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WWL>Topics>>5-12 8:15am Tommy, redistribution of wealth?

5-12 8:15am Tommy, redistribution of wealth?

May 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Father Tom Reese, a Jesuit priest, Senior Analyst for the National Catholic Reporter & author of Inside the Vatican, about the Pope's calls for a "legitimate redistribution of wealth"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- he had new workweek started witness I think embers get ready for exams in school and planning vacations. And maybe can afford a nice vacation. Eugene and take their vacation and perhaps donate the money does somebody that needs it -- Take -- half of every -- take everything you have Celadon follow me. Pope John. Hope Francis. Lord almighty don't somebody come in and hit me in the head with a frying pain and can you do that perhaps hope France's. Is saying that nations should redistribute wealth and curb the economy of exclusion. Personally I think that's a nice thought but there's no shot at it working because. Not everybody's gonna play nice. People don't wind -- take in more and then you're just gonna look like some kind of soccer given up all your stuff with somebody else get ticket. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but father Thomas Reese. Is back a friend of ours jesuit father senior analysts of the national Catholic reporter author of inside the Vatican the politics and organization of the Catholic Church. And -- a good morning Radio One. According. Monday morning is it my tenure or my goodness gracious at any didn't come exercise me. Something has gone on but -- let me ask you vote -- about the pope's comments and the practicality of that you know because people tried to live their life the right way but you gotta take here -- family is well. Well the Pope really talks like an old testament prophet I mean if you read the old testament. A -- it's there it's a challenge. People with well they challenged government officials they talent challenged the princes and others. And tell them you've got to take care at the port you got to take care of the widows and orphans. I you've got to take care of you got to pay just wages to your workers to harvest the field. These are the kinds of messages you'd hear. -- you know when you read the Bible what you reap the profits in the old testament. And also with Munich when you elicited -- symington Matthew 25 what does he say he says that you'll be judged by -- that you that the congregate drink to the third the -- that make it. I mean what the pulpit saying is that everybody is part of our -- like you we have now and that we need to take care everybody. He's not economists he would not attacks expert he doesn't have that. You know an intricate plan is not a policy locked. He is saying hey there's a problem here we need to fix it and it's the job the economist politicians and business people. The -- out how to. Make this economy work better for to have more jobs. To have -- you know to provide opportunities for people to work you know at a decent wage so that. You know when their work and don't have to also be on food stamps you know when they're working fulltime and and still don't get enough money that vehicle ran -- on. The end of the kinds of things that he's criticized in the and it says that we need to deal. Com he has though already spoken about the evils of capitalism has Xena. Well I -- see what he said is that. We should not make an idol out of the marketplace that. You know -- complaint is that every you know whatever the market drops to point it's big news but it homeless person -- -- streets from exposure. Not as. And you know he's critical of that kind of of focus. Where he senses that you know the economy should be for people. In the economy and market have to be judged by the gospel not the other way around. So that if it is. You know where -- -- coming socialist it's not a Communist. But the market. Needs to be regulated by the Pope that it coming everybody takes the Pope Benedict is the conservative guy did that this thing. It just did not how to do sound -- Pope Benedict said that the government has a role in regulating the economy and and the redistribution. Well. So I think for this isn't saying anything new here keep -- painted and much more graphic way that the people -- the -- Yeah it may be and misrepresented and I don't obviously I think any Pope has to say you know sell you have follow me quote the Bible quote Jesus but. I guess I'm asking more philosophically. He is there any shot -- ever working because. Human nature's that is that is is that generally take isn't it. But if the -- was based on what worked and what didn't worked and it went McNabb but to say. Well I don't republicanism and I'm not trying to be Smart with the if it if it doesn't if it has no shouted working an image gist. Ideals suggestions that are not practical. I don't quite get who were trying to do well. I think I think that have a chance support gated and frankly. Eight if he you know if the world was. -- the world did follow the gospel better we'd be much better place. If everybody did but. Not everybody's -- Well I mean net. You know -- -- it's the gospel has called that's a lot to compassion. For a neighbor acute care for the widows and orphans in the pork. Yeah -- eight you know we get the you know I think that they. Paul is very attracted to a lot of people is -- pitcher does everybody. Now. But just because some people rob banks some people cheat on their taxes some people. A guy you know who are are are takers -- fraud doesn't mean that we give up and say well everybody can do that because some people ignore it. Now I think that the that. The console is always going to be a challenge it's been asked us to do more than a week we want to do and sometimes. -- her. But that's. That's what we're crop to. And I get a couple of different -- come in and when you talk about this it is. Kind of the elephant in the room my gas and it says why it wide digs don't -- go to why doesn't the Pope a Catholic Church. You just relinquish all of its wealth and and set an example in terms of redistribution. Of wealth and helping people are poor and people it. Can make a wage senator. Well I mean he added that the Pope is is moving towards this to the extent that that. He can't but actually when you look at the Catholic Church. You know -- look you know you go through city utilities church's well I -- frankly they're not. You view that you can't who's -- I. They're not worth very much. Some of these that churches their neighborhoods where it would cost more to tear them down. Then the property would be valuable. And hadn't been what what do you do with the I think that. You know. That he strangler. Beat the church into a much more simpler -- way -- -- this is why he's put away all the fancy clothes difficult process. Eight you know coming frankly I think he agrees with -- is calling on religious communities to think about how they can use their resources mark to help support. And I think this is this is what we should -- Appreciate your time thought anything you an anthology film. No I think I think that's that I think. You know that you remember. Is what I said the very beginning that the Pope is like a prophet he's not an economist he's challenging and -- he pointing the finger what's wrong in society insane okay. Are you experts all you policy wonks are you politicians. And economists. Get together and work on net and -- -- Don't just stop and say well the market will solve all these problems when in point of fact we know the market doesn't solve all of these problems. We need to -- we need to intervene sometime and make sure that everybody gets the job that wants what. Thank you father had a great day okay -- here yet. Father Thomas Reese senior analyst at the national Catholic reporter.

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