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May 10, 2014|

Join Deke Bellavia, Mike Detillier, Hokie Gajan, Kristian & T-Bob Hebert as they bring you their analysis of the Saints 2014 Draft live from Twin Peaks in the Clearview Mall & Saints Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to. To draft -- day three here. And we are at twin peaks in the clear view shopping so the first shift -- -- -- NFL analysts Saints color analyst. And a former saint hope you guys John I'm Deke Bellavia we will be here all. Day long today until the end of the draft rounds 456. And seventh. Take -- the New Orleans Saints have two players in the -- currently that -- wide receiver Brandon cooks out of Oregon State University the first pick for the Saints twentieth overall. In the first round and in most recently -- that the 26 pick in round 2580. All. That being cornerback Stanley Jones -- -- so guys -- as we jump right in Mike to TA. Your thoughts as we you know the -- it's a radio became assume that everybody knows what's -- you know by -- -- to -- this from the top with the Saints have done before. Well row once they got that speed receiver that they've been looking for Brandon cooks -- -- the last couple months. He's one of the three guys we've talked about on basically every show along with the -- bill Beckham more peacefully. It's been Brandon cooks and so he brings that speed element. But I'll always said that nuclear element that you got it -- you gotta respect that you have it on that football team can't lead at safety in the box. And it's daily jumper at the east of form are all wide receiver in the high school ranks. I got moved over to the quarterback slot in Nebraska he's still a developmental player. As poised quarterback but he is the perfect size which -- looking for 632. Or ten pounds. Of god has played a lot of bump and run cover which rob likes to do. Last night he did tell us the one area he needs to work on is playing in the off coverage schemes legacy technically. He's not ready for prime time yet. Given some work to god it's prototypical what you're looking for in the NFL today. A Pall -- on earth who can match up against all those inside receivers and we've seen it now. Certainly with. With went on and Carolina -- drafting Kelvin Benjamin Mike Evans gone to -- Tampa Bay. And you know they got the -- into an -- since Evian -- and so you understand. Kind of where it's all role I think to -- in three years guys at the quarterback position from the SEC. That have dipped. Talked about AJ McCarron -- Mitch -- of we had projected a second round picks still available in the fourth round Aaron very -- but who would go in round three still lay up those three. -- he's had a pit stops savage. I mean I don't know where he ranked good yeah he's another guy out strong on kids like Zack met in America. And we -- to run a little bit on quarterbacks early and then once drop below gut -- -- the brakes -- and that was it and similar to last year when Matt Barkley Ryan the -- fell from. Which one to consider -- first or second round picks up into the fourth round that's what's happened to you know AJ McCarron. It's happened to Aaron Murray and also happened a member of poker -- total this. -- -- on the play you've got to be impressed with the fact that they they had enough faith in his guys that don't map branding coach that. You know they saw I've moved up the 27 spot to number two when he. Because it. They if that's pretty good jump. When you sit there trying to make that move in the first round to get -- -- his that you really covet so. I think that give you an idea of just how much -- -- it like he because they they were aggressive going after that to be given up the third round pick for him. They felt like. That was I mean even a bargain at number -- the game right there so and then as far as. -- -- -- Add up Jamie -- from Nebraska does he say Jean Baptiste -- -- and seventeen and then APEC corrected or so ago that again -- 888. Because everybody be corrected him once he gets down here as -- back -- but. -- he's gonna have some good people will be tutor for him Keenan Lewis assembly type bill. As a cornerback you'll have Champ Bailey there which completely opposite a shorter guy. That relies on technique and all that but he'll have a coach on the field and I'm sure that that that'll be somebody that the coaches they it. They got to make sure that Champ Bailey worked a lot with him so all -- today I mean I'm. I'm excited about what the Saints have done I don't really see where you can. Say that it may mean less you'd like one of the other corner better but. When you look at just the speed of branding coaching you say that is a plus this office Drew Brees got another weapon and now you get a bigger down. He's OK guys I'm Mike to TO DA will come back and start. Give you the coverage of around 4456. And seven day here on Saints radio -- -- -- clear -- shopping center. Davydenko and he's done with 1106 it's not the first new -- go to Gagne. We between the alone might be okay guys -- -- ability operated -- or that you pulled the thing that damage I'll bet he's cornerback -- Nebraska. With the second round pick. You like the paint -- to vote on line at it -- if you that -- around 40 kind of values here what's best available. Well we already saw -- the Philadelphia Eagles with the first pick they pick Jalen Watkins the quarterback from Florida. In Washington picks -- really another quarterback from Clemson we talked about like last night. Mobile runs somewhere along the line with Comas we already starting it early and in the fourth round -- we talked about the quarterbacks. In India of little slide. Certainly -- Zach and Aaron merry. And certainly with that AJ McCarron David Yankee to big offensive guard from Stanford still up on the board -- -- From the that would another cover cornerback and has 82 months of receivers still left in this draft class that's gonna get picked. -- just did two in just -- Ellis the big defensive tackle from -- -- tech. I'll coach bill spent a lot of time with him working him out at Louisiana Tech he's got it's a possibility for this football team come around for. Now -- when you get into this Lance. They of the tram which is out to different because you guys hit it one day you know -- the got to build the course of the how much. Juggling all how much restating take us -- what what's gone from the scout standpoint and an office. Everything happened so fantasy. Obviously because you know its cut down the second round seven minutes to make in his third round -- meant to -- you'd see. About the time if you make the announcement that somebody. They've been picked all of a sudden you look at the screen in the end of the pick for the next team would be in. So if everything just happened so fast and he is it can get a little bit chaotic. Just from the standpoint that you. The general manager and head coach to sit there there's still work in a phone and he'll do what they're doing it's got to count look at the their notes and wanting another and then. It's kind of crazy we've but I heard. One of the guys say it last night that. When it's over with last night is like everybody just sits there in east Derek aboard. NH nobody's really make it any conversation any thing. You scout look at the board you looking in because from time to time a cart will come out of place may be a guy that you had. Rated you know late third round -- he'd -- late fourth round early fifth round. All of a sudden somebody dislikes in a little bit better make to keep in the third round so you can look at it where some of those holes are on the board and then after awhile somebody breaks the ice whether to cultures out or something like that you kind of start. You don't reshuffle I -- Hughes is not time for changing grades. Anything like that you kind of start moving guys around it. You know boy I really like this and you think got to start making a sales pitch to the head coach in general manager feel that when you start off today you know who the coach and you know magic. They know that you have a strong feelings for guys. Micah LSU has done -- -- in the draft thrust forward and in their focus in on close to home from a car standpoint and a division standpoint. The Atlanta Falcons a ball well both have got the number one seed two out of Walesa for use in the NFC. Went to the playoffs four straight years and missed it last year they went -- to the defense of line. Yeah and certainly they need some help. -- talked about it before. At certain positions that they note that the future is now for them there is no the more you messed this up this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matthews is a plug and play guys I mean he's from day one he's -- gonna walk right in and he's will be your starter at that tackle position. And they needed a big man they get bring in Rasheed -- a big defensive tackle. Right now what -- -- that football team is that they have. That -- the Freeman they just picked up as the running back they don't have really that number one running back not a got an edge guy and Dovonte -- hope you and now we're talking about him. All right before officials started he's one of those guys that fit what they wanted to do. They have a little guy he's a better -- -- them with they have it intricate Roger. Hokey I don't I don't there's also to different terms that people break down there and they say no question that dumb question but when you look up there and they and they give you some of the things he does well says lots of -- don't -- Rated doubtful that. I don't know that's a new and I'll tell you know he hasn't been used a lot. Okay part of a rotation that's what our guys are part of the replace you know we talk -- -- -- as well you know and it's a good. But you know it all these turn stuff a lot of things there are new with me you know like -- years a guy. He plays with violent hands you know we just said. You guys got a lot of hand action you know but it that you -- now. But you know. Look at your look at yourself all right there used to be you know you'd listen recording -- press the pound key now. Now the hash tag he would be in other -- I mean I'm not up on a lot of this lingo right it would you have it Mike. You know because he still in the evaluation circle in still loses. With the draft where -- -- a part of good today too we as guys is that it's so much like MMA boxes. We use your hands and I think big people understand that term a little bit better and because if you -- an offense of what defensive lineman. You basically like an MMA fighter it's all about your hands -- your feet. Despite all ballots leverage and how to use your hand and a lot of guys use that inning. In there were work -- program that they'll go to some of these martial arts guys so that they can learn to do things like that. Dovonte Freeman running back from Florida State 58206. Goes to the Atlanta thought with the New York Jets and now on the clock we're twin peaks in the clear if you shopping so I hope you guys some might be 38. -- he Bellamy will come back we will get too caught up with eight draft recap with Steven Geller coming out Jonas -- -- 6 PM this evening on Saints radio WW keep -- what every kick every selection go to WW dot com on the top of the home paints. It's a draft board review all the rounds around give the picks and they have been in real time what players did in college. -- complete bio your favorite team all is available at WW OL dot com we're asking you are you giving your take on the saints' second round pick. That is all Baptiste cornerback at Nebraska. If you like to think it's operated jaguar opinion poll at WW dot com and -- in here. And hopefully we are at twin peaks where you can look and they've got sports on all of a big screens all over the place and as we sit here and talk about the draft. We're watching the thirty for thirty special on the the bad boys say anything you can kind of tied in to us. Inning you look up and you say where are we left him. Against the teams that -- at the top and they show you they got Isiah. It is OK he's in jammed up in the backcourt too much you can't still do more. You go get the other guy to get ripped my hall and you bring in Adrian Dan -- a solid veteran it's been all over the league. It that you want to give John sent any yet and I got like a rabbit with a man be a bit puzzled. That's what these teams are doing now -- you brought up earlier in Tokyo time it do you find out what you do who -- And then now the team that everybody is gonna -- that matchup. Is to Seattle but we look at our division just the moves it'd be in May Michael of course that time what Tampa has done and some of offensive weapons what Atlanta has done. And then you think about North Carolina it's all about OK we know we do will. We've got to match up with -- those teams and then on the perimeter. The 45 teams that we think we could see in the playoffs what do they do it gives us a -- If that's had a look at hysteria and the other thing too is just trying to get out your division too. Because you've got to play those guys twice a year. And now all of a sudden it changed real quickly because Atlanta had those two guys would Julio Jones and Roddy White to you and you had to match up or get pressure. Now all of a sudden Tampa. Gets Vincent Jackson couple years back as a free agent and they bring in Mike Evans first round pick not a get Austin stepping Jenkins so you gotta match up. Carolina brings in Kelvin Benjamin. A six foot five so you -- to sneak out of all the matchups here and in the Saints bring in Brandon cooks. And I think that two picks will really Seattle picks in essence you knew you saw what happened in those games you needed to got a can put the ball in the end zone. And you need a matchup called -- cornerback. Just like what they have what tried to have and so you trying to do in trying to steal sort of speak -- beat you. And I think you're always looking to try to beat the champ. That camp right now Seattle yeah I try to match up but you're also right. In that you've got to get out of division -- thought -- you you got it you've got to make sure that you match up with that better than you do because it's very easy to say well. -- if we get into the playoff mythical back up to Seattle in and what do we had the B. But you put the cart way in front of the horse right DNA and everybody else's probably think in the same thing but. As we all know. All you have to do is when you division you get into the playoffs -- and you start worrying about everybody else but you're also right be in that you put. Pieces of the puzzle together what do we do well because if we're not gonna if we're just getting a guy. It's a big cornerback to play against a big receiver but if he doesn't fit what Rob Ryan does the offensively if all uses the press cover corner. You haven't really help yourself at that guy's gonna have to be used in run support. Sometimes he's gonna have to play some zone whenever Rob Ryan goes into that with all the different mixes and matches things that he does. You you really had to be impressed with watching his defense last year -- that the way guys have movement around the way he put him in different positions so. It's it's it just came all the way around but it better start against the got a few at the plate and like the year. -- Mike and I tell you what when you look. At San Francisco and what date what they have now knowledge to see who they added but they they just added Carlos Hyde and they already got. That's just too -- debate use the pick of the best back in the SEC in the best back in the big team back to back years the best back in the SEC -- played yet. And that -- one of the best receivers. Maybe a little on battery off with some. Out of South Carolina. Big and they will be good for a long time my coming a long time absolutely and that's what -- -- just picked up Bruce Ellington -- one of my favorites in this draft class he's of them duty guy. On the size slot receiver. Was the starting point scored on south Carolina's basketball team. You talk about a guy out some eye hand coordination and just watched him down the stretch last year in if you watch the bowl game up against Wisconsin it didn't matter who people Gordon. Well how many people were guarding him he was like Sammy Watkins he got that rule where you were not gonna cover him. And he just got open and he is a short squat it will not be done -- speed. He's got it that's another addition. In essence they will look at what their version of Percy carpet. Now he's not Percy often. But he's Kyle what -- the middle class version of Percy -- you can do the same things just not quite as good. To about a terrific athlete and kind of buried a little bit at South Carolina what you know. The defense of talent. You think about South Carolina wins -- you've got that you thought it be pointing gun. Really turned into SC defense I mean that's what they will look at. Doubt from -- and can put that at a different level and it got with split time as a basketball player and a starting receiver. San Francisco got a terrific football -- -- yesterday it picked up Stevie johnsons -- really good. -- a good starting receivers in the NFL that deal is there we get that game against Seattle. We'll see how many quarterbacks you got hit some -- early as many receivers as not get out on the field -- yet. Oakland Raiders up on the clock we're asking you on line now what -- to the picks it entice you the most at WW EL -- dot com it's operated day or opinion poll. What what are you most excited about wide receiver Brandon cooks a cornerback Stanley. You all that tees do we have our guys stationed out at Saints camp Saints out of Puerto Christie Garrett. And T but they've been outstanding back guys what's it like out there on the final day -- address that really just what did they do them off food come off without four. Through another word of mouth but I mean catching up on some of excellent picks that are coming off the board here you've seen -- run and wide receivers certainly. Quarterbacks you don't keep up with. -- Watkins brother of them Sammy Watkins imagine that the being drafted in the same draft I said brother that's who can do in some writers gene pool at least is due -- some right there. You look at -- Bryant store at that you doing a couple weeks ago I was -- -- we talked about yesterday. So it could be targeting center position Bryant -- visit with its maintenance but I'll. At the Senior Bowl -- goes for the Patriots. Now at this point. The -- possibly think the Saints to. Go back and dropped the receiver -- that's this it's beat variety or the possession guy in the Alley Randy Coleman at -- players similar to that. It's a bigger you know 6263 kind of guy chomping has talked about -- -- those bigger. Wide receivers that this off so you're actually you'd -- receiver. I think I expect to go in the draft that you probably draft. At least and the I expected they would draft -- receivers at some point in the -- first -- You know later in the draft pick them to but obviously the first round selection red -- you address these days. Got a position at wide receiver then you know later drafted I think -- -- the line and getting that out. Filtering that interior. Of appliances Torre got -- next as far as. Visit but did -- -- question of do you draft -- guard that maybe doesn't have as much -- experience but one that. You think can -- their position or project there or you draft someone who has more traditional center experience that you know can kind of play guard there's still a lot of different options as tours of what the Saints can do about it it's not a fun. Beat out here day we forget like I said big spread central -- couple sandwiches. So that always makes the working day. Easier but I still think that's where. The Saints need to go next unless they actually set I got a big -- great value for this four. We look at a couple of nieces that are still out there will be that we talked about that just -- -- off the board just analysis of the great youth that could produce show. Yeah when we that we haven't well. I'll just they'll listen mostly out of that resents and Louisiana Gloria if for him the six foot. Six foot 1330. Plus pound guy that runs a 4940. -- out of the play -- the players ran for my forties pro day. Certainly from a row Louisiana with a double high school. The CO local players peel off the board but you look at him going back to the Saints as an eagle on the clock here and about what. Well the on the clock at 126 so we heard one. 08 right now with Seattle Seahawks so eighteen more selections in this. He -- remains tunnel injury out -- quarterback could they go quarterback in the second -- cornerback in the fourth. And possibly I do you feel like the defensive backfield is may be already little crowded in. Already very talented here's -- name you know Saints love affairs small school O linemen. Matt Armstrong from Grand Valley State 62305. Ran a 53 so obviously. Somebody he -- -- division two guy. There's not a lot of tape -- agree players however he seems to have. A lot of upside and like you said the saints' drew and they are not scared. To go grab a guy that you maybe didn't have any tape against some of the bigger schools. Potentially you know running back. Man might be a target you heard -- and say that they discussed. Jeremy Ito yesterday before they went on the clock in the second round that was they had some discussions about him. And maybe the Anthony Thomas could be a target on 93 -- the oh organ running back by the warrants -- five pounced on -- a speed running backs who will see as the Nazis get ready go on the clock here. About seventeen selections away from their pick in the fourth runner at third overall he Steve Bobby Hebert Christian -- Wilson back. Two draft that's the -- -- and that might detail all of hokey guy yeah. All right we will continue with draft since 2014 here on Saints radio that you did you -- and welcome back draft says the final day here we're twin peaks for my Jonas in the clear -- shot exit on I 58 follow him on to an end might -- TV and on line it might be -- Yates. Dot com along with Saints columnists and almost saint hope he -- you know we're out here between television wherever you look you'll miss a -- back to talk about all the action. In the world of sports if you haven't been between peaks but you know if those who bowl. It truly is they -- great place to come out. Bring out the family -- wanna come watch the game -- -- its aggressive draft they really had -- taking care of the immunize analyzed sitting in. Pocono it's the fact that these these these would be some balls and open the -- -- -- no I mean this is a credit. Yeah and me is the the big Buffalo look there is some pheasant in news. Rainbow Trout over there and really been all the way around the plate there's I think some vast -- so there -- -- so it's. Yeah like you say it means that some ought to be up and Colorado Rockies -- Montana somewhere. And you know when you look at where we are in the draft and remember the draft tracker is up online at WWL dot com each pick as it happens. And you can click on their players getting information Nieminen who they play is. Once you click on it you'll know everything about their play with who they came from all sorts of nations. It's like a tutorial given you everything on each player selected in this year's draft. And operated jaguar opinion poll which pick you most excited about for the Saints. And it being either a stellar job that he's the second round of radical. The first round and might come -- Alexander articles to beat St. Louis Rams that -- -- -- that Roscoe -- -- cornerback out of Duke. Could -- as of march before the -- -- UCLA. Over the course the last few seasons -- -- -- now moving forward you can kind of followed to say follow the ball follow the moderator would say. Just look at what UCLA's been doing it. -- the numbers and eventually when you can get the better players on one level. It he competes as it goes down to those players being better and another level at a recruiting me -- Moore has gone out there is -- to -- recruit. But the best is yet to come especially not often decide over the course of the next few you do -- -- -- -- yeah. I think UCLA and Texas seen him I think those -- the two teams that have made that jump on this and I give Mike Sherman a lot of credit. Look what he was able to recruit -- I would be able to piece it out on the field. But you know he did recruit. That's a pretty heady company and he almost got Justin Ellis went to Oakland Raiders. I met up with Mike when he was trying to make a decision on a couple defensive tackles he was looking at. And he was looking long and hard -- Justin with played up Munro. And they passed on him. And Justin Nelson's ended up being a terrific football player for the we've yet to pick one of the few bright spots on the defensive side of the football Eagles open he's a big man in the middle. He reminds me a lot of Kyle Williams except when he's a lot bigger -- version of him. Last year you -- -- to -- confused like -- have what it will bounce he's got his weight down at 330 I've gotten just disruptive in the middle. You just decent pass rush but it's his ability that high up blockers in the middle to not just a great pick up -- Raiders. Teamed up with Justin -- but I think Texas a and M which you brought up UCLA but at some schools that have really. Hit the ground run and sort of speak recruiting in you're gonna see more mortal numbers and Texas they -- hip begin to Louisiana with talent. And so has jail. He's come into the state and he's in for a number -- -- they see the talent we via Ellis you can get everybody. And so they what they wanna say it's you know what will compete against Ellis you put a top talent. But we're willing to go put owns two homes that they won't awful we will nickel. But it and it helped -- more in the fact that people remember his name. If not his name his dad's name right when he comes into the state in. You know I Agassi I've never had to be on -- recruiting trail. That college coaches do you know but I mean you gotta you gotta have some way to keep your foot in the door you know what the NFL draft. If you shoot -- -- you don't have any choice to re gonna go over hurting it a little bit different you know you're you're shipment kind of swaying in the can be university so. I would say that he's in the play in the UCLA is -- -- in the Louisiana. Well at least Gail wore when he -- -- now walking through the door people remembers that probably remembers when he was the defense of the secondary coach here for the Saints put. That more name people still recognize that in state got to think two years is not a bad trip to take the Los Angeles. You know to go visit UCLA. Yeah even if you say you know what I really wanna go to LSU but -- will -- -- to pick it -- again I have a shot with the smartest wouldn't with a trip the University of Hawaii. They knew it was going to Ellis through. But he peaked at the trip to Hawaii on that deal of their recruiting trail both they had their Pro -- out there and I think I can't build a team made a lot quicker if at Lions were well. An -- in heaven knows the beyond those planes -- ball pretty other issue was the Cam Cameron was on the plane or -- at du -- now that's Iowa is that I wondered how that was a little Ella had a book those flights like yeah. A man a vote it's in their rules it's it's it -- -- within the rules. We have -- now and it -- twelve in the round that's the Tennessee Titans it's 112 overall. Making now wait to one point six point six peak in this round is the -- fourth round pick. He wanted to guys Bob and I was talking about last night just got picked up Cincinnati picked up Russell -- -- it was a senate. You played cynical -- North Carolina and Bob was asking is there a cynical hard out there. That could play bull team was one and they came to mind he's already off the -- will we saw -- start. -- pick but a New England Patriots so. That sort of -- what you see in -- off now offensive linemen now. And it's it's the mobile record breaking one offensive linemen because now that's one in four offensive linemen that have been -- in his draft so organized and winning four. And look him up on the board my coach you know if everybody has their their best available we got NFL network here that he is being gone. All all of a major networks -- anywhere between people watching it. And you know when you look at what's still out there some guys don't give him a shifty back is always -- about the Anthony Thomas. So not that that's that's a lot of speed he's one of those guys that we had gained -- Yes and this is a big year at that running back position and it's kind of what you want you want to be back smaller guy. I mean you have that it's almost the same -- at the wide receiver position. And will talk about that last night I think the number of shows not in Atlanta and that big thing is wouldn't break the trend back to back you know first round pick at running back. But he got a caddie at Georgia if he stays healthy. Todd -- -- you -- we talk about him as a first round pick guy. Because me and he's he's got the it factor as a running back up big back who could run with speed -- But it's amazing how that evaluation of that running back has hit all across the NFL just look on this Ross. Other than Mark -- you look at Chris Ivory Pierre Thomas and cover Robinson. And hit that. You know on the created free agents and and that's that's kind of what you see in -- in the NFL today I'm not gonna use that first round pick. On -- back but somebody that shield they -- use one -- thought purely. I kind of -- only take a step back a little bit because you were talking about some of the -- that you were looking at. Now wait remember that you know the tackles were pretty long list of -- if you had on the board. Guard he had a whole bunch of them because they were guys that just didn't have the ability to play on the edge in the NFL for you move him in the dark. But the -- stack was always a short stack of guys and when you sit there right now in a piece that you're looking for gathered to -- guard combination comedians do that. If to say during a market for -- I know what they're going through right now that there's just not a whole lot of guys -- in. -- Really play the way that the the NFL game needs to be played right now with the all the things they have to know. A lot more movement and things like that I think Steve court would be the first one day not an easy thing to do if you've never played center before it just me it's a it sounds easy to say what is moving from guard -- that's that's a big step to make when you have to snap the ball that quarterback if the the delivery just right quarterback's hand for you don't have that exchange problem all time. So all I'm saying is -- more centers that come off the board that has you listed problems are probably pretty short. Then the chances they get an -- in Earnest -- might be pretty slam Micah. Earlier this year people kind of warning you follow teams that are supposed to be good -- -- when they don't stumble a little bit where one of the games that they didn't just have a complete. Pace -- -- somebody earlier -- Florida State when they took while Boston College big reason why Andre we have a running back over 2000 yards it would do some good things in. Really made him a respectable team this year they were in a lot of gains can win a lot of ball games but -- -- a good guy here and. Listen for the first three like two and a half years of his career he was a virtual unknown you can really do much in all of a sudden sorely needs junior career you sort of see him. You've all but last year man he was a -- golf I mean he's not a real fast guy. But he's got great if you vision he's got that ability to make you miss in space but it's the way you finish off runs. I mean he's strong finishing all -- runs and I'll I'll look to steal back that just doesn't go down right away what they went on to Williams when you watch him. You finish is all that -- always fallen forward. In a lot of times these backs that day when they get hit they get hit back ball sideways. With Williams he's fallen. Fall if you if you wanna get get -- mental -- -- -- gathered goes down that the -- run we'll all remember him burial Bates that we had here that was the thing that was shown. Discouraging about him that kind of big back with that -- lot of speed he wasn't a real cute you can again. But it did take a whole lot of contact for him go down and that's why Jim ward never really did. You've seemed very much in the opportunity like that for what he just said he does not mean for you know what it was like that upon the last of this Chris Johnson. Who was with the Texas both Titans eight considerably lighter and much lighter and you know almost like he had those three great seasons and all of a sudden. It skidded off now he's with the jet. That's my BTA he's healthy guys -- will continue address Frisco which would come back in Steve -- will give yet complete recap on ground full we're twin peaks and likely be sevens in All Saints radio WW all right Steve thank you very much operated jaguar that you vote which Saints. Person two picks or you most excited about wide receiver Brandon cooks. Our cornerback Stanley is not bad teach you can vote online at WWL dot com we are at twin peaks here in the PP shopping -- For the final day of draft is being three here around 456. Feet pick. Before ground we're at now -- pick number one's sixteen for the Oakland Raiders in my old quotes of less than a couple of years offseason that the Raiders seemingly got some good. Better people in place in the front office in him. That's what a lot of people was kind of scratched their head if I mean uses that they would draft him really -- make a lot of sense on those draft but they've -- pretty good. Yeah and they held the older back on Thursday because he wanted them to pick Derrick more with the first pick in the draft instead the little Mac. And Richard MacKenzie and I guess Dennis Allen did a little bit of persuasion of pavement so we can get him a little bit later and that's exactly what they did. Matt was just too good to pass up and that's good to -- -- -- pass that nobody had any titanium the backbone -- -- it is dead. That you couldn't do it well at one time the man with the Houston Astros are definitely was -- shows that -- -- -- mine but didn't the year went on. It was. You can either say that is definitely the guy the intake or you could say I have to -- you think he'll pull something completely out of that. Jim house without the comment that in his first two picks you could throw one -- them completely out of the window. Because you know it was never even on the board it was and -- I wouldn't say it was and how big it doesn't. He was gonna pick his guy no matter what the funniest greatest story was something Phillip Burton told me years ago. Was that in the 1970 draft. The Saints picked him borrow wind up being a real good player but Whitney Houston all is not what athletes. In that draft the Saints had their pool a poker player -- it was the first time the media had got invited to look and see how it all went down. And the Raiders picked Raymond Chester was a terrific I did post a long time of -- Morgan State. And they'll look at on the board look at on the board and bill Raymond Chester. Instead they had 600 names up on the board. And Tom fears being the head coach it means something wrong and we don't even have him up on our board. In the Raiders -- -- -- won the tournament that that's not picks week was saying they listen if you know Bob Orton can't play. -- but he said it broke out to Oakmont that they had that call security and everything between the general manager and head coach fight. Basically in the war room so to speak. Because the Ravens picked they would just that they say you know pocket understated cool fight over got to -- to predict. But yeah actually how to fight over it I don't rate us that anybody else being -- the best part of that was that fears that -- out of the bowl with his buddy John Madden. And -- the ones that man listen we don't know where we're gonna play him he played running back fullback tight end -- not sure we do know he can play. And that. Spread out everything that you said last time anybody with that invited all our ruled -- that I got a they've been a story in the Raiders had just picked this book deal another big cover cornerback from Utah got -- -- junior season at safety. He got moved over to the corner position almost 64. And again you concede a match up now he's the guy that I had ranked a little bit higher than where he's -- He is a guy that if he can stay healthy. And that's been an issue he's had a number of injuries -- you talk. You can be a really good football player and he's a raider player in essence he's a guy that they'd like a big cover cornerback who could run. He's the deal is a big guy could run the boy he's rougher around the edges as a player very physical guy is just his health issues. All right gets my -- two yellow -- guys on -- ability we twin peaks that -- three of draft this is the latest on the Saints fans in the entire NFL. Online at WWL dot com.

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