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May 12, 2014|

Dave talks about forgetting your phone, more chores, more sex, Facebook cows

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the wealth of -- yes it is 2014. I'm having a personal crisis. And matters. Into water up and left myself and home. If you -- you've gone dark you're off the grid. You really act I feel so. Light out of wits and like I don't know where to go and what to do it's amazing now. One tiny device. Is so important daily lives and really you're only going to be incommunicado. For wide. Twelve to -- seventeen minutes it takes you to go back and forth between here in your house this morning and afternoon. Assuming you're going straight home after work well at some point I've got him because it is I feel. Make the right time if it was a out alive he'll make now I think I was snake I'd feel a little different. Comes at the bank. I'd be greeted with a slightly different right now you're sitting in a rumor you've got three computer monitors facing new yet two overall and all -- kinds of information you've got a telephone but you don't have that Smartphone with you and you just feel lost and lonely like -- babe in the woods if someone asked to call me right now they mean when they call someone now you call them on their self. If they get my voicemail which they will laughter however many rings it takes. I don't know they're gonna go well on the work if they even have my number of made most of people right now on my work number or they need that for them my cell number. They can text -- 7870. While they cut if this computer return on our they've maybe your communication problems a little bit of good to not having your cellphone it's a folks what do you do if you leave your phone behind him I could not go back and get a I didn't have time by time I realized that it happened I was just about year. And there wasn't enough time ago backing -- in combat. So now I know exactly where it's sitting. -- right -- I change my clothes I said in the same place every day for some reason the dad and picking up and put it in my pocket. When I was. Walking out of the room remember the days from the worst thing you could forget which one yes. Do arm armament is I didn't -- Then. -- had one. Since my professional career really means that the economic. -- -- Yeah big bag funny keeping cars you're really well offer at some specific we used to report. The news. Special bag on the -- -- And gynecology at one of those big Motorola handsets. World where exactly does he do with that. He got to cost a fortune to make calls -- looks cool. You know what looked cool with those phones to think when -- excellent value from the airplane back decades ago just calling you from. -- and there are flying it was one thing to have the phone installed in your car but nobody looked cool with that huge day in there and it wasn't until those first flip phones came out that'd -- Personal cellphone became more practical. And -- them with them off on them just totally feel like him. Kind of like a boat adrift with no -- -- don't know -- got a microphone attached to the 50000 watt WWL. Flames were right -- for review which -- lost about -- Clinton as I can communicate with everybody. They can't. Call me when I can't you come it to 601 point seven your totals 38668890. Rates at which can't comment myself. -- at home. If you do you call it. I don't think in our answers yes or somebody -- self monitoring -- -- that not even my wife's. My wife phones ring and the caller ID shows its flight her sister or we'll let you definitely not answering. The you know artists there's people I know and like you know I've picked it up and say here -- vote during an answer. If you do answer at the -- -- it's very confused. You know I wait I thought I call it quietly while you answer. Other solving wrong yet if -- fishy dead why you care for -- -- -- important because I was so happy. Who. I will let you go to our very best hopefully you're still sleep then at 514 I mr. she heard it and to keep doctors Miller was on the radio. On Monday morning. I do I don't know my follow. On do with whether -- -- Laura but on here with your forecaster and activists and Steve Geller was sports man big weekend for the saints. A lot of those detonations. Very happy are you you'll like the way the saints drafted over the weekend. Text made it 7870 this as a trio I can't do this computer I'll read your text -- it's after. This is one of the most Monday issues Monday's I've had a long long time my phone is that Holmes sitting in. The room where I change my clothes and don't have it the computer here in the studio it's going to be WL has broken it can't turn on. And the weekend is over rather over so let's at least if the forecast is decent as we go there -- -- these forecasts that are missed meteorologist Laura but now. Or your Monday a 40% chance for rain today with highs around 85 and look for some sunshine early but those downpours -- -- -- Toward the after game tonight those -- down to 72. Don't back up to 85 tomorrow about 20% for Tuesday that increases to 50% on Wednesday. The I would -- forecast center and urologists are backed out. Starting out today with mostly cloudy skies at the airport -- -- southeast -- at eight miles an -- muggy 91% relative humidity at 76 degrees in Kenner. And on and our show on slide out cloudy and 76 degrees sports time now on WW -- Man what a wild weekend in so much fun for those who dat nation as the saints pick up a bunch of new players in the NFL draft and the reaction continues and Donald Sterling has a few things to say about. Well definitely losing the clippers after his racist comments with -- all of that in Marwick say good morning to Steve DO. Good morning everyone happy Monday the saints selected six players during the NFL draft four of which were on the defensive side of the football. Sideline reporter Kristian -- out of position though that many thought this the black and gold would address but opted not to. The only position they really didn't address was the center position has seen signed a few undrafted players that might come and compete for that job of course Toledo right now maybe -- as via the front runner to win that spot but I cannot think that veteran senator John good one is that -- -- Over in the NBA playoffs the clippers were down by sixteen with about nine minutes left before pulling out a 101 to 99 win against Oklahoma City. -- the Western Conference semi final series up at two games apiece. Blake Griffin scored ten of 25 points in the fourth quarter and finished with nine rebounds. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers says that OTC should be mad after letting this one slip away. -- seething right now. Because they had an opportunity go up 31 and now it's an even series and now we -- almost on the mat we got awful that you know we didn't get -- and we're back up. Now we're always. The pacers -- 831 lead over in the Eastern Conference semis after beating Washington and 95 to 92. Poll George had a huge night for Indiana finishing with 39 points and twelve rebounds. In baseball LSU's game against Alabama was rained out you a -- yet completed a sweep of south Alabama winning thirteen to three in seven innings. Tulane dropped their third straight at you they'd be losing in the series finale to nothing. Is -- is one in Omaha by the score of ten to war. Today half wore on sports talk to special drafted this year of the second -- show from the silver slipper casino. The picks are all in. What's your great for the saints 2014 draft class N at seven catch the pulmonary show I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. -- to anyone Dave Cohen Steve -- with you on your radio on a Monday morning all right after that fantastically fun wild week and the rose started on Thursday for saints fan and and the draft is over and in the books that picks have been made now they'll talk about. Signing undrafted free agents guys who did not get picked in the draft. Of that question I was gonna ask you disaster listeners for what -- and what grade do you give the saints overall based on all the -- I'll give him a solid BF but they really addressed to real positions of need with the first round pick. Being up Brandon cooks the wide receiver out of organ state and then in the second round of big cornerback and Stanley Jean Baptiste. To learn. Under a hall of Famer like Chip Kelly will be fantastic. I'm interested to see how is development goes because. This guy that played wide receiver now converted to cornerback OK so a solid B those two very good -- why not an -- what did the -- not get that you would have liked Hussein why. The senate position was an address and I think they're gonna bring in like Christian was talking about Jonathan Goodwin is veteran free agent signing him. But also listen to linebackers. The two of the linebacker in the safety they picked up love the pick of any since -- don't know much about the other guy from cal. Who is coming a bit of an injury issue. Saw a -- concerned about that. It's anti -- that's why votes solid beat good job in the first and second rounds maybe some on addressed issues by. Agassi can turn that into and if they find some good veterans out there or undrafted guys. Who's naked then turn into solid players right templates real -- well we really don't know what these guys are gonna contribute at Wimbledon. Three years down the line we can really great threat that they sent -- it has been three years out I'll get back on him marking a -- -- I put that in my phone to remind me but I left my phone call today I know the feeling well trust me. -- I do it about maybe once a year and then. Do you feel so horrible without your follow yeah. The -- is something you can't look up and answer. You don't have any text messages become an end. Man on that make people calling each other anymore so -- -- -- have to talk to me. You know in my mom that's how she would get all the -- now. But I'll survive I'll be OK -- there's been times in my wife has been great about this right actually colder and -- you please. For my phone downtown and she's come from battery down here does the drop off the phone and leave so -- I brought started and as. Not it's not get an idea of schools she's got things she's got to take care of yet it vehement and maybe you bring my phone. Why. That's I think that's -- -- at this time the morning should probably -- -- a. I thank you Steve kind off -- -- -- or sports here on WWL. AM FM and that count 524. I'm your Monday morning I'm find a way to read to me text messages Yemen -- does that in this. I'll -- -- a look at your forecast as we get this work week underway with some more rain on the way. Five point six let's take a look at your forecast from the embassies forecasts that us. Your Monday outlook and similar to the weekend will see some sunshine early if you clouds building and then some showers and storms this afternoon. That's 40% chance stay with highs of 85 tonight dropping down about seven BTU. Rain chances tomorrow of around 20% look keep those mid eighties but Wednesday's chance increase seen and that keeps highs around 82. Let me eyewitness c.'s forecast center I'm urologists Clark knocked out. -- 27 we have cloudy skies at the airport in Canada 76 degrees relative humidity is 91%. Slide out cloudy and also 76 degrees and gave on if the early edition of WWL first news text made 878 avenue -- -- You give the saints. For the draft over the weekend you heard that there. Sports I'm Steve Geller gives them a solid be very happy. With the addressing the need for a speedy wide receiver and for a new defensive back so concerned about the senator position what do you think. The -- are texting me at 87870. About the fact that I left my cellphone and home today -- did that folks. And what he would do if it happens one person says you don't have a choice you have to go home and get it. Or have your wife -- it. Now the president says that about how your cellphone feels abandoned and alone. It probably enjoys it gets some rest I'm constantly poking and prodding it. Differences and it's someone does call your phone you'll wake up your house. More trouble than you thought. Luckily because I get up three something AM. I get dressed in another part of the house were -- obviously. So now it's all by itself. In the laundry room actually -- my. They'll hear it over there. I'm Dave -- five point one person Texas and 8787 -- that rather forget my pants -- for -- myself. Yeah. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this twelfth of may 2014. You know normally I know what the date is because I've bought my phone. When I say that on the radio I'm looking at what my responses today it is but today I couldn't do that. -- look at the computer he was the makers that are right before on the idea. My cell phone at home in the laundry room. And one present incident rather forget the -- I've given that the adware or to butcher followed the that you -- -- yet we don't Wear bras and women of that funds in the bronze in the pocket. It I know where brought. I don't know I -- it does have to hold it. And now while walking around underwear that would work to stay -- And pick one other. Myself. -- person attack today that it uses world acts like they can't live if they forgot it himself. It's the I'll admit that I feel very very out of sorts I feel weird. Without my phone I don't like that having well. Interesting. Jim hands in his report. About couples to share. Household chores are happier. The study actually found. That couples said that if the man and the woman shared the -- everything from. Cleaning house to doing laundry. Cute cutting grass everything else that they share that chores evenly. They had more -- So when I heard that report was guys do -- gets. That's that's how I interpret this report that's what we do interpreted that way I think about -- about way neither party use too exhausted. To engage. In a little. Amorous activity. On. The well. If will was doing all the house were summoned to a all the house and someone's not there in ninety which he would is someone who's like you know. Brady go -- like off beat. Its share of the tourist shares. Energy expended both have to matters less energy Dagestan all he had to get a little brownie points. Your perceive to be doing it here the drudgery here's the catch to that. Guys who do chores that have been historically considered. The wife's role. If you do what you can't get brownie points and make the white pretty exciting while we did that. The -- got to do it right gap you do it wrong. If you step in and do the laundry for example. And you do it on the wrong temperature or you mix the wrong colors or unit two would forget to add this off or whatever is on it pretty complicated. If you do laundry and screw it up. Trust me. That's not getting any brownie points let's just get in more trouble just to stop just go sit over there like you did it mess you made it wrong on purpose on -- -- to do it again. Now I was trying really hard. -- -- Elected when he miss more first news WWL. And a diamond. Oh god let's go live in the -- -- Eyewitness News forecast that if they get more saying. Meteorologist Laura about although I am not well no I love my phone at home. I set it down and put on Mike. -- pants and I forgot to put immaculate outlet. Your left hand and chopped off for hurting Monica and I feel a cardigan a function and investment what does that feel like a boat with no motor just drifting around in the water I don't know where that -- -- as -- -- -- side -- -- sad that we become so it hits you are at hand held devices. We feel like that you know I I I just say why it happens I understand it. Like just kind of miss my social media I just kind of how this. Knowing that I mean communications with people when I really frightens me is myself as quite important to Mike doing my work. In that I get summary text messages from co workers and -- my -- is -- and that I have a wife and four kids who text me from I. I that I need to know right -- I got to make one -- the doctor's appointment this morning without my phone I guess and we have to use a computer in the Internet to look at the. Lookup that number has been all about -- at my phone it's. Great. I'd let you know what did you make it -- -- -- And the good experiment you know kind of cut the cord at. Renowned artists has been run come after the I don't think the average. Anyway I I don't have to look at the weather up on my phone because that got you to tell me what's gonna do that. Yeah you know it's going to be similar to the weekend where we start off kind of with some sun and clouds and watch for some downpours that developed around lunchtime hour into the afternoon just scattered about not everywhere to -- yesterday you know we have a couple of those downpours yesterday. And they just kind of moved on out. Am mother's dead it's if you little -- -- -- that it went too bad but definitely the -- about it it you know that temporarily. I actually a cold front. On Wednesday that and then through the area. And by hole like call -- -- -- to -- but heck yeah I found that you were. Providence cooler weather so we're gonna go with 82 on Wednesday but -- at least six on Thursday I'd like -- Middle of may IS MU credit what you just that the monkeys unique in the drier air place out there and even if it's ninety dry here you can handle that board I think 85 with. High humidity absolutely. Nice -- at least six and a bit -- and there's. You know the senate that they heated the you've been there right when you have a -- I today -- folks is your forecast through the middle of the work week from a meteorologist Laura about talent I had my phone I can look on social media. Now my deal to find some cows and get them back to their rightful owner. Yeah authorities that the pace today. Thanks to FaceBook some runaway -- is in. -- in new York and now back where they belong. Five cows that went on the -- And a police corralled them there apparently in the middle of the road and blocking a traffic and causing all kinds of trouble but don't know what to do with them. And then that this factors that has here on my FaceBook that someone says but with these are -- let us know. So the cops -- able to use Facebook's. To get the counts back to the quality. Apps even farmers -- faced yet everybody. Acts that have come to find out well. That -- a much anymore because all the adults now -- I should say in the kids are constantly looking for something new whether it's kick. Horror in stick -- similar. I eat any Cuba because the kids are trying to find them listed as the parents get out of the particle -- yet because I got it. It's about the mom's not on that's right I'll blame apple probably the thing but it would much what we were younger but yeah I think it I guess they don't brand cows anymore. I don't know they don't do that the whole. Well sticking with it being offside pass steering us aren't it was -- -- -- -- -- -- side if I'm not I'm OK with an academic unidentified counting in the attack those they don't think -- year I don't what little thing here I've seen that. Ability that undertaken on this now. I don't know. You know my father raises cattle so that's pretty embarrassing I don't have no idea how you identified -- again at a clip. Eyes got like three forehand at cattle I'll have a clip about the accounts. No these are on the you ever -- the -- house yes that's what got a definite but he does take -- To date yet the -- you've gone to the amount that the that the ninth birthday as well there's not well over there that that to retreat freezers full. Just yeah that's why they go well let us know if you refinance I'd look it up on my phone but -- I have to ask him and then there's that have been -- listening -- that don't are. -- regulation -- go out there all the time and I don't have a clue how that works if they count on you never noticed a rounder on him and I've I've watched him -- -- accountable for Italy that. We. Calling it now I've I've athletic. You've never -- Some actually inseminated. Out with a check it's pretty traumatized even happen at the old fashioned way -- that the farmers. Don't get into that -- -- practice thank you are currently held by Atlanta the direct Eyewitness News market. How to that in them there. 546. Sports please Steve -- got that today. One person next -- 7870 because that for. It and that I wish everyone -- leave yourself on that more often maybe the roads would be state where the against. -- effect on Korea. As that several other people to -- means that there's still brand cattle and it's his -- are supposed to be branded -- -- that ran as a proof of who owns the count well. At least in the 5000 New York. Cops couldn't figure out where they belong until they -- FaceBook post -- and Adam Brandon mean out I don't branding that is and maybe they were brand. -- Sports time now on WWL. But that was a good morning Steve -- Steve witness to the study of -- reported on a study that says they have. Husbands and wives equally share the housework and happier marriage and the study even found they have more -- If they share housework I could not help but referred to remember. The story tell me about once when you took out the trash when it was. Unexpected for you to do so and your wife and extremely happy yeah she said it was a huge turnaround which I don't understand because. The trash every week so if it happened would be ejected without emulating that -- you did it without being told to do it that you just took it out on your own volition -- Put -- tracked either Tuesday and Friday so it has the go outside I didn't understand that well but hey whatever works for her works for me. I got Wednesday and Saturday is nothing worse than waking up on that morning to take the trash and I got that run Albert -- and graphic and bring it to the road and sports time now on -- W. Good morning everyone will be only perceived need -- -- did not address in the NFL draft was at the center position Sadler reports Kristian -- says we should expect the black and gold to revisit an option of signing veteran free agent Jonathan Goodwin. Said early on when John ligament first visited the saints that I didn't expect him to sign a contract until after the draft to see if they found a player that they felt like it was going to be elect handle that responsibility they obviously didn't do all the. LA clippers and Indiana Pacers both -- -- earned victories in their NBA playoff series the clippers were down by sixteen with about nine minutes left. Before pulling out of one don't know what do one to 99 win over the thunder. Darren Collison scored ten of his eighteen points in the final four and a half minutes including back to back layup that put the clippers ahead for good with 33 seconds left to play. Hours later the pacers pulled themselves back from a seventeen point deficit. The beat the wizards in Washington and 95 to 92 and take a 3:1 lead in the Eastern Conference semis. Told George had a monster night for Indiana shooting seven for ten from three point range and finishing with 39 points. And twelve rebounds. George says he was in a good flow early on narcotic drugs to a room and he -- we're gonna come -- be aggressive just make plays. Try to push terrible it is going on a good start and you know my teammates found shot -- shot -- we came from someone you know finding me in Serbia. -- sterling says she will fight to keep her share of the clippers implants to one day divorce Donald Sterling. The league says otherwise the MBA says if Donald Sterling ownership of the team is terminated so is Shelly she told ABC news she didn't know why she should be punished for what her husband did. NBA commissioner Adam silver has been feeling for me it's making racist remarks. In -- owners to force too early to sell the team. And on the diamond LSU's game against Alabama was rained out no makeup game will be scheduled. You'll -- -- took down south Alabama thirteen to three in seven innings to complete the sweep of the jaguars. You -- -- won all three contests against Tulane as the wave field to nothing in their series finale. This effort ones have now won three straight with a ten to four victory in Omaha. Today at four it's a special draft edition of the second -- show from the silver -- -- casino. The picks are hole in what's your -- for the saints 2014 draft class that at seven you can catch the pulmonary show I'm Steve Geller with your early morning it's. Shortsighted to predict on Steve Geller with -- on your radiate alternately gave us today in the -- be in the draft loved the first few picks but felt the senator position. Still left on the contrast we'll see how they take care of that in the coming days and weeks Donald Sterling. Making some comments. Finally -- really heard from them. I carry a loss on this draft coverage but did he help his case at all or days there's really nothing he can do at this point two. Keep the NBA owners from forcing him to -- I think anything coming out his mouth now now isn't everyone knowing he's tried to cover up for what he was caught doing there was even a recording that was released later on. Just I think Friday or Thursday or Friday last week. Of him saying he was just trying to get -- in that he was just trying to -- this girl to sleep with him and I don't know how making racist remarks. We'll get to. Lucky. Then again I you don't hang out with black guys don't bring my -- don't be friends of them announced Ingraham watts comment. Kitchen where you want to go OK Donald GAAP and opens mouth insert foot. One more time LSU and Alabama not gonna make up this baseball game I guess because it doesn't matter in the standings. Well it actually is pretty key for -- right now I'm losing that second game of the series might hurt the tigers I'm not sure how things are gonna shake out just a few games left. We got one during on Tuesday they're playing northwestern and then they close that at all over and so four games left in the regular season. Nothing set in stone yet if they're -- host a regional or not. So this week key it would absolutely -- you pulmonary has to say tonight at seven -- WWL thank you Steve we'll let you in fifteen minutes. More sports on WWL I am FM and now account taken a look at your forecast right after that. So which came first the chicken or the N Imus -- asked that question because of a couple of text messages I -- were reporting on the study. That says that couples that share household chores are happier and have more sex. One person tactic 7870s as happy wife happy life. I do you tourists make your wife happy you make you happy but -- -- exit 787 -- -- may be us guys are helping with chores. Because we're getting so. Also you have sex you're at a good mood is very good but you have your wife with the chores. So which is it doing the jurors blitzes acts of the sex leads the tour it was definitely that question happen.

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