guys if you -- fan. Think you know that you look Mike and it's amazing. I think it does come into play when you look at character and everything. And when you have a guy cal band noise. You know to think obviously you know you look at Y young wide receiver getting a wide receiver cornerback or art talent I could even if that man and he was on a couple of mock drafts. But the one thing what you look. BYU player you'd be getting a good character guy. Considering that university the only radical BYU player that I have ever been associated with. It Jim McMahon. He might have been only -- average to go to a Mormon school but he was because you've played all it was they couldn't do it and not try to kick a mile.