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5-12 12:10pm Think Tank: NOPD Off Duty Work

May 12, 2014|

Garland talks to Attorney with the Fraternal Order of Police Raymond Burkhart, City Council Member Susan Guidry, OPSE Director John Salmone, and City Attorney Sharonda Williams about problems with the newly created NOPD office to handle officers' off duty work.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back com that -- some good lies stack of stuff for the last week Russo. Torre wanted to look at the headline more to borrow local newspapers -- PDs paid detail office. Could be it's 100000 homes in the hole by the end of the year. And we report from somebody had from the -- do we usually do and seldom do we get and respond for people wondering come on. -- respond to on this saying that sewers all four holds can hold -- phone we said no but -- there corrections which they did. And we've got a couple of gifts this -- -- second now by our. We're gonna bring in the Uga head of the program and also this city -- -- this and we did your response. Welcome to throw -- -- attorney with the fraternal order of police and City Council members Susan give thanks for jewel it's. -- Are -- what the good of the let me read one of the paragraph from the story here -- senators bought the story says is centralized system broad doling outside jobs to New Orleans -- -- -- -- true form with -- police officers. And those who were hired him. And this is according to a report issued -- -- to complete secondary and warm this he says. This is not. Head of the program reported to -- cultural. He reported that his organization had trouble attracting officers. Not businesses. There's no issue we're protecting businesses. Rim -- or abuse or. -- -- -- -- I'll reflect the dude dude -- what I read. Are you the last armored -- about counsel -- ultra right. You do city said. That current rule and -- the -- and solemn and some polite. Of reported to the council. About the oil PLC. Has had trouble attracting officers not businesses. There's no issue attracting businesses. Well members tell us differently and we are definitely on the streets of -- it colonel Robert -- can tell you a lot of attention turned off. By the way and also went back into our networks. -- -- -- to -- the rotation and private businesses feeling. They don't have the city in the works to beat Chela they're partly owned businesses. As well. Better understand why certain exceptions made for. One type of business such as a bank or church. Person or another type of business like -- some. So we effort both on our policy officers that this simply unworkable -- tractor and minister to detail is. I Garland. Brittany say that I'm not speaking as an advocate. -- secondary employment office. Four and that tractor and simply. This situation is is that we are being forced to have some type. Competent arrangement. By the consent decree now -- could have taken different forms and what it has taken. But it is what it is at this point and the question is can we make it workable. And so you know I wanted to ask questions while off duty police work needs to be part of the consent decree at all. Consent decree is supposed to address unconstitutional. Police practices. And why don't disagree that the prior system had to. On the serious -- and and needed to be. Reformed. I would say that no one has claimed that it would unconstitutional. And I'm not aware of any consent decree across the country. That. Include requirements for management of off duty work. Way in I'll also point out that right here in the war and the DOJ. Negotiated it consent -- with. Earnings per share profit and did not include. Private. All of this causes me to question why this is in the consent decree in the first place it's costing -- officers. It's costing. Now if you read the article it's gonna cost is just right out of the general fund. As well as officers who are leaving to go elsewhere. So I don't think I have to get questions just wanted to get that back. Her. Bolivia should visit the columns from member and one do's see indicate -- indication here in the complaint from business. That is certainly worked with him and to be talked and -- -- by the department of justice and say this -- lots of its. Yes hi yes I'm on both counts on. I'm with regard -- businesses neighborhood organizations alike. Date particularly. Decried the requirement. That the officers rotate on an annual basis. -- officers who do -- details with the business it was neighborhood. Are they get to know their customer. -- days you know they know where the issues so are. They know how to respond. Date date date you know it just makes cents and I think with this. Uniform office. Controlling. The money and how it comes and goes. That we don't need this. Rotation requirement I really don't believe that we need it now be -- a resolution asking. That the department -- just listen and indeed judge look at that again because it's it's really hurting -- -- with regard to speaking to the Department of Justice yet I have had them -- talk to them about this but. You know we we definitely have different opinions. Along the article goes on -- The office was supposed to be self funded could be 700000. Dollars in hole by the end of the year. And the centers were responsible PSC. Never intended on being completely self funded at this point. Your thought Susan. Well given that it's just getting up and running it would make sense that it would take it comes time to get to that point but I believed. I -- that be criminal justice committee. On April 30. That you know it whether this -- -- -- requirement the consent decree that it be -- finding and it and I was told it was. And so you know -- according to the consent decree in -- they're gonna get a change made in that part of it. It's supposed to be self funding and -- more noticeable week you know we can't stretch our general fund. And not force things we need to my -- at 700000 dollars for this. All right and no firm -- reminders. Story. Celtic woman control. Noted that a carted to having the programs numbers. Fewer than 47% of the 800 officers -- it's unknown program actually you've taken worked through the system. A few you know the councilwoman. Have warned that the leader of this program time assistant was unacceptable. Of the rank and file -- likely to pale he ignored the group approached on the city says or PS EU. We'll never get a 100% of billion rupee deep forged many officers choose not to participate. In secondary employment. -- PS he just needs and help officers. To participate in order -- bill. Demand from customers. And then there operations update they claim they're registered over 800 officers. 70% of the current general PDs street -- Well the fact didn't all register who could register -- -- or more acceptable when Spiro. The problem. They use insurance benefit the better part mr. but it doesn't undertaking that job. Speaking here it is all. Empowers allocated with the police -- Why all these special exceptions all the occur because the police speak out and most importantly. But rotation system. With regard -- the consent decree we certainly agree that the council member fact it is indeed true and it will ever had any thing to do. -- -- -- -- And I want -- to explain why it was important. The Justice Department blames the city the city in the couple's apartment and all but one of them have to do well ocean with the district court. And asked the college quite simply to go -- it and modify. That portion of the consent decree so. There in action tell you everything you need to narrow. Nobody wants to be the person to say hey you know work there isn't working let's find another workable solution. The officers. For workable solution where I work toward workable solution. But until such day is everyone on dig your heels. So what goes around the city office look at this problem and -- that stalemate. And you're going to see officers continue to -- -- -- Susan given the city attorney do sales could judge for. They let slip through compromise and for a corner in the loop solution. -- you know Kyra and it's kind of like can can you be sued for any reason yet it can happen in this city attorney can ask. And certainly never know until you ask right. But it's -- you know I don't I can't give an answer as to what would occur. I mean I would like to consent decree AD. Police secondary plan would be taken out of the consent decree completely. But certainly. Alex barring -- act like the rotation requirement to be taken out. Okay here's you know part of the news media report. Offers -- secretary employment was supposed to be self funded by fees charged to businesses that hire all losers. To work moonlighting kick known to pay of details however. For pure business -- -- signed up to the office than anticipated. -- says this is incorrect -- he worked win it'd be and copd consent decree monitor. And the court. Outline and then implementation. I don't timeline and which it has followed since then. Revenues continued to increase him. Well. Factors crystal ball and the stake holders the option as well it's -- well coached. And chambers without talking. We're not into into the next from the City Council in the back the other one after -- the child acts they're the ones at all. The fact that you don't and the governing body of the city and the police officers themselves -- representatives. Again tell you everything you need to know to sail around the bottom line. It is rather ridiculous in the fact that it took two years. This two car. So the -- that's fixed figures took the director OP NC. And the other two grand a year the assistant director local history and what additional -- -- Where is that 700 core and go for a lot of money. That's taxpayer money. What are you. Taxpayers on now secondary. I don't believe that was what people -- And now it's time to -- work toward a real so sure it is OK. If we want it happened no one -- perfect. You know for Pete's sake but apparently Easter in the City Council -- -- would be all but certain. Ball wouldn't. Would it -- fan may. You know I have to say that the that the administration had. Reported now I can't speak for all of the members of the City Council and chair of the criminal justice committee says they're maybe. The distinction there but they have reported back to me over the -- to whatever time period -- began two years a year and a half. -- number of times they've met Whitney in my office to bring me up to speed on you know where it was going what was happening. You know I think I think we need it can't remember that day if why isn't created by the administration. And they may not be doing you know what some people think is the best job they can do with it. They state certainly. Has some room I think for. You know bringing in officers. For -- communication collaboration. A cataract and and City Council members but but -- you know -- -- -- something -- worst -- with. Without you know they were told to do without giving much in Atlanta guidelines so. I think you know our purposes at this point -- me that the judge is not gonna. Cut this portion of the consent decree. That. That what we need to do is work together going forward to make it. Bright -- to make it is the work is relative path again. Or it only about a minute but the final report of the -- says businesses. Under this program. The world are -- lining officers required to do route through this office. Which hands out jobs are rotating basis. Offices or paid according skew based on their ranks cities has. Not correct the jobs are not handed out on rotating basis officers signed -- pro jobs that are posted. Offers -- themselves or wrote it. Raymond got about forty minute -- so it's. I know that. Accurate but the business sellers don't want the officer approach it is almost permanent atrial. There's a reason those officers have worked as -- -- Austria here during the trial in federal court business owners stood up and trust the bottom row. That they did not want that. There's not a lot this continues forward. Susan. Thank you so much on moon could limit terms Raymond loves to keep you on we're gonna have they have the programs reviewed turn become an object. In the meantime they get -- for listening we're coming right back. -- welcome back. We continued veto report on me Andrew PD paid detail office. After City Hall. Yeah. For the officers to make more money and that's -- problem. But -- listening to what the real issue later. It is still rotation. And until officers are allowed to come to the table with the council with the judge. With the city attorneys all witnessed -- ball with the Justice Department. We are not going to see improvement. We all need to come together put together a plan and solution. Questionable -- to the public to the city offers to all sorts. -- and a joy to this point -- John notes Salman. Or PLC director. And Roland Williams he says the attorney Joseph and -- welcome -- sure appreciate you call. I mr. Burnett and John John you'd just her book braverman said the rogue nation seems to be that debate. I don't think there's much debate about it mr. I agree 100% that. Will not talk that the people aren't these officers. Generally they're number one concern that the officers who come to no one depend on. Changeup after year and unfortunately. The conversation that in the city's turning. With the department of justice and hand the court who oversees the consent decree many times. And it seemed that even during. Point. The other side. Issue that the DOJ is not at this point willing to change and so we have to acknowledge. The reality. And be able to move forward and away. Make this requirement. On. It. The least disruptive. -- -- -- least disruptive way possible for those businesses and ethical doctors and so. I generally try to use my judgment and common sense ways. To be able to make been instilled. You know be able to meet the requirements of the consent decree on. So -- wrong good news in the rotation. Issue basically dictated. By a big consent decree by DOJ. It doesn't much matter if you and John won't change the rim and more straight. It is a eight per bit and consent decree which is an existing court order. The department that it has been setback and it the -- and that that is critical element as. The opposite police back in their employment we had that discussion with them repeatedly. We had a discussion with the consent decree monitor. It has been raised with the court as an issue and that they are all confident that we can make this system work. And bite of the existence and every patient requirement that. In particular officers and customers. Have -- as an issue. So removed according to relative -- the DOJ that says that up from where is going to be in bordering pregnancy. A -- -- the court you know the -- -- as a copper at all. And if the DOJ. Refused to -- different -- their fault because the DOJ usually -- File a motion on the public and call it -- Call people to understand what people here and he would score at all. Let the judge take it happened to make a decision that -- -- about consent decrees and any other judgment issue could file a motion to. Change. If it's not working. It doesn't cost a lot to do it. And -- that stopping either party from doing. If you wanna see real dedication to making this work have a public furor and take the court. Just like they did when they try to get the content -- Well. Mr. Burkhardt is that yet there weapon public here and back he was pregnant. He attended intervene in the -- the jackets are many many argument on that issue. There was a parent hearing about consent decree. We attempt at CU. How the did secondary. Quite a bit and the consent decree and that matter I'll wait that this Circuit Court in the PO. The court heard the argument the court is not swayed by the argument and that the depositions that they are. There is no additional. Litigate in that we -- -- to be beneficial it prop that. We have that augment that with the court all the time if there are issues that mr. Burkhardt it's great. And there is no that negate that we'd be at this point that would. Change the rotation requirements it without parents. On how the justice system works Garland attractive. As we -- close stores. And she -- what -- challenge you read the newspaper that our -- proceed war. -- what is Williams's talking about happened two years ago there this year. It is one thing for the officers to challenge. And for the judicial system to -- away the officers. Is another thing this same walk. Two years later in the. -- ball in the park it's not working let's take another walk and file a motion to modify it and get everybody involved. And haven't they are being well behind closed doors and -- They're surrounded two years ago couldn't of a lot of -- because that modification reports we file. It will be not it will not be. And I would you -- there is nothing from the court. That has been suggested. Any. Ruling in our favorite but to notifications would be filed and that that is not something that is willing to -- at this point and back. I'm from the department that -- standpoint and they -- is that a court. This is working. Really well and in all of the challenges and the issues that we say that they -- is that. It is fair estimate that it is working really well we sat opposite Arnold about his. On implementing and it on the implementation and implementation schedule that -- that out for the court and it's calling Matt -- and there is not saying that witness warrant and modification. At this point. It's a quick break coming right back with our welcome back we're debating. A new story -- -- says that beauties paid detail office. Could be 100000. Dollars in whole -- entered the year. Well we told us sitting where we're gonna do the show and requested people go on the -- that story useful holds one of -- applause. Said the office which was supposed to be -- and it could be just what the news or it could be 700000. Dollars in -- But the city's. Or pfc. Never intended. On being completely fell funded. And and it says at this point. We have with the at that point on Jones moment. Oh buoyancy director Roland Williams -- turn. A -- and I did Susan get rebounds and killed troopers. And she's -- the consent decree acquired you'd be cell phone. So at this point is that a all the -- and -- being self and all of. Is that the consent decree certainly does required this program to these self funding on however from the beginning. We've always acknowledged that. It was going to be challenging. And there would be caught the associated with the start -- of it and we really still are in the start up implementation of this we've only been. This in our full implementation phase for the last four month. And yeah. Are you gonna be 700000. In the hole by the end of the year. On it remains to be seen in a possibility. However. Is that -- schedule that we use that was approved by City Council is one. That what is the one that we had hoped it would be initially. We we it -- get -- -- schedule and because different competing interest here. -- -- we weren't able to make that one work and so we acknowledge from the beginning. We may not be making money this year end CEO. -- -- Has. Is managing weakness in the resources of the audience and that money that can agree -- so that. We can get in running the important thing then how much is caught right now. Is getting it up and running that we meet the requirement that the court and wouldn't get in trouble -- in big trouble and bring the charge to a point where she is you know. I don't think he -- -- -- is -- at all console. We're just gonna do -- -- on which. To do. -- what do you think about that concern. Well I think what would support a strike to figure out on why it in the consent decree number two. What purpose would she get rid of them one number -- It is their -- and watch the police department ultimately. To its many. And while the judgment receptive to every argument every party age our personal experience with this judges shall give fair. The question is cult followers that -- be willing to go. In order to get some type of movement. The GA as well as the court system. The fact is. If we sit and do what we do now it is not going to work and we noticed. Over the past two here. While the judge certainly wants to ensure that our consent decree in fact is possible. We have done everything but focus on what this consent -- Korea's four match train all source. And making sure that the policing the streets constitutional. They're not in the United States constitution that has to do a details. So well like everyone lost their. Target and what this consent decree is supposed to be. Sure it's vishay. Sure Rondo when I had Susan Gabriel and I are never direct quote but I think I understood her Saturday. The -- kind of strange about this whole thing is -- Kimberly behind in the of the sheriff's department police department. That this is for acquired couldn't turning. Detailed system number one is that bright number two in the and a pretty good reason say the judge in -- and working very well -- -- 700000. Dollar debt couldn't would reconsider that. It you're. Talking about constitutionality. It is that your acting. A male -- is this Jos for New Orleans or there in the other plans in Israel the city's. Any of the states that are similar to this and that it's not in it's creating huge problem is that not a basis. Four. Reconsideration. Let let me just say that mr. Burkhardt one is retraining program -- art -- Albert but in litigation and the court. And when he talked about how we got here and whether it constitutional and all the things that back in there ain't that. The police department and the bad thing acted on secondary and we are -- thing on all aspects of the consent decree at this time. But there are other city that have this sort of in July. Office that manages eight. Just been -- where the court number at least secondary employment issues that with time we did hear that included. Testimony from. Customers as well as officers. Testimony involving. Whether limitation requirement was something that these people. Customers and opposite like and it -- the court heard all met at the Manny. And we tied it in and presented the court with example under the federal regulations that an awful lot about in July who -- the opposite -- is that one. The court actually I did that information -- bowling team -- and a devastating to our partners there litigating it. That is now. Highly unusual in terms. Compare and other opposite -- other. That is that. Done in other municipalities that they -- that city and that they and yielding an apartment. Ruined by Raymond I got a break very sore where we're out of time. A brave and Joseph and Rhonda thank so much I appreciate purses by adding -- in the debated the -- very important very complicated. Helped them all but runs then we will -- ball would show thank you for coming. WW.