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5-11-14 12:10pm Kristian: on the NFL Draft

May 11, 2014|

Kristian breaks down the Saints' picks in the NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Separate by a happy Mother's Day our number three. Actually half hour here Lilja to Ellis -- baseball at 1 o'clock our pregame coverage of game three LSU and Alabama. Not at 12:31. Pitch at 1 o'clock all the action for -- Right here on WWL of course the series is tied it one game -- tiger's -- -- against the side the Alabama crimson. They need -- this -- badly. Hope we have a great day to all the moms out there a special happy Mother's Day to my mother Debbie let -- very much for all you've done for me over the years. Welcome and it's just sports here on WWL IMF MW WL. Dot com phone lines open for it to 60187. Neitzel 3866889087. He also text -- 87870. Seats at that point fourteen draft class wrapped up. Six elections at all. Radical the first rounder. Bugs you -- out of Oregon State. Saints traded up in round one give them specifically targeted him that wanted to get an explosive players they got one branding Coke's return ability. -- -- on a plus catches a year ago or stay. Guy can flat out run. And round two Stanley Jean Baptiste cornerback from Nebraska Saints didn't have a third round draft the mood of the -- sort of fourth round they went. For linebacker from a now. -- for. 25 round selection for the black and gold -- since there is safety Al Adam Alabama. Ronald Powell. Linebacker from University of Florida. And with the last pick in the sixth round -- the offensive line depth they -- -- out of Kansas State open right tackle. Of course. They've I was the picket about -- scrambling for trying to get information and all the information we wanted on basis aryan Ronald Powell diary for. Stone Stanley on that east gene that he's however -- announce -- -- put it on brooks' three community colleges and -- state started the last two years. At a hasty. At right tackle to 60. 1870386689087. All the text line and 8787. At the threat from brand to coax. Of course now it's the rookie mini camp coming up this weekend as close to the media and -- team has officially announced all -- undrafted rookie free -- we have a list. Online for yeah -- W well dot com. Several players started tweeting about their. Decision yesterday. It's all on line him at that in common it's it's also remember players for three -- tryouts. 260187. Iron -- 0386689. At 0870. That recap the point fourteen draft that that's it gives your thoughts on Oprah and I -- -- for the most part excited about branding -- but. Stanley Jean Baptiste. Could be another -- really really good player for this team. We look at this class. Yet didn't have. You know the big splash -- look they've made a pretty significant movement trading up but -- have a whole lot of sizzle to a but they drafted players. That fit and so often teams reach and draft players based off closes them but maybe if it isn't right. It doesn't fit into their scheme. You could see. Where they image shopping talk about it all time they have a vision for particular player how they see him fitting into their system and you could see it. With the selection that they clearly have a vision. There for all these players. As a good question from James in the world Owens will put them on right now you're on W that will James. I felt it -- about the state you picked out how we -- Gary birdied that a big character and yeah let's hear what. And say. Well depth purposes for one special teams this scenario for core special teams player. -- it is about every special teams unit out there he'll have. And he's really good at it and oh by the way his football IQ is off the charts. And he's been he's been. Praised for being a coach on the field another coach on the field Nick Saban at Alabama loves his intelligence loves the game. -- -- -- -- It's the right value. Three years from now I'll be shocked if he's not the special teams captain those things aside totally Thomas More Stan. Oh. Yeah I mean it's -- got out like that selects a lot. Ally Ronald Powell outside linebacker Florida another I think related that he was the number one recruit in the country. -- at a high school. From California. In -- -- Injuries have played any with a two ACL surgeries. -- a mile -- how year. Now series on the recent. What's that. Yes I mean he you know he's -- he's any he had a really good years a year ago after coming off two ACL injuries so. He might be trending upward solving his best football might be he might be -- Yeah it might be finally happened into all that potential. So it might be a player on the rise that they got the fifth round because of injury concerns and if you go watch him. You see where he's explosive. And could bring something to the table in terms of a pass rush for the World Series teams they -- a phone call. Patient you know wish all the -- -- certainly your wife Mary happy Mother's Day it's gotten into they'll sit tight to six so. 187 Neitzel 3866890870. It's just sports continued right here on WWL anathema WWL outcome. Scott and he'll sit tight. Which -- here from -- -- first saints' first round draft -- Kia after being selected. He visited with Bobby -- the Sylvia. Right after the Eagles. Granted thank you so much all the time in front of all congratulations to you aren't -- -- very mercker mark. Grant you look at what is it like -- -- through this entire process and he's found finally have a TVQ can be a first round pick in the National Football League. You know to be I'm excited about it -- I am glad they don't speak. Brandon one of the things. That a -- you coach Mike Rollins this already said Mike you gotta watch this guy he's gonna pull this season and you shoot you had a great season. But you know 40% -- your catches last year one comeback routes. And wonder pink -- coach told me was headed. One thing good -- does very well is his work with the quarterback it always try to work back. -- try to get his quarterback out of trouble house on the rest with that. Part of your game you got great speed -- -- let us these mid tour Callaway type layup with better ability to work with your quarterback is a real student of the game. Yeah I mean that that's that's unlike him from a football America you know without a complete in bad throws that all of a repeat -- hear people say you know at quarterback all of a reality is most of our market in the wrong -- Now rather look at it I think with his press that can't you be reliable can't answer the bell. Every now and what I've noticed in to me. Is that it -- that's unbelievable. And everyone I've talked to buck up there. You never miss the game at any level and it that you look at that that you reliability we just talk about that. Are going to be able to play week in and week out. -- attributed -- you know hard part is staying out seemed a little things right they'll be able to play week in and get out and I had a pair hooked the mentality. -- elect them bring you -- -- that this is getting -- -- made -- -- you need -- Now Brad -- what is that like all of sudden. We look at right place right time. He dealt to play even a hall of being quarterback like Drew Brees and the reality to develop your skills. And that bottom line is if you got single garbage and you get over you know -- get the ball. You get back here is great you don't play like that that's part law he's becoming a better route jumpy period fact has seen extreme ability. Go to be Oakland quarterback right now I'm just giving the -- not a bread and put in the right place reflects well. Now I'll credit what about being -- three receiver. And now maybe what you asked to do club and that's the cars run block him. And as far as you know we do look good at that particular run they could be 78 yards and -- string of loose. Because your -- maybe it's a 3040 yard gain. Just talk about at the next level be effectively receiver. Do you acknowledge that also loved that being a road block all of the big part of being that. You know top receiver to be able to do that. I mean from my. Lost but I'm leaving the united. And that's -- I want I my my game then it is the run blocking to get better at that -- to work with that. Not that I could set up the past and I know Yamaguchi -- in the past here. Read your father we thank you -- a time what what would you say is your best streak coming to the NFL and in May -- one thing you -- do you feel like people have to work on -- cooperatively. You know be a part of my district the bill and out of these beat you have been -- what I need to work on it indeed a work on my -- that -- Hi Brandon Jackson listen -- did you know would Canadians. Yet up it will be a little bit I am happy golf right now aren't. I've got to credit credit goes congratulations to thank you so much for joining thank you interpret our brand all right and there is critical to saints' first round draft pick while -- out of Oregon State to the phones we go Scot admitted -- you on W that will Scott. It. -- -- -- -- Are. Or they're just. Watched them late. And you shoot it well. Gotta put himself in a position he's gonna put yourself in the position to. Have to make the play at eight now. Other people have more athletic suspecting given their but his his intelligence where it's gonna put them in the right spot. Got up and watch Al. -- impact plays well. And culture and who shall. This. -- on the ball -- Them. Last year. And an. Police had some you're right Scott and he's had some. Nagging injuries really over his career here in the world isn't. He's been dust up as they get any of -- who plays through a lot of a lot of those injuries and has never used them as a an excuse in terms of a drop off and not drop off the -- but I thought he came on strong towards the end of the season last year. You know certainly at the worry about. You know age. At some point it's gonna become a factor but. I still think he's got things left -- them. And you know he'll be productive this year I don't know the terms of the exact injury status on him at that I was you stand right here. On in day you know before we get the training camp on May eleventh here I don't know the exact injury status on Marques Colston but you know I think it's something that. They'll pay attention to you know come Montero would be surprised if just -- time -- time he it's a couple of days of rest during training camp you know are -- at least that the rats are our cut down for him. You don't need to put him through. Training camp like you would maybe a rookie that -- -- that needs every rep and Marcus -- that as a and established veterans though the record the ref might be cut down just kind of elements of that where it there on Marcus Colston. If that helps answer your question. We -- vote or merit there's a -- -- still not only injury. You go out. Are still backing. Gordon trying to air or. I'm eager to be out of the players are pretty tight lipped on and so the team on. On injuries in terms of you know -- -- like talk about -- Because -- wouldn't want my opponents that though. What was ailing -- in the inning you've done jumper like that so now all I did today is that we have a chance to visit with -- here in the upcoming mini camps. -- organized team activities will try to try to get some information is this weekend. I Scott thanks for a phone call Michael up LSU baseball -- off the -- Sports Radio network theology Tigers. The on the Alabama Crimson Tide at 1 o'clock first pitch right here on WWL. They need this series tied 11. It rained out Friday Clinton double -- yesterday -- -- split. But -- the Tigers need Islam in the SEC. Going four to the SEC tournament and then the nationals -- national rankings. To host a regional and the -- in all likelihood. And I have to go. In -- for the -- ritualized and now we were there gonna rain -- for LSU. So I guess. Throw it to NBC Sports Radio until until we get to LSU baseball their rain delay I'd be faced more Bernard David Potter master control super -- I am out.