WWL>Topics>>05-10 3:20 pm Saints Draft Fest - Ronald Powell, LB, Florida (5th round #2)

05-10 3:20 pm Saints Draft Fest - Ronald Powell, LB, Florida (5th round #2)

May 10, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and Mike Detiller talk with Saints 2014 5th round (2) draft pick Ronald Powell, Linebacker from Florida.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Outside my back from the University of Florida with a fifth round pick once 69 overall. Ronald Powell don't does now Ronald thank you so much congratulations how are you. I'm. Now compliment and I would opportune. Believe that who and they win a lot of people would be excited about today in a couple of guys and -- in the first off with -- NFL -- this -- -- the line. Run a lot I know you had two injuries he wise. Tell everybody about your health and you just started to not hit -- stride. You know what you junior season that at Florida decided to come out early to tell everybody about the issues you have with -- and how your right now. And you know I went through I would -- them and I. I had to do it you know reconstruction in in one year. But we've got gotten through it. And you know and I'm held in great ago. I'm excited and there are you know is -- -- is not a problem at all. -- out the Colorado look at that. You background then all the accolades coming out of high school parade all American. I USA today all American and you're rated the number one overall prospect -- nation by rivals dot com. Now the question I have. I mean how in the world it like US CR. Are UCLA whatever California let you get away and go to the East Coast because I think you passed on offers. And I hear you are considered the best in the nation. Would you go all the way I played at a Florida Gators would just we just want a change of scenery our what was that came into that decision. And you know don't recruit process and now -- I wouldn't be in pampered an island by no I think. Seeing what I Hewitt the note and capital call meet you know go on a good unity. Going you know you know -- peak too soon to -- and -- -- -- On the without being who teammate. Who can make you know -- was with there was the and I thought -- -- about it at the feet and wanna start and -- about it you know do the the relationship. With them day that you know. A strong bond no -- white. Coach I think border was my -- -- Were cool -- proven guy. In. But he's no lock out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not to be uniform again in the -- -- you know not that he would leave it in a month period you know pretty easy. But you have Rory could see that obviously -- the the process and now the story of -- they SEC you got players from all over the nation. Look at an LSU they just got. The top linebacker -- lot of Illinois but the come down south because as they wanna be part of SEC now. Ronald looking -- your act. Right now. That's larger contribution in the NFL. Just reading hello but he a bio. You protector of the pass rusher. And being disruptive. All that edge is his strong suit just talk about. When you when you talk to Rob Ryan the Saints and and then also you contribution may build special teams as far as getting ready for it OTA's and mini camp. And then obviously to help make a team. When you look at the safe at that their playoff defeat got to be excited about that. Oh yeah and you know they're and this let me -- -- You know watching. What -- it let me see what congress you know who would be what kind of beat their ability that he they simply -- You know on in there are like you know -- I was in the the month passes for the game. Yeah I think like out there and you know. Perfectly. But you know with coaches and them being so I think it will be -- did. And you play. That's you know -- are -- in the college game film on how women do. Whatever it takes you know whatever -- you know in the wrong what do and this is like out there and not that the things like that. Ronald cloud that was an evident all instinct outside my back at University of Florida a fifth round pick joins us here on Saints radio if you give you might. Ronald tell everybody about the wingspan that you have. Which you which you total -- that it that they built on the thing that a lot of people. Wanna see in their linebackers ability to get back in reverts in the coverage part of the game also looked good but few experience as a cover guy bit. Tell everybody about that wingspan that you have as a six foot four linebacker. How man. You know. Not you know Oakmont you know politically years. Not being bitter -- -- except it's okay you know -- much covered. At Rucker I was always look forward to the factor. Trying to defeat man will play. You know that that that stuff you're not selected it is really one month old who will be over the move. The way up movement and your partner in the play my -- -- -- like that. And make plays -- It is Colby won a month mark strong -- in. Obviously like. I'd like it will be a great field. Ronald -- newest member of the New Orleans Saints at the University of Florida linebacker Ronald. Thank you so much scored go to town we defend your fans congratulations and welcome to the -- Very good Uga.