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WWL>Topics>>5-12 7:45am Tommy, pot or online gambling?

5-12 7:45am Tommy, pot or online gambling?

May 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Krista Jenkins, the Dir. of Fairleigh Dickinson University's Survey Research Institute, about a new poll on support for marijuana legalization and online gambling

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker talking about gambling and legalization of marijuana and online gambling and should either be a legalize should need their which one is more dangerous and we're talking new against right now that was part of the study. That happened Kristy Jenkins director of far Lee Dickinson colleges surveyed. Research institute and professor of political. Science morning doctor you Dillon. Thanks taking the time tell me about I guess a -- of the study in what it was that you found. Sure that we. Account attitudes toward the legalization of marijuana recreation and -- I should say enough -- attitudes toward whether or not -- state should be allowed to. Make online. Gambling legal and -- net non. More people are in favor of allowing legalization of marijuana and they aren't legalization of online gambling. This is something that we pulled nine gambling in particular something we pulled on repeatedly. I'm commuters in obviously security and interest in. Monitoring attitudes toward gaining get in Atlantic City in that state three in his talk about sports and that would be interesting is that online gambling attitude -- not change. Much at all over the years we've been asked that question. So around two thirds of people remain opposed to on line gambling nationwide. Imus appeared to compared about a third of people say it's it's it should be allowed that we turned -- recreational marijuana and the pictures different. We find out what people nationwide believe that legalization of recreational. O'Meara won it would be a good thing and up 44% of people are opposed. On the at any point was a distinction made between casino gambling or Internet. Gambling and why one would be considered more dangerous in the -- seems like a lot of states and people there don't have a problem with gaming where you go to do it. That's right -- that we are -- asking about you know legalization of gambling in general it was more. Should state the -- -- on line gambling that the ability -- basically you know be cooking dinner placing bets on line. And that's that we find people the most opposed. Easy when it when we let's -- doctor. -- like they get get editing that I would they'd also have to question about. Whether or not that you could cute which of these which you like to be allowed and that not surprisingly it was marijuana not online gambling. And I did survey did not go into why or what glee where one may be hurts a failing the other dozen individual use none of that. You know we didn't get into that although I think if it's possible that wanted to read it but seeing a difference in the attitude his. He'd online gambling there are gambling in general is seen as -- something that you know authority available you can go ahead and -- -- in defeat -- That it that they at the fight that already allowed in some ways. Where is done recreational marijuana use a lot of people do it and make it isn't illegal activity and I think that's one of the reasons why people are saying. While people are already doing it why not just legalize it so I think it's it's -- question has. You know what what people are doing and and the availability of that activity. Thank you doctor appreciate your time -- have a good day. Thank -- well.

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