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5-12-14 Second Guess Show - Draft Edition

May 12, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and NFL analyst Mike Detillier review the Saints and NFL Dradt

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday of in the coverage of it is unbelievable -- Partially that is a lot of people involved in fantasy football. Yeah Bob you get something to break up -- the Detroit Lions. You know interest you know it is that it's all about -- when they push you back in and an addition. I'll watch it the trap it's not just it's all about making money -- watch it is not just in New York. If one day it's that that you all could -- thinner. The whole NFL is gonna come you -- hard and dig itself out like a -- they'll be in Dallas that they'll be New Orleans they'll go all of that is keeping you are. Particular result of -- -- look we can make more money if -- trap that you are you take an article or. So maybe it's a -- able to let the rich get -- that definitely is the NFL and look at it you know fantasy football hollow. Everett wanted to that outlook event Howell the Detroit Lions are stacked -- -- that's who we leverage you with Reggie Bush helped us but it's global. I think that he did with the Dolphins you could see that was good movement Evan not -- the Detroit lines you look at the weapons -- we got to play Detroit. But this year we played the NFC north look at the weapons offensively that the lines have because -- Golden Tate. From the Seattle Seahawks they got that double at tight end. I have really threatening like kind of QB grant Gradkowski that -- a guy the got Eric. But he got a Golden Tate. Now Micah -- the other tied it -- that it that it I think you got mega -- meted out of football that go around. A lot of fantasy people dealt worried -- -- -- at -- all Calvin Johnson mega -- Not heard a lot I think getting -- -- him but may be you gonna have fans now. What's it Calvin Johnson aside because it's not he got it up the numbers it's all about numbers you know fantasy football but now. Matthew Stafford that would you got to pick up -- help you numbers that you either got to this got a stomach at all the pot has yet about it many weapons. As anyone now if you look at other draft. Has broken down you know we look at football factories it. How they keep it up but this is a news I think it's that USA today. That need to university of Miami Florida -- state Texas or USC. Bucket riveted to the first round. And you look at Florida and Florida State. Had a many selections as Central Florida. Which actually we think about it's still a -- headlines that Blake portals but going as high as he did to Jacksonville. Not be looked at underclassmen. And you look at seniors they had a -- -- one or two players. Renounce their eligibility so they can into the draft. Well if you look at it was kind of a split decisions so to speak just seventeen. A Thursday's the elections were seniors. And it's a trend likely to continue that the younger players -- tried to -- of start you know I become an utterly also. Because the collective -- agree with the post. You can really get paid. Initially but is that like just trying to get -- the better that he trying to jumpstart. On NFL look group Bulls rookie contract and number these are the class underclassmen. But declared eligible for the draft. What one of the things that at the numbers on Sunday and now weeded out is from 2006. The when he fourteen. The number of draft picks USC has produced more draft choices that anybody's 61. LSU is second with sixty. Georgia 51. Alabama and Ohio State 49. Oklahoma 46 Florida State Florida 42. So -- no less miles timeframe. They have Britain's six NFL draft choices only USC. Has more one more now if you look at it. That's noble one in the SEC. And if you look at first round picks at that time frame Alabama's got sixteen. Ellis you've got thirteen. Ohio State thirteen US well Florida eleven Florida State eleven. When you looked at what came out of his last nine players from LSU the most of any. College college football it -- it great testimony not only LSU. But what the players that played high school football in this area. In Louisiana. I mean that's amazed. It it being a bit and that's not even counting -- he's a free agent and Eddie Johnston. We came out of high schoolers both to be the greatest thing ever what he's a free agent try out with the Dolphins so they tied the school record Mike quick nine they could add even more. Could do what they can maybe middle to late the critical Austin and Anthony Johnson -- I went through -- and had not of eleven and. Jason cope wiggles the Dallas as a fall back you could have easily been picked it Gregg lost it goes well yeah well I mean you're talking about. Well unbelievable class that guys that rolled rule LSU but when you think about it the less miles time frame. That you would put out the second most players in college football and you just got beat out by -- well one Malia. Mean that. That is unbelievable. Accomplishment and looked at dominance of the southeast conference which Georgia -- you want how available -- 49. Florida with 42. And also the -- the dominance when you see really something now Southern California election Georgia Alabama. Florida State Florida in the you know Oklahoma and a bit. It's a tool and it certainly Ohio State in their mid -- of the country. And likely come back at the break also of -- there you know it just all you football fans just look at the running back position how that changed. How about almost you have to be eager Peterson speaking -- get draft. An upper deck judo and one -- from Georgia not bored you ought to second guess she'll write out it is huge break let. -- -- -- -- Welcome back to -- -- -- guess you'll like it to you Bobby spared the so -- slip Placido. We decided Hancock county Mississippi gonna go to calls and -- on the cell Kobe in -- -- -- about it might. It will. Another question and a comic -- Part question -- We're hoping to go undrafted rookie in particular. Brandon Coleman and Michael so it. And then also -- the city. Or corporate -- and outback use. Remembered that and cordial we'd look past the secondary up -- Yep yep no that that's the thing we -- line. The consistently. Stretch the field and I think Datsyuk missed it to every it would no bargain you know -- now. And it rattled yeah and a threat don't -- that guy which means you can't played it safe you know box anymore. Not out of William -- she hit. Yet that you look at Randy Coleman not accident treat -- receiver. Because you know -- that -- is that the -- the Yankees have free agent. He's pretty big my topic that kept them like 6566. He's six spot and I have to when he fly -- I don't Rutgers you know averaged. In his career a little less than what -- to catch little looks like nineteen point three or ninety point 21 touchdowns. He's a huge van. But I got it today and I think this -- this -- don't care if he trapped you on the team -- round like -- that this guy. All of that proves. That he keep the waiting until late technical Marcus Colston. You know they wouldn't they it's okay you'll of the job I I don't care where we tracked rapidly to. Well whatever though yeah more competition brings out the best and everyone now that's -- Michael Julia I think he's the camp body language yet. It's the bounce the round -- -- -- gets another shot a pair that area yeah you know what what got to watch Colby and that's what -- game's television with. -- -- it's it's -- the conference in Houston is Jim Landers. Now he's what five foot nine people who change -- -- -- -- Miller pounds and man he averaged almost security married. In 66 touchdown that's in Houston he's also real good routes you. Coming up the back who didn't throw the ball up because you were running the ball with an option and all that but boy you talk about a guy. Who is not a -- What this football and -- runner to catch the ball real good -- vision. And the other guys that you have to watch for what would be -- on -- Plates that are at Grand Valley State -- lot of guys sixth -- a little bit. Or with regret -- school lead they'll believe so yeah I saw a lot of -- -- Grande valley the pick. Up. -- where are you getting that I've brought. Know what -- Jacobs. Lot of us remembered it was -- blocking I did at -- you. Got a little bit a couple left LSU went to make use in last year he really played well you caught 32. Passes well on the east last year averaged a little Whitney -- that yet. More touchdowns. And Hutu man six spot towards 65 pounds. And run block it he's gotten much better. As a receiver. And so you talking about that they were able to get those guys the other went through with this team out of valley the out linebacker from Boston College. Grew up in Germany moved to the United States as -- that football internationals and program. And you just but he really good football -- last couple years second team all ACC. Last year fifteen tackles for losses nine and a half quarterback sacks three forced fumbles 62. -- -- by the -- appeal what they need to connect getting linebacker a bigger player. Now Mike how many get she'd the comment that the does that mean though myself and but it -- where you almost like I hope it'll make the team on how to pronounce this. But you know and and they come around but. The one guy Michael -- every year to Saints haven't had a three to make the team. You know we always among the media we kind of you know it is speculated. You -- that you see him and all the team mini camp -- think on it to training camp. It Le Kevin red. Was one of those and and not to jump on that bandwagon and I hit them -- -- the team so you look he's an inside linebacker. And and to Saints are high on him and he wasn't. Drafted you and great special teams -- -- right Lago it's that they have now that this guy that helped me out. Colorado beat with that and he -- narrow. So there -- belly. They're yelling at the arrow -- though there would be a RP IRL era. We got beat -- team -- -- the elements and yet he had -- didn't cut cut it NAFTA the political other guy too so like I policy. -- -- Colorado presently. Well dictating play real good yet at -- but he's a big linebacker 63. Almost what it amounts we're gonna go to break you were gonna come back and talk about short you go. The Mets at the US and now played at USC and I don't drop coached him so you know he's been well coached. Back with a lot more here on the second get you right up the -- hates them. Welcome back it is thinking guess -- -- to you Bobby a bit so we'll look casino -- side in Hancock county Mississippi. Well that would -- with honestly was that. Jeff Reese forty yard dash time. Was not as good as spreading cokes all I know is Canadian compared -- and -- Cooke's coming out of college. -- it was just learning how to play wide receiver or running back -- -- -- time. At LSU. And both doubled walked past all I know is rating Kooks. Yeah -- fuel fast and you can run routes -- was really. Fortunate that first couple years really non productive -- you name it Curtis Johnson and really -- that it -- steals. Who received excellent maybe Dolphins Drew Brees at quarterback not at all -- the play -- right place at the right on that you look at our anticipation our expectation that's it -- it today. Michael -- back Julien note the Giants are expected him dubious. We're expecting Randy coach to be a stud. Not you look on a different level which still that you could be productive. Jarvis Landry what the -- second round Devery Henderson second round so he's still -- expectation. But when your take it girl go back to it would take him. And have Randy -- don't expect him. And to be a difference maker from the get go you know not like oh three of players on the road not know make it all casually and out there. That you have to wait you can't Jack clippers' season. But to me we trapped in in the top. Fifteen or even Cooke's not a saint -- -- top line note they expect to produce from the get go and Mike speak you know production and that is so good position elect -- but it's sort of break. But you look at the running back position prior to 2013. At least one running back. This so to speak when you look at glory position talking about Jim Brown Barry Sanders. And the -- Emmett Smith and all that and all the you know cracked the first round since the comic -- Was instituted in 1967. Now it's been years that are role would around one. Absent. A ball carrier now will -- qualified. Abusive I think he Jeremy hill bill you know will think I guess what you project and I think I could be outstanding. In the NFL but it's amazing now that glory position. How is not running backs if you look at it now. -- offensive tackles. Receivers are covered guys cornerbacks or not. You rushed him back up and what about -- -- -- if you look at five wood all of that tackles five wide receivers. And that's it if you look at offense. You apathy receivers all of that tackles in a -- cover guys and in Rusch in the past. Yet next year that'll change -- not really set that's who wore it in Dayton. Not that up with J. D. Drew you to come out early but executed Wisconsin. Melvin -- Which really terrific respect he was a redshirt sophomore so -- to return. I think at the open court decide to come out in the issued draft class you have been if we're running back they can all the board could've potentially been a first round pick. Next year I think the open court. And hot girl from -- we've all seen not what he's been healthy Jesus what I. And it jarred the fan base they've used to like purely just -- governor Herschel Walker salute you look how deeply Herschel Walker on a pedestal. You can in his then added Mike you bring up ought to know about Wisconsin or well we get as Jim Erlich and that's to -- kicks off. This season would you feel a lot of opinions it open Gorton is a six and a half -- -- -- now. Guy can run between the tackles also he's got that it speed. And I'll tell you I. About this draft class you have been the first running back all the quartet that you can win -- -- won the next year. I think Wharton in early if they stay healthy it will -- victory in you'll be fourth round. It's -- what eligible -- they'll be back to guard a coach davis' gonna have eight in the box. And they don't play it was not a monopoly did their bodies and make it seem that it. Well without forward to second guess you don't just remind you how -- password. In business our ball over to second guess you're right at the rate unity.