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05-10 12:10 pm Saints Draft Fest with Deke, Hokie & Mike Detiller

May 10, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia, Hokie Gajan and Mike Detiller discuss the 2014 NFL Draft - Day 3.

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I think a lot of running backs real solid. Which you don't have as Patrick. Albeit you incidents outside linebacker it's never enough of those guys in this late he said just peeled off one out to be out that the wc. That's the biggest change in this world today how quickly -- safeties come off the board. They will have more rookies make NFL rosters this year than any other year because of the talent because you had. A hundred juniors declare early. And you know that's basically people rounds of the draft that you got show up to yet at that spot. And more and more I do believe that because money becomes an issue if it's close with a veteran player and rookie. You gonna keep that rookie guy and it gives that that creates. I think in a more fourteen to spending more time looking at those free agents that can help you in one way -- another as a niche player. On special teams so common -- role on your roster. I do think that this draft class because of those areas that's never enough -- just never in doubt that -- it's never an capitals guys. If you want cost all quarterbacks has never know put him before. I mean I guess it goes across the board when you become about that but. You don't win -- they get to the point you know 98 junior this year hundred doing whatever was coming out of me. Doesn't it seem like -- some point in time it'll get Jeff Weaver the following year's draft that. They just -- mean that they -- to be -- got right here that won't be in next year's draft well. Did you going to be look at it this is not a very deep draft and -- me if you want a guy you've been happy -- minute -- at least. By the third round because of -- mad he he'll be looked and he got that would normally be a created I think. More and more. Wait teams recruit today. Especially if you're an LSU or Texas or something now Penn State Ohio State Florida State whatever. You know you're not gonna keep for four years to write the green going right and so that pool continuously comes in. At the college level I think you could -- that continuous -- players. Disliking college basketball bill -- one in Dillon's will be a lot of three ball I mean and Ellis you've been hit pretty hard with that lately. So as Alabama -- I think now. I think that is something that -- -- good to -- each and every year but just the cycle of it -- I think continues. Because I think teams are prepared that they are not gonna have those guys. Before in five years anymore got a four or five years he will be a dinosaur trade turnover was a redshirt sophomore when he came out at Ellis. Yeah it's been his three years now played two years Richard what. That's my PTAs -- guys on that because the only time these two oval fourth time the first news and we will go to -- And welcome back operated jaguar opinion -- what to pick you most excited about for the Saints wide receiver -- cooks out of Oregon State or cornerbacks damage on back tees at Nebraska it's online at WWO dot com. Way to -- around the Green Bay Packers on the clock if people want to when he won five picks away from the Saints if they stand pat. With the 26 pick in this round and won 26 will -- give it a lap present so what's going on at the Saints facility at the bank go to close a bit. Third pick of the draft it's a fourth round of Christie Garrett NT -- -- ticket. The about the I'll watch in the. Players come off the board here have to about there's been a Romo wide receivers and running backs especially via Martinez -- going recently. A lot of folks might have figured that he could commute to new world possible. Selection for the new world Saints but also went to Coleman -- -- -- -- Clemson. We talked about along with running back the Anthony Thomas the organ back at. Might fit sharp -- offensive scheme as well guy and a organs for 4540. The smaller back 58175. But they might have a need there might have a desire to bring. And the Anthony Thomas along with some of these senators have come off the board recently area in the interior -- you talked about are not necessarily available. Yeah interior linemen. Didn't take him Russell -- gene from my North Carolina he -- guy he got to have but the eagles' interest the eight year by Arizona. -- cute couple Logan Thomas the Virginia Tech quarterback over. But like so well on Tom savage Jackman burger -- they do it occurred in the hit in the current -- -- very -- shawl like. He's a lot of guys that -- successful Logan Thomas leads in my opinion. I never really so much from there was somebody underperformed been I mean yes I did he hit a great. Physical skills set -- man Arizona I really thought that would potentially in spot. Four met her grip of -- be a great fit they must've seen. Something that they really like him Logan Thomas -- I don't answer to getting mixed reviews on Twitter -- draft publications sites creating this draft really pretty much as -- the picks come in. And some folks to know he was going to be a quarterback art I didn't mean there was some discussion that Logan Thomas will they retarded where he is tied it. It it didn't look like his decision making and accuracy was. You close to an NFL level but like I said you know you at all what you always hear that kind of reached a drafts and all it takes is. One team to fall in love with you and -- the Cardinals. They thought it was about that group good on them I just. I don't see it especially when you have ever. -- members -- can accomplish on all these other guys you would Logan Thomas via Scotia you never really know. Gonna have a couple other interests being called Brian pointer just went to the Packers there's no state linebacker -- so he's off the boards while saint. Getting closer. Where are now picked number 122 in the fourth round. The seats 1 o'clock with the 126. Election. In this round and third of the twelve to fourteen drafts -- but you know it's one area -- qualities that are updated at that one I got the same as with Legos blogger thing. No a little interesting pick from fort Frances and from the bigger names I guess we talked to adjust and -- Louisiana guy but I Audrey Williams. Running back from Boston College led the nation with over 2000. Yards. -- you got to go to the Heisman ceremony -- 511. In thirty. -- in the big old -- I've ever seen -- 84540. Which is very impressive. Only the sixteenth player in history hit that to Kmart here isn't great Christian. His entire -- read here at Boston college and it's probably why simple as fourth round. He only call in passes in four years. Ten passes in four years of playing out the ball pretty absurd there and 52 days passed him yeah right it's that's. A bit of a knock -- that's not to say that maybe doesn't have been changed that Al we have ever easy. The Tennessee Titans are now on the clock 01 point pick number one point to get about two and a half minutes before that make their selection in. He -- dance around the NFC south for a moment of course it out of -- four. Selections in the books Dovonte Freeman their recent selection went back at a Florida State and new. As a potential of Saints target there along with David Buccaneers Mike Evans it's Austin's very NG in their first two selections in the round of the third round. West Virginia Charles -- another running back added to the mix in the course. And yet the Carolina Panthers Kelvin Benjamin in the first round. 28 overall -- yulia pass rusher out of Missouri. And in the third round -- turner they edit them out of LA shooting a realignment of -- seen quite a -- Diversity in this draft. With it how crazy -- it we does that tree on nine double coverage a couple of weeks ago and he was Thomas about. How when he told his agent use common now that you know they've become a free agent Corey at this point right. What you can do to stand out to this point you're not even getting drafted in. He told his example look at her run a sub 542 straight up and he's at -- you get after AM. Well all of pro day he goes the combine does excellent. Has another great -- put a good testing numbers he has some good film and I think people recognize his natural. Athletic ability is he an easy either. Not yet when he won or he just turned -- -- he's young and he's got his physical line. Whatsoever he continued growth and you to improve the upside of tree turn it is -- -- the first time I'll watch him play. I'm just kind of being shocked as he came in out of shape in the when he was out of shape. He had incredible. Body weight manipulate Wright hit a great sense of his feet where they were. His weight distribution not even out over his toes are now that he's in shape in. During his time associate the main thing he taught us about what as a learning. You know -- he'd be off the field simpler in that work ethic and drive and that's what it takes to be successful on game day he would mean. He's gonna play in the league for a long time. Tennessee Titans at one point two fall by the Seattle Seahawks. Kansas City Chiefs in Miami Dolphins and the Saints go on the clock with the 126. Elections in the fourth round. And the Saints have three or two players in the books are rated and I have a third round pick and were waiting. For the Saints to go -- o'clock four picks away he Steve Bobby -- Kristian -- Wilson back to draft fest with the -- -- might TA and -- guys. I would do it take a break you come back and have the saints' third pick of the draft it's their fourth round preface continues on saint radio that we did you have. We have a couple picks away from the Saints making their third pick it's a fourth round at 26 in the around one point six overall welcome back we between peeks inside -- the if you -- -- for -- as. They three here or Saints radio that you'd get you -- asked you which -- you. Like the most thus far in the Saints -- -- receiver or at stake the saints' first date August 2 round pick. Cornerback -- Nebraska. -- all bad piece. And you could take out aren't complete coverage of the draft on my analysis from all of our programs T Bob Hebert took a look at what LSU has done thus far in the draft. Christie Garrett has his take everything from top to bottom. Right online at WWL. Dot com or Mike the rich get -- play maker for the Alabama Crimson Tide. No offense that deep ball very average the low was sixty yards a reception and know what goes to Seattle and you know. I know some players come look at things in the -- well would have been granted how all this but you know if you go to a team. Like my Seattle San Francisco new wall and the team did it consistently been in the playoffs and compete and went to a suitable -- change if he is keeping its opponent. With that Rose collect Reuben Randle thought it was going Buford from it falls beaten the around two Eagles to the Giants did just won the Super Bowl -- It's not me you know you Philly you fall into those spots and times in. You got no control over. I mean not to wait you got absolutely no control what any of this now it's all in the hands of others and how they feel about you. Kevin Norwood is -- trickle walk I mean he's that halts at receiver. He's got some deep speed ability good size. And he fits with Seattle wants to do because they wanna stretched a few little bit more and I think he's a nice fit for him until you got just a few picks away. What's surprising to me is the three quarterbacks still on the board. If the Saints are seriously thinking about a young quarterback. Is this the spot here because it would seem to be the right time that -- -- AJ McCarron still up on the board. -- Matt -- still on the board but they've got I think it's the best fit -- this offense would be Aaron Murray from Georgia. These beverage some -- Drew Brees in a lot of ways and when you look at it. -- right time right place is this the right spot if you gonna pick a lot of back. Because all three of those guys comic choked up together. In that spot. And if you look at both hit. In on a public sometimes what that's not right fit -- right place. With Murray do you go right fit what this office. I agree with that that it I like it when I. Saw him they LSU Georgia game I mean you know you've talked about treatment -- met Byrd is steel ball up and down the field meet both of those guys look. Very impressive that particular day and as much as people going hear it there. Of the day has -- and we Drew Brees is going to be right phased out because it may -- just don't catch up with him and I'm like might be good. Went to Sean -- think that they -- nobody really knows but. I I do like all three of those gathright the -- talking about and I think the -- It's feed me I think Mary. It's the the mold better than McCann and then met. There you have -- the needs that a more pressing. But is this the moment in time -- now. But is this the moment in time you -- you know what. I think this guy. Could be a -- to -- my successor could you could think Murton would -- this -- been around for right or McCarrick. Are Matt -- -- think any of those guys would -- this rainy. And the Kansas City Chiefs just beat that guy the Anthony Thomas well but we've talked about quite a bit that would help fit that Darren Sproles mold. And and you know it's it's another thing too if they don't give a quarterback here. Did that that was it like -- you see it in interest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But interesting about a guy like -- Murray you know there's certain things you can you can capitalize on your fame. And he he never left Athens. It stayed over there he can make a few run thousand dollars the Hokies being a guy. Then I think this three -- all three quarterbacks in the history Georgia football I can say. I've beat Florida for years. And he's one overall -- and you know you can you can -- all campus you can make those speeches shall put alumni thanks so. You know if it's capitalized on that's its advantages to stay in there and that's a guy to -- that door to let -- -- that they ought to think about it. Threw four straight years he's thrown for 3000 you -- to sort. Ward straight yes that's not a school that was noted for being a great passing team answer they would already run oriented football team. And again it's not what maybe we think is the more pressing need. But it could have -- a moment in time you say you know what. I thought he'd be a third round pick calls that a fourth round -- got to pick -- we're gonna pick him at this slot just comical moment in time at this moment. It does not know that when drew does decide to hang it up. That I'd like -- that's been in this system for a few years and being groomed if you may. The count it could do that oh -- -- the McCarron. Not. Very very cornerback. -- auto driver there yeah I agree that. You know it paid old guys there that are there it tutored and sneak through right now but I. I don't know I would just like a guy that definitely it is. Some -- -- big time game like. McCain hands are like you know Murray has just because they didn't need that pressure and but that quarterback position is -- -- last night I thought that cornerback was the most difficult position I mean at the right quarterback would be number two. Because it there's so many different things that go into that particular player in certain coaches and scouts have a Mac court is we package it did it. Look at the stats and -- touchdown -- through it how long he's been a starter and all that stuff but that is the NFL it takes a different -- For the Miami Dolphins now in the fourth round pick one point five they pick -- they were waiting getting ready to see it in the in the New Orleans Saints. Will be on the clock for them enough for -- ten minutes. Between -- -- And a second round -- seven minutes and then after that it's five minutes. From east selection from there on out the -- will be coming up on the clock here. In just a moment making their third pick of the 2014. NFL draft the first two picks wide receiver Brandon cooks out of Oregon State. And in most recently a Stanley is all -- -- -- cornerback out of Nebraska might now be a New Orleans Saints have come up on the clock as though -- -- and a lot back there comes to the -- Al -- the cornerback from liberty. They showed the you -- -- he's -- -- -- water to another guy he had the sore. From -- would still up on the board Belichick got -- they did bring in. And he still there but again we talking about -- guys that moment in time that you didn't really think. Those three guys and he's still there again. Do you -- you know what I know we need something else that's more pressing but. I think -- -- god. Let his actions they took right now I'd be delighted with that as well. Because again all the time that you're right everybody got -- eventually beats everybody and we all. -- injury factor it real quick to keep -- and didn't help that that never happens but. But. They're they're grooming process that -- take place with those guys you can't to our future if you draft a quarterback that you immediately thrown in the fire. Mean you're not very good you pick in the -- in the draft and that's why you picked Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning in. Players along those line eventually that contract. On that he has done it if that is that is a money. Factors involved the net and remember I'll always remember Sean -- make it this comment. As long as I'm here that window of opportunity will always -- you'll put in what he was telling you without telling you years. I'll go big Shula long before drew. Hit solid as a player -- we'll have somebody ready. Basically that's what he's telling me. Saying telephone o'clock coming up and about three and a half minutes left to make this election until -- they got up to commit any quarterback he also talked about the up. DO cornerback of. Yet this or from -- would. Still look on the board at this point. Christian Jones which started at all four linebacker put all of the all three linebacker positions at Florida State the Mike to Sam and the will. His dad -- am getting older and because our member of watching Willie when he came out of Florida State's own -- menu when you were riveted -- coming out of -- to -- his input insight. Wait for the pick to come up on the board in the Saints this sort of the selection right now. This is -- third pick in the draft if -- 426. In the round. And of course they -- handful. Three remaining half of his two in the fifth and one in the set. And nobody with the linebacker. -- -- from now so that would that tells you is. They don't like a little quote by that at this point to know what that does at this point in time emote -- -- neat. Right I'll -- try to fill a need and at this point and -- don't like them both quarterbacks. Yet that let that part of it to because I -- I don't at this point you do see it in him -- -- you what you say best available. The likelihood those guys being around him what. 41 picks from now might not be too good of brutal Corbett might be -- -- -- could well be the could it will be good come up again now in the fifth round we get picked basically back to back 16667. And -- 69. And again it's. It it's what you look at thought he was got it really came on strong he's actually a kid from the east schools that went to cal. He went to us Stamford high school out in Connecticut he was record as one of the top linebackers in the country. Now you talk about a guy who's well built he's 62245. Did thirty reps but and 25. And 36 inch vertical so you talk about a really good athlete very physical very instinctive. He needs some work on the pass coverage part of the game and the techniques he's a work in progress but great skills. Tools to work with I should say. Very Smart. Long range type ability but -- at outside linebacker at that size and I think that's one thing with rob he wants that speaker. Outside linebacker. And that that's the court brings to the table and we can throw out some of those numbers right there I mean immediately things like special teams popping in my mind you know you it. Probably you feel real linebacker to if that's what people last week he was the will linebacker at cal all right. But a guy like that it just watch him do some drills -- was it to combat it pretty good movement. Right there all that kind of stuff you know that is special teams what a part that plays in the guys early stages of at -- is director comes in the camps open like that so. In that deal though. Typically linebackers are guys that make up a lot of respect for Pete because -- -- when those guys can run. And he's a guy who really started out his career he -- the state. All when everything kind of went down he decided he was leaving Penn State and he goes to university of cal. So he was a guy that much trouble hit and he was given that opportunity to go play somewhere else. He was one of the few guys that's that you know what a motto I'm going -- -- like. A game -- for the live back from cal 62 hour forty pounds is the Saints. Fourth round pick 46 in the around 126. Overall all now if everything holds practicing pick in the fifth round. Point seven selection 167. 29 two picks after that 169. And in a sixth round pick 26. With 20 to Cleveland Browns and now. Making their pick so we look in the both on the back in the defense of the last two picks in the second they were stand resolve their piece the second round pick. And carry forth the lab back up at a talent you know what this is a team gone -- that caught up into this draft and what six straight years they went on the defense out of vote their first pick. They move up and got the wide receiver. What the Saints were able to do and there was some new faces. But -- a couple of big faces coach -- probably with him got hurt Rudi to really get to see your guys that are here and and and you think about it and they went from 32. To four. In the -- -- short amount of time so that you know clean up the mess that's already done our thought about -- -- Want to make big pushed. Have the same circumstances that had when he was with the Bears beat the number one defense today in Alameda and exactly you know. Hey you look at and I think it's it would still be improvement today that you -- a strong defense. He scare you a long way it'd certainly -- it for Seattle last year and and I've really I've got no problem with that -- meaning that if these guys. Our. Still -- defensively an idea I'm not expecting neither one it certainly. Not John but he's stated he's not gonna start this year you wait too -- to rethink that he's got to learn but special team. And all that. But a good linebacker like that they keep coming here in just situational pass rusher and play on special teams for the bulk of in his rookie year I mean that's it. That's where. This part of the draft fourth fifth sixth seventh round you look I grew up a niche yeah that's right eighty he gonna be a role player early on then. All of a sudden -- turned out to be something better than you thought you know while we really got to find here. I'll write the New Orleans Saints have just made it their pick it is carry forth allowed back out of cow he joined Stan is John Baptiste cornerback. From Nebraska and wide receiver Brandon cooks would take a break come back in the when. Coach Payton and the Saints addressed the media we will go straight to would kick coverage will become Becky from Christie Garrett can keep up a bit. Who were at saint can't -- this continues here on Saints radio doesn't get you. -- reform with a 126 overall pick. In the fourth round the black and gold still -- two picks in round five and one in the sixth round. Jay Watkins cornerback out of Florida was the first pick off the board in round four going to the Philadelphia Eagles the 101. Overall pick. And Clemson cornerback -- reeling going to the Washington Redskins after that. Florida State running back Dovonte Freeman would go to the Atlanta Falcons followed by a wide receiver Jalen Saunders out of Oklahoma go into the New York Jets. The New England Patriots would select center Bryan -- at a Florida State with a 105. Overall pick. San Francisco 49ers -- South Carolina wide receiver Bruce Ellington. Louisiana tech's Justin I was going to the Raiders have been defensive tackle. Heading out west big run stuffer. The barber Oakland is getting UCLA defensive and Cassius marsh go into the Seattle Seahawks with a 108. Overall pick the Buffalo Bills. On the clock next giving -- corner Ross -- real. Utah State strong -- the Maurice Alexander landing with the St. Louis Rams the Cincinnati Bengals get Russell -- offensive guard out of North Carolina. After that it was the Tennessee Titans giving Penn State defensive tackle daequan Jones Boston or Boston College running back Andre Williams lands with a New York Giants followed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Getting Oklahoma corner Aaron Colvin. UCLA wide receiver Shaquille Evans going to the New York Jets with pick 115 overall. Then it was the Oakland Raiders back on the clock getting Utah corner Keith McGill. Arizona running back to -- Kerry go into this Chicago Bears the Steelers get Clemson wide receiver mark AB's Bryant. The Dallas Cowboys land Anthony hitch in Iowa outside linebacker Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas headed out to the desert going to the Arizona Cardinals. Green Bay -- outside linebacker Carl Bradford out of Arizona State Wyoming free safety. Mark Houston -- go into the Tennessee Titans followed by the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks getting Alabama wide receiver Kevin nor would it. Oregon running back the deputy Thomas going to Kansas City Chiefs followed by liberty corner Walt eight games going to the Miami Dolphins. The Saints were on the clock next getting their outside linebacker -- four out of California. The Cleveland Browns on the clock next getting -- would corner appeared to senior. Tre Boston strong safety out of North Carolina staying in state going to the Carolina Panthers. The San Francisco 49ers would then get -- -- Joan Johnson from North Carolina State and Wisconsin running back James Dwight just selected by the New England Patriots. He Denver Broncos are currently on the clock. Now let's throw things back to twin peaks in Metairie for WW -- continuing draft as coverage. And welcome back to draft fast today's three whereas twin peaks of course the Saints just made their pick. In linebacker Mike to you were talking about this off the bike here about this guy you you kind of like him but it's kind of a surprise pick. Yeah he went a little bit earlier and I thought I love him as an athlete like him as a play yeah. Because really he's only got a one year starter at university of now he's a guy that will help -- well immediately on special teams. He is a physical specimen no comedic 622. Or forty pounds and could run a 4740. Napoli before 36 vertical thirty reps of 225. You can run the few very very well he's gonna need some work and a pass coverage part of the game music guy down the road. Could you really good football player for you but I think. He's one of those guys still fit. Rob Bryant's that you know what I've seen enough of it I don't you probably we won't get a shot at him if he goes in round five. This pick him maybe a little early and I think you could -- to this defense and one thing he did throughout the bat helpless on special teams goes. The -- could run and he's physical but there is some refinement in his game. And it two seasons at this -- didn't have a lot of numbers did he come -- was looked -- all of us that the Eagles to now. And he blows up it to beat a really good player out the pack well. But hey Mike you know as well as I do. Coaches scouts -- need to make a difference sometimes you get a player that you just fall in love with and exactly and all it takes is that one guy. That it go to bat for him on draft day and taking around early in. I mean I had Garrard picked up an earlier about the little receiver you see one of my favorite players I used to have I used to have guys like that you know you. You'd say made my favorite players who -- to having great hire. No that's not the point as a guy it's not about what around ego I'd just like the way this kid played football. And in his case you're talking about the the linebacker. Either Joan V actor Rob Ryan or maybe it was serious doubt times they've met that they -- game in particular that you've got to look at it that would make you fall in love with they've been. And it looked it. Trust me it used as a scout you up in that draft room and you go to bat for got -- really are pounding the table point. Coaches and GM's they take note of that and that you know hope he really likes his guys in. You know so it's you know. A guy that you certainly consider drafted him in a given that he might be he may have got ripped it right where this -- any pay and the other thing -- Is it coaching that spot we know one thing that you -- it's not gonna bite his tongue. The -- -- -- you but that might play out again and you know what outlook that beat back you -- head coach. I need some coaches don't wanna hear that noise sort of speak back from an assistant they want a -- new coach and let the scouts gal. But I think on this staff the one guy that you will listen to more than anybody is Joseph bit. And that's his position at linebacker. So again which you've got a guy here who's a little bit on the developmental side and East Coast guy. Did start his career Penn State before going to count and had that one really good season but it Bears -- -- all I can tell yes. Every year California. Tomes not up want to play as they did they can't win worth shots. I mean what they -- great guys on -- -- is the fences around -- They get rated as though win. But -- -- and got the right quarterback in place you know the house who just came in last year threw for 12 record numbers you can -- think coach -- has gone right faculty and you know it took on. It's almost like a situation sometimes like when it teaches in the classroom too long. I think he was able to -- I agree you know I he's leading he I think -- thought -- -- an approach that I just need to change of scenery. You don't go to new places you need a lot like it here you know it is different and sometimes it works out but I think for me. What he's accomplished what he accomplished all the quick quarterback to put out what he was the -- you know what. We got -- and out dead world. Where that you would -- job was 2530 years nothing out there's no -- now this and I'll save that and yet. I'm at a spot that come back to my bed not -- is -- -- that to come to an end sort of speak at that stage but. I think we all live and in a different world where coaches. -- that run and then. Say yeah it's not it's almost the ball -- -- line I'll never leave LSU and day out there it did on the phone dialing up somebody to go somewhere. You can see we are -- in that type world today. That coaches -- gonna stay long and I agree with with the -- that -- stayed wait too long. He got himself -- there but what all that talent and now that -- throwing to be in a bog member of the mid eighties. One draft they had nine players picked in the 12 games that year. When classic actually the late eighties because it and I think if I'm not mistaken that was the we -- garage area Iraq Janet meaning it to guys don't go in the first round. So I guess -- can say about these coaches then bring -- up in the Netherlands. They believed whether -- to tread on Dyer ran you know as they don't do well while this the -- and still going Nolan. Because when the clap then put his stops. You know what that means this is on the exit. When you look at the money that's being thrown because now I -- I don't know how could you -- home. Exactly the Saints now have three picks in the book most recently carry forth the -- back at a -- 62 hour forty pounds. Prior to that a second round pick in the for the Saints 58 overall standings I'll bet -- 62 and eighteen pound cornerback. Out of Nebraska and wide receiver from Oregon State University frantic cook the saints' first pick in the draft they moved up points seven point eight or Theo gave up there. Third round pick which is my first overall. I'm moving up with Arizona so now on the Detroit Lions have just made a big Mike has come down the stretch. The alliance with the compensatory. Selections of this round Detroit Baltimore the Texans lines gets Ravens. Falcons and Patriots are now as we focus in on its keep up with everything that everybody don't look at the team that two years ago had a number one seed in the conference and won the NFC south. The Atlanta Falcons take Matthews offensive lineman out of Texas -- him Rasheed Aikman to be -- thing to happen. Out of Minnesota that nickel defense this move southward out of Wisconsin a safety Mike and in most recently. Kind of a fast guys get back kind of got that run Dovonte Freeman out of Florida State and that they come up and just a few picks for the compensatory pick. -- thing about all that is they still don't have a heavy duty back. The Falcons you know and that that's something that no matter what because when you look at Steven Jackson. You know you can see let me same last year that we so well when he went to -- I'll tell you that that comment you just me. I'll concede you know he got some may pop on the cars I mean then things are ready to go I mean he had just taken so many hits. At this level you never saw it in Saint Louis reported UCL a last year again he was in Atlanta that he's starting to get. At that stage of his career that not that he can't give you a good game what do. But what he was doing in Saint Louis that that that Dole's not talking. Game schedule only gets you know aiming it every year we seem like we go up there -- the Edward Jones dome in you know Stephen Jackson gives him becoming that he'd come and actually -- the guy. I'm that we only have to face him once a year you did it seem like we play the Rams. Every year's Indian. But BO -- theory. -- that take a drop that pass right there it is at the end zone Stephen Jackson was that a change the course of -- season exactly anyway it went the to next week people attending an end but it's out for a long time you don't. Recovers quickly -- things start taken place with all the time it's over again it when it rings it rings loud -- -- especially for running -- doesn't creep -- -- you know especially for that position because you know -- almost like a boxer. You can just take so many hits and then it's -- you know and ended it when it happens when it's over it's really you'll get. Yeah and I've always liked the guy you know I mean you hate to lay in it against good players you know he didn't like. Steve Smith with the with the Falcons. You know -- always say may have been a thorn -- Stephen Jackson -- the same way but I always like the gap late. Play with class and everything else in. He'll play probably another year to -- in. I'm should be you know -- I was asked this on a national show about do you think he's an NFL hall of Famer. In us that you know what I would say yes. Or would he did in where he didn't consider about the greatest supporting cast around him -- would give you -- yes on that. That's my BTA hope you guys curry for the -- back -- how is the most recent selection of the New Orleans Saints will continue to benefit from twin peaks. In the clear -- shopping sitting here on that you can view it. I'm Steve -- of his WWL NFL draft update has brought you by the Louisiana lottery buy your tickets for tonight's eighty million dollar powerball jackpot. Well with a 126. Overall pick the Saints picked up car before outside linebacker out of California. The Saints have remaining picked number 167. Number 169 and number to a two that's two in the fifth. And one pitch in the sixth round looking at the start of the fourth the Philadelphia Eagles grab. Florida quarterback Jay Lynn Watkins with the 101. Overall pick and it was the Washington Redskins giving -- quarter but shot Braylon. Atlanta Falcons -- Florida State running back the -- Freeman followed by the Jets getting Oklahoma wide receiver Jalen Saunders. At pick 105 in the fort. The Patriots -- Florida State center Bryan stork South Carolina wide receiver Bruce Ellington go into the San Francisco 49ers after that. The Oakland Raiders would get queasy and attacked the offensive tackle Justin Ellis. UCLA defensive and Cassius marsh going to the champion Seattle Seahawks at pick number 108. The Buffalo Bills that -- corner Ross -- real followed by the Rams selecting Utah State -- the Maurice Alexander. And it was a Cincinnati Bengals getting Russell -- deemed offensive guard out of North Carolina. Penn State defensive tackle Dequan Jones go to the Tennessee Titans with pick number 112. The Giants -- Boston College running back Andre Williams the Jaguars would follow. Taking Oklahoma corner Aaron Colvin UCLA wide receiver Shaquille Evans with the New York Jets. The Raiders grabbing keep McGill Utah cornerback with the 116. Overall pick. The Chicago Bears land Arizona running back -- being -- followed by the Steelers grabbing Clemson wide receiver mark TV has Bryant. Iowa linebacker Anthony -- in going to the Dallas Cowboys. The Arizona Cardinals would then take Virginia Tech quarterback. Logan Thomas with the 120. Overall selection at pick number 121 Arizona State gets outside linebacker Carl Bradford. Tennessee Titans -- safety. More keys in -- ten. Marquis sticking up from Wyoming's -- Alabama wide receiver Kevin Norwood going to be Seattle Seahawks with pick number 123 to Kansas City Chiefs yet. Alabama wide receiver Kevin Norwood then that Chiefs would get the Anthony Thomas running back Adam or get a pick number 125 liberty corner. Walt -- going to the Miami Dolphins it was the Saints then selecting cal outside linebacker carry fort. Him in fellow -- Cam Jordan should have some fun in training camp wind it would corner appeared to see you're going to the Cleveland Browns -- pick number 127 overall. The Carolina Panthers land North Carolina strong safety Tre Boston with a 128 overall pick North Carolina State corner. Dante Johnson plans with the San Francisco 49ers the Patriots would then select Wisconsin running back James C whites. Minnesota safety Brock Vereen going to beat Chicago Bears epic 131 in the fourth round. Boston College outside linebacker Kevin year Lewis to the championship team of the Seattle Seahawks at 132. Corner and have been Lawson from Utah State lands in Motown go to Detroit Lions after that it's the Ravens picking Virginia defensive end -- -- and Tom savage quarterback from Pittsburgh goes through the Houston Texans they finally get their quarterback. -- berg -- and Larry Webster just picked by the Detroit Lions at pick 136. That it was the New York Jets getting firm and offensive guard. The coated Dozier. Three picks remain now in the fourth round that's the Baltimore Ravens Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. Time to go back out to twin peaks in Metairie for -- -- more draft that's covered by BA bear Deke Bellavia -- and Mike to tell you day. Answer is that I misspoke because John is -- what does Bobby Jones is set at 2 PM but this afternoon the Saints have three picks wide receiver Brandon cooks they first found a second round -- John FTs and their most recent four found. Harry for the -- back out of -- we've -- to speak to. Missed the podium moment apparently. On the go on Saints radio -- you don't -- the draft or each piece each pick each round this who also information visit WWL. Dot com. As Wales so that is the hope for information in its analysis from a pros as the pick tepid and -- what the -- really make things nice and have a greater a lot over the course -- the last two years it is is good. It's the best it's been to take -- out of there because you know that common Mike they who did they finish strong all in. Who got a young who had out there that we needed we we need everybody give behind him -- breath on that makes it will be all right. Yeah -- John's. Big -- -- debt so to speak up. Was recovered from some -- you wanna wish him well incident not a big who bet that's not to him so comment if you listen and -- -- -- we all -- employee had not know you pollute but. For the Saints that would detonation and everything also loved best wishes the commentary about it back and everybody behind economy. They are indeed well hokey now I've we've looked -- this thing to become an up in in the fifth round where they have two picks there and not in arresting. I don't his Saints but Mike we talked about one of the things we'll with the Texans do and need a quarterback and they went with a young man. Ever mounting evidence savage -- Sandberg. You know it my backhand and all morning long been talking about Aaron Murray favorite here and and did that make birdies still left. You know it and you you -- to know that at some point time you've it was don't think. A quarterback. I you know and again if we go back to the old thing might. All it takes is one got to fall in love with a player to be -- it really doesn't matter what position that guy is but maybe. More so -- quarterback anything else these seats up for the guy that you that you like and is it that we get on the mound and. When you look at it Tom savage Duckett -- high you fall in love with him as an athlete he's a big Q you've got a strong -- just -- from three different colleges. In basically a one years daughter. That scares me hope I beat a guy that now both. Woes -- the signature guy anywhere. And he's bounced all across the board here and I don't know some of the national got to talk about him being a possible second round pick. You know you followed up with -- work out it is what you did. -- -- think -- -- Aaron Murray oh AJ McCarron a sack is what -- you want me to do. It -- toughest conference in college football look a -- elbows and looked well Paula now. All right we -- you would think -- has -- -- basically be shopping -- on Saints radio bit because you have.

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