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May 12, 2014|

Today Scoot visited the WWII Museum with 92-year-old WWII vet Mr. Kirby Smith and Scoot will tell you what he learned about America from this man who was there. PLUS: At a graduation ceremony Governor Bobby Jindal told students America is waging a war against Christians in the United States. Do you agree with Jindal? How has a war against Christians affected you and your family? Do you think his primary concern is Louisiana or the presidency?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our show on this Monday evening I hope you had a greats Mother's Day yesterday if your mother and if there's a mother in your life whether it's your mother. The mother of your children or your dating somebody was among the right hope they have a nice -- and I hope you were part of that. So often mothers again this big go party. To celebrate them and then the mother ends up being stuck cleaning up after and it just doesn't seem fair to me so I hope that's not the case and if it was. And I hope you think is a little differently next year I would like -- tell -- that I was ranked. By the girl and dating. Who is among other. I would like to tell you that she dragged me force me to go to the movie mom's night out. But it is actually my idea. It really to fully connect. Yeah it reminded me of the the craziness of the movie adventures in babysitting if you remember that movie. But there was a great messages -- and -- surprised this hasn't gotten more attention. Is a very very strong Christian message. And -- into the into the movie. And I thought it was it was very heart warming. And the message was essentially. God made you mother god chose for you to be -- mother. If he chose for you to mother to be a mother than all you can do is be the mother that that god made you to be. May we all have our you know there's said that there's no. There's no playbook. Is still handbook to raising kids. And also over the weekend I was watching part of the the movie. I was its soul man with -- -- I think is that the soul man with a Cedric the Entertainer. On a TV land -- -- reported that and that was a part of their about parenting and I think he says something along the lines of opinion he just kind of fumble through life. That his brother which went his wife was having a baby. And it's true you don't we just we do the best we can't. You gotta try. Unfortunately too many people don't even try. But I couldn't help but think about this. But I saw this -- team mothers mom's night out and again you might wanna wait till it's it's available to be -- -- just picking up the and watcher get a run on Netflix and I don't know if I'd spend money to to to get it but it again that was -- a really nice message and you were all individuals. And they were at -- times in my life for and I questions what kind of father once. And that there were times in my career. It took me to other cities. And it wasn't always with my son. He was always with me -- every month every six weeks during December mini holidays and we talked every -- so we've we're very very close over the years. But I wasn't always physically there. And there were times and like I questioned my role was -- as a father in the same way that a sure you question your role as a father or or mother. And when my son turned out the way he did I was so proud of him that I realized that will. All the things that I thought were mistakes really were mistakes. If this made him who the years and then I was watching that the first season of the sports and insurance says something about. Something about Ozzie. And eight it made me realize that you know I'm might not be a traditional. Conventional type dead. But it god wanted me to be a father. And I did the best I could and I gave him one I could could give him and as a result of of like traveling in and not being with him there was a real positive side effect that he. He got to know a lot of different cities it made him we -- -- -- that was the big the greatest message in the movie mom's night out where's that. You know if if your apparent. God chose to make you parent and you have to be perfect just just be apparent. The St. Louis Rams drafted and openly gay football player linebacker Michael Sam from the University of Missouri. But it was the kiss with his boyfriend. That was broadcast live on ESPN a cause a lot of controversy. Where you -- comfortable with a very Michael Sam did what people do you get drafted by a team. York College guy you get drafted by an NFL team what are you do you celebrate. You kissed the person you love. In his case. It was a guy. And I know a lot of people were upset oh my god what am I gonna tell my kids. Okay. Where are -- -- kids. What did you tell you -- it's. -- mean that's. A learning moment it's an opportunity to. Tell you kids whatever it is that you need to tell them about that. Because this is something that because of the acceptance. Of homosexuality today which I think is a good thing this is something that is gonna be seen. And it's always been an army of solace in the French Quarter growing up. So it's always there. And I would hope that if you're a parent you you -- you have an answer to questions that your kids have if you -- -- -- -- comment about anything we're talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven via text numbers 8787. And here's -- WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight a clippers or Donald Sterling apologizes for his racist rant. Should he now be allowed to keep his team or should the NBA still force him out. Right now the polish doesn't often happen. 505050%. Say now he -- should keep his team. And 50% say the NBA should still force him out I thought it was interesting how he he knew he was being recorded but he said he percent up. He was he was he was baited into saying those things -- you know something is is is being recorded how could you be baited. And it seems to me that's kind of a cop let I'm offer for giving the guy. If he truly is -- And only his actions will indicate if he's really sorry I mean you could say you're sorry but if you don't change behavior that you're sorry for. At a distance of leisure purely done very sorry. So you know I would I give him a chance to change I'd would still force him out if if I were the NBA and we -- -- -- by going to our web site WW real dot com. Also we wanna congratulate another New Orleans winner congratulations to Lucy Anderson of New Orleans won a thousand dollars in our nation wide vacation cash contest. So under the new world's leader you can win to just listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. That Texaco were to seven to 81 to your chance to win without reporting found out that seven to 88 point. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide win -- thousand dollars. Each. We ever charge for text by -- your individual plan text and data rates may apply remember those times to listen weekdays right to for the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM. And five -- and good luck from sort radio and a cup and all of us at WW well. -- are talking about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal telling students that are graduating ceremony over the weekend that America is waging war on Christians. OK if there's a war going on and then there must be casualties. To who the casualties. Who is a casualty is the result of this alleged war like Christians. This is a classic example of watch parties do. And race was used in the past and we're seeing now this alleged attack on christianity. Is being used. There is an attempt because GE a judge in Arkansas either Friday or over the weekend. A judge in Arkansas which is probably not the most liberal states you've ever been to. Arkansas. -- has now this judge is now said that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. So almost on a weekly basis. Dear they are continuing. Our battles that are being lost by those who were trying to stop same sex marriage. So since that can't be stopped. The new battlefront is well let's figure out ways so we can use our religious beliefs to discriminate against homosexuals. That's the latest stress. And you can't use your religious police to discriminate. You can think what you wanna think based on your religious beliefs. But you really can't discriminate against people based on your religious beliefs of -- there was a time that. People thought it was immoral. And some probably still do immoral for blacks and whites to marry. We you can use your religious beliefs to condemn some some Koppel. On a mixed race couple for for for getting married. Soul again I think this is just part of this this rhetoric it's this fear mongering it's its offer political purposes. Let's. Let's convince. Let's convinced Christians that there's a war on christianity and they need to vote for us. The Republicans. Because we're gonna protect them. But again if there's a war. On christianity. Could you please tell me who -- the casualties. If you and Joyner show the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 87 B seventy here's a Texaco must -- a man kissing another man is sick. And when mr. Sam came out. I was thankful it was a black guy. Now. That -- boyfriend is white. It's even more sick. Well here's somebody who obviously has problems where if homosexuals. And also has problems we have different races. You don't choose who you -- -- In this world but again this is indicative of the way some people think. And fortunately on this show we get to expose this. As pure ignorance. Mr. Kirby the 92 year old were were too -- -- had never seen the movie beyond all boundaries the World War II museum literally been there wants it more to go back again he was there today. And I was there with team and a video of that is on our website at WW -- -- -- -- title World War II -- mr. Kirby represents a very different America. If -- -- stay with us. I'm scoots and we'll be right back under the WL here's a taxed any guy against same sex kissing. Should be banned from watching the lesbian porn. Interest. There are people who selectively. Used their discussed to have. Homosexuality. Only when it comes to things that. They don't like but they accept homosexuality when it comes to things. They do like witches really interesting. Here's a text when I ask who the casualties of this that Warren christianity. This text reads the children of the casualties. You moron. Well -- I said it's expected dispersant. That explain. Because I. Wouldn't tell me how they tell me how children are the casualties. Of the war. On christianity if indeed there really is a war christianity. Opera Terry town Brian your other -- -- Tokyo Friday and then in my opinion I got a couple things my aunt -- -- right now okay. One thing Kirby story's pretty are letting check the video on that pretty -- it's cute I mean. And the country is very your view and honestly I'm not going to be conspiracy there's but it is -- like that it is good for. Whatever but as far as text -- guy calling you -- more on. Four I agree with the first part of the text messages that the kids are the ones who are ultimately the culprit. I'm not gonna say -- explaining that you're saying basically that. What the media is causing. Decay of Christian fabric is that what it is. Now I'm under I'm commenting on Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is telling students of the graduating ceremony that America this contract is is waging a war on Christians. And it is a war on Christians and then who with a casualties. I give an example argument that is true -- -- that hasn't appointed any. Race religion. He's seen it more than it is section quiet -- in. If you actually are being put to marry her. Boy and girl and so the more divided -- are technically still a year and what I mean by that is if you really -- tie in I mean there -- It was they've been nuclear engineering department -- with a Muslim people okay Muslims in an air quality. Whatever a lot of people -- the court and that -- and batteries away. It's a religion and I'm not a totally -- -- the I think immediate and approaches that my point is they're very family oriented. And sore more and and Christians and consider like and app that I'm Catholic. Why -- from the war and but I know a lot of other -- don't consider mormons to be Christian. But -- welcome them and they're there -- very family oriented people. Okay. Now what comes from back of fabric that from having -- five kids and we didn't. Get what you own your own stuff you you pat down to the next generation the next generation has -- values. They in turn in here in next. -- and things like when I'm trying to say that the more broken homes there the last. The more than any interest like credit cards mortgages and by. So their four year at -- -- and and a little increase. The credit card companies earned includes real -- -- county to -- liberal about it crap well it -- let me pick by. -- -- The more I'm connecting back out of it by violence stop went in and the more -- -- there are there's no latency there's no pat down of you know went. -- what but who created the broken homes. Well in the sixties and mean honestly I eat a lot of beautiful or -- -- all the at first independent but I day. You're beautiful girl. You know you work hard -- acted on them and vocalize and it's -- in the mean regional wanted to talk by the way I don't want -- cut off what you want to say one last thing but I got my point my point is. And that they need to really win and started wore a lot of honestly. They've really been purchasing a maker of 50000 year Italian become a lawyer -- that matter there's no glass ceilings don't get me wrong. Okay anyways I'm marketing co -- -- that understand the losers that text messages correct because the loser of the boys and girls. Because that amount broken homes what a year. You're nursing dentistry and not get married on section eight and think like that or just your traditional follow ought to working. You know if you're still -- there's going so lenient sentence. -- I don't I don't loud I don't like the incentives so I don't like the idea that there are or are he said I don't like he also I don't like the idea that people. Are allowed to have a career by simply having children because they really don't it. If you if you consider the money that is given to raise a child. And I it if for. Rational people who really care about their kids it's really not enough money so if you the only way you can bet it is if you bring the kids in the world and don't give a damn about them and just keep the money for yourself. Yeah I agree and -- a couple quick things that I appreciate your call you a lot to do about it number one. I've been you know these people that sterling guy came on the whole situation but he's KKK art equipment. -- Jewish American. And honestly can't look at the history of it that -- you know who died Ku Klux Klan has persecuted Jews towards. More than any black. Personally I haven't I haven't heard him call. Not -- -- -- that I had to do. Wanna hear that all the people didn't vote saying this and that but let me they cut you more thing as far as that situation -- Michael spam. More power tools remote outlet encryption the republic in the Bobby Jindal there. Most Christian and there are whatever you want the people that might -- out -- about it. I think they're more concerned about like the truth is there more straight out of our economy. On inflation and things like that. Peter red -- to -- in my opinion -- Marijuana at the new vehicles can you get ten callers are able to legalize. Bullet now legalize it you know. I Anthony in my opinion on the matter the situation or they. Gay marriage situation or the abortion situation. It will rule and callers can show and they're always you know I Hillary and I have one more point about. In my Christian thing -- -- that deal could a kind of it'll the mighty either by. No Larry like shipment and I appreciate -- let me get that all I remember in our own you know some people politically Dana. Our Bobby Jindal or at me like concrete goal socialists they are -- helping countries going continent are members story. From that the guy who owned the restaurant -- When he came from former Yugoslavia and equal means. That he was gonna become a free originally okay. And hated enemy Yukio communism socialism ties in to meet the burden churches in that. They basically -- party church and came back part of Yugoslavia which is Croatia you know in Serbia was. Basically getting in order from Russia Crowley. A little -- they were they were eating European. Central spot and not the -- here we've basically. What -- partisans would do that it would come to anyone who wanted to become a creepy things like. And in Iraq situation what happened way that they had -- rather come -- to make one point two -- and have weaponry. But -- gave them gone and it caught your brother in Almaty that collar off. In a drug that cute you know and more to that story and the -- -- -- -- wouldn't even know that door panel pain by. It true and it and it happened April. While I am not saying that politics doesn't have the power to I don't understand how an American. This country is waging a war on -- Christians. It is seems to me that if somebody's lost morality that's. That's their own fault. Yeah Elin and tiger I agree that it that I think -- -- like when you're in -- and those are you need to say if you're down financially. Whether you're white black union now it doesn't matter old younger than you would it take to try to survive more than likely. So think about it on the import a lot of -- earlier divided families. Lead. Financial issues why because you -- legacy Lander property in dictionary when the workers. Would have. The lawyers get 250 -- now are you go to court over new -- Lie I got totally understand the demands of that that but he individuals who do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the first part there I think you're right. Because they're saying that the loser not a boy and the girl spoke that is the and I think that women's liberation occurred but honestly that -- gonna ban so let's -- of that or did you women. And on -- a lot of beautiful beautiful Smart hardworking women were great women. And they can't find it kind more because there's so many in and has hurt them more now. -- never well. There aren't a lot of a lot of guys are intimidated by a bite the smarts. Confidence. Women. -- a lot of guys. Stable I I I know some women who wore. -- single. They're very confident very successful and there are a lot of guys who who can't relate to that kind of over don't want that kind of woman around their third threatened by that kind of moment. And that's that's a big issue I don't think it's just the incentives from to force that is causing a lot of people to not wanna get married today I think it's. And I think it's just -- so many people have been through and seen others -- who -- and I'm gonna have to move on but I really glad she called the -- thanks solicit. -- district and Doris your under the WL. Try scrutiny -- and actually the saint chill there and I remember distorts. Yeah yeah I can't can't. -- wonderful. News meeting -- now -- who trade for who sculpture and I really -- -- boot. Well. And I I enjoyed meeting you -- TSE Charles for airfare. Enjoy reading yours is it's it's it's good for me to meet listeners. They get to put a a face with the voice and and soda why when I meet listeners I get to put a face with the people who listen to the show. Right. Tracy who appreciate -- and think about you all that I admire you and you not immoral. And they have -- -- Yeah an assembly that will always be argued there always be those people who think I am which is satisfied. -- that would keep him out on. Judicial record of meeting the stare at Yankee group. On the -- it was a pleasure to meet you and godly issue and to keep listening. All right mr. Norris matter Tennessee Charles -- affair. Last weekend -- Angeles out of Georgia Gertrude here on the -- show on WW well. Yes that one and I really enjoyed the conversation from every -- -- and and I'm there's so that you can count on. I am I am -- Christian. But I want decide from this perspective as a Christian thinks 66 -- an empty lot in the Christian. And and but it is prevalent everywhere and that our government. There's a difference -- the value of human life and corrections. And the government is that one. Cancer changed from the government. 1970. -- about 88 we so -- And that's one casualty in in my personal life and they're. At the government did the government didn't force you to do that that was your caution. Does that that's correct that is correct. But the thing is that the government has at this point it is person. The medical care -- and you know abortion is okay. And I don't know that I had I like preparing for coach and didn't have a ticket human and I'm gonna do I'm gonna disagree and I don't. I don't do it on the since the garment is sorry that the value of human life it can -- I don't get. Any sense that the the government is promoting abortion because something is legal. Does it mean that the government is is promoting it. Can't do it had to. To become a lot instead the government it was an enemy we we go on the law of the land the government now that if they are -- government is not you know. Might not understand the difference are. Government and and it does go against what I believe that Christian says that is the war against human mind. But the government. To -- to say that date the government is waging war on on Christians. Our know who the casualties are and it I'm well. Well but the government did how do you blame that on the government. Abortion was available. And you took advantage of it but the government didn't fortunate to have an abortion. Well it did but it made it possible and what the -- stands and it took the stand that it was that came right and that the war comes and for the Christians -- that shot and -- And aside the issue of homosexuality. Guys that this is where again you know this negotiation with Christian. And then send it. Which went up which I'm just navigate inflated the difference is issue of the war that person's life. And there. It's two different. And that was. Discriminating against the person -- and this kind of thing. Judging them. You know as far as actions that. -- mean as far as the actions. Whatever person's bullets or even might make him a martyr. I'm I've committed divorce and a belated Christian -- consent that apple is not forget. I'm forgiven but the action is different than my back out on the valuable human beings and that line was valuable added rail -- If I haven't voted down and it's Christians and anybody say about you as a person it -- I'm gay weddings but that at present value. In their -- that night that -- you know a lot. Think the actions might -- I don't think those actions of value in use as a person. But you know I love you my values you know. We've got everybody don't have and ideally that's the way people who should -- the Sabrina homosexuality but they don't know Phelan. Well you know are that you've never changes we're born with added value to war each person it replied. And once when I that we treat people with risk that we might disagree. With their actions in -- I you know I don't I don't think that's what you should date but -- actually Switzerland. Richard I appreciate your sharing your thoughts on this. I appreciate -- thank you. Thanks thoughtless and Collison -- for Georgia. If you're old stay -- -- -- showing a Monday night it will be year right back and be WL. One thing I was reminded of today when I was with mr. -- than 92 year old so World War II vet who I've helped him with the help of other people help get to the World War II museum today. I -- it was just reminded that we live in a very different America today. In many ways it's better. But in terms of sacrifice in terms of of unity. It seems like it's it's not better today. And we are so divided over. Over petty things. We're so divided over. Debates over political and social issues. It's because we don't really have. The big problems to worry about that we once did it. And so now we have time to be as divided as we are sort of things that we are talking about tonight also Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal told students. And graduating ceremony that America. The government is waging war against Christians. Do you agree with that and if there's -- war then. Then who -- the with the casualties. Here's a text that Reid says -- the simple question. In this politically collect correct tolerant society where is the tolerance for those who don't. Hate anybody but don't agree with the gay lifestyle. -- play tolerance for those people. And there should be. As Long -- you don't discriminate. You can disagree with what summary does in their personal life. And the same way that you can disagree with couples that that swing. That share intimate relations with other couples you can disagree with them. But would you discriminate against them. You can disagree -- if personal behavior. But to discriminate against hipper they're there seems to be this idea that at some some Christians haven't I'm a Christian by the way. That they can they can stop the world from -- And why you should set a good example it life into all if you can't to direct people in the direction that you think they should go it. There is. There's such harsh criticism. Of homosexuality. As if that's the only -- And there are many many other -- so why focus on this one think governor Jindal. Is doing what. What many Republican politicians are gonna do. And and many conservatives in this country -- -- did the same thing with religion that they did with race in the fifties and sixties it to some degree still do it today. Creates -- Instill fear in people that the big government is waging a war on Christians. And we talked about this with the Fox News FEMA for the war war on Christmas. As far as I know nobody's taking Christmas away from from anybody so again where the casualties. Are from New Orleans -- here and have a WL. -- Still raw land Japan should never try to -- in the morning. Yes I -- did you. I think it's like during the bluntly land. But it has and has seen him now you liking about ten million mom and I. And when she became pregnant on the Ares starts out -- and and even -- he was scared to be Japan -- have to. There was no such thing as the bulk. I had -- pan. Each person became apparent -- -- -- -- not. And you just you know you eat eat you do the best you can and hopefully you try unfortunately some people. You don't need to try and they're so self centered and focus on their own lives that. They don't give time to two children. -- Really relating to lectures plan account. I'm an exact situation a lot of people criticized me. Things that they -- things -- we're hearing much now. And commonly used today successful -- now only has. And I am looking -- it -- it's late 50s50%. Fifty mop. And picture cinema out. Really -- questions claim against the we all can't look back and what do we do right what we do wrong. And so I am relating to air it Tracy in the doctors are playing far. That's an idea remember treason. Eric Tracy and maintain that same analogy -- and the atmosphere you know gotten polite polite and what's gonna happen what might have been wrong. Well a lot of -- -- And and it financially and amounted has I think as parents are probably being. There were only. Using masses that we thought out and that was good. And we thank world -- now I'm not amnesty and it was diet. But probably the end of the day I hope it's probably. On immigration boats specially when now purposely doing bad things -- actually deliberately not realizing we're doing. Yeah and I felt. I was I was scared. You don't mind a my wife and I we're trying to get pregnant we were married for nine years before we hand yeah our son. And dream -- -- we were we were planning on it bill when it actually happened even though I was planning on it I was I was kind of scared. And I I just I could relate to aspects of the movie mom's night -- which I've sort of the weekend the girl dating and the great message of the movie was that got you should be apparent and it's just do you know. Do the best you can. And like. This is a question my partner. On the switch -- treaty because that's obviously agree with everything we've discussed so far arguably mean. Bad. But take care. The football player at -- -- -- the art in public. And in Europe and I just in your man that that was okay. It's okay with me however if I had been in that position. I don't know if I would have done it. I don't know if I would've forced the issue I don't think there's anything wrong with it but I don't dwell on it I'm being honest I don't know if I would've thought forced dead dead issue. And I appreciate you can -- I felt a lot of owners. Coaches. Decision makers. And and all in France Italy. And only. Had a difficult decisions. Even -- -- draft -- not. Tagging somebody is gay straight whatever. -- make that team because a lot of conversations product out. Wouldn't mind that would -- team would do -- deal when you cut the player but you know that would you cut that player because he. Well you know chuck that's going to be interesting discussion as time goes on how this players judge will be he will he be judged as a player or will be he'd be judged as a gay player. I've got to get to -- -- I enjoyed our conversation. I hope he is judged as a player. But unfortunately I don't think that's going to be the case. This is -- -- she'll order Monday -- in will be right back into the WL a -- tonight is -- we're fortunate that mr. -- represents a very different America. It's a website at WW dot time you can read -- -- others also give us your comments if you like that there's there are a couple of serial. Commoners. I'm at the end of my blogs. And they're just they're nonsensical. Obviously -- the that the ratings of an ignorance person. But they're actually kind of funny and and here's a response to that. This response on the blogs is that mr. Kirby should be saluted by all -- office. Some of the above com editors should be ashamed about how you're misusing. The freedom that he fought for. To half. And mr. Kirby fought from for my Uncle Sam to for your information and -- me some of the some of the comments at the end -- largest. So ridiculous that it's they border on being funny and all of that is on our website at WW dot com. Yeah I was gonna do it earlier but we got too caught up with some some other phone calls and I didn't do it but coming up after the news at 11 o'clock I wanna share. A couple of the -- things that really stood out in my mind about beating mr. Kirby today. And 92 year old World War II vet who called the show last Monday. And a comment on a topic at hand and he said it was in 92 year old World War II vet and you know I can't have somebody like that on the year without just. Talking to them as a person beyond whatever their comet was concerning the show. And it came up in the course of our conversation that he'd only been to the World War II museum once and he wanted to go again but it couldn't get there and he can't really get around these kind of cripples and could -- Get there zone did everybody bring him. And such a rule let's let's make that happen so we did we we did it today and there's a video of that mr. Kirby visiting the World War II museum on our web site. And -- WL dot com and I'll I'll talk about some of the things that really stood out in my mind. -- his reaction when he was handed. An actual -- was an M three the weapon that he used to kill people in the war and also he was shown a Nazi flag. It was taken by his division during World War II we'll talk about all that what we can back.