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May 12, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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It's a Monday evening I hope you had a great weekend I -- it was in nice Mother's Day for all of you mothers and you know I am I hope. I hope he took care of the mothers in your life whether it's the mother of your children your mother. The mother that you're dating even if stature your wife and I hope you took care of -- you know quite often on Mother's Day I've learned it. There's there's quite often a big party. And it's a big Mother's Day celebration. And who's left to clean up. The mother enemy is really that. Fair they were very close to a full moon beautiful moon hanging up in the sky and I don't quite a full moon but it's is getting close the -- blog tonight she is titled World War II vets. Mr. Kirby. Represented very different America. Should mr. Kirby that were or -- museum today with the help of of some others. And I hope he got as much out of it. As liked it. And I got more out of him. I did the museum before this is not taking anything away from the museum which is incredible -- saw the movie. Beyond all boundaries and once again which is just such an amazing. Every body in America. -- see that movie. Should -- see but should be questioned about it because it does point back to a a time when America was quite different. And I was really honored to be there with just 92 year old where were to -- Clearly been there once before he'd never seen as a first time the oversaw the beyond all boundaries of video. In fact we have a video of my visit with mr. Kirby is on our web site. Under it to be a real videos at -- of you'll dot com and this -- blog is about. How mr. Kirby represents. A very different America and that's on our web site. At WWL dot com it's time for tonight's topic today -- of the top -- things we'd like you to know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Essential is the clippers owner Donald Sterling apologizes for his racial granted he says he's not a racist. Here's our WWL party -- opinion polls. A clippers owner Donald Sterling apologizes for his racist -- should he now be allowed to keep his team or should the NBA still forced him out. Should he keep the team or should he be forced out. I give assured figure by going to our web site WWO dot com and we are gonna attracted pull through on our show -- give you a date to coming up in just few minutes. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- there is replacing David Letterman and a guy named Larry will Mort definitely this guy at all Larry will more. Is gonna replace Steve -- bear with a show titled the minority report on on Comedy Central. And this apparently is a very very talented post he's gonna have a show called the minority report which is gonna include a roundtable. A panel series so that is something a little different than culture and I think that's really Smart you don't ever try to. Imitate the show that your replacing. Now right now we'll mores are focusing completely on this by the Reuters -- going to be produced out of New York died Jon Stewart's production company. In no remorse is is gonna pay full attention to producing the minority report. Coming up in October and their scheduling a premiere for. January so of course will be watching that it talking about that this is. A part of pop culture obviously there will be a lot of people who don't like to show but there were a lot of people who did like Stephen told there. And of course were all going to be interested in the transition for Steve -- there. To David Letterman when David Letterman retires next year. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. TV commercials often reveal trends before they hit mainstream America. In my career studied that TV commercials and an advertising and marketing. And there was a time in my life before coming to New Orleans when I wrote and directed a lot of TV commercials. So I really didn't very closely related to two DV commercials I saw -- TV commercial over the weekend -- this it was for programs. That the -- and grams. This TV commercial for -- grams. The kind of surprised me. It reveals changing America. The commercial features a young family I would save needed twenties. There's a husband. Wife. Young child. The husband. Is covered with tattoos. And he's playing drums. There -- commercial describes the family as. A wholesome family. This is. A wholesome family. It just because somebody young and has tattoos doesn't mean they're not also. The whole idea of being wholesome doesn't have anything to do with tattoos and again this is something that is going to be reflected more and more. In a changing America and there are many people who are gonna resist a change but this is a reality and you can't really resist -- you can. Try to ignore it but that doesn't change the reality and did just using the word wholesome to describe a young Family Guy with tattoos. I think this is says I think this is a big revelation. In terms of of advertised to get people start to see more. And more of this I love the commercials four tickets -- swifter. Is that the did the thing that cleans up the dust and kind of -- up their crumbs off you're off your floor. They have this guy -- -- is to have mixed couple. Of bi racial couple. And he only has one arm. And you know this is an example of this is an example of good political correctness. This is an example love of not alienating somebody who isn't perfect. And I think it's a brilliant commercial and the guy even talks about how easy this -- is for him because he only has one arm and it's. It's a biracial compliment it's just a brilliant commercial and and we're seeing more more. Commercials for biracial couples -- more commercials that are reflecting a real America which is good I just thought it was interesting at this holograms torch shall describe. Family led by a father with a lot of tattoos. As a wholesome family and it really makes you. Think about what it means to be wholesome. Having tattoos. Doesn't disqualify you from being -- Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Embarrassingly. It was a bloody weekend in New Orleans fourteen people injured in shootings including a sixteen year old pregnant girl. One person injured in a staffing. This. Sixteen year old pregnant teen was shot in Algiers late yesterday about the 1015 -- apparently she goes up to somebody's house that says my boyfriend shot me. And they she collapsed on them to the front of it that from a house in the porch. And make the call police she's in the hospital she's. Apparently she's in stable condition and so is her feet no she's in critical condition her fetus is in stable condition this happened in the 111000 block. Patterson street. And again taken the hospital. So if this was her boyfriend one could the motive -- and again with fourteen. Shootings over the weekend including a sixteen year old girl. That could very easily have been fourteen deaths. Now fortunately and if they were only injuries. And apparently everybody's gonna survive but the difference between an injury. From a gunshot. And injuring a death the difference is just inches. So the intent was probably to kill all of these people. Including the sixteen year old girl. And as far as I know police don't have anybody in custody but if this is her boyfriend it seems to me that it should take long to get him into custody. And again. First -- -- something needs to be said about a sixteen year old pregnant girl because he shouldn't be sixteen and pregnant. Because I'm sure you don't have a job that would help you take care of a -- At the age of sixty. And if you're a guy he should be going around impregnated and young girls. And you equally responsible but he is on its so unfortunate that so many people just don't care. They have sex they produce when they walk away. And I I guess there are many who would applaud this young girl for not having an abortion. But this is a child's day you have to wonder it's legitimate. Thing to do to wonder. What kind of family this child is gonna grow up and there are far too many kids who are among those who were among the shooters this weekend. Who came from families. Vets were. They they with the result of just casual sex they were the result of the these kids with the with this ability to go largest shoot people. Like this weekend. These people with a product in most cases of casual sex. And people who just didn't give a damn about kids. We don't need those kinds of kids. Among us and it's it's it's really sad and it's I guess in some ways it's but gosh it's almost a miracle that there were fourteen Dan's fourteen people injured one. Sixteen year old girl and one injured a -- stamping. It's really. It's it's added it's just a daily reminder effect mr. Kirby is one of the things -- mr. Kirby at talked about it today and a private conversation with me. This World War II -- 92 years old and what that you talked about was. The violence in New Orleans on a regular basis are we gonna talk about that on the ship. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Tell you. I'm a guy. -- had his his girlfriend dragged him to the movie mom's night out over the weekend I'd like to tell you that the person -- dating. Dragged me to the movie she made me go and because she's a mother and because. The next day was going to be Mother's Day is was Saturday night. I said sure honey let's go see mom's night out I would like to tell you that some. Woman dragged me to the movie. But I gotta be honest -- idea it was my idea. It really wasn't that good the movie wasn't that good but the message Willis. And I'm really surprised that I haven't heard more about this movie because it had a very very strong Christian message. Toward the end of the movie. And the message was that god. Chose you to be a mother. And I guess in some ways this defies what I just talked about it. About people getting getting pregnant. God chooses you to be a mother. And that was the message of this movie mom's night out -- And usually when there's a strong Christian message in a movie there's a lot it's bit and it's sad about it but I really hadn't heard anything about it when I was really surprised. Pleasantly surprised it was a great message. It was a good movie is funny I mean when it comes out read it I wouldn't spend money to go see it it's all abouts moms. Have in the night out and leaving their kids with the dads who don't know what the -- to do. Men I'm sure there are many moms and dads -- right now who can. Totally relate to that. But it wasn't a great movie but the message was really wonderful. And it was god chooses you to be a mother. So just be the best quality community. And you don't know why god chose you to be a mother of this was a revelation that I came to. Ironically watching the first season -- the -- sports. Because I look at my life that I thought we you know what what kind of father have -- it. I mean I I've I've traveled. I had to go from one city to another for a period in my career I was always with parts of what kind of father remind. And it could cost you a question that. And it was something that Sharon said about policy. That made me realize. OK. It's obvious that god wanted me to be my son's father. And god led me in the direction that I've gone hand. And I'm very proud of my son today. So if all the things that I thought were mistakes. If those were things that that I did actually because of who I am. Then obviously they were mistakes and obviously that was a plan. That god had so I recommend a movie mom's night out -- I wouldn't I wouldn't go out of my way to to go see it. But again if you're a woman who says Stockholm with kids you're -- find it very very relatable and if your husband. Who maybe hasn't spent as much time with the kids and she should. You'll find it very relatable but the Christian message in the movie was great. And that is that god chose you to be a mother just beat the best mother or father you could date. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. St. Louis Rams drafted and openly gay football player linebacker Michael Sam from the University of Missouri. So I guess that would be a little bit like the saints. Draft pick somebody from. LSU for example the he'll be a hometown favorite. But this was a big moment in NFL history however it was a kiss. Between Michael Sammy and his boyfriend broadcast live on ESPN and it caused a lot of controversy. Did did that bother you. If you didn't see it when it happened you might have seen video of it it's it's been on the news it was on the nightly news tonight. And if you didn't see video of it you might as seen pictures and it does it does it bother you that this guy did what players do when they get drafted by a team. They celebrate with a person they're in love with. In this particular case. It's a guy. -- dead body. Some NFL player was outraged. And between I think he was with the Miami Dolphins I'm not sure but some some some NFL player. I set out a tweet that oh my god kids are watching this. Okay well. What do you do if your kids see two guys kissing. I mean that's not something that you have prepared yourself to deal. Then as something you should prepare yourself to deal with because there's always that possibility. That you're gonna see two guys or two girls. A kiss each other. I mean we see it all the time when European leaders reach other I realize it's a little different but if your parent. You gotta have an answer for a question like that you're gonna have an answer for for questions that that kids are gonna ask in. And you know I am so amazed that there are so many parents that just throw their hands up in the air and say oh my god what am I gonna tell my kids. What are you gonna tell your kids. If you can't figure out what to tell your kids. Then. Maybe you're not as conscientious parent is you you should figure out what to tell your kids. I hope we have an answer for it if you wanna talk about this tonight what are you tell your kids who were you bothered. By this openly gay player being drafted by the rams. And kissing his sport for an on television -- mean this is something that sense a shock -- through the world there is this just a reflection of the changing America. If you and join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 877. Number -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal told students -- graduating ceremony over the weekend that America is waging war against Christians. Do you agree. And if there is a war against Christians. Are you. Or do you know any casualties. Because if there's a war there's got to be casualties. So who -- what are the casualties. Have you experienced a casualty in your family. Among your friends. Into that no casualties -- there can't be a war here's what really scares me about gentle -- This to me is. So. Parallel. To what happened in the fifties and sixties. With race in America. It was. Conservative Republicans. They were trying to attract. A white. Conservative. Male vote. And they developed at national politicians did the same thing. They use race they use fear of blacks. Here in terms of taking jobs figure in terms of -- just fear fear of you losing who -- a white person. They use this year. And it was referred to as the southern strategy. -- -- -- until I read a book recently. George Wallace. The very. Very prominent figure in segregation in Alabama. Lost his first bid to become Alabama's governor. He was a moderate. So was Richard -- And both of these people on the campaign trail. Used race. To get votes and that's what's happening right now with people like Bobby Jindal and Fox News is adding to this. There's no war. On Christians percent the government is not waging a war on Christians and if it is which you explained to me. The war. Explain to me what you've lost in this in this war this is typical. Rhetoric. This is typical. Campaign. Strategy. -- to get all Christians to come together and say oh my god there's a war against us we'd better follow these few people who. Are going to be our leaders who were gonna lead us through this war and yet. I don't know who the casualties are. If you graduate are shorter right -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. A text number is 877. And finally tonight. Number one on tonight's list and -- an -- I hope mr. -- in 92 year old World War II vet who called the scoop -- last Monday night. We're talking about Cinco De Mayo and the American flag. And mr. -- called the show and -- listens all time. Call the show and said that he opposes the American flag being used for anything other than. Something to salute and it for the standpoint of a 92 year old World War II -- I can understand it. He said he'd only -- to the World War II museum once -- never seen the movie. Did have a way to get this year. So with the help of -- company that did not want to be mentioned -- they did this they did this out of the goodness of their heart. They did did they did this out of their sense of of of civic pride they didn't do this for publicity. They picked him up. It out well equipped today and they could get him in a wheelchair. Down to the World War II museum. And they had a veteran. To veterans go around with I mean they were just some amazing people that that they showed up today -- we'll talk about this on the show tonight. But I hope mr. Kirby got as much from the museum as I got from being with him. -- -- was honored it was an honor to meet a man who was part of the generation. That represented a different America. An assistant blog tonight on our website at W -- dot com where were two fed mr. Kirby represents. A very different America. We need to study. What America used to be like. We need to pay attention to people like mr. -- And there's still a few out there. They need to remind us of what America used to be like and we need to stop. With the petty divisive -- we need to stop with the superficial things that divide us. And we need to try to become the America we once war and the first thing we have to admit it is we're not. We're not that America that mr. Kirby was part. And thank god he's still with -- To help teach us to remind us and it's gonna take people talking to people like this and then. Talking publicly and and and personally among your friends and your family talking about what we can do and what we should do what we need to do. To get America back to the way. It once. We're a great country. But we're very different from the country we wants war. Again you can read and share this -- blog give us your comments if you like or or -- that mr. Kirby represents a very different America that's on our website at WWL dot com. And here is RWW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight clippers owner Donald Sterling apologizes for his racist rant. Should we now allow him to give his team well or should he be allowed to keep his team and should be NBA or should the NBA a force him out. To be shipping by going to our web site WW dot company get a few and join us with your thoughts at Felix tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas 87870. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back. Under the W well there is a video of how my conversation with and visit with mr. Kirby today who visited the World War II museum in what will try and call mr. Kirby in just a little while. Hi it was it was great to meet his 92 year old World War II -- and the -- blog tonight is tied a World War II that mr. Kirby represents. A very different America. A so -- I want to talk about what America used to be like. I don't remember that because I'm not part of that generation. But when I go to the World War II museum by IT IE you see the movie again and -- IC. An indication of what America was like. I realize how different we are today. And this is not negative criticism. This is. An honest assessment of who we are. And why. We should be better. And we can be better. Also while we're talking about -- bloody weekend in New Orleans there were fourteen people shot injured. No one was injured to a standing. And one of the people shot. A sixteen year old girl. She claims her boyfriend -- hopefully they can find her boyfriend soon. From homer Glen -- on the Scotia believing. -- I don't get good. Today. The orders -- Before so from -- are that's that's simply threat. And -- -- -- on you is that flight opponent that keeps -- seeing. So what you and that you'll you know -- you Diego alone you know reportedly. Died but I -- you know medium. T get them well but he's ignorant program. I look at you know in -- Is dogged by you know a sixteen year old you know your -- you know -- You know that. I hate saying that -- you know I mean let's get an education. This election well. -- and you know the -- are statistics that shows that. -- astronomical number of teenage girls don't realize that you can get pregnant through sex and that what I what I wonder though government news. If it happened to one's. Twice. Why did they -- when they let it -- 3456 times. Take you -- system that. As a government report. But if you really but if you really gonna take carry your children the money you get from the government is not enough therefore if you have children you're not gonna take care of -- And they -- don't you have more. When I'm glad -- called. It is sad and this is something that needs to change this is not about race this is not about anything other then personal responsibility. And young people need to be talked. And it's not acceptable to go around an -- people. But in setting a good example for kids that means that you have to make some sacrifices yourself as a parent. You can't have sex -- -- if your kids. You should do what you're young teenagers in your kids know that you're having sex. And they don't need to know that you're having sex with different people all the time. What kind of example -- that -- I -- you can go try to blame whatever you want but I think sometimes you have to look in the mirror. Up from Metairie Keith you're under the WL. And you've got some room -- that. On you'll go back that way that we world war. You know all of a little problem. And should -- Not. Vote off. And out and real real hard. A lot easier. In the sixties. Through war it was Cold War. I think we've paid a whole lot of global and the these two. You know obviously there were some things about the past that -- -- weren't good and things are are better now and a lot of -- I'm talking about the spirit of this country the youth. The uniting. Attitude of America which doesn't seem to exist today the way it wants to. Seattle conflict like one of the big problems is that if you look at the government -- control -- country. Look at that's control and operates or if I prefer it was a -- before and I think if we can't look at all that. Afraid of these so called what are. And you just had a regular tax. Old people all of what they've paid outreach he would have part of the country where people look like just come together. The -- whole lot better and you don't want. Apparently that someone that made a lot of what he took a lot of races were to look at the stats. In the. Yeah -- the -- all on the only the only problem with their teeth use people look at the statistics and they tend to blame skin color. Skin color does it. They -- a criminal skin color does it make you responsible. It's it's a culture and in in in in other cities it's a different culture but needs it's that segment of the population that just doesn't. Does that seem to care. And we've got to teach people to care. And you have to care about something again that's something that starts with with parents. If you join -- -- with a comment about anything we're talking about are really wanna talk about what you know about how America used to be. In particular. How divided we are today over patty. Patty superficial things. Mr. Kirby the world were to vet -- -- to the museum with today. Reminded me of an American that I never knew. It reminded me of America that was quick to unite we're not so quick to united. Our numbers 260 winning seventy toll free 86688. -- early seventy Texas 87870. And we'll be right back into the WL. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal told students to the graduating ceremony over the weekend that America is waging war against Christians. -- where this is shallow campaign rhetoric designed to. Get all of the Christians who don't actually think. And -- by the end of this oh my god we're being persecuted got his award. If there's a Warren Christians. And pleased link to me who the casualties -- and it ebitda cash they're no casualties. There's no war. Also tonight we're talking about today clippers owner Donald Sterling he has apologized for his racist rant here's -- -- WL pretty jaguar of people tonight. I should he now be allowed to keep his team or should the NBA forced him out. 50%. Say he should keep the team. 50% say he should be forced him give your opinion by going to our web site WW old account. There's a video of me with that mr. Kirby tonight two year old World War II vet that I. At which the museum with today which just not for me to be there with the so we're talking about America the American that he represents a for New -- WL. -- -- That it's what the American president I don't know ought to I want no where around the dog don't you brought up in conversation. Because there aren't -- -- the group back door hoping the value of the war on a big bet on so. And your your your your black. What. I understand I guess I I guess I need to redefine it because they're talking about the spirit if you ninety. -- because there was legal segregation in this country was legal to discriminate against blacks. But that was all declared illegal when this country need to pull together and and build equipment to fight a war. -- Could be eulogy when you. Can't let. That he here. Yet and that -- and in particular without you know. But -- to -- women who were not part of the workforce -- -- were forced they became part of the workforce it was a moment when America did put differences aside. All right right now now all the women Malia and not slapping women might not appreciate Brett Favre either utility. Yet they there's been a lot tickled -- -- like the -- -- that the united we are we were equipped. -- I think it's a legitimate point and appreciate calling here's a text I'm 51 years old a black veteran LSU grad federal employee business owner. Hawaii. Should I love a country. That so often reminds me that there's no real -- for black people here. I understand that. But if you go back and you look at it in World War II. Racism. Segregation. Was not a focal point there was a time when we we seem to come together as a as a as a country. And women were part of workforce. But they were taking jobs that were left because then went toward. A from Gonzales side shift KD a WWL. Are important to our business. That's mr. -- for that -- I. All the -- so prevalent and no story there's a moral question Barbara hill country. -- if you look at -- in order to date. People stating their values and all of bleached. The photographer what you gay wedding. Vice president that statement about -- out in your old manuscript. You know. You can -- that things are well I don't think we can be sobriety is to drink. That's on the national level that terrorists burst and persecution. -- -- until Portugal are Christians are considered to be you know radical groups in the you know. What we're not quite what Christian group is consider radical group I don't know what you're talking about. Well. According to media. It's a good thing out of the last couple years. All -- Christians. Are considered radical views are called it sort. -- you know. -- -- -- that you know the religious extremists which or Baptist or Protestants you know non denominational. That looked over moral fiber of America entered ego. Who you know. Who is less moral today. Because of an attitude. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically an individual. Repair industry in your luck in your life is anybody let's Obama. -- what -- -- to Bill Archer a lot of people you know what they're cute and where. But -- but is there anybody in your life -- -- less moral because of the government. In your life there's somebody listening. Part one can -- -- immediate family you know -- war. Eighteen court propaganda that you heard only great effort in popular. Are. You wanna continue this conversation. -- right you got to hang on like that got to take a rate of durable please stay with this but I just can't let Disco. The infiltration of what's on television. This is the first era. When content of television has been question right. This is the first aero. When there's been sexy stuff on TV. Right. And we come back with his caller I really. -- and I'm giving him a chance to think about it. I wanna know how the government is to blame for the lack of personal morals in the lives of people and his family. This is the -- showed -- -- stay with his -- right back -- WLR we have like going -- the show tonight as usual -- -- collect your witness on this Monday night there is video of -- meet with mr. -- and 92 year old. Forward to vets who call the show last week took -- to the museum today with the help of some others in his video event on our website at WW dot com. -- are talking about something that Bobby Jindal said over the weekend which I think is pure. -- campaign. Political rhetoric. Is a government waging war and Christians we're talking to a shift K idea of a Gonzales and I'm gonna have to wrap this up because we're getting close to the end of the hour. But chef Katie. Explained to me how the government is to blame for the personal loss of morals with in your family. Well -- Allow it and finally kudos for the World War II. In Egypt. I want to Apatow appeared -- that it happened immediately but I mean these. TV -- radio -- Coming there is no. Filter there sure we look at what we won't do we make that decision but the younger people nervous and -- diplomat each got equal. And get out there watching -- joking going to where there. -- -- The government is going. If you're at the ten year old can go anywhere on the Internet where his parents. You know that there -- powers the government can't beat bowling for continually getting on the Internet. Well. You you -- you would -- to government since the how would like at least triple that child pornography. Should they only had. Electronic. Work she did it. I appreciate your call I'd do -- -- -- that we could and we have we we real -- I I appreciate you listening in Gonzales. If you're on hold be patient stay with this I'm gonna come right back for your calls so right after the news. Is the government waging a war on Christians and also we'll talk more about America in terms of uniting what used to be --