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WWL>Topics>>5-12 7:15am Tommy, NFL draft

5-12 7:15am Tommy, NFL draft

May 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Greg Gabriel, former NFL scout & writer for the, about how the NFL draft shaped up

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker I'm getting everything -- up here as it relates to the NFL draft them them be honest with an area. At the weekend from hell and I didn't have a lot of chance to follow wits but that's what we have people on today that did. Like Mike it's really a now Greg Gabriel former NFL scout for the bills giants and bears and he's a writer for national football post not coming work with Sean -- morning Greg how are you. I'm done very well thank you it's the weekend's -- so believe it or not I'm happy tell me about -- your version your take of houses and your take -- rather of the saints in the draft. It's quite interesting draft number one I like the first pick a lot Brandon cooks. Exciting little guy can probably play in the slot very quick and athletic speedy catches the ball well. Excellent after the catch. Good return. You know it is to highlight film waiting to happen that's -- that's an excellent pick. The second picks damaging their piece I like a mental problem. Reason being he's a big corner those guys becoming involved with the way Seattle played. With a big corners he's a press corner only in my opinion meaning united he struggled some in the hands off coverages and zone coverage. And for guys at 63220. Pounds not the most physical guy. Whether you're gonna play predominantly press coverage than he's looked pretty good players take. Carries forward. When he when he got on the field is pretty good player. Doesn't have great instincts has ruled that size some big hitter high effort guy. We got to pass rush ability buddies you know numerous injuries that knee injuries. Hamstring injuries. Biceps injury. Same opinion -- series excuse me. Since very highly instinctive very productive and help them good hitter. Good ball skills even if he's the guy he's helping governments start. Powell is similar look forward. And that he's very athletic factory inside pass for a skills come -- off the edge. But it guys -- to ACL injuries and some other. Injury issues and Brooks is more you know developmental tackle type that. How about the people in the NFC south had a date to comparatively to the saints and in terms of the two games a year that were to play against them. Advantage anyone. You know. When you're looking at a paper after you know you can sit they would seem to great boosting bit off -- -- ever. And you really don't know to you get in the camp because there's going to be guys is that number one I have a lot of respect for all the -- the league. You know in in the moral and you know Sean Payton and Mickey retrieve personal guys do outstanding job and same with the other. Teams in the NFC south of looking at Atlanta I thought that the you know -- -- is in the commandments are left tackle right away -- -- picture on the offensive line it was a -- positions so that was a good pick. I hate -- -- It got some inconsistency. But he's a big guy who's athletic and when he plays hard he's got dominating ability. So I thought that was a good pick self portrait that was a little bit of -- reach where they got them. Freedom in the running back. Good rotational type player and that's what everybody wants to do front index now anyway play it was true. And he'll be very good in that role and and the guys it's interesting it's pretty Schiavo. You know he can be -- net rusher in their scheme. He's got he's not the biggest guys only 6161. And happen -- -- the past fresh -- I mortar. High energy guy I think he's a pretty good -- where they got him. You know looking down at Tampa Benjamin. Our -- Carolina. Benjamin as a big. Receiver and they needed you know after what they lost to free agency that you get some guys is that position. You know he's gonna help Cam Newton Cornelius and other edge rusher to go along with the guys they are do you have. -- turner is gonna come India. Starting guard there was -- pick and embossed in the safety of the key commands start that was solid pick. Tampa Bay Mike Evans. You know Friday about Tampa Bay is that you know and I work with Lovie Smith remember years old well defense of coach and Howell. Jason Blake got love from take in his defense of players beyond me because they took all the offense but they sort of the defense of free agency. But Mike Evans an excellent receiver province you know most people thought -- was -- second best receiver in the draft. Sectarian -- in the big tight -- from. Washington had a great 2012. Season Washington at quarterback problems. And 2013. Slows production went down but these guys who play inside at the -- Or you know you can flex some mountain -- and as a move Qaeda and so he's he's an interesting pick Sims are running back from West Virginia is transferred to Houston. Now there. Good solid player who can play in the rotation. And the other guys down the road I think they're more developmental guys come in put it back up roles and down the road had a chance to start. Yeah real quick -- and down the road before -- -- -- go Brandon Cole as wide receivers the saints signed as a free agent a big guy from Syracuse -- You think he makes the team and does he have much of an impact the season well. It went when you're not directly freeagent. You're in that position for a reason you didn't have quite enough skills to be drafted. Still these -- receiver. It was a receiver strong draft he's got a commitment show that he is capital that the and the work ethic to make the team so we're -- the answer that they get and training camp. And I said Syracuse actually.

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