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May 10, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and thanks for joining. Like him or over the garden short lunch first question as always operational or are cold and an extra. You know something going you will help -- there are diagnosing. Problem but in the buying -- trying to determine what to do forward looking at what to play at that time of the year -- -- arguably -- escape. Are your hours are vegetable garden. You got some Google Talk like an appeal with -- low change regarding question this morning to 60. 187 -- is -- -- that -- need call 601 point 78 outlook the local New Orleans calling area. Cold and -- free Asia extra. 889. 0870. -- along through the long break so on the owns first -- so this is Lester. Call Obama cellphone in the years -- Portland. TrueCrypt -- Lester. Fortunate that the issues. Are all. And it's like some are saying we need. Blowing through there. Looks almost like course -- it. Aren't we see try to. Keep. All the marshals heart disease or book in the parts are well noted it was all last year and a bigger issue. Okay. What you can do associate actually getting bigger. That is is that thing where -- last year and just while also being. -- this year it looks like maybe baker I think it probably years what you what you would trade with -- Problem is you know -- -- -- the spot was two feet across and now today it's four feet across. I am I can I can sheet from week to week it's developing and getting bigger. Areas for the grass was green are -- now concede in the living. -- -- last week. Dongle for -- guys that can. Problem Lester and we have an. The problem like that you have to get a diagnosis struggle going on and into the appropriate action and so the first step to this would be. Ultimately contact your local militia and extinction all this talk to county agent. Say here that samples may -- to bring this to bring a sample and but in this lectures out like old image it's like -- -- damage that's already happened -- you have. -- be any area in your art. And everybody out there listening once you have -- theory in your yard if there. If not coming back you can -- he can put fertilizer on it. This is not coming back. That kind of game that you have to be repeat here so let's start the next couple weeks Forster and little post round at. Little stake in the ground -- an optimal -- marker. -- some kind of indications show you put the edges. Our and then given week -- -- and -- -- -- are significantly. Beyond that or use market that it -- similar significantly. You need to talk about what's going on could be brown -- this time of the year it too early for a lot of problems like change. But Barbara but it just -- active. This time of the year and to them. People -- need to -- properly diagnosed and in this country -- -- need to -- if it is -- -- and interpret like it to the -- I angle from -- but even. Lester you're gonna go back to repair the damage that has been done now that the wheat growing among dead grass as a -- -- as a -- herbicide that is no -- to say in those areas -- Are quite closely held kills all around. And go to that data area and street goes we would go grocery bill goes we Angel if you actually kill the law. It is -- -- for you to worry about is septic grants. I'm not aware Lugar urged its -- through. There to continue to decide Lester if it's worth looking at the ugly area in your on. To wait and see if a futile streak to grant here in their might. I'll -- in the year I can't see it sure you'd have to make that judgment call. But -- From the area you may be looking at big beard theory -- until July or August. So you. Remember. Last year so they -- year. It's bigger just in well in the flash. Doesn't do that come. Lester the pistol that grass from last year it never made any effort to repair the damage. And and removed that -- it's important site and figures still. Democrats last year we were. -- -- at some point. And three player of the damage that's preferable to just like you -- to -- everybody out there lifting because I talk to so many people say I have this -- this area in my art in there and I fertilized it and is more this year than last year. And Michael ended June repair the image could address it and become -- And -- I mean you need to so lecture -- on removing the aggression that area and laying and so. And again determine whether it is an -- -- problem -- the edges as I told you wait two weeks if it doesn't expand significantly in two weeks whatever it should come and call and you can feel good about going in place and programs. I and that there should something else start cropping up that. The time to deal with the problem is as that is occurring. A big large area that's already there doesn't tell a lot we need to be the year. -- that -- that the crash cart stock and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Worse. So that's why should diagnosed and certainly. A little story can going to bring in Indian tribe negated diagnosed again if it's not your problem it's just dead grass. We can't tell much about -- conciliatory as William something culture crash so it has to be an active problem. Something has to be actively. Happening to that -- -- achieve the symptoms and be able come up with an idea so again if you do the test I told you that you find it an act. The problem absolutely as a war between Lester get a diagnosis then because it's an -- problem. But the party coming on and it's not. It feels horrible they're killing your branch in Austria. So again go in the game and do the catastrophe of the post -- large and it's -- -- enlarging. By all means you need to get that diagnosed before replacing current that's a lot of enlarging arguing -- -- the game which and move on air. -- are you a potential call literally material but is -- tree breakage regarding question. Call on him with you -- you're a question to answer for it -- so. 1874. About the -- for the garden short right after the match -- morning we're talking gardening here on the garden so this morning. -- critical regarding question let's say had the phone and the first -- on call and call accordingly on. Mind and travel my -- my yard is he's. It is -- -- that maybe they are going to hand it rains in. I don't that would do about. Well it is and and it is an irritant. This year those. A crawfish chimneys he's the column upon amount then all they can damage it can come over war on to collect them in the -- come. That can be in that a nuisance shied -- something you can't do Leon you as a sideshow when I can be used to control crawfish. I an animal formula written now. We in the old days we used a potential -- prouder now we're using are a lot of the liquid concentrate and have a formula written now on out of action up an out of court into the holes I assure me and an email early on -- just our record feel informational call -- control. An ultimate -- India to email me. Just to do it -- and search for me and deal which you sure there are click on the link to my alleged election -- webpage. And you can email from this year. Okay thank bing and -- -- we -- from Italy on YouTube now appreciate call party next up is that Mary calling from -- Mary good morning. Good morning how are you real good thanks for. Well we moved and -- uptown house last September. Are you so there are listening and pitch. And we did some plantings in around the house in early November some -- -- -- Japanese views they're all doing very well. Had been planning two finish in the landscape. -- whispering. But for many reasons we have delayed that. And I'm wondering if you would still do. Plantings or if at this point you would wait for the fall. When you know -- Summer is not be ideal -- And so but mostly we don't say you are forbidden department landscape since summertime. Which is it's not the ideal time you're putting plants into the ground. Expect them to reestablish from -- to the missile which is -- process. -- planned to go through to re establishes a route system and -- radically different environment that what has been used to this and -- like in the container. When he planted into the ground. So that -- sin is compelled by an added on to. By the stress of the environment or -- ninety degrees during the day in staying in the -- and I thought we are whether -- too much. You know that I have a lot of stress you know all the stress on the young plants are that you put him and that's not an advantage after the advantage. But it doesn't mean it can't survive -- -- installed during the summer and through the summer professionally. Our professionals can't always choose the ideal climate that you're installing skate park I try to throw in skip to be installed. They -- ready for to be installed console ships are installed through this summer. But changes that they acknowledged that it toggle on the plant Churchill but more difficult for them to established that the disadvantages to watcher watering hole more carefully. And that means war effort on your part but it's certainly doable on the area that's not something that -- fraud that. Want to get past a certain point I would for BJ. Some troops and totally escape them. Felt what that we've waited this long we could play a little longer backed debt preferred not to itself. Sells single port and until apparently prefer the sooner the better OK at this point is still catching a bit of cooled as. And so you know it's a little bit better just get worse later on so about Brett just wanna -- you gonna do it go for it. Targeted in this in this possible okay thanks -- I came here thank you for the call appreciate how about our idea of moving -- we have -- now how we're calling it now or you'll know that you -- programmer Libya corporate partner program and rewards. And every second Saturday of the month they have there. Second Saturday of them for -- -- -- registry program. I -- really do -- good things raising money that they can apply to the current projects. That they do for the New Orleans Syrian -- good morning potential calling and. Morning and I'm excited about today the rain and the clear away -- got more gorgeous spring on the property you know ever had four. Actually this is a time of its all. Spring. Theaters to agree are grateful. To go and. We do an indication that this -- -- kept so beneficial bide our program. What mattered to -- -- -- from the audit and Mike Gartner and -- will come at you about. But they aren't in the New Orleans garden regularly and we'll have some. Lady I'd like between ourselves. And predators -- the bad in your garden. And so problematic is the speaker that had. Where at 1137. Around street on the corner of violent around just one block the outside of the yacht community. -- -- That's actually and not be easy. And I'm finding good -- on beneficial contracts. That's something that we all deal where I mean. Tribes. -- minimize use insecticides. Could -- in the -- and officials as well the -- good in the past or trying to go after. And then we can call -- Pictures from orders beneficial effect in the as a good -- are not. Asking. So. If you will recognize the text what. Beneficial insects Africa control our wonderful opportunity it was -- Lehman are coming in and doing. -- can actually not. Act and I'm I'm right back. Terrible conflict -- -- -- and the it. He currently they need to be that you're there and he had that bad. And our admiration and bring -- great talent like inflation -- air called super -- look -- Japan. And then again I have some predatory introduction. If you all that doing the orient. Then their social people here to explain how to use them how to released to properly integrate packaged deal on everything all always around and -- we -- -- tournament -- -- and it. That encourage banks to on -- and New York. To have actual. You're right Aslan and little negative XE and then -- art in New York. Excellent -- Great program -- the wonderful thing about this year now. I try to calling him again that is the part where our partners -- Saturday program can. Only do they have plans for -- beneficial interest real educational programs and then at 1137. Road and street. Take a quick Agile on the latest breaking news -- on the good morning on -- good morning and things -- joining us this morning. Let's go right in coming out for -- has called it magic on the river I -- it should be -- sugars. Magic is a great interactive and really are wonderful people stimulating it's arguably of of putting it. Educational experience for kids and truly am on. They can see things and that its commitment to kids to. Be important things that. -- -- -- brings to their lines feel Obama bring to their lives it's really here for a kid and getting them excited and giving them. I understand it makes some of these connections between our food supply. Our apartment and then animals all -- are all going to be. Our next week on the fourteenth -- the sixteenth. Our school groups becoming a natural or Accenture principal. If you got kids. Been school group has just a wonderful audience and you can organize to bring your group through all together. They go from different -- exhibit to exhibit learning different things about it. A culture and environmental issues. And it's again a wonderful opportunity from mine are people who. The fourteen to sixteen and that's from the school groups and going through and that it's the public and bring their kids absolutely great time. At this event again it's called the magic on the river. I have trust are presented by the election where senator. And if you like to register and the Bible has beaten -- place should be. -- -- -- That's down and but our on a highway. -- -- short drive fifteen minute war -- I had to -- arms -- wonderful again. On the fourteen to sixteen for Q school groups to go through. And then on Saturday the seventeenth open public. Everybody can come true bring their kids and have a great time if you like to register for -- to people like to schedule school group. -- to go to -- issue sanction that your dot com. Forward slash. The magic that LSU -- -- dot com. Forward slash and match. For a George street or school group really wanna walk flopped and they're. Great opportunity street regarding questions injured fortunately in this morning to excel. Why Germany -- -- -- -- to talk a role in the calling from good morning good morning didn't actually -- thank you for taking my call short. I am calling because that will look strong will be annual that you all that's about plot let alone has been wrong about some years. Wonder what did not from the -- well it would give the ball until on the latter part of July. It's hard to tell sometimes the all you can lose their relief and every -- can turn brown and the all it's still -- So it's a little early yet to make your mind for sure. Well and -- all those are all alive or dead it is in the question in your mind. Whether or not they might be -- leave them alone in late July if you haven't seen any new growth are sprouting -- aren't the ones are there. I'd been -- -- going to move on replaced. Thank you so much you know payroll appreciate the call. But right now -- right -- Maryland. Maryland has subnet telling a Metairie Maryland good morning. The morning. Look at him as to why am having so much trouble would not -- is blowing how much they have about eight of them and not that crowded. I did which -- -- early it to give them like feeding. And every it seemed like I have wanted to get blown. Now that the -- You know -- and all we can do is Gartner she is provide the right growing conditions for the plan that we wanna grow. And and took them to apply. So all I can do is it'll as I've done with people or. Go over the growing and -- -- -- -- -- a little bit in Leah are exploring a make -- getting plenty of some light -- has little best and false on. That's location of the -- it -- I make sure that you perennial water during the growing trees and in a major change cure that forestry is. They've grown -- in this from October until I April and we get -- rain during that during that time period. -- Actually about all you can do in Maryland is what you're doing. You know I didn't compete at their purple ones like ability to college you know and they wanted that beautiful -- -- have once an island in about three other one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they ought to they would give intently back somebody -- the purple bluish purple. Color color and help Maryland because all different kinds of viruses come in all different kinds of colors -- they don't know in the color of the are out there are some characters. This simply don't Bloomberg will -- as -- the bearded irises and staunch. I just don't boom that -- -- and the it's not and that if they -- bearded irises I tell you that sprouts that's the issue and censorship on -- here and all content you can't put them in the right spot given the right care and the rest is up to them hanging out at that point in that you love them for what they are. Argued to get I'd say I'm older relative or five years ago -- the thing to do with my time. In the put a lot of Burton and and that blood sweat and tears into this and get nothing directory term and again he chartered an extra approach foreign -- only disappoint them. Despite doing all the right things for the plant and yet to decide whether okay well that is what it is do what you want to do or where you what you're rid of them put something else in the that would be more separate track -- back. The ride and -- to decide side bad when you have done you can break at all. It it is that. Good idea to do that. And then they can shoot like that those. You can't and you can get them up and divide them -- on occasion if you like to probably the Malone. Not only. Yeah I mean if you keep fiddling with cement in them dividing and removing them ambiguous about -- popular really helping encourage our blog if you do that too often. I look at that there's nothing -- -- that you're not doing. This cash -- I angered and terrified that -- in this. The planet failing you do not it'll get. And -- I'd get may only get an idea about -- hour at that time. Well -- -- -- -- and then it is and I think he control can he control lifting of -- now and transplanting. -- to pay. -- -- she doesn't help. And -- thank you for the call appreciated. And technical. And be back with a -- -- right after this morning appreciate you joining me into the -- of the morning. We're talking gardening and it into the fold now. Calling from ages good morning here. Brought again now group good -- euphoria. It's pretty simple question -- -- I'm building a raised our vegetable garden in my back yard. And that the questions are there more with bullets that gap from the soil that I should put in the raised Gorton. We'll be right -- that will be twelve engines gears so -- -- raised -- about a twelve inches. They can be as long as you want them to be. But they should be no one -- that you can comfortably -- to the middle. To plant harvest wheat and so forth. All squatting at the edge once you Richard Matsch will plant those rays walked. Shuttled the -- usually 34 feed them eligible to about four feet wide. Is it -- for raced so twelve inches tall four feet wide and you want to -- -- the next question is what what's with type soil should Ike yet to fill the Gorton. And do I need to -- after I put it in prior planning targeted right. -- -- district. And ice sheet on creating been for this hour and tribal belt get an email in all this in fighting. And he'll have a nice documentary -- back to. I'm but it Portuguese it blended. Shall guard shall regarding the Jerusalem organic matter two. I'd been just put in the Leo raised and a year ago. Or you can just get a bill that -- like reverse and upon sand. Or -- as -- senator poems and and -- just talked about hassle but all of that and natural -- real couples -- you know when he walked -- and blended -- Where you can injure on the simply combining it -- and -- in with a with your normal in matters so those are two huge ego. -- -- -- Okay and I don't need to amend -- -- -- wheat seed that gradient and current and prior plan. Evidently -- -- here practically for reaching for it might be in the mix. -- that helps a lot appreciated the end emigrate. I don't think it's -- -- for more information on that. -- okay folks so that he we've got and calling from -- Good morning. Hey -- and -- They and I have a I had a bet at two problems first one. Squashed. As to keep -- I've been -- a couple years it is not run into problems and about to give up maybe and that answer. Here's what happens as deep as big girl about she let's say maybe two inches long in this stocks were running non Indians. -- he you don't have. Air but it's good. I'm not a good up and the -- enough to launch in the something Soria. First off mature as a begin to march if the -- pollinated the -- -- Michael Walsh. It's -- operations Spielberg of the female or the hours pollinated. That'll renewable -- begin to grow and develop into the fruit that we eat if it's probably pollinated. Then -- reports -- just just you know console Opel also saw picture. The little squash the -- is withering in the squash is beginning to grow. And then they're raw sugar under the circumstances where you see a developing fruit that trauma -- Tensions in relations. And so it out through -- Asia major problem there. A game and is make sure yet as well -- because he organisms are all -- splash out of the soul on the end of the troop causing via rock took her so a good two inch layer leaves or pine straw or. You know newspaper with -- upon strong compliment. A legislature and so -- mulch to begin with -- know how many more general aren't. -- you can use of fungicides. Or -- bill are commonly sold under the brand name and it'll be -- CEO and IL -- back and bill. A little can be sprayed about once every seven days. And help protect them from reducing incidents are true brought that you would have. So again make sure you keep your bets will -- and then a weekly application of -- -- -- like factor that'll help reduce from world problems as well. -- -- emotional for me please. I said DJ COM. I deal. And I -- -- -- in a trade and a particular in my judgment again I'm a freshman. -- -- -- Hold up against a break right now and I can't get all the pictures question after the break. That the partnership rather than putting your list -- yardage on the proverbial game -- Would feel you should and handle it again a question what was it. -- bird of paradise I have a plan that is about to free why did. Ed it's about maybe five or six years old but this went there it really -- it real bad model. So I'd I kind of you know cut at least down because there you know there -- as soft -- Am. It seems like -- now all of a sudden now I'm haven't like Tammy Lee. That flower coming out of the way. Picked up this is talking about. -- Torture torture question asked the question -- when they leave a comment I don't see any at all common. You'll just have to be patient. Yeah. Okay in the composite side and abandon it is that -- -- coming up the top right. And I I I cannot feed -- plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What can be huge. But the trunk not a long ball. So I'm not sure you don't you think it's a plot or incidentally. Necessarily. But look at it neither -- -- that it got I don't know. Okay. I don't you write you write a patent. Permanent reduction this year yeah totally back to go to community. Social -- political were saying on. I want it thank you again and again that would -- division are. Appreciate you calling in -- and -- really quickly going -- And I can ask the question can't -- Would today be all right to put down some wheat and feed in between the possible Shalit they're predicting. -- you know I'm not sure I would recommend it. I'm not sure I would really recommend it to -- -- for the rain to get through and not put my weed and feed down. Well actually illegally washroom that I don't reach out -- that far larger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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