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5-12 6:15am Tommy, Saints draft

May 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWl's draft analyst Mike Detillier about how the Saints fared in the NFL draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Might retaliate -- right now. Glad I was gonna give us a dry assessment of the saints' draft or a rather its few massive one. And excited -- good morning Mike and has been a long weekend for. Great. Tell me your overall. I guess outlook on the saints' draft we talked extensively about the first round pick on my Friday able about the rest of them. Well you don't know what it is. This traditional an article warned that. Is this -- that's going to be record. 51 this is LaBrandon coats and we can do you almost beat him point. What is that all about the it is all about pictures. The -- involved in Seattle. And how many teams now just trying to move to lose those chess pieces around. To get those type athletes. And I would look at a daily show that these are six -- to recover quarterbacks. -- too -- back as cart before the wrong pol. All it -- since. This is kind of -- -- chess pieces around -- toward -- virtual. But again it's who's the world doesn't. That the well -- RB -- you -- the it was the top rated football player in the court. A moderate children -- who live in California. He had. To reconstructive -- Injuries. -- a deal. And that reached its full potential at the college level at war. But it did any queries would -- she started to get anyway should stall. What -- one's soul when he was in high school and if you date they'll be. It is quite a football. Powell is somebody. The big ball. Certainly partly work habits it was sort of career. Goals we -- -- -- -- problem backers. In either country Republicans stayed at some injuries was column in the rotation. Situation room you know Penn State in the stored in these weapons were well -- don't want you -- -- physical power player. All of very. Very aggressive. Also to have battled some injuries but you've got it. More physical. That linebacker position. And -- and Derek -- Though -- now lose the war on coached. All the former. World but he let a coach on the field so Mort. All graded stakes. -- special -- is also battling. A knee injury. All of that he sustained in October. The one thing of beauty that is another concern. -- kept the high school player and it will reach the end of columns on the branch. -- -- -- until. He got hurt. And he would just what those guys that don't look forward. But he made on play another Upton also will help -- tremendously not special teams. And gave on. -- -- -- Came into Kansas State to work but about real. So you know what -- like about it is you don't you become more critical. And all of you've got the library books. So like what -- Even more impressive. Six way that I expensive -- that's all in my scrapbook. -- signed as undrafted free agents last year seven. -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- who would do. Also up but it would be. That we agents and you know what. You've got somewhere where it is too good for the future. Concede -- can -- Oh what recovery -- well pol. Sincerity. Their opportunity. And really BO. He topical. Egypt the group now known. It can take it. -- -- -- out with a bill. That it is -- Seattle. Mike when we come back just on entry and have this confused did you talk about any free agency had no. And you blow rob acted as a want aren't going come back is that John Batiste. Fortson -- Powell wrote so -- -- -- draft choice saints me. All right -- talk about John that -- as well because. It wasn't your receiver today and did he play corner in college yours is something new for -- in the NFL. Well -- play. Came -- As a receiver pat McGrath -- he bounced around junior college currently played receiver. Started out wind out. And hopefully you know what I need help or -- you there. He's really played pretty well last. Couple years all of these -- quarterback liberal it is only a guy -- One thing you can't teach. Saw balls -- And those big wide arms on. We're in Spain may go six point three time for traffic more with Mike to tell you won't come back and -- any questions or comments to 6018 ceremony until free. 866889087. Innings house a look at terror Robinson traffic on WW. I Tommy Tucker -- WL Todd and Mike to tell EA about the saints. Draft choices and undrafted free agents and Mike in Jordan tells -- about this guy Brandon Coleman wide receiver from rikers I sought to -- played Rutgers. I guess it was the year of Isaak -- -- -- again I'm confused but it is -- solve -- at any rate I got in detritus in the air conditioning for four hours and they understand -- truth. And they seem to have these two giant receivers and I'm just wonder if that's one of. Yeah he's a guy that back actually a deterrence counting on him coming out of high school. Diploma basketball stand now bulky moderately but you know they'll now be taught its new two man. Of what level of basketball player please what is even -- Dominic hit the ball with that they're. Not up against their body. And additional mobile -- Colton came -- an eyelash might get what you came out of -- In Britain Coleman's a bigger version. And -- taller thicker version at this point in time. It would be interesting to see how well yeah -- still you know bill you go to some very impressive numbers. Well at Rutgers it's not that come out and he's a guy that. Especially so -- -- red zone. That you can utilize that six foot spot close -- lived well. Well -- talk about size a cornerbacks if you look at. Brandon cooks. -- 59 and he had this got -- -- I guess if you line him up on different sides. You gotta put the big corner on somebody else. Yeah well. -- is. I think that the difference make obvious question. Well you know Chuck -- has in god told him -- it's got rid of and you get on board in. That. Are going over the top teams we'll play it straight -- fox -- And that's it and so a lot on election what we're -- Home now. Would you put him outside. Just thought that he. Needs to announce -- what happens there these sort of patent which will -- -- catches. A couple of passes. Put -- in the back. And it's not that bullet why. But that sort of having that sort of athlete on the edge makes you let us say differently. And 40% of its characters are comeback routes and it pomp and we -- out of debt means instinctive. He knows that when your quarterback get in trouble he worked his way back to -- -- -- used to -- it was just standing and so. What's in other quarterback in trouble while announcing in technically goes back. A thing and technique place here yeah got a you gotta get a guy space is Ian out -- and when he comes back to the volume you automatically behind him so it's kind of hard to copper. Yeah and also to the one -- his coach Mike Riley told me this summer about -- was back. -- is his ability to catch the ball and nick where is -- mixed in there and you know you click and you know you viewed the back at his heels McConnell 128 passes and -- medals but that's counts. Also. You've got a guy that we. Call football speed you'd put a lot of pop up that you couldn't help sort of all of -- that -- -- in -- With. Not dictates. I don't talk about the guys on your -- -- the saints signed as unrestricted free agents and I need to figure out today you know play -- -- keep coming up on income backgrounds and all of a sudden boom he's gone 631. Time to look at news and for that we go to Chris Miller. With the -- big -- in the 2014. NFL draft. The New Orleans Saints below and leave G Bob please. Morten -- announcing these -- second pick in the draft and somebody asked me over the weekend that Morton was supposed announces first round pick I don't know I don't know I'll have within me that Michael Tilley is here. Talk about some of the free agents that the saints signed in addition -- draft takes over the weekend. That he had in his draft guide that I -- you glad the saints dynamite. Yeah and in every year. Because this football team his -- gold. Although. I think that killed those big old books -- ultimately riled critics of just ridiculous a couple of war with you man and now we actual Indian guys officially yet. Until those names get on the contract but. What's been reported big shake -- all the tight end on the table museum distort and his -- -- -- you. Fans. But -- will be trouble. Got to maybe a bit of turbulence as people playing time transfer to make needs. So be six football to -- with sixty pound -- in hiding really scroll through your season last year at big east catching the global. It was mainly used -- -- should walking fighting. A watchable -- that in that they'll shoot it pretty much was used for over the years but they certainly won't change what he has nick. It really is an impressive looking awfully. He did quite well walker has really really excelled last year on the -- importantly gain. That simple action of the bulk deals deals of UN has branded Dixon twelve -- well. Missouri State. What they -- -- -- include aptly. -- also all of the toward area with a coconut sites world war and had some great issues with the junior college. -- -- To Missouri Oklahoma but it is -- Was a football -- went -- west as a respect. And he wanted to play football which is probably most of not less moderate state. Last year all of was a all of that American collegiate athletic conference selection -- -- -- all American. Six foot -- -- odd couple quarterback. Really. Outstanding put before one of the -- 32 and have vertical he do the work force physically getting stronger we got some really good cover deal. And ought to hit that a lot of people go about on this area back in a couple games. All television eyes for it -- planet from Sam Houston. The plot would. Underdog but now running back. Well quit. Being the got to turn the corner catches the football pretty welcome back -- This football team has really done well. With polls tighten a full debate on running backs. -- in the later rounds or. Predominantly as reagents. And against Flanders bring that you brought up Brandon Coleman huge corporate. Wide receiver. Come on out Rutgers so. You just look at those name's -- one after the other after the other that we have been able to. Well yeah there's that has been warning -- Impressive or probably do that and just getting into camp and give them an upward and upward from so many agents in this business. That we'll -- -- a lot of coaches did you do that so nervous about object you've guy a shot. Thank does that separate out the names of Vietnam script we do need to let. You can go oil and all those guys that came ones he got a legitimate shot. And made it on that the agreement doctors probably are more than we used to these traps when they -- twelve well not only seven. Certainly -- a lot of players out there. That important that we just -- the opportunity to right -- This football team has given those got a lot of rules those chances and it is something in common agent. At a certain positions. All of that -- epic that opened them I can complete. Are there to get the saints -- out because -- the past and given that clear that chants and make it being. Hey if you have and you busy -- -- a special edition draft second guessed and I would -- beer but that. So was -- on a beach in hand -- county Mississippi and I just wonder and RE -- So again. Didn't see it Arab I was presuming it was there's always is. That gives him a couple -- -- talk about the LSU players and where they went. I get my tea guests don't forget we got another code word coming up in 1000 dollar nationwide can contest in. Well Wayne -- says another winner congratulations to -- Anderson. A new law when she won a thousand dollars and nationwide vacation cash contest and you went to. Listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM but it code word. They need to Max Edwards seventy to 81 the Europeans and went without ever put -- -- down. 72881. Every weekday for -- was winners nationwide will want to thousand dollars each. We never charged protects an individual plan text and battery supplies -- remember. To listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and by opinion. A lot from Smart radio that are common Alderson WW. I'd like to tell you a nice enough to spend some time -- and you can spend some time with him and cajun cannon obviate their tonight. Out of the silver -- casino on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi they'll be talking about. Com the draft and will make the saints better team went pick you most excited about. And are you worried about any acquisitions in the NFC south. And in India that from points -- sentence Anna and John. So my when it comes the LHU players on populist or -- -- met burger and where you wake up. Yeah it would be LHU players that -- -- -- dealings are with -- and work your way up does he is -- wanna go on. No actually. They had to outward -- And in -- they've got selected marker about. A couple of -- where they'll shoot me you know joy Landry. -- -- that completely -- you know. And we got opportunities debate employees walked up follows special teams in the second -- chase receiver. To get drafted. By the Cincinnati angles in the in the last ten years. The electorate and it was so unbelievable. High school player had a really good career with the union passed away. All of it in in a freak accident what the symptomatic angles. You used the firm's. Just coincidental to go places you visited hopefully the big output -- demand what went well for the article on school. What was today. Got that battle entries at -- -- quite a bit. In fact that there is. Sol awards season Ellis you've been critical -- We're -- convince him that police say formed in such a good we will help out backup quarterback. You were coming up back -- also that -- and clear. Tool. Selected exactly -- -- -- route to the trouble and you don't have to worry about it now has not been good you'll. We saw what happened it is terrible what happened Aaron. Everybody -- is that we get their way. Yeah injury -- Drug whatever all that sort of thing just weighted vote now. And I think that he's in the right spot because I know the titans or fully sold -- -- -- -- an opportunity here. I would concede that in what has been really good job quarterbacks. So you know what might not be where it. You couldn't actually a better opportunity. And every year future if you wanna come. For a sporting position that would the titans. 09. Picks the bones in college football this season. And from 2006. To a point fourteen. Its six -- selections. Forming southern cal has had -- 61. When you think about what. Or that you were put on the court in the week came of this state. And I mean did. We. Would have been churned out -- should -- come up with any football players that it -- well. Objective you know people that are not only would. It would be an early -- -- goes -- up for a -- true. He's got tremendous football player with him back in -- but it -- -- -- get a chance that you Oracle's part player. English on brought up that that we considered you know would have considered important in that it. It you know but let me that the best hands best and you have ever in about a dollar -- 17 year. Big play ability. God that contractually you helped your own. The proper term gain but. It may be equally app will be going to that joint another team now. Couple reunited with -- -- -- -- Prospect in you know guys in you by any sort of speed and with movement. He would work with very early in his career. Our legal work and Eagles and spot where you Wear a -- higher also it -- -- Vatican way to work well. Never gonna get your Patrick's. And great -- Of all -- you guys really made that move and being that top 100. Like Gordon felt a lot in what was it about the -- he. And it got -- -- one quote our Anthony Johnson. With the Miami Dolphins and Craig walked in science in Jacksonville. I'll -- just think about all things. Although there -- -- issue now -- an opportunity to play in the pro. In that timeframe of old -- -- -- we -- out yesterday only one college football more. And that's and now with -- It goes to show -- what's coming up in the southeast conference. With Alabama and Georgia Alabama move forward from it you know she would hold it. -- it's been great compliment to this talent in the coaching goes off in separate. You know. He can sneaky entered recruiting you know when things don't you it's -- it's. Com and you cannot say that because it. Because you know 141516. You. Watching -- process goes -- Goes dark -- -- -- all warmest in Alabama so our top prospect. I'm saying you wanted it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got it thank you might appreciate your time listen for his afternoon live from the silver slipper.

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