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9-9 8-9pm Draft Fest Coverage

May 9, 2014|

“WWL Draft Fest” coverage (NFL Draft rounds 2 & 3) with WWL’s experts Bobby Hebert, Hokie Gajan, Mike Detillier and Deke Bellavia live from Rocketfire Pizza Company (612 Veterans in Metairie).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike you know when you think about San Francisco and Seattle not mean repeatedly hit look at hopefully the reports -- -- you'd been beaten me but they had more draft choice. You brought that up with Seattle and I think San Francisco's third or fourth on the list of Bulls draft choices so I didn't hit. Accurate it is the football chess match between the level the fact that they went safety and he picked up. You can hit Stevie Johnson -- that you wouldn't know he's -- -- in the league at wide receiver. I'm just telling you that -- they really want it was -- lap and then put jump them but that. And now Mike when you look at at the same so we talked about Marcus Barnett thinner. If we had when we -- one guy cornerback Phillip gains -- -- Stanley John Baptiste Nebraska. Pierre that is our government that would whom has the highest rank it among those corners. The cape government that would rice. Our our work also to Nebraska that you guys you also have to look at. Is that Florida he would -- -- Marcus Roberson but either in jail and stealing Watkins -- Sammy Watkins roughed up. So all mop board. Would you wait come down it was Watkins this sort Roberson but you don't almost all I did a cool it is still the team that needs. I beat all of balls like one out and get a ticket for you tell your heels a good kid from Utah also. They all all op real close in high -- which want it every. Wanna -- -- was six with no real close look that's telling me he said -- all of a six foot -- say to get navy at cornerback. A bad day that they wanted if this guy like it's one guy you got maybe -- -- -- three or four guys to Paula you flat. And a San Francisco team I would you think about it fit in Okinawa audiences to Buffalo with a fourth and -- postal fourth straight title game for the benefit most recently. -- equipment to restate NFC championship. Yeah. You know and there -- old nemesis out there in the NFC west so. You know and I don't know about you but I mean I feel that bad feelings against him gather I don't wanna get a bucket beat him so let's see -- The 57 day to the San Francisco 49ers. To announce the San Francisco 49ers selection. As well. -- -- Seventh minute. -- Wanted to run our running it's -- -- -- -- a tremendous play in the big DM I forgot who came up here Braxton Miller and you know play lights out and really ran through everybody. That they playing with the exception. This can stay in the second half to beat the team to a game again just couldn't keep a score wise took Clemson -- you know all it. Well you know he's deal -- put -- football team. He's -- between the tackles rather. Apollo runner and that's what took off almost no hope well why don't want to get involved in francoeur in some years and he's got a little bit aware he had -- he's he's still a terrific backed -- but Annika at a quarter rust -- so you mean you get the guy that fits what you wanna do and I mean keep the highly rated players so. I mean in my opinion mountaineer lieutenant right now if she'd be perfect scenario for the Saints that you know. Whether they go offensive line or whether they don't the second day they got the guys that they want right there so now it's a matter of you waited out between. The defense staff offensive staff who wins that battle -- tickets already in. It is already and so you threw it to. To say they had the bite the question I have what you look at running back obviously trademark. And base it from our -- And then also when you look at it the kid out of Arizona. -- -- Care. I mean what would you think that their -- back you think yeah helpful also on the second. In round RO what do you think. So that was what time as far as the runner running -- -- we've seen I picked you you'd just about saudis in dub it a big goals for back to what all Condit camp together. -- -- can see a little bit of space. And did you see the running back school kid probably late in the third into the fourth round. What's not -- -- monopoly board has been cornerbacks. And a lot of the wide receivers not -- Mike Green. Well -- thought would be paired well to is still there -- a slant to over slavery still there. Marcus bought the set up for USC still there I was my second rated. -- associate -- the Saints have a number of options whether the goal of cornerback are what -- -- -- -- -- -- Aaron I think depict and right here you -- if you bought bought. What Davis and I'll look at mark yet. Not now he's legit at the all time NFL leading scorer and representing the things. Okay. Please welcome. From Michigan state university. For a fourth round in the 1980s you'd -- for the Saints and the NFL's all time leading school. Kicker Morten -- With the big hit a big in the 2014. NFL draft. The New Orleans Saints may know mentally G Bob please. Nebraska vote no with a name like Staley G bet these. That night straight from Haiti got the creole love they don't know about history now -- it. That that is awesome. Still think you've got started out -- career as a wide receiver. He -- -- still look to have caught up back slot. You -- Florida he would actually that's another basket got it he was a Florida high school wide receiver they brought him over. He's that guy at six foot three wood off 41 and a half inch vertical jump. God he's built exactly the type guy. We've talked about Staley in all these other scenarios. That type guy that Rob Ryan wants it that that long -- guys. Huge wingspan. Just learning a little bit of how to play cornerback he's only played it two years. Well you look at all the projection. He was the second round that's not a real easily tip the reason that Jake you took it a quarterback they'll protect you go to second round. What I like though his name John. Back -- needs and you can't get more creole branching garlic it's like you would think he was born with a high school at New Orleans. And it was that kind of neat to -- hold it -- thing. Poking a big physical cornerback the Saints and talked about the need it that it. It's now to come and play under some good good players and come -- -- Lewis and future hall of Famer. It hit Miami heat's video is looking at the clip right here me he looks like that Keenan Lewis mold with a long arms and you know I can remember back when I was getting in -- would always you know all the top corner you know airing lands in. In you Eric Allen both got their -- board I mean -- 5959. Half you more to say. I don't want those small guys that they want big guys as a coach they're not out there you can't find them now it just seems like there's a lot more those big corn because I think. The college teams because of the change. You will all the wide open -- in college football they're going to the bigger corner now didn't move that guy in high school. In goes to college be moving to receiver now they keep him as defensive back. So now that we keep seeing you start missing a lot bigger corners now hopefully we did you start seeing it. 6162. B well when I was down and you have a bad day that weren't there they -- Michael JA ME that I would soon hit the back went out today and all the and looked there were a lot of great ones make not. -- -- Not gave me. No I mean he's going hall of fame Darrell green is not very big that was just. That was awaited those guys that can really run that were undersized will be. I put in the defense to back now go to the look and only bigger figures -- we've got to -- we gonna happen but make guys on the outside that can do that though. It's just a gift and how they're. Being brought up from have to. Colin well you look at it who won what 6215. Pounds I mean it copycat league you Goodell -- time Ricky Sherman. A lot of big guy -- more of Obama challenged their receivers. It to train right now that Stanley jaunt that teeth. And has going to form and he could be -- a better place. When you look at that they legacy over and over again. That's like that get hit more rich -- these strong bat these get a look at it that size I mean it's I view the situation they have. And -- do what I wanna play for Rob Ryan. Considering. All the players have competent Rob Ryan but they gonna put him in the position to succeed. So I've really got to be ecstatic coveted thing. Against the New Orleans Saints most recently they have two -- now they're frantic groups receive -- yesterday the first round twentieth overall and now with the 46 pick in the second round 58 overall this thing to take it caught -- Beck 63280. -- out of Nebraska. Stanley Jones that tees so figure you would say that the Saints -- -- Not only -- indeed but those some of the as. -- available and got only in my very good players yet you you've got to be excited about what they've done in Houston two rounds. I mean I know I am I'm delighted you know agent Mike did you know that was kind of a group of corner right here. And let's see if they start getting that run home grown now and all those guys start to fall because we've been through but we've already got our guys that we are very isn't that really matter. Right we've seen this before like -- -- the running backs. That's what I kept telling Bob -- -- that run gonna start off on us yeah and it almost like you got cute you know this. Now I get on everybody's this it was a little bit different but what is he fits in what rob wants a six foot 32 or fifty. Now on a back yet who's got balls -- if you play receiver. You've got pretty good balls. -- Oh yeah you'd end and that he wasn't converted receiver is that what you say yeah I played him it was a Real -- high school. It came in its first two seasons at Nebraska. He was actually receive well and let's face it I mean we've had been sorely lacking in some guys in the second period because of had to pick a lot of plays on the ball and I think today yup and the batted down. Well the Saints have taken Stanley's off that teams at cornerback out of the press the 6218. Pounds it just takes Christian no word on when Saints coach Tom -- We addressed the media -- -- giving it the Christie Garrett so take -- opponent -- -- -- your thoughts on the cornerback and he was. Hope that you will -- can now of course Stanley Jean Baptiste. Quarterback that a lot of people felt like you know was an area of need for the Saints so a two picks a wide receiver cornerback. For an Owens and certainly it was. So -- folks looked at and said you know that that was a position two positions of Eaton we're expect to hear from. Saints coach Sean Payton momentarily Peabody Bears -- well and. Yeah yeah you better than Stanley -- Shall. Instantly feel that's had this conversation right idea. The old man so excited that the expletives. Are you look at this guy. Receiver who's got the ball skills. Richard chairman. A lot of things like with -- didn't work in progress. India. Situations. In -- morning to -- Chan Daley a year future hall of Famer and teach young guys and the long term professional in this lead just seemed like. You can if -- year's Stanley. You can -- did in the better situation between Champ Bailey Rob Ryan. It seems like all the right tools are pleased for you'd be successful and to good things. I cooks yes -- in the world you know. Don't let too. It's in the world bit of stretch it's great ones that got a lot of on potential. If you will John Batiste and they talked about six feet -- long. Perhaps most because we 41. And a half inch vertical Christians along with being 63 and -- jump balls he's going to be able league. -- a former wide receiver. -- It -- that so. Travis you know my point is human voters are active and -- Obama might -- -- but -- that not the point is that you know. It's at wide receiver and I were whispering a violent that's where it gets it's a quiet in the refused because waiting -- -- -- -- how you -- Lee he's a good job at least Taylor in the room talk about the at second round selection by the world saint Stanley she. Yeah all that -- on it via the cornerback 63 to fifteen out of Nebraska. 4640. As a record time record of my details via on his draft report in the certainly a player that a lot of people felt like as the picks started full on full Monty -- 45 and six picks away. Quarterback wasn't position that you know a lot of people felt like this is this was where the Saints shooting could go. Now it's maybe a center but that out of their round selection. Yeah well. And also I think what we were real talk about right. What -- what we've -- the Saints need to commit extra that was it deep threat wide receivers speedster. And a cornerback. Preferably one with size and already they've addressed both. News beat right away off the bat so solid first two picks from the Saints I think you know you're. Like gold then you're -- Part of that he would nation that should be eating very excited. For full time. Well and that -- -- -- you look at also it's like the NFC south. I'm not saying you have the bottom where like the NFC west with -- -- A -- I don't know like both the Carolina. And then you look at the bush that when you look at the trenches. How tough was going to be in the NFC south. Cool that you leave one of those guys that fell to Carolina. As projected. The next pass rusher behind -- -- it's all about disrupting the quarterback so. Now we have to Tennessee. You know that they probably is that it that it got a guy. And that can put pressure on Drew Brees and I easily. Real Missouri. You know a few bits of linemen obviously. You know with sands and everything you wouldn't speculate where he's gonna go. Our via free agent because when you got that double teams -- yeah yeah it was -- this call immediately so. No -- when you look at it you observe everything was going -- in the NFC south. You look you have to like the last two -- that you truly objective. With the Falcons did in the interior. What I think -- -- I hate him -- know whatever you from Minnesota -- now guarding Rashard he went a he had admitted it dealing with lately out of out of the flu. On it and I went Tampa gotten Austin's south region -- Gload and another big parking a big target tight end I don't like again Jimmy Trent. Now. That's why I like that -- it even more is because Tampa and now has. Might get him into Jackson and strategy to actually got a lot of size. Tim you had been successful and have somebody who's 633. Team 41 and that. -- -- -- -- We are waiting on the Saints coach on -- here at a saint Edwards and addressed the media after the selection. We -- overall Stanley zone that he's cornerback Adam Nebraska Mike. You can see guys Wear the football -- is being played Carolina -- defensively front seven. So why don't rocketed up the guy. To put pressure on -- -- rich get richer and Matt Ryan. You know aren't as critical lap you because I really I can't match offensively. But -- -- sure disrupt you know what you wanted to do. We Tampa -- -- is -- they trot out just outside you. With Jackson with Evans Austin -- -- green jackets this they would match up with me. Basically that's what's overlooked it just telling you backed up if that's the case it's interesting -- -- just moved to Atlanta needed to get physical up front and if not it. With their first two picks with talk about it because it's -- tackle Terry Matthews at tackle. It this division. Is is change. In how everybody's trying to maneuvered it just means Doral we get the edge to one another. Yeah it definitely seems like kind of what you're talking about will be -- -- there's just so much emphasis. Nowadays -- -- guys you can get to the quarterback. And guys who can protect the quarterback that you've seen. Players who maybe have gone above where they were built in the second. The other thing that that's interesting is that really we have not seen guys that run on quarterbacks. That I think all of us come up what what happened in this range we saw I don't running backs we saw a little bit on tight ends receive a little bit on the defensive line. That you got your pick up but 45 guys that will all jammed up numerically. You got the choice of what you want it you could acts were really -- better scenario. It would happen here to get -- don't let the. Alan Robinson. Just going to Jaguars. They're looking to help out. We're -- immediately you've -- this -- to Robinson. -- Of course -- waiting six and coach Sean Payton black and gold. In the second round thinking since Stanley shown that he's six foot 3250 pound cornerback out of Nebraska. The first two picks the point fourteen crappy at wide receiver cornerback as Mike -- Bobby teed up on -- there. Countering the moves in -- self seeded and number of different moves -- all the teams in the division. With the Carolina Panthers certainly Tampa Bay Buccaneers adding two offensive weapons. To put two selections for. Their football team we're seeing now. And open their defense secondary Mike -- Stanley jump acting like it's been snakes there the biggest surprises. For yet available players who it is right now. Yeah you that now we're talking about that that he's a guy that can't see a couple of -- real well I'll fool. I think I mean that is rob I mean he's he's. That's -- we've all had that issue one way or another so that's why he's dropped a lot of teams a little bit scared that his big man. He's got diverted to a huge grant. Bubble boy if you can get his weight down is a still a player to Billick gets the run will give you much of a pass rush and boy it's up everything inside. That the Patriots election year -- Willie McGinest is up there. Make -- the pick for I don't know what to -- these sweaters and blew it. If somebody's on a -- that's what the -- on them importantly frees up this. Would isn't. Who done who got. The respect from Denmark. Yeah -- the Patriots are on the clock and of course those things. We'll have a coach on the eyes of the Patriots at -- -- immediately move Ryan well let's -- -- it might take over as my what does it do now around out. That means he's not heels. -- when you -- would you pick Jimmie go rob below. I've -- you look at the -- that victory successor to Tom Brady I think he just said you know what the problems are gone. Eastern Illinois -- -- Sean -- Same school you put up unbelievable numbers that eastern Illinois and he's the guy that it's a good fit for -- Patriots concern evident that Dolphins. Yes Rob Lowe the Christians that actually saw an interview and that Senior Bowl. He seemed to be hands spotlight will really enjoy themselves having a good time doing it some of the top tier which I think it's a team. With a lot of these guys from a smaller schools when they get those opportunities against. You know standout guy that's why was it won't see. Q&A -- Just. This New Orleans Saints have thought their second pick in the fold in these -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- 5060 turn eighteen -- Is it could pick you pick cancer vote online at W if you dot com operated jaguar pupil. And -- whole field. You know my principal point about the New England Patriots there arrived ballot they've events at some time at camp and got him grown up but similarly. Maybe this is a situation where they don't like having it being groomed -- only take a good group until. If Mike that it means that you've roadmap and apple. But you know yeah I think it also goes along with the the frame of quarterback that Bill Belichick play like you look it I'm very. You look at mallet leave you look at Rob -- They're all being called lead quarterback and you know he doesn't want. He wants to new -- topic you know the Poole wide receiver and donor bone field when he wanted quarterback and and in the pocket and throw the football. So accurate from the -- -- -- caught it and that's his deal if Rob Lowe could come anywhere close. Go to Tom Brady and accuracy don't real gap but. You know it yesterday he was our last interview that him and I had in -- kind of goofing around with coach they -- About -- will be if from eastern Illinois and it but boy you can kind of the other way that coach Clayton lightened up that you got to he has accomplished guy. It really he really taught me to go -- do about it but he did -- with the MVP in the east west game. He went to see you both -- not out of played. -- -- when we got off the air he really got the -- is -- about this he would continue we have week -- review team and the only just -- Sharkey I mean he's you know we got the entity known it was going on that football Smart. Very mature young man and now we don't have to worry about that victory and it did him throughout the -- -- -- -- -- on patent and trade up and preserve what. Some of those Eto'o was. Somebody told it to Chris just didn't pull that out of the -- I think maybe. That was it fueled me because the if somebody would beat you -- if you make it very -- you could see wouldn't blame. -- think about it other than Tony Romo another big time. If you've you've got to put holding robe on that top twelve quarterbacks in the NFL with myself. I mean he's a small college guys I wanna back now Bobby Jake. With one level. But you rarely see that today. Yeah a big school guys it's rare that you -- that's ball not shaking WL Lafayette right. We you don't see them anymore. That that's not -- -- you'll pick I think this that little seven can't change the world that everybody gets to see two quarterbacks -- -- you know I'm not really sure. How that how that works but. I did you know Ivy League you'd look at it and if grenade the quarterback get beaten you strictly a pocket passers are large enough credit to move around up on the other. The drop below Bobby go to New England now I gotta think Iran that it may be all the way through the public the idea you would think so. That the bottom line is like you know Mike you know -- just saying that they'll -- you wherever you're at. And when you look at graph below. And you look at the past success. Tony Romo. You know Sean Payton being is that eastern Illinois -- that's pretty impressive. What you look at. You know this night the fighting a line guy it's the is that it directional school. I mean this evening when I -- when I came out the great quarterback class that Dan Marino John Elway and all and all that Jim Kelly. Kid O'Bryant. Here's a quarterback for the Jets than a decade he went to UC Davis. He just told -- those you have a chance. To make a team. That would -- exposure today. If you are developing that you end up going. Different school you have more opportunities. Verses you being slotted him maybe only have one or two but the permitting and development but the one thing will look. It's all about the Stanley. Is that what you look at is -- And I'll look at this when everyone's trying to get after opposing quarterback. A strong initial jam. To reroute receivers in press coverage saw you gotta do you go out because you have to land. And -- okay. Nobody can cover anybody for 452. But if you put jam somebody and they can't get off the line that you re routing the route that they wanna run. All of -- felt it is time to throw. The quarterback think it Pablo will look look at futility and livid and at the fact that Rusch is. There so that's Clarence lived through just went to Miami Jarvis Landry how -- all right. And that's a great pick up the line then he'll live up effectiveness government yet that it that they did it just. All of mile all a matter of this -- I think the row. Where the clock and a quarterback's head. Could you don't just sit back there the 45 seconds you two are probably chalk board give the media Q this is the -- wanna run. But if you -- goal in the line the next day with the Seahawks did. That guy is that rocket scientist suddenly you go back to Jerry Glanville Buddy Ryan old school. No big -- all the white man or man like Phil. The quarterback school -- press and depending on holly old puts up with dips whether he had the inside help or not. Where -- -- come -- to jam the receiver and his three -- all of but it looks like make coverage initially until you jam the receiver and you get any kind of pass -- hell it's time to throw. And it -- really don't have that many options as far as a row we had thrown out. To attack the defense. So that right there when I read that. Strong initial jam. To reroute receivers in press coverage. Right then at that goal along the way -- -- -- with team to try to do with the local law law are. The tall big cornerbacks. -- value came at the jam and a very if you ripple in the jam the receivers factually. So you have to have those skills word come -- coming -- a jam and I'm getting ahead on the receiving I'm not with it. -- what are some of the things when you were there. If you look at it is -- -- standpoint person what you see in The -- some of those things up and letting us out but today I don't know if Mike agreed to tonight to be. Cornerback was the most difficult to see him recover because. When it got really good but by throws and it was so it can't dig cant evaluate him and because you don't see things happening. It is you know you say well okay because me lazy on the backside of bobbled maybe -- this season oh man to man coverage in his dad not doing things. Field the few opportunities that you do see the ball thrown his way to -- you've kind of got to be right on it right you run that that plate back. Five or six that you see what they get in the team would defeat it would. But I need to -- The one thing that that is pretty easy deceit and keep it to back to their footwork. Unless there when blacks Jews on eight but dark surface because you really can't see their feet and it's. So anyway a lot of those things that we do it. A lot of times -- -- would disable you got a good corner after the snap he can't begat the line of -- Receivers have to have a just quit because he knows I'm supposed to be one to plant going to quick slant to the inside -- -- disrupted everything so. You know it's it's very difficult I think those guys more than any other position probably practice it where you get. More welcomed him to thank you don't locate to elaborate on that point but -- looked at -- initiative to reroute receivers in the press coverage now yet the flexibility. And then also -- Stanley jaunt that these often acts the play off man principles. As well. And showing the patience to allow receivers to get near him. Before beginning his turning motion breaks quickly -- chart Ralph. This blog -- his strong hands to get to the ball good hand eye coordination. And leaping ability. So it's like all of a -- and also guys play off and they go way off could do -- a -- getting -- with this guy. By the standing over like he's playing off. Make you -- -- he's big and it is practicable what you think like goalies play off. It was the receiver makes haircut you react to -- Wright -- -- like you keep playing press coverage. The saints' most recent -- his second round pick as being that fifteenth overall point six around. Nebraska cornerback 63218. Pounds and please don't bet -- we -- waiting to hear what Saints coach Sean -- mostly. As he addressed the media Christie -- and keep my favorite thing at -- camp. They will let us know at -- game and go through things coach saw me as soon as that might. You know one of the things with him is his learning how to play in reverse. You make your roots people all your life you've been running the ball was not all of a sudden they -- -- -- sixth with a Greek god now you've got to back up. And that's where he still needs a lot of work. Because his technical skills his footwork he's high on that back that -- real high. So he's got to get a more common sense of balance to get out of that back meddle because you standing up high. And that receiver could easily get around him that way. And that's something that all you like you've been taught to run -- ball would now all of a sudden they say hey look competitive -- back to reverse. And went back what day it -- mean you know. With everything that you get an opportunity to see on film. But one thing if you don't get to see practice and I'll tell you name me to play now again I'm going back fifteen years ago last. You know. The scouting profession. But we just didn't see technique or really. -- that much you practice to meet and his build on let those guys get away with sloppy mechanics and things like that you'll stay in. That won't happen in the NFL that podium out there and you know making why keep that but -- -- -- -- -- going. What the you know so I think things like that where pretty easily corrected now. Go Hokies that thing about this topic not to talk about this to watch in the saint -- And also the coverages there but making a play on the ball. Like a couple of you're right they're just make a play -- the ball got good coverage I was reading also would you look at John Baptiste good ball skills sticks there and they've -- the ball outside of its great. That's like a receiver repeat unity that Gaza I see you outside of his grades all athletic big plays at a ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would nobody standing. Yeah -- they'd make it -- offensive. When we try to do great turtle we got the fourth ranked defense. Can it get away. Turnovers at the last two years. That won he won pass deflection six passes except. So he's got his hands on a lot of passes to us as a real all of -- did and so that's slightly caught a back and not receive. In essence the right it's I don't the ball at the final minute I got conceded inning but he's right there to make -- -- it almost like. Hopefully he'll that odd and if you drop but -- gets its hands on a lot of passes at 63. And goes long bombs. Most defensive backs he would get to. But he was picked on a little bit earlier on in his career they think it you know because I didn't know we've got W willow would -- at quarterback he got much medal last year. But that's where. The Saints secondary people are gonna have to work with the only one that -- back medals and getting back quickly reversed because you can sleep. He just plays -- too high a base and that's something that just experts he doesn't. I don't pay it when you look at it who wanted backgrounds well traveled like instead it was that they'd like. -- that means you think you born and raised in Louisiana high school college. Look at that fit one year as a wide receiver had dark Carolina. Tech Brett. After finishing this high school career at Miami to go to Miami. And North Carolina and red shirt at the 2009 season that sports got. Work out community college. Before finally going arriving at Nebraska. So he's got all the well -- going all over. So it's not like you -- you want that environment are you comfortable if -- like if the road Mario holed it. It -- bit different situation it's Andy's QB LT seven date challenges. Of moving it being a different environment. Not only is. Is necessary Tampa Bay's. Receivers now Atlanta as you know those are those are all. Guys and through good size Carolina of course yesterday drafted. The big receiver. So. You know you kind of go going to do with it what does he do well we think he's got to come play press man and you know his ball skills or something that that we we also put a value. -- He -- Williams our highest rated prospect. It. There was a gap with with grades when it comes to corner. After. The handful first round prospects in and I'm sure those. Rates throughout the league were were mixed. That it that it gets you a little bit more challenging. In. You know stand he was someone that. Was with separate. From. The guys on our board. So it it up in good fit for us. So many times this off season with a Q yeah. Seattle what is it. You got to build secondary and then. Go back -- -- -- what 63 so normal -- Over time that they have and how much. CNN planned. Did you want to. Maybe more that secondary. I think it was yeah I think it was. Look I mean that they've got a fantastic secondary who we've got a chance see it firsthand. But I think it was really trying to. Fit what we're doing and and you know. The year and a half ago start before last year's draft we've made an effort to to really put high value on size. And we've been able to do that defensively. But there. -- Well. It it's it's nothing -- I mean you go back to the the guys that first started playing. Bump and run we saw one tonight. Willie brown and -- clone back you're in the sixties with Oakland. So. They're better well a lot of great corners and our league that that size at the same way it receiver. Certainly that things trend. But. You know it it doesn't. Get away from the corner maybe who doesn't have that same -- typically if they're shorter you know you hope that they've got. A rare skill set in regards to quickness and agility but. But with with the receivers we see in and with the amount of bump and run coverage that we want to play. I think the longer corner. You know helps in that regard so. But I would I would also say the ball skills so movement that are important because I know offensively we feel like we're playing someone. Who doesn't have those ball skills there's there's really. Not a negative to throw in that direction you know it's complete it's incomplete -- pass interference. And so. It's it's when there's the corner that can turn around and catch a football that they really you know makes you target and locate your passes and makes you very. Just leery of that just indiscriminately throwing out there so. You know he's someone has those. You wouldn't. You guys. 67 guys. You head into -- and this just kind of goes through your thought process so many guys who. Yeah but I think they're you know every year we go. We take it pretty much the same number of course of camp every year. Some of the players have been here some of them like champ. Are new to our program and and a rookie like staying in the same way. So I it's pretty normal you know for our league and when the training camp. We're gonna make sure that. We have to correct depth at each position you know the depth chart up there -- got -- magnets under it. That we need to fill either in the draft or tomorrow night after the draft and you get to your ninety number in. Now that that can be deep divot -- players you know you might go with one extra safety one last corner same thing on offense. But. Veteran players young players that competition is. Pretty much what our -- about. Things it does -- -- Yeah you know he's he's someone that you spent a lot of time with. In. In religious. Having gotten his path you know he's. He's someone who went through junior college that on the Nebraska. From receiver moved over to corner you can see some of the ball skills that. You know in his drills and then you get to -- -- the game tape. You know but again I mentioned earlier we think he's a little better and tight coverage -- bump and run coverage and you know the key for losses is making sure that you know. We put our players in the best position and rob and his staff will look closely at it with these guys do well and but his skill set is young player and in. What we've seen is is something that. You know you get excited about especially. At that position because I mentioned last night -- there -- certain positions the pass rushers but left tackles corners. Those are harder to find in and they typically go. Pretty quickly in the draft especially the first day and have two days. -- But. I tell you what yeah. Well we better be. Right yes. When you. A lot of times taking compare. Speed agility quickness. There there there's a give and take you know so is that is the height goes up. You know you're you're you're not -- always find that you have the same three -- score -- the same forty time. But you wanna make sure he's fast enough and we think he has you know we've seen it. And well you project I wouldn't say as a returner but you you were. Yeah you project you project is someone who is he's he's obviously. We feel like he's a very willing tackler he's physical and so we would project in and hope that he's got to play -- that could play yeah absolutely. Absolutely. It. Wow. You know we've we've discussed it a couple times during that that round and there there there was a lot of typically. An -- system today teams had targeted player overnight you know that they they knew going into the day. Hey this that this players there. -- make an attempt to go get them so whether that was pass rusher whether that was a running back -- lineman. We saw a lot more activity in the second round that we saw yesterday. But in the end you're just keeping track of our clout and and and how the picks were unfolding. You know we felt that it. That it was. Is our best interest to stay in and we also had an exit strategy and -- and in case the team or two ahead of us had taken. Taken him and we probably would have moved moved back a little bit and and then look to you know make the selection. Yeah I think you always do. To be helpful I got up there. But yeah I think I think it -- would be to target a player. Well. We really we really liked the LSU runner and he was right there is some we've discussed and talked about you know he's. A very productive player I don't know -- state. I think it just is a fit -- matter of of what teams are looking for a I don't I don't know. Look there will be another Adrian Peterson will be another. Real good player -- it's going to be harder. Pass up on and so I think he's just a matter of each team's needs and then how they -- were were great a player. But I don't know that that'll be continuing trend I think there is -- that feeling that you can find it. Good running backs later in the draft to possibly in free agency but that doesn't. Just discount the the notion of of someone being a really. Unique. Rare skill set of being taken -- first round and I think that that really is just this class was very. -- -- there. With. Your career. -- there been much different his path is much different so. He's mature he's soft spoken he someone that is very confident. And yet. You know. I'm I'm encouraged with his time at the position and worries that this football game and he's someone that. We'll still have a a lot of growth in and we feel like guy with the higher ceiling that that needs development time at the position. And you know he's someone that you can start don't build with blink and you can build with balls steals and some of those things. -- -- I would project him initially just. To get started is it one spot in especially if a guy going to his third year at the position. -- thanks. Stated that shall be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The team -- standing on that feeds the media center around fifty overall quarterback and a -- Of course I felt like a bigger -- to quite a bit about. When he bowed out all those guys involved field all the out of position over we use as quarterback since that time. Room to grow into the position here. Yeah couple things that I -- could talk. Really interested me talks about. He talked about matching what other teams in the division we're -- which we haven't touched on earlier with might get there you know Mike Evans. Austin -- G -- getting to that height and that was and they had then he also and I thought this was. Pretty interesting for health simple statement was we talked about the importance and ball skills -- -- corner right. If somebody doesn't have ball skills and the team isn't afraid of him taking the ball well. They can tell us that they didn't -- to be complete incomplete or pass interference in that sounds. Just you know elevator that would speak about it. You guys kind of start to maybe -- the importance of having guys. Who who basketball skills to make a play well ball's in the -- come down instead of the receiver and in that TC is that we started at key force which quarterback. You obviously would imagine. That he'd be better -- most defensive backs as far as Stanton is their cool out there in Seattle it is not a big deal. -- wide receiver college below. -- -- Yes -- -- already forty million scared he. Also I don't know it was about they have enough ammunition to get into back into around three or perhaps even round to. The only course in its about if they feel like -- -- there that still it's it's really good value won't they'll have that opportunity at the ammunition yet -- you heard him say. Do before a specific players they have in mind. Yeah and that's equities and yesterday -- wouldn't trade up because you have got you targeted that you really -- you don't want to let anyone else and that chip before you and they have. Except there's those -- to fifth round picks Christian yes they have takes at their disposal to work with. I've given up trying to predict whether or not they will make him do. But I it's definitely still a possibility. No I think of -- said it there and that or presser right there that that -- -- has he stressed again. The importance of pass rushers left tackles and quarterbacks. Stating that you know those guys are generally -- -- -- Dammit they had an exit strategy that discussed even moving up to go get the player that they won it and Stanley John Baptiste and they were at they had an opportunity. To to take their guys to sit tight at fiftieth overall second round and they also had the you know -- A scenario -- there they can -- on before to a quick two or three picks before. They went on a clock they were -- mile trade out in it's an extra picks but Stanley John Baptiste is the selection. Fifteenth overall was that a policy to the second round 63215. Pound cornerback at Nebraska -- humans do a conference call. With the latest member of the black and gold these -- about ego crushing Garrett will so the back to beat -- and might for more draft fast. All right guys thank you very much in. Hokies -- final thoughts of course -- -- McNabb to the Saints at Oregon will continue to monitor around three. But the first two picks this thing to take it -- felt I'm delighted. As I said last night thrilled to death with lacked receivers. Mean no doubt it today with volume got to have a bigger corner and I act out beyond -- -- I don't watch TV these guys ignoring the break down film. Anything like that when you do if you look at that measurable on them. You've got to be happy with that -- they won't corners that you got some room to learn but. If it right with today's football -- Thanks guys who doesn't know about you would have been a point but. Well the thing is not Magnus -- put everything go to say thank -- -- -- Nye. That -- thing is -- have everything in a corner or they'd be a first round draft pick. Not that thing from a negative standpoint you got the pros and -- Is that the continent not a physical. Wrap up tackler. Will be to develop more physically and reliability as an open field tackler. That's loading up like -- the Carol that's why you win in the first round because you don't miss tackles. Where if you look at Malcolm Jenkins -- lot of -- not so much Roman all right Malcolm Jenkins was like that did miss tackles. Now I times you put this time a player hit the coverage. Where you don't have to miss as many tackles as far as run support situation. Because if you could be that sports Florida back third of -- cornerback and it you can pass coverage. It doesn't matter really if you could run support to that you could be a piece of the puzzle to help with pass coverage all of a sudden is third down. It usually are you can't help -- to turn over now they're funny. Where is not an every down. You get them back right now as far as run support because Deion Sanders one of the greatest cover guys ever. Colonial wanna hit nobody would drive an angle but it puts a lot of -- in the attack. But that's about it right this scouting or we're at right now you -- you mean the guy's name him if position and he played quarterback and I. It is dropping like at the right the -- -- and I hate not a runt of the way I add that I don't think -- That's exactly what I was gonna bring up it would Richard Sherman came modest they have court what was the knock you couldn't tackle yeah so. I think is I don't -- -- -- at this point I know wouldn't you do the other thing -- -- obvious he's not strong. They got to get a -- weight -- that's why he is not as physical player who's the wide receiver. He's got to understand that this game is a physical they -- reported on its a balls went to selected markets more. Young senator from southern cal and got its -- that. And hey you know what I hope they -- like this. Truly break down to get Jared bird vs Malcolm Jenkins one area missed tackles Millwood pre season. Malcolm ticket is 45 tackles. Jared -- fifteen. Three to one the one -- account and ended up -- -- took -- -- Jared Burton the one thing is. When they had their on you and they get it -- you know you tackle it's now like well we had the right even thought. Instead of a two -- three yard game like that Jets game. What that that should have been brought right at the right defense that bet that 3040 yard run to have been a three yard run couldn't miss the tackle. All right -- the Kasey -- about being bad wealthy guys on him might be -- the saint Stanley's off -- -- cornerback Adam Nebraska him Manning Colts wide receiver from Oregon state of the first two picks for the black and gold dress as continue to rocket fire need to. In Metairie on Saints radio that you do.