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May 12, 2014|

Today Scoot visited the WWII Museum with 92-year-old WWII vet Mr. Kirby Smith and Scoot will tell you what he learned about America from this man who was there. PLUS: At a graduation ceremony Governor Bobby Jindal told students America is waging a war against Christians in the United States. Do you agree with Jindal? How has a war against Christians affected you and your family? Do you think his primary concern is Louisiana or the presidency?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is doing something that a lot of politicians are gonna do as the mid term elections get -- this is gonna happen through 2016. Presidential election. -- the governor told graduating. Seniors. Mr. -- the weekend in America. Is waging a war against Christians. Now what does that do that -- Christians out. What this is an attempt to do is to get all Christians to rally around. Certain candidates Republican candidates. They're gonna use religion in the same way that race was used years ago. And the saddest part about this to me is their many Christians who will buy into this and not really think about it. If there is a war against Christians. And -- with the casualties. And who do you blame. For those who wore. No longer Christians. Or those who have. Less moral values. That's one of the things we're talking about tonight also there -- says there's video of fun mr. Kirby. And myself entered the group that took mr. Kirby the 92 year old or were to bet that we talk to the show with last week and talked him a couple of times. I'm mr. Kirby went to the World War II museum today. It was a really great experience for him but I think it was a better experience. For me will try and call him in just a little while. The risk of blood tonight is -- -- World War II that mr. Kirby represents a very different America. -- can read -- share with others it's on our website DaVita QL dot com. And also there is a video on our website to W real video at WL dot com about mr. Kirby and and just. It enjoy what you can about what he has to say. And he really enjoyed telling stories in addition to being at the World War II museum but I tell you for 92 this -- which really sharp. And the first handshake. I just I do what are what are an outstanding man is wise he would still even at 92 has a really strong good firm handshake. And it was an honor for me to to -- him. We live in America it is very different from the America before and during World War II in terms of spirit obviously. The changes in races in the changes in some things that we're -- obviously those things are better. But in terms of the spirit to unite compared to the deep divide that we have in this country today. I think this a lot we can learn from people like mr. -- if you wanna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- Amber's -- 77. A get to a more few text here in just a moment and from uptown steadier and a BWL. Lieutenant Jeremy on -- Just -- a medic at my accounts one sort of entry will echo the the world the world -- music Amazon is -- ground rule museum really sorry states and and certainly crown jewel of of this city and you Eric do it absolutely incredible job up places in Europe and real real popular out there. Yeah you're you're -- effect as I was watching beyond all downed trees again. I just I thought how important it would be for every person to see it and to understand. What this country used to be like again not in terms of the racism of the past but in terms of the that the spirit to unite and get behind one cause we're we're not united today. Yeah you know you know. I. I agree with him have to agree I I use about and I -- absolutely here with -- And there was. One of the things called about a knows that we're talking 1940411945. It was a it was a very different time and in terms of war our country was absolutely united -- mother you know forty years. Black people still consider him lunch counter. -- an -- or so you know it was a wonderful interview a guy. It. But you know we obviously had some some people to change -- a -- that I want to correct one thing you -- trip earlier. -- was called which was -- injury report so -- -- -- because of the higher taxes. And I presume you're saying that. Taxes are too although I suppose to be -- But the fact it is is that there historically low so we're gonna come up with an explanation -- -- -- by now taxes that we about it amongst. It -- recommend. By an -- I would also suggest it's the the complaint about taxes in this country is something that's gone on for a decade this is -- -- real argument. And lastly in terms of you know Arabia war on christianity are failing morals. Before we get to partner on the road on -- and morals we should note. -- violent crime nationwide has been plummeting steadily for over two decades. That is true and and I talked about this last week showed that teen pregnancy rates the teen birth rate the team and you rate all down significantly affect. Since I think 1999. The the abortion rate is down a 66%. Among teens fifteen to -- so there are some very positive territory. Talk about our kids are lazy. You know all of that involve sort of you know you can't get off my lawn and a whole manned -- statements could. These kids are not coming out of school. You know going to a lifetime job ordered the -- benefit pension plan and retiree medical and you know sort of three martini lunch that that -- -- a little bit more common back and you don't nineteen DA. -- -- coming out of school they're gone to a private school are coming out with a quarter million dollars and that's a mortgage. To show or I think. We're at it -- not he wrote to her 22 year old Tuesday. No it's not Steve I'm glad to call the show enjoyed our conversation. From Algiers Cindy here on the -- show under the WL. -- -- I look at the at the pictures and mr. -- or -- medium and agent get a chance. Actually -- channels if he probably. What experience or not it began. It really was in and I can only hope that he got as much out of it is idea and I hope he got as much out of the museum is I got out of of being with him. I'm listening to him in the eyes when he -- com. Under the outpouring of people -- out taking -- paper and again you know. I'm America we're good people and I we really are. I wanted to tell you about a young patriot and war war -- -- My grandson Philip and then actually noted that the world war Tunisian people and about seven years now that's interest. He'd only twelve now. -- -- -- -- -- Then the legal action line and he learned he could name -- weaponry he was released into an area. Why do you think he he got into utterly -- dazed and introduce it to his dad would be too young to have been part of World War II. I say it because people are gonna cringe not because. A baby and came. -- -- -- And the computing then right. -- tripled because of the stadium and an actual credit rating mean I'm -- people hate video game. Well I'm not one who does and I'm not one who -- video games for the problems in America that the problems are the result of other things not video games and video games are. Cheap. Scapegoat a lot of people just want to blame the video games because they don't want to accept responsibility. Well it -- it. -- skating industry. Trial we were on the world -- -- all the time scoring. One. In the summer. Time I won't. Get in the real world Ortiz. In the tournament. Is that -- aren't and EY. Portrait. And he was the nation's George got them in anyway. Oxygen dependent on the wheelchair. I won't tell you that. This is a -- And the again it is well. And only two years old and keep putting together and more engaged. -- Where -- I've ever seen. Did not urged them for prompt memory one came from him and that way. It was a tactic no question atlas. And do you came into my store to purchase something -- count and amber. Are you relieved to even hampered. And yes it. And should worry here and here are some of the -- which Eden which I'm not mean he didn't. And you Stephen -- And tell -- the story up in the low to medium. Anything. -- sharing. With me because that would. Cool -- young people. Interest in the history -- -- the shuttle. When you think. You're now more patriots in the market here. -- -- generation out there and listening and learning. Which are are they. And they share the next armed country really needs of our member Katrina. Are watching Italian. National Guard marched in history. And died for -- -- man and sent out there. Cindy and getting a couple of Texan asking if it was call of duty the video game. OK all of it. You know when you when you talked about introducing year -- to. This dissent. Are there were people who they were other people who were visitors who didn't know mr. Kirby did know it was going to be there who just stopped and took pictures and -- toward the end there was we -- she was maybe fifteen. A fifteen year old -- Chinese girl. And she was in total law of of mr. Kirby and just listened to every word he had to say. While blue martini team also has our oral history program. Where they try to get as many doctors they came and actually down. And relate that story -- -- before they're all gone because god bless him you know. They're they're going to every day I thank I thank them all traders are and -- not speak injured today because of each and every corner. Cindy I really appreciate you calling in their sharing your stories with the socialists into -- if you -- night. The -- tonight is -- World War II -- mr. Kirby represents a very different America you can read that share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com. I give us your comments if you like. And and also the that the video of mr. Kirby visiting or were too -- if you like to see this guy and here's some of of what he had to say. That's on our web site also -- have a Google Video. It over to fuel dot com. So what we're talking about Alicia -- -- use white racial divide it. There was a time when we just really came together as a nation and mr. Kirby represents that generation. Why are we so divided today. This is is crucial recovered right back reader comments on W well why is America so divided and and just by asking that question -- I think it causes us to. To come to realize how divided we really are over very superficial. A petty issues. And that's one thing that I really got from meeting mr. Kirby in 92 year old or were -- -- it called the show week ago tonight. He went to the World War II museum today and I want to thank those of you who. Helped out and who were part of that and thanks to all of you offer to want to help. And here's a quick update on RW view property -- people tonight a clippers owner Donald Sterling apologizes for his racist rant. Should he now be allowed to keep his team or should the NBA still force him out. 48% say he should now be allowed to keep the team. And 52% say the NBA should -- force him out. Give a shipping by going to our web site WWL not commonly get their check out the video with I'm with mr. Kirby. From New Orleans marry your under the WL. Yes. I -- -- that they and I have a lot of runs out of money to and credit -- but did did now Condit and it now and I -- want to tell you that I noticed. The difference between that innovation and hours. 11 positive thing in that generation. War. Most of them not all of them are and being more responsible in the fact that they paid cash. And it wasn't like I want it now. Society. It was like eight days. And I would do more responsible -- -- not Michael this man an album bankrupt the kind of thing strikes and and then another thing. I felt like they have more respect. That children to the parents saw the news in the pants and red. They they have placed pants the pants and countless children yes the days it is not quite to Spain. Arizona and that's something that they should return -- you know it and we talk about this quite often IRAs you know with some of the things that we we we deal with in terms of -- problems. And in society. It's quite often parents are trying to be your kids a friend or they're simply throwing their their pants in the air going what are -- to do stuff some TV their video what do -- -- do. Well EU gotta be apparent. Right in on this thing that they and that generation parental responsibility. And a lot of them -- in -- they have at charm I think all of them. But they knew I mean until about grade you know that our responsibility to do it on addictive. But -- -- what the government the government. Responsible for the decade of -- Market quite well they are all governor Jindal over the weekend told students at the graduating ceremony that America America and the country's waging war Christians. Oh god wasn't gonna answer that question ballot and -- the question how that the government. But I'll put some mobile. The normal the only thing I could think of in particular. Light meal would be the fact that they would do pay people to have babies and and maybe -- -- You know or more based had been more of -- well paid you yet I'm wondering if that. Mated it via. Of course it -- corset made it easier Mary but it if if somebody does that themselves. Even though. The government is there to help them I still hold the person involved in the behavior ultimately responsible. You know mom would the government be responsible and flowers are offering money out I mean it's. I know what would you mathematical candy and then thank you know I'm not responsible. I understand it it's it's a problem because they are going to be kids who need help because there -- repair stage you know. But then again we should never have a system that encourages people to be that's the awesome man out in this -- that caught our economy and our employees' social priceless. -- from Gulfport Eric. -- -- -- You know link in the show I don't really. I think it that it interest thing that reporting now that. -- different -- outlook in the forties and 50s60s. But -- really it'll what's different about it too many different about it. Is that in the 40s50s and sixties. The wealthy pay their taxes. Which are -- and the 90% was the deductible for the wealthiest talk. Tax bracket. And you know two out of three jobs to America were held by people who weren't unions. In 1967 when adjusted for inflation the minimum wage was eleven dollars and fifty cents -- -- So what's different about America today. That in the 1960s. Is that there's been a war all of the working people and -- war on the middle class and there's the greater greater divide. Between -- I wouldn't I would agree with you events the economy in the middle class is a legitimate topic but as soon as candidates like Bobby Jindal start to use this. This idea that America is waging war on Christians. In order to get votes I'm gonna call these candidates -- There -- that you diversion because you -- Republicans don't want talk about economic issues every time Obama bring economic issues. They deviate from net talked about how deficient and then in his foreign policy or allergies. Hours but it too much money by the way which is in the side. George Bush's last Europe offers this program at one point four trillion dollars. And this year the tour permanently -- to spend 600 billion which -- So they cut the deficit Obama cut the deficit in half. And that's during recovery. Which is unheard -- but the time when -- countries go into recessions and depressions. The government spent a lot of money to bring. 44 roster who have cut that debt. During your recovery is absolutely unheard of and the Republicans don't wanna talk about all the Republicans. Basically want to slow the economy down to try and make Obama look bad because they won't be able to take it if it turns out that the little. The result was right now turned out to get better fiscal. With the the budget and with Marty. Then the next local conservatives. They're not gonna completely explode their. You know and I I heard today that the stock market digits on new record level I once again I was reminded to about all the voices. Before the the election of 2012 that if Obama was reelected the economy was that a collapse and I think about how many. A strong conservatives are making a hell of a lot of money because the economy is say is doing very well in many areas. Little -- -- are better off today or more billionaires in America was in 2007 and the billionaires we you have are better off network 2007 it's so obvious that the well the -- number well the recovery. But like that the problem it's important people losing ground -- -- -- disappear. All the stuff about religion and all the rest of it it isn't the smoke drink because these people the -- did not want except for the fact. That a bet that the country is getting better and what are you look at the -- of the republic of the first obstacle for you know the -- shut down. The -- refusal to increase the minimum wage the refusal to close tax couples on the will -- almost been an -- and -- The economy to grow at -- 5% annually. And and so -- -- -- Republicans committed to do is just wish slow the economy out to make Obama. There I'm I'm convinced that there are Republican leaders and Republican voters who don't want what's in the best interest of America. They would do if yes that's what it takes to make Obama look bad and that's. All black and had a lot of black president to show up at all -- you know purple robot that step then. An -- use such a good job after the boot but this white Protestant group we have put forward George Bush. British deficit is so much better job but it could explode there there. And -- I don't you know I don't like name calling with presidents and quite often talk about now you know for those people who think that this is the first president who's been hated. And those -- the very people who told. People like yourself that you should respect George -- if you don't like him you should respect the opposite of the presidency George Bush was disliked. Partially disliked by by an awful lot of people. Right I direct conversation. Bicycle night you're gonna join us for the comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy -- a receipt 77 he hears a text that read says the nation is divided. Because of Democrats. And their thuggish. Socialist policies. Well I'm gonna need some explanation on that you know that's kind of the kind of vague to me if you if you're trying to explain that to me you can caller she'll. Or you can and then send me a little more detailed text this is the skirt short we'll be right back on WWL by Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- to -- -- all of the experts here -- you -- think the saints did really well in the draft over the last couple of days. And the St. Louis Rams drafted him and openly gay linebacker Michael Sam for the University of Missouri. But it was -- chance with his boyfriend that was forecast live on ESP and that caused a lot of controversy. Also talking about -- showed tonight. Did that moment. Make you uncomfortable. Dated to the body. And you -- those who thought immediately all my guide. What do I tell my children. Well what do you tell your children you see something like that or facing something like that if your parent you need to be prepared to answer the questions of your children. We're also talking about mr. Kirby the 92 year old from World War II -- The sky looks great for 92 he's just mentally sharp and had a strong strong handshake. And I hope he got as much -- the World War II museum. As I got out of being with him after part of my day today there's a video of mr. Kirby in the visits that were were to -- -- web site. At W -- dot com and the -- blog is titled so World War II -- mr. Kirby represents a very different America. And there were things about America that we're better than they are today in terms of our spirit to unite. We're so divided over over petty things today. That I wonder if we could come together like this country once it. If you enjoyed our Sheila -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text a -- 7870. Here's a text Obama makes Obama look bad that guy I mean the last caller we had is a Communist. Well it's true not everything Obama does is good. But obviously this is. This is another example. People not thinking this is an example of the flock of sheep. That -- follow. Ultra conservatives. And the box solution immediately. What the Fox News Channel does is fine I'm not opposed to them being biased but they are biased. And that's okay MSNBC is biased to the left. If you if you think back when when Obama first became president. Everybody said he's a socialist. Or what's caught on now and social media is that he's a Communist. Because I guess socialists wasn't strong enough it didn't work it didn't take him down. So now. It's been elevated to Communist obviously whoever sent this text does not even know what the word Communist means. The people who call President Obama a Communist. If you want to criticize him. It criticized him but don't be stupid about it don't calling a Communist. Because you obviously don't know what the word Communist means. We're also talking about something that governor Bobby Jindal sent to a graduating. A ceremony over the weekend to students. He said that America is waging a war. Aren't Christians. If that's the case then who are the casualties. Because if there's a war there must be casualties. Enjoy pressure with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. To all 386688. -- here which sent -- -- is 8787 from the North -- Brian you're on WWL. Straight to Brian. Track. Oh. Your mind around the -- What. -- Our society today EPL. A united over. I understand your point. And -- create kind of a luxury. And I think part of what you look at it that we. Against. Victory. -- -- Hitler. -- rate -- A lot just segments as -- and think. Just that we worked. All we -- buried by some serious thing. I think eight -- You know remember that segment at his side. That was -- -- -- to -- -- To look at rose colored. From our goals but if you are there like UK or. Woman liver or actual. -- -- severely impacted. Did you practice it. -- few -- However that in. -- -- -- Although the ship Arctic. Brought us together as it was more or all there -- divisions over those. And I hope that. Mr. Patrick how are. Raw but there's an awful lot as concerned about. Itself and now years. You know start after one or torn. To what a lot -- -- -- you pretty much -- Soviet Union. And does this. Audio. Country that we get a commitment to help it would obviously -- -- -- Brian your -- you know you're you're. I do I do agree -- we you know what you eat even with the Cold War admin and more recent time after the Cold War was over we. We had this peace dividend to we weren't so concerned about one enemy it and now it's. It's kind of hard to figure out who the enemy is because it's different. A terrorist. Factions it's is different groups up on country. I -- we. We are. Call or go. I think -- Article about that -- and that we. The country. -- You know. Sporting event. -- in the military folks at. -- Around. Anybody who doesn't take great pride in seeing that and do it he'll art. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the American -- And I would have been more like the sixties and we think. I had a nice it's fifty. -- and so you know -- -- Protector -- So you know this is it. This is a really good point and I guess that did this thing that with the touch me most about mr. Kirby in the thing that has always touching about the World War II museum is is learning about. How America -- Unite behind this effort to protect our shores and it wasn't until 9/11 that we ever felt the real threat to our shores. Although -- -- Cold War of there was a threat to our shores. By the way of of of missiles and nuclear bombs through the old Soviet Union by the way. Russia still has those weapons so this is a formidable opponent that could totally change. Don't believe that the hole. At peace dividend that we've that we've had been. You are military solo. I'm actually that we are able to Viktor Bout that'll become divisive about little things it means there's not anything. It's correctly and horrible as Hitler trying to take over the world. I think it's important that the that it took us to unite. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's not Republican the Democrat in Atlanta. To talk about the serious social issues network. That barely -- Brian I've got to get to break I enjoyed our conversation. Thanks for nationalistic. -- we were divided. We're so divided now though over some social issues that we're so divided is liberals and conservatives even almost in this country is is moderate. We're so divided over those things that if we really were forced to come together to fight for our country. I hope we would do it. If -- -- stay -- -- it will be right back on negative zero S filming of the newest terminator movie continues to. Tie up traffic on Terry parkway in the West Bank 1130 hate it when a movie is shot in your neighborhood. A positive benefits gained from having so many movies made. In this area worth the inconvenience. As one of the things -- tell rhetorical talk about tomorrow morning and to be WL first news six to ten Euro and to VW well. For Texas Howard your on this who show good evening. -- again but I want to live as individuals. Who have won a constant. Game together his without lights did the individuals that that's well done again by electing individuals. But when it comes they'd been threatened. Outlook -- together with the -- -- people that individuals. You mentioned about this soldiers. And until that you've got beat out that we you know -- -- Oklahoma but for better and -- last November. And it is not true that. As a boy scout watched -- street the American way to mark veterans salute brought tears -- Yeah I am a crossroads of America route 66. And watching all the Americans rate but no that is individual. Individual rights. It would be it will come together with the rest individuals -- an individual right. I agree with you -- I mean I've I've promote individual ism. But I also. Think back on what America was like it and look there are so many things about America it's better today that in the past. But this this the spirit of sacrifice its fear of coming together before during World War II I think is something to be admired. Up from -- -- year on this to show good evening Rex. Tell Rex. I -- from Indiana rich you're on WW out. -- grew -- used to collection under a little bit on its war on your governor urged state and a war on christianity. All what article wouldn't -- body count. What. Like nobody nobody's. -- somebody called earlier and said that they blamed the is that the government for the lack of morals in their family which I really didn't understand that connection but. If there is a war there have to be casualties. And I would love for somebody to point out who the casualties at the war on christianity are. Will. Act as you can it's something else up but we were threatened we would come together I know we happened. There are of them won't -- that nearly every -- maturity -- On September 12 2001. Lining up shall English. Well there weren't there weren't that many did -- many did when I was like it what's it like of the four World War II -- dad was. Was really young and said he but he was old enough to enlist and he and his friends went down right away enlisted in the navy. So no and that. Quite frankly -- -- not -- top. -- You know you know what we're not where I -- My my my fear is. You're twenty or thirty years from now. -- and Yahoo! appears Portuguese. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's my fear. British I hope -- I hope you're wrong and I appreciate you listening in Indiana. A coming up after the news at 10:10 o'clock -- wanna go into some specifics about my visit with the mr. Kirby today. At the World War II museum but it made me feel good to do it but. I don't want credit for having done that there were people that also helped make that possible. I don't want credit for that I don't publicity for that. I just wanna be reminder that there are people out there who. Who still think that's. And there are people out there we still need. And I can only hope that mr. Kirby. Got as much out of today. As I got out of today being with him again missive is GO a video of mr. Kirby visits the World War II museum and also the -- blog. A World War II that mr. Kirby -- since a very different America all of that is on our website to write -- Evian you will not count. And we're also talking about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal telling students of the graduating ceremony that America is waging a war on Christian is -- get ready because this is going to be typical right wing rhetoric. The question is. Who are the casualties. Will be right back under the W well.