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05-10 1:10 pm - Saints Draft Fest with Deke, Hokie and Mike Detiller

May 10, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia, Hokie Gajan and Mike Detiller talk Saints NFL Draft - Day 3.

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And they were continuing coverage here hope you guys Don and Mike affiliate in because -- is the Saints at the 126 pick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot com we are in round five they pick one of 41. In the Saints within pop up but in in this round twice the 27 pick in this round. Which is Pete won 67 and the 29 pick in this round which is Pete won 69 -- all the picks as they have been in real time. When I draft board on our home page to get you that you will. Dot com welcome back to get our guys take on with the Saints have done thus following the -- caught up with everything else with the food draft recap. But first derby DeVito whose time has 105 it's not the first news will go to Donnie. -- -- -- the Saints have been able to sit fields and meeting and get some plays -- dreadful the first three -- Yeah. You know and -- now they sit here you know they -- -- now but if you get two picks in the fifth round you know you wouldn't count together it will be in for. We're both of those selections so generous CME -- still think that at some point in time -- -- and offensive lineman in this draft do we know that day. They need it sooner but as Mike and I were talking earlier. That's in our list of all your offensive line positions up there that that are listed the shortest line. And with the is the guys that have gone you know now you may be be thinking about trying to get again converting from guard to center. Or find -- by that he -- in his first two years acknowledged with a moving to guard. Whatever but. Other that you know you feel some roles on the defense that the ball. Heck yeah. With the two picks that they got right now you know it be if you're looking for guys right now. At least we did you back when I was -- Give me again this special teams phenom or if there is a guy up there that's got that real special qualities like. He has -- he may have not gone the com Manning got tested up there but a guy that you time that -- pro day -- his pro day I could say -- that that ran one of those. Eye popping -- This is that it point time -- draft we look at forgot which I think they'll. Quality what I'm looking forward is a role player. And also got that may be felt because he came out early. -- he's not fully developed yet as a player. And so I'm looking for that guy. That hockey game gonna do to finish you finish -- to -- you know Watson -- raw ability in him but I'll wanna do have finished job. So to speak on that particular play you look at for a role guy at this point in time. Because but the one thing you look back at -- -- -- this football team and if you put it -- this Jahri Evans your mom -- fraud. Thomas Morse dead baucus Gholston sacks three all these later rounds. They have hit gold in net and not only role players I thought about guys that all broke played right across the bullet. That's my -- -- yea he's so because now we'll go out to saint camping checking in with the guys -- that they are going to give us their take. On the saints' first three picks they'd -- -- kicking tee bout event I speak of course Ryan Grant is going. The to me -- receiver to the Washington Redskins and -- about the Saints fourth round selection. Is in their third pick of the draft obviously a carry for the outside linebacker out of California. And I was at Penn State transfer word as we read more more about there's one thing for certain. That he fits that size emphasis that -- placed on this Rob Ryan defense that topic was talked about yesterday. Yeah. I mean the athleticism is what jumped off the page. Not much -- really besides what Mike and -- in the crew's been talking about and that is this -- on polished. As far as the pure football. Aspect of the game is played you he can't do to his natural athletic ability and -- beat 62240. Ran a 4740. Jumped over -- jumped 36 inches at hand foot broad jump street week with that natural athleticism he should be able to. Impact special teams as a rookie. Make some plays for you there that you hope that he continues to develop as a pass rusher and on that it's it's not a ball that eventually. He works his way to be true beer in that sense it just fit. When you look at his stats not much of the statistical resume had you know couple. Rookie years at Kent State transferred to cal. Granted the one year he played at cal. -- how fun fact here was actually the worst defense in. Now there histories so. It never plan on defense is that bad across the board you know football's team game eleven guys fields or. They create your own stats especially. At outside linebacker like. I report was playing so that -- had some impact on. The poor stats but bottom line. Rob Ryan has shown the ability to get the most out of his players right he's a guy he's got. Gonna make square peg it around poll he's get a look at a player was he Dugard what is he not so good at and how can I maximized. My return on my best and I -- rob -- gonna do with our report and I think you mean -- he has a great base to work with rightly. If you were an agent sculpture -- in the written to be like. A beautiful marble blocks it's not it's -- on the edges -- not finished yet -- not. Showed it by your. Yeah you're source material that is great and that won't see if that's if I report eventually becomes. David. Of course I'm referring to be. Michelangelo stench. To it. -- the -- videotape outside linebacker Perry for. Out of California. Latest election fourth round pick. By the new wanting to have two picks this round into the fifth round 167 overall and 169 overall. At a party at Darren Sproles street. This offseason so the seats could be targeted no more of players in the media center as we've talked about we've. The government that's in a position quite a bit interior offensive line T Bob and -- -- tackle that's -- wide receiver -- wide receiver not a speedster more so that that position bigger bodied receivers. But with the around the NFC south. In their selections the latest from the Atlanta Falcons to fourth round picks that -- Freeman on -- floors -- And -- should -- the outside linebacker. Adam Notre Dame heads and others actually lost the Boston strong safety Boston. -- Jim though is another guy who supremely athletic yet not necessarily. -- college football player but supremely. Athletic also who he. Could have been a contender in our best names. Contests this draft you didn't quite make the top three but pretty -- -- to pretty cool name. As we -- The Saints fifth round selections will hear from saint take coach Sean Payton and general manager and executive vice president. Mickey Loomis. After the Saints make all their selections today that two in the fifth and one in the sixth round so and we'll see if they can also get back into the seventh round. And in maybe. Maneuver into another pick wants it unfolds. Quarterback watch continues yeah. As Tom savage from Pittsburgh -- taken off the board by the Texans. So ignorant man Maurice Logan Thomas Tom savage gone before met burger. Emery -- here in -- of all the talk about the good SEC quarterback's. Doesn't seem like the NFL's. The issue not named Johnny and the UCL obviously today's Miller met burger but that. I mean I know that diluted your example a -- and so diluted but. It's gotta have an effect it's it's clearly evident that it could have an effect which. I mean I don't personally think it's fair. I read somewhere that it was the first time I think he'd -- -- history that a diluted sample had not even trees. Elements of any type of drugs surgery today it seems plausible enough what that's sane in I believe in but. What do you do right dates is this one of those situations. If you -- do anything Indians caught up in a terrible stroke of bad luck. He got the diluted table despite just following doctors' orders well guess what authority happened it sucks you got to try to digest it. Move forward and let all the people who doubt that you have passed you use that as motivation. As you try to get some revenge. In the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings are now on the clock the last two selection talk about Ryan Grant what she -- two -- going. To the Washington Redskins in an -- bay Buccaneers selected to -- Edwards off guard. At Tennessee State Kelvin Smith are the Auburn or Florida State those that Jacksonville Jaguars. Elvis that's the players that as used in saint Stockton at the Senior Bowl human Ryan Grant. A bit or get him -- I it's hard to hear you Ryan Grant our board the line to it. Are the guys are good to see. -- very give him a little help here. And of course coach CJ. Continue to build that program -- to -- can't wait and it is stand by him in some guys. Drafted into the National Football League -- -- body about Kristian -- will step away here on draft that state three rounds four through seven on WWL anathema to -- that you know that now. I'm Steve -- this WWL NFL draft update is brought you by the Louisiana -- lottery buy your tickets for tonight's eighty million dollar powerball jackpot. Over the 126. Overall pick in the fourth round the Saints picked up curry for outside linebacker out of cal. The next on the Saints pick will be in round five with pick number 167. And -- 169. And finally in the sixth round with pick number 20. To will pick things up after the Saints elected curry for at 126. After that the Cleveland Browns were on the clock getting -- it would cornerback appeared to see here. The Carolina Panthers followed get a -- The north Carolina at safety Tre Boston going to Carolina Panthers. At pick number 128 San Francisco would snag North Carolina State quarter -- Johnson. Followed by Wisconsin running -- genes -- going to be a New England Patriots. Still the fourth round it was the Chicago Bears getting Minnesota safety. Brock -- with pick number 131 followed by the Seattle Seahawks getting Boston College outside linebacker Kevin Pierre Louis. Utah State quarter net in the lawsuit go to Detroit lines that was followed by the Baltimore Ravens picking Virginia defensive end -- urban. The Houston Texans finally get their quarterback of the future giving Pittsburgh Tom savage. -- Burk tied and Larry Webster lanes with the Detroit Lions after that. And in New York Jets would get -- and offensive guard. The -- goes a year Ravens would be up next with pick number 138 overall getting coastal Carolina running back Lorenzo -- -- Prince Jim -- outside linebacker from Notre Dame go into the dirty birds with pick number 139 overall. Meant to close know round four it was the New England Patriots getting Stanford tackle Cameron Fleming to start round five. The Philadelphia Eagles got Oregon defensive and Taylor -- with pick 141 overall too -- Smart receiver Ryan Grant going to beat. Washington Redskins with 142. Overall selection at pick number 143. Tennessee State offensive guard -- Dean Edwards going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Jaguars would follow giving Florida State outside linebacker Alvin Smith. Then David yankees Stanford offensive guard go to Minnesota Vikings. Followed by Pittsburgh wide receiver Devin street. Go to the Dallas Cowboys pick number 146. The Atlanta Falcons just selected Purdue cornerback. Ricardo Allen with a 147. Overall selection and actually the Carolina Panthers pick is in San Jose state corner any better weaker. Quarterback. Going to them up next up on the clock is the Buffalo Bills who of the 149. Overall selection of the Saints will be up twice in this round and over on the diamond looking at -- -- baseball. And the five it's the LSU Tigers up two nothing. Over Alabama. I'm Steve -- now back to the guys at draft -- as we rely on here in eight degree. Ice -- great work follow Steve on Tuesday at Steve W -- McHale it's -- also announces he's tweeting actively getting stepped up to the website. Backing studio and master control where -- twin peaks in the clear view shopping center with the Saints have made three picks in the draft this hall of Kerney picked. 149. In the draft in the fifth round up next for the New Orleans Saints. Maybe -- the 27 pick in this round which has won 67 and the 29 pick in the -- what's his. 169 frantic -- wide receiver out of Oregon State the Saints took the twentieth pick of the draft. In with a 58 pick in the fifth victory cornerback Stanley Sean Baptiste out of Nebraska. And they -- the 126. Pick in the draft point six pick in round four back -- -- forward. Your thoughts on car before it was to take on money's part of operated jaguar thing people feel like to think vote online at WW dot com be a part of our draft tracker. There as well it also took its analysis from all pros -- -- might deteriorating at times they have. Christian tee but you dictates as well everything is available at this site that you did you will not comment -- 293 draft pick for the first time and a handful of years. 2009. You think about that pain that's a long stretch of time I know one thing as the got the second there -- now the original goals. -- you Wall Street global battle that doesn't -- blade. Know what they were Curtis Johnson you can see with his recruiting what he's done to that football team but Ryan Grant mean he has been a big top -- almost put them. Despite getting a lot of double team action. Mine's a little bit of Greg Jennings coming out of college and got its really good run run a strong hands. Who -- a crowd make that catch sneaky fast you don't respect him he'll beat you deep. And you know what they would -- Redskins would they have. They want to go to football deep down feel that I mean that's that please -- -- to put -- three wants to do. In that type offense keep most of -- the ball downfield. That Ryan Grant to good fit for the Redskins with 1009. That was the last time they had a clear pick Troy -- pot. You won't give -- with two love. Tennessee Titans it was the last fueling players selected. Been a while to. To fit well I've let that out like Mike I think if you can -- he's not gonna have that kind drought with no no feeling better replays of the segregate them inventive began in be prevented golf to be drafted if they got to got to the players over there -- -- is he's a pretty good men used to assault they carried that team last year. You would've never thought that you think about -- you don't think about him being a defensive oriented team in years past but they are. They are now on the Curtis Johnson did -- a Korean team they got a lot of got to you know pull the trigger at the quarterback. When he'd get the name to do it did but I don't know but I you get the skills to do it I don't know. If they if they would it and he's a quarterback answered it -- won the game and yeah I agree with the game you wonder if these young redshirt freshman. If he's ready to roll this year because we can get to see him last year played Tulane with they got some people then also to -- got to do that it Diop protected. The quarterback I thought both little -- you mean they got tagged. No matter who was playing quarterback he would get hit on every play and all these -- walk what we did. They listen he deserves a medal. Because he was getting hit that back feel quite a bit he's a man out there on the football field he's gotten I think will go to a camp somewhere out me. He's a good solid player reminds me a little bit of Pierre Thomas type got. That's not and he does that you would say I'd give him eighth grade on -- I'm pretty solid all across the board. San Francisco 49ers who had been to three straight NFC championship game once -- on now on the clock that went about three minutes that this is the fifth. Around we or -- pick a book 150 Saints have three picks in the books most recently come before the lap back from cal -- that to the Saints. Later in this round 27 pick went 67 and they'll come back. That's another pick and point nine pick of the round at 169. -- any thing changed at that the final pick for the thankful being a 26. Take some action in the round sixth round which he's too old to. -- all the Mike San Francisco got a lot richer offensively in this draft at running back and wide receiver really a team that. Other than maybe look at it their own game tape what do we do it and you know how we sizable teams are division the the likelihood of a team that is division going to hit in the championship is. I think you only who to put odds on that center who went 30. And really we just we are a hair away from having back to back NC wins right NFC championship game with Seattle had to leave they get to Atlanta. The year prior to that this division has been solid from top to bottom in this hitting six Arizona Saint Louis team it's a very very. I just want brutal bit. Weird -- Arizona say you know what Carson Palmer they listen to thank you -- you've done but we got -- who won't. I mean we got to get somebody that can match up quarterback Bennett who would you pick -- the young Carsten ball ball. Was a really talented passer it was never a movement guy can Vermont deliberate attack met burger was. You know you're not gonna see a lot of movement what you put the ball in tight spots that day. Get any not a past virtual Carson Palmer -- balls did not -- and he throws a lot of interceptions. That somewhere down the line you gotta say you know what we got the defense we need a quarterback we do we got to do to get. And that's one of those situations and like you think Carson Palmer one time was you know I would never say recently quarterback in the league but he was a good -- but with that team. Only need the quarterback that can manage the game where you at this stage right now because -- be fit by everybody in the NFC with Connecticut -- -- -- So it like -- BP is it out there. Keep we -- the defense when the ball game for you but it just enough on obviously. McNamee with those receivers you've got up it gets it's it's just a little ball up I guess that it showed you what what age does to you is it to actually skills in and you kind of -- saved. What what was and I looked at his falling to. Because as a quarterback knowing that TV a lot and end. Real quick it was we saw when they played Oakland couple years back. Boy he was thrown the ball up for grabs on you know you just -- -- -- a lot of that because they weren't protected him but that NFC west know we all remember. 80s90s. It was the NFC east. Giants. Eagles Redskins Cowboys. And it was a battle royal to get out of there but -- got out of there -- it up hoisted the trophy at the end you look at the NFC west. It basically just would not looks like it if you can get out of there I think the only team that not. Just B I think this lengths of one of those teams. That good if you get home field advantage. It throughout the playoffs did you change the equation so to speak on a lot of things. With that NFC west that they reminds me a little bit of eighty's and ninety's version of NFC east. And every you know San Francisco what championships. In the NFC west that that nine but that would only wants the -- pretty much content. With that group that it -- hot Eagles did win one. With all the talent especially that they had on defense it was because upon it just get out of that meat grinder every just about every year. He's my theory hope you guys on the Saints have three picks in the books keep up with everything online at WWL dot com. And welcome back -- -- -- you -- continue in the ability for the latest on the draft the Saints three picks go to WWL dot com -- Colts wide receiver or state. Then -- now that he's cornerback. Out of Nebraska and they fourth round here. -- for the lap back at a camp in -- I know when we go to. Mini camps. OTA's and training -- -- things that we think Milan beat -- -- -- -- go on he used to like the numbers he jerseys. But at that is we can't I don't know everybody who would have -- -- the front I think I've ever like 68 path with the just each player that you did you think about it after after a -- privacy you get to go to number and you know you kind of thought nobody -- But is we can't do you think he'll be no all the cryptic. Well I mean -- state games and -- either -- anyway and get thrown -- anytime we get from me was on that for sure you know. And that that was something that the Christian and I worked up about yesterday. I mean for me. I could find out the for every training camp that -- to a year later. It takes me longer and longer to associate the number of with the name anymore. It maybe it's because of that he got there but that might not be the case so much this year who dropped their their. With Virginia and looking forward -- that used to be a nice break him in training camp. But is it back -- your point yet when you get an opportunity to -- for -- our written in. On the air and with the draft being stretched out as long as it is right now that you can get these guys doing bringing your brain. No doubt about it now the the Saints will pick it in just about it seemed -- in twelve picks you won 67 with current event at 154. In the Saints will be open and again that 169. With back to back picks there so an opportunity that Mike and still. You know quarterbacks own a bullet -- my all three all three of with a doughnut hole and it. Not give a shot up because suddenly got relatives listen listen it's there Richardson just got picked -- -- Buffalo Bills. You grew up we knew all of us. He left after Hurricane Katrina these family moved to Fort Worth, Texas. -- he was he's a big -- I mean you Dominique Allen six foot five and a quarter three -- 45 pounds was a really good offensive guard. All at Baylor University. Again a little bit of a weight issue yeah is that he really Paxson on. We talk about a guy when Baylor ran the football. When Nathalie six -- ran the football they were right behind -- -- and got a lot of family still in the New Orleans area so. Congratulations to soon rich and just think about that. And he hasn't been picked yet but Cornelius because he went to Ed -- So Ritson grew up in you all and Greg Robinson grew up in typical UQ you pick up three big could do it's. From this area. All in one shot. Amicus -- news is what 68 in New York forty pounds Robinson 65 and a half 330 pounds. And then you look at your roots in six foot five and applaud at 345. I can't remember -- three guys. From this area to a little bit picked Lucas would be -- little bit laid it all grew up product in that little sphere of that you wallets by you. Area via I would think you'd be QB -- not only are you remember any time if you weren't I don't know about his thoughts. Own net level you know is welcome compare them like you know playing ball would've -- without went what's a Big Brother that played well with them but. They know we -- -- went pro draft rules loosen them it was a big goal monsters that look when you do you think about guys that hit to the next level only have to hit particularly one. Neck and neck since there's no doubt about it I wouldn't -- but this year you think you know the athletes. Every you know we look at how many guys have come out of this series you know why receivers running -- -- -- back at that were terrific athlete but not that. Size guys know. This that we going. And that may be changed because this is. Population here and in with an opening goal on that'll change throughout the years Bobby not talk about the Haitian population because I think you'll see more -- more duels. Patients that mom and dad grew up in Haiti but moved to New York Miami. You -- -- in the Texas area when they migrated out you'll see more more of those guys playing in the NFL we we saw it yesterday. Stellar job but he said that you know that's where is mom and dad grew up we see Jonathan -- same sort of situation I think you're gonna see more and more of that. But the bigger people in this state. You're not used to seeing I think you will now because I think that there is a lot of in a change because the economy. This area wasn't hit nearly as hard as say in the north east and Al west. And so you got a lot of people come here because of the top situations. And the potential job situations that could open up in the next few years. The New York Jets now making repeat Jeremiah Jones out of Iowa State. -- to the New York Jets in the and now we're coming up on the -- my backup Mike. And in New York is a ballclub that. -- made some. And Asik in arrested. But I don't think anybody that the secret that this is another years and coach Ryan has gotten used to it he really. Part of put more pressure on himself on the back to back -- -- championships in the with -- idea in batting -- in there. And the future was bright divisive where you know you're reaching for quarterback and they waved it to -- to eight games despite. I -- a solid quarterback Davey -- could really rely known as the most of the body of work for the team. But they bring in a Michael Vick they get better at running back this is a team that's and at some weapons to help quarterback it. At times show flashes of being good and geno Smith but at times show flashes though while a lot of people -- you know we don't know about him well we see. Any in this division. Black caps a year from now we will see another cycle I think is going to be the -- cycle that the kids. The Buffalo Bills. And the Miami Dolphins. We'll have rotated another quarterback. While Tom Brady is -- -- doing because this is if pertaining -- EJ Manuel got more pressure on him now. And you thinking about what -- what -- -- to north and you think about how many cycles admitted that it gets went a long time that Pennington was sought to play a full four while. But other than that coming easier -- having had a quarterback. You know in Dale's name -- witnessed Tom Brady gonna get old enough that he's you know his career starts to slide we haven't seen that yet. Just the dominance of those two guys. Listen I don't think you might see it I think -- now we won't see another head coach starting quarterback. Played as many Super Bowls in big games. As Brady Belichick I don't know we'll look at that world again sort of speak to see that hand they'll play in that many big games that many simple Bulls together. And they've just they weren't good date set up all our own which you can do in the AFC and did it team everybody says that's what I wanna be like. -- -- everything else around them have changed assistant coaches believe is an opening gone. The two guys that have stayed the same Brady and Belichick. And you know when they walk into the hall of fame. I know Ravi Moss and get there -- he can get there wouldn't get a New England he's got good depth what he did in Minnesota and I think about another guy. With the Patriots that you say he's he'll be in the NFL hall of fame now NFL hall looked good. If you had that. Because you know Rodney Harrison -- -- it looked good players but you know NFL hall of fame those two -- gonna walk there alone. Angry and and you think about it. As good as it's been in. You know one of those who will -- be the first they've been at this at home on the back. I've been have been disciplined on the back -- -- who always is on the America's gain of sixteen -- know what we've done but the thing he thinks about the -- Is it nineteen point favorite. When they lost -- yet but the Baltimore Colts success the wanted to be in the -- this. Also in winning for the undefeated teams lone undefeated team in a phase in his go to the Patriots at the end. If they don't want another Super Bowl Belichick and -- you that say that Beckett has been at this upon. You know they don't walk in together you know because they do that's what do you really wanted to do it their way -- game day you might say you know -- joined at the hip which is after so long obstacle or how busy. You these I know -- -- you must be the same thing about Sean Payton Drew Brees. What will that be none of the walked away together to. So to speak -- you think about that you know three years down the line John has always said I'm never gonna be a lifer in this business so to speak. And I think coaches' lives a shorter today you look at what's happened with John group that. You know circumstances you know walk away he's had opportunities to come back and I think he he's a lot. That friends different John back home. He's made the comment the other day you had thirteen. Legitimate offers to come back to coach throughout that time frame. Never took one of Mike and I mean Barrow will meet barrel goes to the them. Broncos and because if there was -- with football player now going to have a problem and that might that's another police. We think about it a defense they have 32 he's vocal and there was some. Future hall of Famer and some guys that -- and -- and -- ball won't be a lot of pressure on. Incumbent Gordon and learn -- special teams guy here but they opponents -- bats this phase of the ball was way if you if you get 23 good years out of him in that you've been to a Super Bowl and win it. That's considered that you. Did two years out of him yes -- these big guys like -- up. And -- means a guy that's a really good athlete could run a few well he's not a power play up by any stretch of the imagination he's the -- that you got to put him out let him roam around a little bit. I think we can help yet is that he's nickel situations to drop back in coverage. Special teams that are really good athlete than than you could see why and the Broncos have spent a lot of time on that LSU campus village Jack Del Rio. No it doesn't that's a little bit of a hide this or he just hit a lot of the time you at LSU. You're one a lot of money for me saying that he get drafted before Matt Murton is no root root thought about that move more. This shows thought that that. Every good for him I. Found. I'm not sitting here you know trying to say that the negative thing I mean I I'm happy for. You -- -- few players that they get drafted and meet barrel of the unique circumstance there. -- if you -- it anyway the eighteen yours you can hear it up dead being you know that that signifies something right there. But the you know you would have figured that -- -- would go a long before him. That's okay guys I think my BTA we will continue with draft for us covered here on the home with a New Orleans Saints at Uga Uga. And welcome back draft this continues here at twin peaks in technically if you shopping center will be here to 6 PM deceiving now after all the -- amazed that in general manager. Vice president of the Saints Mickey Loomis and Saints coach Sean Peyton we'll recap the entire try definitely to get off Rose analysis on the draft. Go to WWL dot com listening to just take it. Very forward in the fourth round on my back -- account it was should take on the -- operated day or did you pull -- follow the draft I thought all along line that of the real. The outcome being close and now Mike there's about -- it 158. Coming up on now so just a little more violence. Eight picks who get to the Saints have won 67 and then once it in and basically an effective -- we don't have the week that the between periods. Yeah I mean it'd be pretty spiritualism along home real real fast but you know well while we talking about it you know without much the same three quarterbacks still live. I mean you know to me that that's the big story today that Aaron very AJ -- the look on the board it goes to show you. And ACC community that might -- coming look at all them other quarterbacks that was negative and he's got a -- -- -- -- he grade out as these quarterbacks they called for a mighty SEC in the the three big guns and AC CDs today and then in that that's shot in the me. That you had this -- to shock in the community boxers saying -- overrated but. A well anybody wants Logan Thomas throw the football at Virginia Tech right -- goodness I mean he's all over the board throwing the ball. -- I do but you know and hope you know really well I don't work out yet I feel over the worked out but it it look -- reason why you picked Campbell with somebody else. And in the Kia from from Pittsburgh to his well you know me if I would've thought Cameron Beckman program coming just from what they did McCain did a -- home winning. He then makes that makes him attractive to me he could go to. People but now I mean I wanna say this you know be. Empty boom. Won the national championship yeah. AJ McCarron won two national championship. You can't sit there in in. See everything -- -- that they've done the entire body of work or anything like that. Danny were -- who won a national championship. And but I would -- ID you -- like -- Daniel ankle and actually that's appoint any I don't feel wouldn't yeah guns at me and obviously will be curious how far anywhere from would have -- if Mike did -- did make the bet that he would go to guy -- hundred picks you would have fallen just like with these guys -- -- even fought them right. Looked like one of the quarterbacks we'll be there with -- saint -- coming up in about seven picks that's good for draft recap in studio with -- ago. Thanks WWL NFL draft update is brought you by the Louisiana lottery buy your tickets for tonight's eighty million dollar powerball jackpot. The Saints picked up cal bear carry forth with a 126. Overall pick and FL -- Charles Davis on the outside linebacker. What was the defining trait form what distinguishes -- report. We just try to figure out where you don't play. Because I seen him play live -- to play outside I can't really put a big -- what is best spot is I felt like it was outside. The Saints have two picks in round five here at number 167. Overall meant that 169. And they also have one. Selection in the sixth round which is 202. Overall. Picking up things at the start of the fifth round organ defensive end Taylor -- going to the Philadelphia Eagles. With the 141. Overall selection to wide receiver Ryan Grant coming up bored going to the Washington Redskins. At pick number 143 the Tennessee. Tennessee State offensive guard to Dean Edwards ends up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers followed by the Jaguars selecting Florida State linebacker tell -- Smith. Stanford guard David Yankee go to the Minnesota Vikings. The Dallas Cowboys would pick up -- Pittsburgh wide receiver Devin street. Ricardo Allen cornerback out of Purdue landing in Atlanta with the Falcons San Jose state corner. Been a better work he going to the Carolina Panthers the Bucs were back on the clock giving Purdue offensive tackle Kevin Pam file. South Carolina so South Florida defensive end Aaron lynch going to the San Francisco 49ers at the 150. Overall pick. Kentucky inside linebacker Avery Williamson. Wins with the Tennessee Titans followed by the New York Giants selecting San Diego State safety neighbor he. Baylor offensive guard -- Richardson go to the Buffalo Bills followed by the Jets selecting Iowa State inside linebacker Jeremiah George. Georgia tight end or -- wind's going to Miami went with the Dolphins with the 155. Overall selection. Another tiger coming off the board LSU's. -- mean barrel inside linebacker heading up. Heading down onto the Denver Broncos. Pick 156 overall. Arizona corner Shaquille Richardson -- with the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 157. Overall selection. -- was the Detroit Lions getting Princeton defensive tackle Ron read. Looking at the LSU score work that's the Tigers are taking on. Alabama on the diamond it is to nothing Tigers through six the Tigers just went down in order in the inning. I'm Steve -- now back to the guys at draft fest. At twin peaks in Metairie. Hi Steve they work as always back in studio thanks so much so all of audio book back in -- -- info Diane Newman my but he's been there all weekend long stock come home. But the -- throws at the oh win at central they have making sure everything he's tweeting out text out and posted up on not only Ian here on site to help those with the way up. And Stephen Kellen John -- they kind of call on teams -- -- -- the thinking throughout the broadcast couldn't do it. Without -- was out at Saints camp for 55. Well we'll take a quick break in the we will come back if you sit look at -- closely with Pete won 61 was thankful to get anyone 67. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Picks right close to each other in the fifth round three picks in the books the -- -- most recent -- for the lap back from now how do you like to pick. It's operated dead -- opinion poll along with France central on our home page that if you that you don't dot com.