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Saints Draft Fest 5-10 9:10am, Todd Menesses & Steve Korte

May 10, 2014|

Join Todd Menesses & Steve Korte as they bring you their analysis of the Saints 2014 Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to our first take on the draft here on WW well. Along with Steve court I'm top Manassas 26018786. Exit 89087. In. Those of numbers to call now Steve we've got the the first the second. And the third round of the draft. Are all over the Saints picked in the first round accorsi traded up. To get to other wide receiver Brandon cooks from or it's tea room and traded away their first round pick in the third round picks of it and have a pick in the third round yesterday but they did yet. -- the pick in the second round and from what most people say picked up another good player and another corner. Yeah well looked -- That's the Steelers say it's a pretty -- by doing this always could be back Q did his decision and you've been -- and not go to -- -- and I definitely ready to get it. Yeah eight. You know I. This feeling you look at some America is on at least you know you see. A guy that's where it hasn't been a long time he was you know wideout when he got their Britain. Looked at makes me feel good because he's looking like sort of the prototype corners of the people and didn't six -- two guys. -- -- -- any more than run around like little mighty -- guys as quick as they are his athleticism are. You know their certain duty them standpoint -- wide outs are all six foot six hour six foot four and so. You know combat that stood out Africa -- -- -- -- and you know he's six foot to six with two applicants guys. You know puts us you know well back into the into the frame -- him do good coverage. Plus he's got there as you said the move into the bigger cornerbacks again at the water region -- height and so forth it is to get well I ended an even if you're stepped on line you stood at the net and a bigger and. You know you look at and say well you know he's -- he was a wideout coming in there and play a couple of years -- -- so. Knew he should have ball skills right will. All of that precipitated improved to DB or not -- -- -- but nevertheless you know he's gonna have some sort of ball skills to be -- to be you know picked him you know. I released transitioned over to that to that position from one down. What were hoping is that he has hands but he just wanted to hit people and that's why he's gonna go and and that's what the ball down right -- -- try to catch it -- return. That's wave that's what we're open here this but again like you said that you know you see trends in the NFL for awhile it was. The smaller faster guys to keep up with the speedy wide receivers now on the wide receivers got bigger and stronger and faster so now of the NFL is catching up with the cornerback. Well you know they that'll running -- thing that kind of got a popular for a while there was you know get this you know small little wide outs that were. -- little ledger both types you know -- could break in our community appointment to you know to get open -- -- hard to -- or not so. And also -- things became more physical and they start in the corners that close and they repeat it -- -- -- of guys -- all of -- sudden -- stopped everything. And so he says OK now time ago this hybrid. You know scenario we get these guys that could maybe be fast -- and even you know some dad and a and he has real star seasons on the basketball players come into the -- was forced tied and one on because of that and they became more athletic identity and beat him to sort of glorified tackles so. Look as the game gets more vertical you know and like it is now it's about the quarterback it's about throwing the football field. So this is really sort of reactionary to to really wanted to offensively. And speaking of speed in the first round they picked up base speedy wide receiver in Brandon cooks. When you hear the comparisons Bobby Hebert Mike to -- you both say he's a Steve Smith. Type receiver in most Saints fans though Steve Smith who burned us with Carolina many years he's now with the Ravens. On that speed the ability to get open the ability to recognize as a Mike said wood would encourages him. Is when the quarterback. Is in trouble this this kid wouldn't realize that and came back to the ball to get open -- about the score around you and that's. It's that's good football IQ and good football instincts and also obviously he's been a product of some pretty good coaching somewhere along on that. In a -- flies in the face of all we're just talking about right there in the guys five foot ten OK so he's not six foot four but. But he has a unique talent and I can tell you that that if he's if he replicates. 50% of what Steve Smith and done and has done especially to the Saints things in the Saints killer forever. You know we've got a great fit there so if they can give -- another weapon like this and and obviously get him and put him in some packages that. -- utilize his speakers he's got a guy that can release. -- changes we're going to pretty quick and you know me he's you know he can do a lot of different things pretty quickly and and he's got outstanding speed and and then obviously sort of a tough guys so if that's those kind of things come into fruition and he learns his game quick at this level wrong that we're you know we got a good one. So now we. Would have in the fold for Drew Brees as far as weapons in and that was the debate go on in the first rounder we Gibson another offensive weapon or. Do we stay on defense and and keep building up rob Ryan's defense. We now we will have cooks steals. -- of Morgan's back in the in the fold -- a lot of people forgot about him. Graham Colston told Bryant what everyone thought in the offseason when the release of Lance Moore and Darren Sproles. Look at a little bleak on the offense now it seems like the Saints had a plan and their bills and -- back up. Well a little bit in going to this thing by just saying okay well disguised expensive he's gotten older and you know he's -- -- it takes longer for him -- so he's got a big cap number you know let's get rid of them I don't think -- -- he's -- the -- they obviously know their personnel well and and look you got to take your hat off to lose scouting department and sort of -- what he's done with that whole thing and how he's managed that. -- they always seem to seem to find good players. That a lot of value to him that a lot of people don't see in the -- take a month later rounds so. Today's going to be pretty interesting because I think today is sort where you can really find some really talent that stuff out there. And really sort of meet the same time. You know you have the option or the ability you know pick up. It'll player that needs you know there's always that mean the thing goes back and forth about need your best player right so yeah. They were sort of in a pretty good situation we can sort of filled some holes that we need. And I think there's probably enough players out there that when we go to get close. Yeah he's of the of these later rounds is where those things have really mind those -- in. You know LaMarcus Colts are obviously always comes out but they've been able to get. Some really good picks and even afterwards in the you know the free agent he's a power -- can -- and those guys up as well so. There work's not done. We got some great -- first first and second round picks with the the work's not done for Sean Payton and Mickey -- they got their -- on some folks and hopefully they'll be there when that well yeah. They've got a short list shouldn't short list and is not a short list and they've got the guys that they feel like they're still there. At that time. You know that don't they're taken but a lot of times what happens as you see some players that you nine average line -- That still might fit the bill of kind of what you look for your team. And those guys somehow some way he slipped to the cracks that all of a sudden that's when you sort of -- -- You know the daily double in and so. They always seem to take advantage of that and they always have sort of a back plan and when when when some times some some holes where tickets were snapped out from underneath them so. Look at this point you can argument these guys you know and you can look down on the -- -- from yesterday. And it -- look at what's happened and you know the good teams seem to get better you know when you sort look at what happened with -- mean the niners to me it sort of on some pretty good things here in this draft so for you know I think. See -- on the one he certainly did you know practice and enough -- -- -- but -- even our own division you know which is pretty scary when you see some of the talent they've amassed now. Okay having that whole thing is is affected. Yeah he's taken these players that are college football players. But you don't know -- in transition and if you have a good idea and there's some of them are really care of these can't miss guys of these Andrew -- command right dead but. Who by and large -- -- -- here just to make the team and there's some guys that you think now this -- a no brainer he's going to be here for a decade -- be a starter and and they just don't make it you know and we see it all the time and it's always you know sort of makes a stretcher and and you know kind of you go back to the drawing board look at world where we go wrong on that deal in life and that's the way and it's it's. Translation in the NFL like you said and I am not every player just because you have the the physical attributes in the skill. You also gotta have that mental attitude to make that transition into the NFL become pro and if -- does something some of these kids can't do it. I mean. The game is the same on the field and it's a little more complicated and the -- question and and the competition you face. -- -- happens is you know the best of Garrett. But -- -- by and large of the differences other than that it's you know. Middle part of it out of the out of the kind of digest that and and accept that and kind of move for. And then out of the out of -- except you know paid off field stuff and they've damaged their lives and they go about. The business are they gonna act like a pro or they're gonna sort of act like a little kid until day you have to get slapped around for awhile and then begin disorder Seau. You know I'm in and do my job is try and you know -- can't go to the coaches -- are from this class. And -- I don't feel like we're in your day where take money from just -- a laugh rows watching Goodell shake these guys as fans that are night. He's whispered into look at him and you're Mikell went to motive and try to figure a way take a bush from here. Played played nice I don't take it all that you could get some back Steve court -- top announces its first take on the draft will be right back on WW well and welcome back to WWL or the numbers 260187866. And 89087. Or you can Texas and 87870. Also. Along with Steve court on top Manassas normally we do. First day. When the Saints season starts around his first chance to talk about the Saints game but right now we're doing first tape. On the draft draft addition would draft edition guesses which you call it because which recounts -- -- on our door and bring training we've already had a first with the taker too on the first. Three rounds of the draft so far here at WW well and it will continue coming up are after us at 11 o'clock. How to twin peaks clear view mall that's where you find Bobby -- Hokey guy John and Mike do you yeah A and -- chief Deke Bellavia will continue with rounds four through seven. Of the NFL draft today in our coverage will continue it takes people ask me what's happening with the draft I haven't heard an update well it hasn't started yet it's gonna start eleventh so yeah. That's why you haven't had any more updates and so far as what is going on that we will keep you updated and of course. You can follow us on Twitter. On the Facebook in you name it and texting all the information go to. Sure you were mentioned something about -- does today been you know four through seven and at least if you look at the players have made this league. Fourth through seventh. If it's an even free agent now just because the way. You know mass media works in the so many different ways to see players and so -- -- -- ways to about you guys you know evaluate different. Those skill positions and -- not. I just think there's. The chances are getting drafted at least being seen. So much better than they used to be really used to be one of those things where you really sort had a almost be declared by the FBI -- with the players were you know and and really. The popular players the guys that are the first or second round guys. It was a pretty easy easy you know. Maybe even first top three rounds are pretty easy to see but I think after that's really sort of work these guys -- and -- money you know in the later rounds and in free agency. That's where you can really pick up some just when. You go our roster littered with them you know. Lot of the it's all right Seattle. That is why they're able to do what they they traded out of the first round that it even take their first round pick because they know. Hey this draft is pretty deep and beat we've had a lot of success in those lower rounds get in the guys we went we need and we want. And and now their record and been recoup lately but nevertheless when you compare them Saints and -- the records that we had. It's just speaks accolades to our scouting department and what they've done him and personnel people there they really. They really -- -- now and now they you know and everyone of course -- you know I can't and you won't that's you know it's like anything else mean it at some point it's still a risk and still on the road ties but. There odds are a much better they've got a loaded dice and how they did a bit but they're good they're good at what they do. -- considered a 787 in my question do you think this Saints take a quarterback. Today and we keep getting this a question now from fans when we gonna see the heir apparent of Drew Brees taken by this team. And you know sort of I think what fans don't realizes. And some do but but some don't is the era of having. A Joseph Montana in -- Ron Amadon behind him. Is over. The NFL's not doing that anymore the last time it probably happen. Was with the green bay Packers and Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers simply because Rogers fell into their lap right so they took me was the best player on the board and he got to sit behind a Favre who wasn't ready to retire at. Point you know I thought -- that I think everybody thought that the Matt -- thing would be sort of the same right you know same way and then obviously they've. This -- Russell Wilson comes along you know. And that's that's rare you know when when something like that happens but you know these dome. You know when you get a guy you take him first or second you almost expect him to be a starter run pretty much right away. And so that transition. You know from then you know playing college football attitude and -- -- National Football League. Is a bigger jump than it was from high school collars. And really is to -- it is just the players aren't that much better. The game is that much faster it's more intense. And and look you're there from you know you're there from 6 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock nine it's a grind and it's it's a totally different thing. The mentality of it's different him. There's not many players union member being in college and they demand a blocker -- full time and a ruby and you know the Saints locker room for -- wears it but yeah name -- misses some boom in the mountains is pretty much a nickel. So yet it's it's it's definitely adjustment and I think a lot of times it is how well those guys adjust and how mature they become. Because they have to do a lot of growing between now most mini camps yeah. They're pretty much they're in a beautiful this point although. You know negotiations and stuff that they have to fool around with contract that's why you hire an agent because you really. You can afford to do that and they got to keep ship's speed is what's going to talk accurate Tuesday great practice media is always say it's -- -- that it looks like it's. Okay. And that's all they can say from that point on. You know what you gotta do what you keep your body right you go over and supposed to do and you know you get us started conducting themselves pro. You know speaking of quarterbacks and and ask him about when when will take on Johnny man sell them before the draft. Every team. Was pretty much saying oh. He's a great guy he's there will take him Giants at twelve yeah losers against their taken. Jerry Jones you know Garrett Jones -- and Johnny Maine -- -- -- -- there didn't take him. I think a lot of that was. Basically meant so was being used as a smokescreen in the first for a for a lot of these teams you're putting up -- little -- guys -- so in saying this you know we've -- team we don't need a quarterback but if he's there will take him he's the best player etc. it's Federer it's Federer. I think all along it was felt that he was gonna -- he was gonna end up in Cleveland. Cleveland however had a bunch of picks to play around with and and kind of messed with his kids had. -- now and I am not quite the fourth Bateman let it trade back in and pick him into a 22. But that's just another example of no one wants to pick up. I mean even see the Cowboys pick up the guy who's in there stay -- them that the whole State's all excited about the Heisman Trophy winner. To sit behind a Tony Romo well not gonna see -- lot more. Where that comes a double edged sword. Yeah you know I mean. Then you start to count the quarterback got -- yet you get get some people other -- going you know they kind of got a Jasper you know fan support or you know putting people seats you'll have to do that more in this league. The bombing that TV is taking care of that it's not about really getting -- You know. Guess the fans as the reduced amount -- about by editors his command of the game and that's that's gone by the wayside. With billions of dollars. Come into him from TV from day one and as a matter okay. I think the thing is when you get a guy that it is. And it was a dynamic player -- is no question and certainly polarizing. Player I'm watching in yeah audience and it was love to watch him. And I. You know why you're gonna watch him because you do you like the way you played you wanna see him succeed or even watches face yet. I told you he was an NFL quarterback that's what they're gonna well you know I think with Tim Tebow. Look on hold for the guy a month for players like -- -- players to succeed and do well and you know and and -- the -- and everything they've got him into our I want that for those guys but. I just went and sold I didn't feel that yeah that thing -- you feel about look at it and Andrew -- committing going all right. Will be here for the next fifteen -- -- young man in the end it's just he didn't have that same thing now I'm not saying you have to feel that if for guys to be successful Nina and you don't put the same time. You know the sky's going to be fun to watch him and is it a desperate move on Cleveland's part probably mean. What else -- again I mean there's not a whole lot out there so they're thinking well. You know maybe he'll turn into something for -- and maybe we can get. He's a young kid he's got all this other stuff going on with the -- -- Under the spotlight -- which is a little bit unfair because you know they're saying I'm all Thomas to -- 21 years old well. As as the -- and I were saying at the break we got to go to the news here he's. He is now -- the new LeBron James for Cleveland he puts them back on the map somewhat with a high profile guy. It makes them feel good and hopefully he'll succeed a little bit for. Well you know subdued compared and Tim Tebow -- he has that same kind of love them vulnerability. -- about him you know why I I think did the and he's a better football players Tebow wasn't curriculum will be more successful leader as he throws put the people used to get through football. But nevertheless. I don't know it's it's going to be fun to watch human and I I'm pulling -- OP does -- would you know well but. It but it question mark is really in my I still think it's kind of a stretch. I hope he does well on fifteen games next year except the one when we -- them up and Cleveland are righty Steve court I've -- -- will send them over to dotting the -- -- WWL news headlines on and welcome back along with -- court on top analysis to 60 -- 87866. And 89087. You don't forget coming up at 11 o'clock. Will join the guys out at the twin peaks as WWL draft fest day three. Continues. Bobby a bear. -- guys on Mike do you get a big chief Deke Bellavia all of will be on location twin peaks and we'll take you through rounds four through seven. As the NFL draft comes to an end today and then tomorrow. Kristian -- we'll have the draft edition of it's just sports hero -- WWL from ten. Two at the 1230 tomorrow because of the -- issue baseball game LSU Alabama. Now LSU does play Alabama today yesterday's game got rained out. Imagine that. With this we had a lot of rain here in the city its legacy via batterers. Experience a lot of green to. So the game they're playing two games today the first game will be at 1130 pre game. Noon the first pitch and that will be on our sister station three WL. And the second game will be later tonight. 630 pregame first pitch at 7 o'clock again also on our sister station. Three WL so you can catch. The LSU games against Alabama baseball games on three WL today and then tomorrow's game the final game of the series will be here. On WW well starting at. 1233. All right well you gotta use any female vernacular for the northern resistor stage can be Brothers stations. I don't know sounds nicer maybe. I don't know it's always been that way. Like acquire cars always seem. They -- muscle cars yet what's that leaves they'll look. Who names I don't know -- some people to know. I think thank John and John weeks as he named his car. Today he'd have wanna go -- the name is 60187886. Exit eight nines are Texas and 878 -- some of the text. That are come again today. I believe Drew Brees has more left than people think and I can't stress how. Much I trust I trust I have the scouting department a -- was huge on -- and they obviously know what they're doing and do it better than any other NFL team. Now look over the case in point taken note no question about that on just nine at some point you have to get. I mean. The papers to do it with drop below. Yeah second round but that's because -- -- -- to -- him to grow bush Texan as -- because the trade rumors are there about to trade Ryan mallet to the Texans -- even less the end. Regardless of that in my whole point is at some point. You've got to develop a guy. And -- if you have somebody. -- like -- Tom Brady year Drew Brees you know sort teaching kids to learn -- mentor him along the way here. You know he's he becomes light years better than you would have had -- those guys not being here and that's okay well now go and jump in there and replaced operate now. It's going to be tough to do right so I think it affected you got him. Tutelage if you will that I think in. No I think it bodes well but I think the Saints and wanted to do well they've done it. Well we got -- Griffin at the and then jump in as mentioned that the -- him that question was asked to where you guys are gonna quarterback -- as well. We like what we got -- down we like as the back so we got Griffin we -- Brian Griffin to doing so I mean it's not like they've totally ignored it. Still there and nor did all I think what they did I think what happens is because the fact that those guys have done well speaking of you know the younger -- and -- instinctive. That to me tells me that way they like what he's doing and if he keeps it ultimately is. You know here at some point he may be the guy you know and he's certainly not he's going to be somebody there's going to be. Tradable -- to make sure that you do get some position. It just because you sit behind. A lead quarterback who earned all pro quarterback -- hall of fame quarterback. Doesn't translate to use suddenly being that good on the field witnessed one Elvis or bad luck with it the -- A walk by PJ offers to look at it doesn't mean all of a sudden I get back after a I want by these guys for doubles I think I'm probably just about as good -- exactly. So so there's a lot to be said about the mentoring thing do all those things as the rub off and if you don't wanna take the mentoring it's not gonna it's not gonna help you at all. Let's see here another Texan 87870. Yeah we will -- talking about this. -- might with the draft that has happened so far. The Saints now the schedule is out. And in the first quarter because you look at this did the schedule that way our first four games will face two veteran quarterbacks. And potentially two rookie quarterbacks because will play. We open up in Atlanta against the Falcons Matt Ryan veteran. Then the Cleveland Browns -- -- sell obviously. You'd think he's going to be the starter I mean if you you gunman may be not could be still could be. What's that what's his name just mr. Blanco. They've had so many effective for quarterback for lately and -- employer. Via. Are accurate anyway. So it's probably going to be man's joke if we can't remember the other guy and then Bridgewater. With Minnesota so our first home game here in the dome. And then Tony Romo. Dallas so. Looks like -- before -- -- I don't I thought that the only good thing about visited the bad thing about that it is three of those games on the road meant for him in the first quarter. Well now well -- a you like that though he -- affected you know you're sort of maybe. In the first game -- can be tough one yeah that's going to be. It's always. They. Then again and again land of the giant wide receivers now they've got Evans. You know and that's that's a settlement Julio Jones and right choice you know so. Which is why we've gotten taller corner and let me show you also have to look at what's happening in your division -- look history it's reduced kind of prepare for it you've got to be so reactionary to sort of what -- opposition is doing especially in the division so. You know I think it's things of interest that that you can't just couldn't go out you know discussed Tampa's got a tall wide outs and Brian. We've got to make sure we get some tall corners now known that sort of way the games go figure if you get to all corners. And they can pretty much get anybody. IDC court atop an assistant 6018786. Exit eight -- early it's only all right and that's what you think about the draft so far the Saints. First two picks wide receiver Brandon cooks and then cornerback. Batiste. What do you think. Good picks is looking forward to see him on the field this year and how do you feel about today's draft where do you think. The Saints still. Need to make some news. Will take a break can be right back. You're listening to WW well and welcome back to first day of the draft additional along with Steve scored -- and Estes you heard the numbers 26018786. Exit 89087. Duke and Texas and 87870. As well. We have some callers on the line let's go to chain -- Uptown a change you're on WWL. A more detail on that. All kinds of people and we need your record -- -- the border. -- want no names but drew. A -- to a model that beat you know. Committee which you don't replace guys like that you know you hole. And Freddie -- somebody a couple. And I would want you to do that the first game I was down and -- and get it. I tried all my life because my daughters. Involved in football and don't care who they didn't. Well. So place and a quarterback like drew a pretty good but. What what he does what is the complete and leave it. Franchise tag on Graham Macgregor French. Open and that was it. Limited franchise -- -- he's referring to him and as a franchise it was a different it and well on the vernacular changes every point you can come out with -- stuff because they had to -- in the rules as they go but. But you know tip of your franchise tag means that your play those top players at that position would be a poor averages expletive. Out it would be. You know every year. And then they can't put it tag. In the limited franchise tag. Gives you some sort of I guess latitude as far as room. I think I think you is it time they can you can offers you can entertain offers and I think did it it makes you like less restrictive. And you would have been had you had just franchise -- it. Franchise tag basically means -- untouchable this is what you didn't if you don't. And you know after. Q and they can't do it again to notre etc. that sort of next next to they can't they can't tag. Well I have in on it's on the say hey you know kind of -- you know wanna look at them go out there see which you can did see which -- worth future value is and and you know but we've still got you know the last -- to write to you -- there it's there and -- it we still -- Well him also make you feel batters he reaching an intra that would happen -- and talked but he house do. They concluded by the -- of course -- you know they expected him via the other thing about you know Graham and players association saying you know he should be paid as a wide receiver because of the new agreement he lines up in the receiver slot but he does the -- and etc. it's that are on the course you're talk and what is box -- about five million dollars war that's that the which is that's a life changer -- during his oath. I'm a big deal breaker I think you know that does that -- -- negotiations I think it's gonna extend them a little longer but I think what it's all said and done. The Saints do get it done. And Jimmy grams day. You know why I he I I sort of hinted at some point to come to. You know I guess. Arbitration as a follow -- so. I guess into the comeback -- you know yet because of a certain number percentage of snaps at at the positions that were quote unquote. Traditional tight in spots. And so because of that. You know he's he can be classified as a as a wide receiver. Or is he placed on him and his slash him -- -- what it is. But I know that you know you're sort of -- in this semantics you can you can rest assured that that's gonna -- changed. This if he comes back and speaking worker and he comes back and says OK yeah a wideout. -- National Football League and the guys that don't squads are to come back it's when you change that. That rule you know make sure that we know exactly what he is. And there's no going back there's no arbitration and that he has -- years and so. It's been the last time we see this -- I am sure you know. But it -- -- -- I I'd. Personally I think I think -- -- -- with a guy -- we can hope he gets in that get more money for I don't. But -- on the don't think it's even if it is five million dollars more to the -- and some sort. Three million dollar you know let's go to split and have to deal on him move him. Had a lot of this is is as you know the agents trying to get. What it does for -- table I had never really they're gonna they're literally -- -- how to do it they've got to do you know how many they have to mean that's. That's something that's whether that's what you pay him yeah you know I mean. You know there are certain you know an expiration -- need to be here and -- staff there could find it somewhere on my body somewhere -- in an. It's when you find no words that you know that constant and onto what you union. ID Steve Cora dove and s.'s will take a break and be right back you're listening to W the bureau and welcome back WWL almost -- court I'm -- -- -- -- 6018786. Exit eight times early it's having and also text -- -- 87870. The draft will continue. Coming up today. -- out at twin peaks draft best for days three. Rounds four through seven. With the big chief Deke Bellavia also Mike to -- day aren't a fellow analysts. Bobby Hebert hokey guy John will all be on location at twin peaks -- the clear view mall. To continue to draft though when it starts we've got another hour ago. We're -- Continue to talk about what is already happened with the Saints and what do you think the Saints need to do. Today in the last day of the NFL draft remember this was the day that. You know everything would you pick up the last doesn't get much of attention but now Roger Goodell it's another day in the -- Now on I wanna capitalize on the money. You think so now now now I don't like it in prime time let's go backed up security -- that we'll be right back it's WW well.

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