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9-9 7-8pm Draft Fest Coverage

May 10, 2014|

“WWL Draft Fest” coverage (NFL Draft rounds 2 & 3) with WWL’s experts Bobby Hebert, Hokie Gajan, Mike Detillier and Deke Bellavia live from Rocketfire Pizza Company (612 Veterans in Metairie).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Flagship station new York New Orleans Saints. Not being at age seventy WWL and AM New Orleans 1053 WWL -- -- -- New Orleans and WWL dot com its draft. Last -- cajun cannon Bobby Hebert draft analyst Mike did you. She's available via drugs you are we ever -- disposal our business stinks but it's picking up Louisiana lottery corporation are proud sponsor of the same Max Holman knew that. Call Max then relax and live first. Fans of New Orleans your best of the best dealership. Comprehensive look at the Saints and NFL draft is still alive derided player pizza company 612 veterans in -- for -- -- of WWL draft. From the university of selected by the Rams as the sixth overall pick in the 1995. Draft. Defense today Kevin Carter. Joining need to make the announcement for the Saint Louis rams' selection is the Bud Light. NFL bandage -- experienced winner. Jordans words from Buffalo, New York. Oh. The 41 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. Louis -- LaMarcus Joyner and defensive back Florida State extra. -- with the 42 pick. In the 2014. NFL draft. I'm happy to announce the Eagles select. -- it meant to you why. All right so a couple of moves right there the Rams moving up and the heat -- -- getting Jordan Matthews another threat in my can't let up in the course of time the transformation in the event of your program went through with James Franklin. The quarterback Tim Rogers good receivers good running backs and Aggies thought SC ball Vanderbilt players a multiple. Not late but even higher the last several threats Mike it may come in May make an impact that football league most recently faced them back with Saint Louis -- here. Yeah he's their version of Jarvis Landry just a little bit bigger a little bit faster great hands tremendous route runner. You put up some unbelievable numbers with coverages rotate it constantly to his side of the field. And don't -- -- we have talked about this -- to draft balanced candidate dark arts at the Saints would -- -- the wide receiver in the first round. -- -- talk about chart Matthews and that's I think it's a great pick for the Eagles and it's amazing when you CO -- in a position. And a look with the Rams did at the next available safety. We took a lot of LaMarcus Joyner Manuel Gregg Williams -- that -- got five foot 890. Pounds you talk about a football player may become the latest brings that back knocked it on every time he's also good pickle got. All right it. I dictate yankees' Bobby -- the ability we have rocket fire -- to come they come on out all sorts of great sandwiches -- The pizza at the list especially Pete if you could make your own grief and talent the council. They've got a lot all the make you come on out to honest with -- it to midnight. Tonight counting it down and now the New York Giants -- coming -- on the clock they cannot wait to the same think in round two which will be the 26 pick in this round 58. Overall yeah. The Giants like to. From South Carolina State University big fourth round pick in the 1976. Draft by the Giants. Hall of fame linebacker. Harry Carson. Okay. Thank you. With a 43 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The New York Giants. Silhouette. Weston Richard Byrd senator Colorado State. So the New York Giants they have Micah active on the offensive line Eli -- in time to be healthy this offseason. And that's. A ballclub it would benefit by the we talked about it that night. Only two teams that we have been able to accumulates. It's all of the -- places. -- -- The Buffalo Bills select Cyrus. Won zero. Prey go by we talk about him being Cyrus Kwon do and now he is. -- -- you out of rich Burk was my top rated center. All music god that was a former high school quarterback. That grew out of that position across a lot of sting out of Colorado State really has been a terrific player from there. Holds the record for the most consecutive starts of an offensive linemen are a player in Colorado state district to the guys personal he's durable. A really good pass block -- -- get some pop as a run blocker. That was our squad -- depend -- well how you watch him. Because from time that time. He's been one of those guys we saw him get used to deal -- here. Indy in the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma if he'll be -- -- -- thought great he's mobile right tackle until that he can't play. You know I didn't and he's kind of been in that category along with -- market Moses late first round early second round out of Virginia. So when you look at him speculating Morgan Moses still on the board. Who would you look at -- what's come about and then and you think about that need to know what teams want. That that that that is critical. That you take care of the line of scrimmage could you know as a thank you hit the follow football but I -- the -- it's one in laws in the trick is truly when you break it down. No question about it and -- that was a big part of Alabama's success back to back national championships then. He picked us to a lot of you up front we picked it up front now last year was different. Totally different because he had lost those three guys was what Joseph was a guy that I think. I got a lot of trouble say it is an Alabama -- not but Greg Robinson was the best tackle in the state of Alabama let go we got a whole book. I'll walk and -- you sit and you gotta be kidding me but -- what you saw his body of work you saw the difference then. Greg Robinson could -- but he could move his feet. And Greg Robinson gets to where he hit. Pass block. At actually up raw all pro level not -- -- the wall the -- I exactly. Because you know you'll -- people in the run game but Mike you know what's also but this fake. It wide favorable for the saint if we decide to go with Marcus market LaMarcus -- center out of USC. You still to go that direction in his second run that we think cornerback. But that's still also a possibility. Because that's this that are really be targeted. Mark disbarred vs that the kid from Colorado if he -- the craziest thing about it there has not been a quarterback selected yet. In round two. All the movement there at the what the most defense that makes him an advantage differ from Mike and I think each you know years and years with you know it's great that Mike along those lines what you're say. You look at kidding apparel. And now the safety position I'm not saying is it's like a cover corner but the more you can do look at that important. Could -- you have to covered top -- -- in the league right it's almost like -- dual position. You kick it via pure safety you have to be a safety with corner skills. You could see that that that's just as valuable as the true quarterback. In today's world today's game incredibly athletic safety -- Carter. You can't be one dimensional like that Roman Harper of the world about what Carolina fan as you put eight to -- to put it the run support. That's fine and dandy would you want to have that ability and also have the high coverage skills. We expected maybe to cover a slot receiver. I think Brett critical right now the Seahawks make the efforts making it today they've accumulated more peaks in and we talked about him like no other team in the -- he's been able to make the peaks. But the Seattle Seahawks -- over the course of time you think about and argue who witnessed the thirty 2011. They've made it their best and I can't treat him like you say you want to put -- -- so -- looks. Into camp -- finding the right people. In essence because like the college recruiting I got that big last helmeted and I'll -- -- hit. On most double not all of them but most double -- might look at it mock drafts with the 32 pick up like Jason moral here. Yes that the tide -- Mahoney really. Cornelius the pass rush there are you to all the that tackled Morgan Moses. Built -- three players alike and I just mentioned if you look where they were ranked projection. That that would be and I believe will make for the Seahawks and dictate the point with the rich get richer. Well they always yep and it's like the jones' two on that one up one another with San Francisco's -- -- with Seattle's doing. Not separate -- picks up Stevie Johnson today from Buffalo. I think he's a good football player to watch it sent Seattle doesn't try to you'll move to look book -- to really get -- it looks -- -- Like almost every football just needs one of them does -- like biggest deal in my heat. Then I don't like that so Seattle has dealt this make all around Villa had a high -- it -- they backed down almost it to the -- water around to. You gotta give -- Pedro and narrow and Johnson not a lot of credit it they'd know how to find talent. And Mike if you look at it tell you said available. Tight end up -- Stephen tied and we know other leagues going Jason Merrill -- from Texas Tech. Are you look at Cody -- the -- have been this is not a year we had four or five guys that get after the quarterback. That that this is the guy out of out of the blue. He did it meant to be in their particularly. We get after the quarterback in the N double or people -- to tackle. From Virginia. Those -- three guys that. Mike we know about values the Seahawks would be a static I think any one of those guys landed right here. What are things you said last week was out what draft choices in this draft. We not really looking for one guy -- we look at the pieces of the puzzle. And you can see what he's don't want. Exactly what he was talking about accumulating those picks because he knows one thing eventually you can't pay everybody. Put the money they've shelled out for Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. -- can't -- everywhere. You know Mike you gave everyone -- look throw by value this Seahawks team and how they're structured. Okay Earl Thomas. Obviously live up to expectations but. All those other players middle round pegs as the paper it it was there in the first run I don't like get -- like -- -- overall -- down right know what you've proven -- Bill Russell will that's visible blood to prove -- you wanna reap the benefit. Of actually getting it done at the NFL level. But Mike why is that maybe this year is that just as cyclical as far as if he got a couple above maybe a -- in the later years where you have more of these. Would you put your clowning. And a pass rusher. Really with a pure pass rusher. That really did nobody called me easily. Is like that next guy I you can save babies speculate. At that people are outside linebacker. Obviously Luka -- match. But that your deepest and then they had been there this year. I'm just telling you it's three that's dying off because those bigger guys hopefully end on offense watt receiver tied it -- this -- get used up it. All right this is sure. Please welcome from Florida State University. The sixth overall pick of the 1997. Draft by the Seahawks. 2014. Hall of fame inductees. Tackle Walter Jones. Yeah. Yeah. We're the ones -- pick in the 2000 what do you know Boudreau whose got a feel today. Paul Richardson while receiver caught around. I as a wide receiver Colorado I always have received so little bitty guy -- -- run from California. Started out his career UCLA got to some trouble. He's a smallish built guy built along the lines of mercy apartment yet it unbelievable season last year on up that Colorado team. All I know is Pete Carroll said. I -- guys that they can put the ball in the end -- when you look at it it is rail thin if you can stay healthy. He is fast and RB Jets -- out on the football -- united facet Redick cook too we got as fast as my -- but but he's a different player. He's more of a stretch -- feel god. But you know what Seattle does that then look at the players here but I can't -- tells connection high school wise and he went to UCLA. Yeah you'll all about Paul Richardson is that was also. Former NFL player you can see the connection here but just how well they've done a big -- Golden Tate. In the offseason to replace him. All right he's my dictated by the -- they would come back we'll -- an out at Saints camp what -- crew Christie Garrett and T 58 bad it was supposed. As we -- to the fourteenth pick in the second round that is going to be. The Pittsburgh's Davis of -- most recently Paul Richardson receiver from Colorado with the the Seattle Seahawks and in this round the site will be making the 26 pick of round 258. Overall it. We are joined by a member of the Super Bowl nine championship team. There was celebrate this season the fortieth anniversary of the Pittsburgh's first Super Bowl victory. From the University of Notre Dame. Selected in the second round of the 1969. Draft by the Steelers. Quarterback Terry and -- -- -- -- With the 46. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't like. Stepson doing. The 47 pick. In 2014. NFL draft and Washington Redskins select. Trip and Barkley and linebackers that. I'm Steve -- is WWL of NFL draft update has brought you by the Louisiana lottery buy your ticket for tonight's 105 million dollar mega million Jaguars. UCL a guard Xavier so -- below was the first name off the board as the Houston Texans selected him with the 33 overall pick in the second round. The Marcus Lawrence Boise State defensive that would then go to the Dallas Cowboys Nevada guard -- But -- you know going to -- Cleveland Browns at pick number 35 in the second round. Quarterback Derek -- going to Oakland Raiders. Followed by Rasheed Hagman defensive tackle out of Minnesota going to be Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting Washington -- and Austin's a -- and Jenkins. At the 39 overall selection usually USC wide receiver more jeez are we going to beat Jacksonville Jaguars. BYU outside linebacker Kyle -- -- and the in the Detroit Lions ballclub. Florida State corner LaMarcus Joyner ends up at the St. Louis Rams at the 3041. Overall selection. The Philadelphia Eagles would make a move to give it to the 42 overall pick. And pick Vanderbilt receiver Jordan Matthews. I'm not a high school locker -- they got it would be at this point so. -- -- my head down and made -- work. He knows the culmination of homework where is that I think that goggle which we need to be. While Brady didn't work. Colorado State Senate -- Richard -- going to the New York Giants after that followed by Alabama offensive tackles Irish squad -- going to the Buffalo Bills. With the 44 overall pick. Seattle Seahawks getting Colorado wide receiver Paul Richards -- Notre Dame just. Came off the board with the Pittsburgh Steelers Notre Dame defensive tackle Stephon to it. I'm Steve Geller. We're still waiting on the Saints who currently hold the 58 overall selection in round two. Now let's go back to the guys that rocket fire pizza in Metairie for continuing coverage of day two of the NFL draft. Would it be WWL. And for the latest information go forward draft board as our home pages if you if you will. Dot com as well operated jaguar that you -- today what do you think the Saints to make. With that that selection should it be 8% to cornerback -- -- my back often to tackle you can catch a ball on line. It if you give you'll there Mike a few picks going off people. Yeah step onto it he's a perfect fit the put the Steelers beat you you don't let that football team. You pretty well they needed a big man in the middle could play defense and then -- stop the run defense solid pass -- I look the next pick the Redskins trip Murphy. He is one of the most instinctive. Principally as in this draft class event he plays it's still every Blake is his last he's not the greatest athlete. You talk about a got a gets after on every play. I told him this that he reminds me of an SEC -- when you look at Stanford's been brits then they played like they weren't that decent defense he was delusional that. That's a bike he basically went where everyone got pretty good where it was right but but what you look it's needed to it. That's kind of almost some adamantly been late for a little bit lower because guy like the bit to tackle people it's a bit of flexibility. I mean at that I've cut you know what's amazing -- was available Louis nix. You're looking guys rejected like first round is still there in the second round of Louis nix that Dallas -- me. That's come about cold Heatley only out of Missouri good to say that that David out -- yankees all the the court at a Stanford. And a tight end Jason tomorrow. Those were all guys you looked a mock drafts that are still available that made you possibly. Early second or -- late first no running back no quarterback -- Well bug know cornerback picked -- stupidest things. The odds the best. Odds in the first round according to make it my 100 dollar bet would want you said incentive. Had a running back I think it is for us right I was gonna and all of that running back position in the earlier rounds Mike is -- but both of the way a belief is now you're not gonna see medium if you get somebody just wish you a guy I've hit the obvious money next year. That they have -- not girl. If I'm opening -- he is a stud back AB's health. They hate the charger fans who would be a very critical. That they said as the second coming Herschel Walker. So how they put Herschel Walker on a pedestal. And you're looking in the first round tie purely if healthy. Is on that level is that put the ball and I think that the college notebook bullet Jack said. Herschel Walker. Those -- purely is that good. Now can't it be healthy at the big play and he's been nicked up but he had also terrific receiver coming out and act you can know what Powell would speed. So next year he's one of those guys that we you look at it. He certainly could be event in the Baltimore Ravens have to selected. Timmy Jernigan you know and he was like god that I get out he was a first round pick play out at like you look at mock draft even in the middle of first round. But let's talk about it that's what it's all the few bits and it got a bit a little bit of trouble and it's really down. Anybody who watched the BCS national championship game he was -- difference maker. I beat you control that football game upfront for Florida State up the middle if you did see. A lot of those runs with all who was hit on up the middle they hit the and it's blaze but they weren't running the football at -- Jernigan. Tim Jernigan terrific athlete. I think this is a great pick up all the focus people happier pressure and you know what you're gonna slack off on any -- -- open here no matter I -- like that. It makes -- picks to New York Jets the San Diego charges Chicago Bears followed by the Arizona Cardinals. Packers kind singles -- Dolphins and be in the New Orleans Saints. That yet so New York Jets Michael welcome him very active in the all seem like. -- had a couple wide receivers -- -- position and -- got a good quarterback making his for the confidence and your kids like. Please welcome. From Marshall University. Selected eighteenth overall in the 2000 draft by the Jets. Quarterback Chad Pennington. I. We're. Right -- fans with the 49 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The New York Jets select taste tomorrow. My it'll be tied in that was a highly coveted. I'm from Texas Tech and -- -- block there. But you don't one in the run -- actually a ball you go -- what good block in college because they've had asked him to. All we could do was catch passes or 100 catches last year. He's a receiver playing tight -- yes his back -- guy that you know what he can do for yet I hate to make the comparison. But does he remind you a little bit of Aaron Hernandez yet. A little bit when he gave ought to fly a little bit bigger got it out guy who -- moto and he's got great hands gets you to put. And -- you get that term value may considering where he's taken I've seen a few mock drafts late first round depending on. You know the tide in position how Nellie get picked. But it was like a slam dunk. The third -- tied in. And always viewed as a pass receiver Italian like you said. In this slot not so much not so much lined up alongside the tackle McConnell like Elvis Jimmy Graham in the slot. You shouldn't why it just his -- in the midst back. The back so yeah people wise yeah because that's how he beat people at the college level it was is not let the system you could match up you. -- ankle put no linebacker on the -- -- you -- your -- so you can try to strong safety and sometimes. They would double teaming him if he was still making tell -- why he excels at the short area that game Bob that that's what the Jets are gonna have to do. We can't quarterback group Eagles -- not gonna get to sit back -- -- pocket and wait for somebody get open he's gonna have to get rid of it paths. Well you almost electrocuted McConnell a tight coverage. That has covered this type of tight end because he has that hybrid guy hall of fame inductees. Linebacker Mike Singletary. Okay. Okay. -- In the 2014. NFL draft. The Chicago Bears. Eagle Ferguson. Defensive tackle. Belichick alright LSU eagle Ferguson that many people had him going -- but I haven't I got third round is that a second round with when he's playing well he's. Very good he was and still looks run stuffer in this makes it eleven straight years Ellis who has put up a defensive linemen but he NFL draft. No one in college football can touch that and last year they had a stud player on defense it was eagle Ferguson. He made more tackles at the -- at tackle than any other people it's not what LSU since Glenn Dorsey. Remember this is a team that how Michael rockers and leaving -- with pretty good. Ball and you look at it eagle -- it was the real freak. It was our deputy Johnson right. I mean yeah you know we love Anthony Johnson right here no less than a year as I mean you really only what maybe a couple of really panned out because pro football Kyle Williams is there's no bad the -- Buffalo Bills and finally got me you know. Like he's the best that event got ugly body. You know you see it -- -- analogy locker room romance that's well he's an athlete -- on how we can run it outlives. There's nobody's been more productive. At the NFL level. And when he got that big contract that's at least deserves that topic an idea how Williams fan. You don't what you look at all the great people to live at LSU how we have looked up to expectations. Above and beyond. Now you're looking eagle Ferguson would -- cities keep getting better and better better when you look at Eddie Johnson. -- -- live up to expectations he's still -- Coca Hewlett pivotal big bodies in the middle. But eagle Ferguson. We forty goal in the third round Mike but this is a great opportunity AM. -- abrasive -- Chicago you flavors Chicago Bears -- monsters of the midway. When he is a monster you know be a great opportunity they have. In Chicago I agree let's go back out to Saints can't -- that it -- began with our crude it's saints' facility sites that out of Puerto Christie Garrett increased to get one on Toyota and T a bad guys. It topics about six picks away for the at All Saints team not go -- o'clock we're seeing I'll run a couple. Pass rushers coming off the board of course eagle Ferguson -- the second -- tiger. Taken in this draft in. Just talk about a year which you know -- for your time with -- Yeah it kind of crazy see you now second round pick in the NFL draft to mean I was there when he stretcher and I was there reviews on the scout team for years since the guy who really. I watched continue to improve and improve and then after I got done playing now watching from afar it does seem like he really. Came into his own especially last season. -- -- him and -- kind of being you know the year and the job to kind of be in the acres of that line in the leaders of that defense you really stepped up and fill that role quite nicely I was pleasantly surprised. We just have -- he's gotten and you know I know this is higher than. A lot of experts had him go in and you know you may -- rightfully so however I would say it is the recent success some of the guys. They were talking about game you know that Glenn Dorsey. Any -- the Michael rockers that really opens the door. For teams to really trust. The product that -- shoes and -- lines ego. Does adding to a long list. You know -- -- Had -- or twelve years in a row. A couple other interesting takes from this round I mentioned Troy Murphy. Going to the Redskins -- 4:7 and I -- over you Christian but I am huge and actual. Production against great guy can run jump through the roof. But it can't produce an appeal to a matter will. Jim Murphy started the final forty games in his career and this is pretty ridiculous first you're starting. -- -- lost six and a half sacks that year eighteen tax lost in -- last year 23 and a half. Tackles for loss of these teen sex that somebody. Who got better each and every year you'd love to see that kinda career trajectory. Win drafted -- yeah. Arizona Cardinals on -- -- -- 52 that followed by the Green Bay Packers Tennessee Titans is a -- San Cisco 49ers Miami Dolphins and in that world Saints with the petite. Overall selection point six round number to him. To Bobby look at a couple of things that are still out there. And it -- an area possibly. Saint QB talks. It's true quarterback here the Cardinals. Yeah Arizona Cardinals -- Please welcome from Southern University. Selected in the third round in 1991 by the Cardinals. 2014. Hall of fame inductees. Defensive back and he -- Williams. With the second period. In the 2014. And a -- The Arizona Cardinals select Detroit Nicklaus tight end noted that. Right so tight and off the board now four of the world so it's not a defense of players not an offensive lineman but Keith McGill. Tony you -- mark Marcus Morton. Morgan Moses appeared this year Stanley Jean Baptiste all still there and of course -- now. What five selections away it's not rattle off six names of one of those six will be there when the Saints go on -- -- in all likelihood illicit trade out of that spot but. A couple of names that have been associated with the Saints quite a bit leading up to the draft them whether it be that the backers -- -- Marcus -- doesn't mean that we talked. Quite a bit about colonial league maybe an outside linebacker presence pass rusher at Missouri Steve out they have the versatility are some options here when he 1 o'clock. Yeah I know you've been quite high on him Marcus Martin and you know it's look in the closer we get. Maybe the Saints choose to go that direction you know I'm big. -- Lito stand as far as what he did last year in extremely tough situation probably hit two more challenging. First two starts for any rookie ever and -- occasion as the Saints won. Both of those games that's not they just if you like yet it does -- don't bring in some competition -- yeah. Only if both commitment -- on both said yesterday. In in the pre draft show that there's going to be some competition yeah -- -- at that position and it's iron sharpens us. So one man -- competition. Brings out the best in every high right now the Green Bay Packers are on the clock. For the third overall the Saints. Await the pick of the Packers at Titans the Bengals. The niners who could be also liar I -- one of these quarterbacks. Whether it be we're. Baptiste or Keith McGill will be -- this year so. -- you know what they do of course with the Dolphins to have Farnham. You know one of those two quarters could be there for the New Orleans Saints are they go markets markets that are -- yearly. Morgan Moses says another guy we've we've talked to an offensive tackle T Bob. And the Saints have shown a history of taking offensive lineman and just about every draft and Sean -- except for one. So there's going to be at some point is draft whether to the second round it's in our office tackles remains to be seen but those are just a couple of needs. -- and -- there'll still interesting their moves this is on the board considering how I. He was created another guy still barriers. -- This -- You mutual. -- that 2003 hall of fame induct the wide receiver James -- The 53 pick of the 2014. And a pilgrim. The thirteenth time -- -- champion Green Bay Packers -- last. But yeah Adams wide receiver -- -- today. In a wide receiver Dante Adam's going to the green bay Packers and now the saint Sara what four picks away the Titans and Eagles. 49ers in the Dolphins before they go on the clock he Steve Bobby Hebert Kristian -- Ellison to back out to draft fest at a rocket fire pizza with. The ability -- Bobby there. And NFL analyst -- bit double coverage each and every morning weekday morning got to wait to get even time to talk about sports -- culprit on all -- double coverage -- by Mayfair and Christian -- 6 AM to 9 AM. All three got you have. I'm Steve -- of his WWL NFL draft update has brought you by the Louisiana lottery. Buy your ticket for -- 105 million dollar mega million jackpot. With the first pick in day two of the NFL draft. UCLA -- to guard Xavier so -- came off the board going to be Houston Texans. The Dallas Cowboys up next taking Boise State defensive end Marcus Lawrence Nevada guard Joan VT auto going into the Cleveland Browns to pick number 35 overall. Fresno state quarterback Derek -- in the in Oakland go into the Raiders Minnesota defensive tackle Rasheed haggling going to be Atlanta Falcons 37 overall pick. Tampa Bay was up next giving Washington tight -- Austin's a -- Jenkins. More he's league wide receiver out of USC going to Jacksonville Jaguars followed by Kyle in the way. BYU outside linebacker landing with the Detroit Lions. LaMarcus Joyner Florida State quarterback would be selected by the St. Louis Rams fall by the Philadelphia Eagles picking Vanderbilt wide receiver Jordan Matthews. You do your -- get a senator taking west and rich -- out of Colorado State. Alabama offensive tackle Cyrus or joke went with the Buffalo Bills would be 44 overall selection. Paul Richardson Colorado wide receiver headed to Seattle playing for the Super Bowl champion Seahawks. At 46 overall Notre Dame defensive tackle step -- -- we're going to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Stanford defensive end Trent Murphy landing in the Washington Redskins at the 47 overall selection Florida State defensive tackle Timmy -- Going to the Ravens with the fortieth overall pick. Next up for the Jets thinking Texas Tech tight end chase Amaro Georgia Tech linebacker Jeremiah touch you going to the San Diego Chargers. Then the first LSU tiger comes off the board lending and shut down. In the 2014. NFL draft. The Chicago Bears select an eagle Ferguson and defensive tackle. Arizona would follow that pick with Notre Dame tight end Troy Nicklaus. Fresno state wide receiver Devard -- Adam's going to -- Green Bay Packers with the 53 overall selection. And we just heard of Washington running back bishops Anke. Going to the Tennessee Titans with the 54 overall pick were inching closer to the Saints election which is 58 overall. I'm Steve -- now back to rocket fire pizza in -- for continuing coverage of day two of the NFL draft. All right we had to pick number 55 now. And listen to anything we don't make the -- and -- Michael a lot of picks come -- a lot lot faster than the last I have but -- around at the first running back. Bishops -- reminded me a lot of Q Marty but art. It was the first running back pick last year and that's exactly what I wrote about books about it just text me that. And it and he is that I play all purpose heavy duty back to catch the football at the back feel now Cincinnati's up to -- he. It's like. Please welcome from Florida -- -- A sixth round pick in the 1969. Grabbed by the Bengals. Defensive back. Fourteen NFL draft. The Cincinnati being moved -- back here every year old running back yeah that's -- that's a -- and it is. Well they have a very physical running back a guy who was one of the tops in the SEC with -- with tops in the country in my -- thought. -- and today think -- what you tell by the team if he fits in the field and you look at to continue to do some things offensively. I got some weapons in 90% of another weapon they're really helps you in all phases of especially grounded out games and that they'll grind out of these. Last year they got these the -- Last year they got. Because -- lightning with minority they got out on the back here and Jeremy -- who really is. A picked up football player now off the field issues kept him to be in the top back. You talk about as good football layup he just pounded away at people every time he touched a football. And for Cincinnati you can keep them away from trouble made you got a guy in that type weather you don't wanna be that live in -- -- it January. Well thank you look at it and what's ironic and if he's healthy in the media the saints' schedule -- what November 16. He comes in a Mercedes-Benz superdome with the Cincinnati bagels. A new kickoff. That that needed a schedule we talked about it. October 26 you got the Packers that you got the short week at Carolina. He got the 49ers. At home and he got the -- -- at home November 16. And out boy. I tell you what we knew we don't want of that we know we won -- that success. But not delivered -- sixteen we don't want to have any success. Uncle and against the Saints but. I think got a great situation they have. Oh at the bagels are well team given only. He beside the Saints cannot lose at home and a regular season and it's no I think it's a great situation. It's an outstanding. How outstanding that big of defense is. -- -- -- -- Denver broncos' selection. Please welcome. -- The newest member of the Denver Broncos ring of fame. Halfback and -- gene Mingo. With a 56 -- In the 2014. And a -- the Denver Broncos elect. My -- Deco goes all through the New York Jets a ball club that. As got a quarterback that spreads the football as good as anybody here for the game and Peyton Manning if you're receive a hand -- that's that's a great spot to land. There won't. This you look at what they try to do to try to be a more physical team but -- with more receivers did you get. On this football team but -- elaborate that's pretty much what it Gulbis and his agent did a great job selling him Lotta people had him -- the first round. He's really more of a late second early third round pick god this workouts got everybody's attention. Going back to Jeremy deal you know was the highest drafted back before Jacob Hester was the 69 and darkness in 2008. But you go back to which you got here recorded that -- it's up -- man who can run up the field got good hands he had a foot injury. But he is another weapon for Peyton Manning to use downfield. And now up Mike you gotta wonder if the San with -- 49ers. See a team but it may be tried to -- something that they want me to New Orleans Saints they just moved up. And I'll put off a trade in now they are -- o'clock. It 57 in the Saints at 58 in saint color analyst -- guys on that -- just now -- -- hokey. Take us through what is like if you know and a second draft room and -- a war room there win someone -- we have -- please thank you win. There's a ballclub. That is it and you don't know Houston and you think it okay we're up next and if somebody jumps in front of your we were trying to get -- you thinking here. And yet you try to find out okay what's going on if some I think he's the that you -- -- with a -- here in the just the moment but. I'm pro -- on the current roster for the San Francisco 49ers and Mike -- -- first round pick to not be pretty good there agree. You know no question about it and issued it go right back with QB -- it goes back to back years that they picked the safety in round one. And do what they've with a reported on its -- wanna keep up with Seattle. I think get you this whatever anybody else does that's fine. -- we worried about which Seattle does it's almost like a football chess match he -- -- -- between the two teams would -- San Francisco does Seattle tries to -- about it Seattle's noticing that the San Francisco. But coating that there is -- I just go back to that nick. That was that got I think San Francisco warning. I think they want according -- it would happen it is then quick jump to put that put it. All right look good so might we -- look at it -- has Louis makes babies led to this point Bobby. He can't do some that that I know we've all had problems we have been saying it. I'll fooled but I got beaten again I mean you know he -- at it you gotta watch this that we creeps up on him real fast. -- -- that guy the middle but his weight issue is that that's why he has dropped this more. But you look at it now with the 49ers who lit up very similar to the Saints. Well all wanna quarterbacks. You know I'll look at the first round up rejection. Jason their red Denard they'll all of possibilities. With the 49ers. -- going that direction. So yet that this could be sold one. I can hit their would you say that wanna. Do. That don't get caught up back. Yet no -- on a back. How right now yeah we have -- now and hope you put the ball we're breaking up a moment ago is that. You sit there -- you you -- your position and if somebody jumps in front of you will go through the -- in the department that. They're gonna take a guy we want. I think that I would go to the mat and nothing else did you look at the 49ers that I mean I'm sitting here thinking that they need -- -- I'm thinking markets Maarten well that the 49 while young can go win. They need to -- Yeah so he's an eagle on those resting and do it do anything if they think you could do poking at their -- now like what I got way below my pay grade right there right now when he chart all that brought it back up just pray that they don't do it right right -- president -- that you wanted to -- you know -- -- -- you can't do you think it's okay you know you can manage your head coach and one hand on the phone. I mean I guess that they could try and do something but. -- speak -- with somebody jumped right here do you like that they're not will on the street that day. -- -- -- -- not because coming up and then to New Orleans Saints will have seven minutes.