WWL>Topics>>05-10 3:10 pm - Saints Draft Fest - Vinny Sunseri, Safety, Alabama (5th Round)

05-10 3:10 pm - Saints Draft Fest - Vinny Sunseri, Safety, Alabama (5th Round)

May 10, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and Mike Detiller talk with Saints 2014 5th round draft pick Vinny Sunseri, Safety, from Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- welcome in. Former Alabama safety great now newest member of the New Orleans Saints wanted to Newman with the fifth round pick out of Alabama -- Since they've been a thank you so much for the time -- speculation that he. Very very what are -- Maybe take us through this year you guys coming off a back to back national championships and seemingly you played so many big games. And all the hype around that second game of the season at Texas Stadium UK Sheehan beat with a pick six in their ball game odd was that somewhat. A book about another moment that you guys. Just took advantage of being hit so many big games. A some help Madison this is just to have a regular milk for Alabama they had a but that was a unique regular season game that you came up with. So that would deciding point beating. And you know -- -- -- -- for a you know I may have come in you -- -- there are of certain degree we just where here. And you know -- the ball later. Coach didn't see that the -- -- alternate them with that you an opportunity to relax think it's important or you know whatever on my hands and try to do that. Yeah -- at an opportune moment. At that time and on the news is publicity. Mediate former Saints quarterback Bobby a Bears got -- four. Now -- if you look at your background I think -- definitely Cubs in the play as far as the football intelligence. Because I always say I don't know was half the battle with first off. He got to know where in the hell you going to have a fighting chance in. Looking at your dad in the football background and your family. Thousands Syria formal linebacker coach at Alabama now. He's the current Tennessee even took coordinator. And you've been described is actually like kind of a coach on the field. That you know very intelligent you don't make any minimal things out there in the field still yet to take pride in that as far as how important football if you. Is there you know being called it wouldn't do that so it was such you know I think really a big pride and -- -- -- -- same. They've called they've played Nolan was coming no -- it -- -- in certain opportunities you know. Make it to that are you think -- do at that point you know that it might be make big plays or -- them and dispute and there but it went in. Now video when you look at you're coming to a playoff team a playoff caliber team and you know the more you could do it and million this event is concept. But your contribution. Potentially with the saint. And and -- almost any NFL team. How could you contribute on special teams and that's one Ares you really excelled. At the end just talk about that whether it's kick -- far our punt coverage -- whatever role. On special teams that could be the difference in the game. You know. Andrea but the person in the -- to try and be involved it was my job what it is from. Partner in the court looking to return and picked off but you know. On the primary impact wherever I am and I'm trying to be on the field much like it it but you call me moderate use them. I'm a little list for and trying to get on the field on defense particularly care. Now getting look it right -- right physically -- suffered a torn knee ligament. And then now you miss the back in South Florida this season. Where are you at a -- ready to roll up OTA's and mini camp even before training camp right now. Is there is that Obama already you know because he's putting round and that -- and but I've been doing the -- are known. I'm I'm ready I'm ready to go. Gave them call my 58 it's it may give you guys when the last two national championships in the end you know we think about it. The rain stayed in the since they have families here you don't get it -- a father gets it with Jumbo Florida State coach and over there and talk about that I heard Jim both say they write after you pick. It is like talking to a coach he's like a coach on the field -- can you play. You know being at that game more my after what we've won the previous two of them so that's well. So happy for him to bounce back after -- and Buick you know if you were they national championship you know coach. With this but with the person you know you -- -- -- within me. -- -- condolences and over it for me Theo and I are really really big sisters or. And there are unbelievable people paper in the call me a -- it was a great ultimate speed you can never have many coaches do. Video I think one of the things come to Louisiana you gonna get asked this question. You're Blake kept Landon Collins. Sitting instead watch him. And everybody from this area solid just how dominant a football playoff. Landon Collins was in high school and do what you -- hurt you came in he was unbelievable football playoff. -- yeah so that's a great compliment to you. That that you what if Bhutto the product to keep him from being in the starting guy. At University of Alabama but the NFL is a matchup game coverage wise is that's something in there in that coverage part of the game. That you feel is still that that's the biggest point you addressed with you to get better in the coverage game good -- terrific in run support. You very instinct you you'll fly -- the -- make a play. But back to an up down the field in the coverage support they gave me the NFL's going to be different then what it is in the SEC. And he thoughtfully remotely decent track for a three years old boy and a girl -- I will write our own. Becoming a nickel -- freshman and thought -- was. Something new to me and I got better -- your -- What was the moment -- that they got a couple -- -- passes completed on the year to their own without the year. I'm gonna continue to get better at but Oklahoma. A month or networks. Day in and -- -- -- the problem you've built but he. -- it real and Burton parade. And I you know to continue to get better than just the kind of person I am. The comment on landing college so what type player he has. -- thought you know he's a big physical guys. Can come down to people look at it like me you like to -- the run you like to be in the middle of the field -- and you have to be opposite in the bring that -- -- -- -- and I he's he's a very physical out beat Duke. This insane newest member of the New Orleans Saints safety a fifth round pick out of Alabama VT thank you so much of the time congratulations they would welcome to the -- --