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05-14 11pm Scoot, WW 2 Museum experience

May 13, 2014|

Scoot talks about his visit to the world war two museum with his 92 year old friend and ww2 veteran; Mr. Kirby Smith.

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So many ways America is staging and -- television commercials often revealed trends before they hit mainstream America. Because they're actually reflecting. What's that would marketers and what what people sense who are created advertising and before I move back to New Orleans I was -- in directing a lot of TV commercials say and another city. It's Arab League was paying very close attention this but I've always noticed that the TV commercials. Ten to reflects. What is. What is a trend it's about to hit mainstream America. I saw a commercial over the weekend and I believe it was for the snack -- -- And it's reveals -- changing America. The commercial features a young family. Husband. I would say mid twenties. Maturity something husband a wife and young child. The husband is covered with tattoos. And he's playing drums in the home. The commercial describes them. As a wholesome family. And I thought this was very. And she and and revealing. But it also makes you realize that you could have tattoos and still be wholesome. And there are people who are are so quick to pass judgment on people with tattoos and I'm not saying this just because I have a couple of tattoos. But I just have somebody wonderful people who have tattoos and this idea that you judge people by their tattoos which is something we've talked about the show before I think is ridiculous. And you can be a whole super -- I watched that commercial I've I think is for hunting grants the snack. And as discussed covered with tattoos and they are described as a wholesome family which I totally agree with. A we're talking tonight about to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal telling students that are graduating ceremony that America is waging a war on Christians. This is very. Typical. Political rhetoric. Nobody has yet to explain to be tonight. Who with a casualties. And if there's a war. There have to be casualties. There -- casualties it's not a war. So for the casualties and and what what what concerns me is that people can buy into this. And people who listen to talk radio people who watch certain network cable news channels buy into all of this stuff that. That is -- founded in reality. It's it's it's rhetoric. But it rallies people it gets people all riled up. -- war Christian so yeah we've got to vote for Bobby Jindal because he's got to protect the war against -- -- protect the war Christian he's gonna. What he's gonna protect us in this weren't Christians. But it. But -- the casualties. Mean a woman called earlier -- respected -- be sharing this witness. -- she said there was a casualty in 1975. She had an abortion. She said that child was a casualty. But then. She admitted that that was her decision and the government didn't force her. To have an abortion. The the fact that abortion is available. Does it equaled the government promoting it. Anymore than the fact that alcohol is legal. Does -- promote getting drunk. You can't blame. Alcoholism on the availability of alcohol. The fact that. Gay marriage will be legal all across this country at some point. That doesn't mean the government is promoting it. There's a difference between acceptance. And and promoting it. Here's a Texas is from mom from Ellis content who you know there were a couple of people who just. Showed up today the World War II museum. Was a guy named George who is Vietnam vet I talked to him effect a part of a conversation with him is is part of the video on our website at WW real dot com. Iasis -- this is Seles I actually enjoyed meeting you with mr. Kirby. But today it was -- truly an honor I hope to -- hoping means beating mr. Currie. I just tell wanted to let you know. That it's I will look in on him from time to time. To make sure that he has what he needs. If there's anything that I can do to assist you in the future called me and here's his cellphone ever sought Ellis I I appreciate that it. You're very very gracious today to to be there -- nine I enjoyed meeting you as well. I'm from New Orleans wrecks your WWL. Yeah -- read like Rhett Butler and I'll -- okay go ahead Brad via. -- It. In Italy that you mean this. Original full. Right there. Like topic at all for you you rate. Is well -- -- -- It is that it like. Obama is not Satan. -- -- And -- and if you -- Republicans. -- are here like Gator. Their their their their. And it will be a policy what effect does that -- we are -- good example. Obama care. Is there in it. -- -- -- But not typical but here let the Republican column that you can't do their retreat it was. It's not -- -- let me let me tell you how brainwashed. People or this happened today. A friend of mine called me. And she is she's single divorced. With two daughters. And she has benefited from obamacare. A friend of hers was at her doctor's office. And she said she sent my friend a text that said what's wrong with this. I'm sitting in my doctor's office I have a forty dollar co pay so right next to me as a thirty dollar co pay. And there's a black person who has no co pay. Obamacare and it's best. And she set the text back and said. Yeah absolutely wrong. And I have benefited from obamacare. And people don't want to hear that but you know there has always been a disparity. When it comes to cope pace and it depends on the the the the plan they -- so -- from your company. And but some people are just so quick to buy into. This blame game and and actually everything is wrong -- Obama and yet what Obama has done everything perfectly and there had been mistakes. But this idea that that. What about before the election of 2012. I thought the economy was gonna collapse if Obama was reelected or where those people today because the economy hasn't collapsed and the stock market hitting new record high today. Well. With. Credit for food and he can look at but luckily. And it. In fact remains. Or in the eighties. And it would what was -- distraction. Tactic that the you'll. Well let that follow. All the whole thing we want in the field. Which. The same old. In the departure of sales to be sociable like this and it's. Can't read Nancy Grace is not about to what's in the best interest of America it's about what is in the best interest of advancing an ideology. And that makes me ashamed. Of what this country has become compared to what this country wise. Even though this country was always divided Republicans and Democrats it's so ugly it's so divisive today. At this World War II that that I was at the World War II museum with today mr. Kirby. I'm reminded me that the country wasn't always this way. Well they're against who. Are -- -- which -- retirement. Second. Where. When. They are it's you it's an LP. And called on the -- And that actually. But without the question it is it being here -- -- in this region and it's still that we do. In one and the witty and it's not just. Appearing on the wrong about what. Wars. You know it is that you know it's really it's. It's not just this part of the country it's if it's everywhere across the country you'd get outside of more liberal city like Seattle or Portland orient. And you. You are of Europe -- party with very very conservative ideology -- -- but there's nothing wrong with being -- a conservative you certainly have a right to be conservative. But I would just ask people to try to be intelligent. About your criticism. Try to not just buy into this ridiculous rhetoric and again it's it's just starting. This this war on christianity we're gonna see more more of this we've seen this when it comes to people. Now warning to pass legislation that allows people to use their religious beliefs to discriminate against homosexuals. Because the war to ban same sex marriage. Is essentially over. And Arkansas has been the latest state to have I judge ruled that a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional this is causing a lot of people to freak out and become desperate. Those who -- at this point in the air they have expressed on this radios no big deal out. That happened that the U polls a few cuts are normally on the states and so. You just picked up or not and from me and -- continue to be honest review shall. Byron tell you friends I appreciate you listening. Thanks for calling here is attacks that -- are Christians themselves of the casualties. If a Christian expresses his opinion. He is punished. If a Christian doesn't agree with the activities. Of a non Christian group. They -- -- and criticized. I don't I don't know about it. Number Christian I'm free to express my opinion I'm a Christian I get the rated. Because I support same sex marriage. So I guess I could say will I'm I'm the victim. So no we still don't have any troop casualties if there is if she handles right. If there's -- I would love for Jindal to be sitting here it'll never come out show. I'll invite him but he more money issue. But I would love general to be sitting right there as a governor. Name the casualties and I know he's a talk offensive and that it -- of a -- but you know governor named the casualties. If there's a war. Then there must be casualties. And I just. I don't know if if somebody has lost their morality. The government hasn't taken from you. And it's at. Its use in the government as a scapegoat to blame. The loss of morality the loss of religion that you have. Here's a text the war on Christians. For the right is like the war on women for the left. Well I guess to some degree there's some some truth in that but. There was a time when women really were discriminated against. And I just don't build it. Look if if you're with the west Borough Baptist Church. If you have a maniacal view. Of christianity. Of course should be judged. But again I. If you go to buy into the the war if you don't buy into what the governor says there's a war on Christians the -- the United States government is waging war and Christians. -- hour and of the casualties are. If you enjoy our show with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. And a text number is 87878. It back to -- your calls also we come back after this quick break. I -- -- I want to play here a couple of comments from mr. Kirby at the World War II museum today. And also this group blog is vital to a World War II -- mr. Kirby represents a different America. And oratory about some of the things that but I noticed being with him I can only hope that he got as much out of the day. As I -- just being with him. I'm -- it will be right back on -- WL I Kevin your biggest of moments what you hear a little bit about mr. -- what he had to say the World War II museum today this is this crucial ledger witness on this Monday night. As the love that she is in the community she is loved right here at the radio station. We're thrilled to have financial realist part of our radio failure to appear to -- and you can count -- always have an interest -- show tomorrow 1 o'clock should America be ashamed. That one out of every three homeless males. Is a US senator. Also it took like to talk about our kids who are close to their dads more secure and happy that's what new research says. Are you close to your dad where you close to your dad are you hands on damn it. Which your father quick conversation or credential then at 3 o'clock or you Flutie is dining out what are your favorite recreational pastimes. Don't -- Angela hill tomorrow an open mind with Angela weekdays -- went for here on WW well here's a quick update on our WWL project opinion poll tonight. I clippers owner Donald Sterling apologizes for his racist rant should he now be allowed to keep his team or should the NBA still forced him out. 51% say he should now be able to keep the team. And 49% say fortunately for the nor short minister Washington bureau WWL. How are you -- Wall. It. Or wrong. But. Or. Outpatient. If the courts it is. Now not a couple -- secure it. About being via. They don't -- you don't need to do it all schools in. Awhile and it. Apart. I'd been obviously the war is not -- one because there certainly are a lot of Christians around the world. Yes the -- -- not be a walk. Now. They want it is the return. And we vote you vote them out. But they'll put more credit them properly you know it will. It and it not for these. -- there -- not. Here. I've -- you don't think the government is waging war -- -- Christians. Yeah. -- -- And -- hit it it does it -- but now they are well. But but that's that's different from the government. What is the end of the vote them all -- government. But the government itself is not getting together and and waging a war Christians. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. You know it. Part. The word. And not and that credit but it got. Out there. But it. -- There. Oh. And thought it all. Minister Washington and I appreciate you calling a shorter knighted thanks for listening. So when I got so -- World War II museum we had gone into the the area where you see the movie up beyond all boundaries. And I out at a brief conversation with with mr. Kirby and to just the started talking to once we got into the museum. Mr. Kirby who just so honored to have you here no good to me. Could have been warned the good -- Well -- thank you for. They give. It -- more -- come here and I know we did you -- Will -- no idea in my car. I was sick of me is good news -- -- as word got me a bill today -- Masood who elected this is hit it she. And the prevailing wages. I guess how much an hour -- com or call -- -- Good to sit to an hour. And here's so here's part of what mr. Kirby was we're saying what he was talking about the machine gun that he used. To kill people in the -- something that's still bothers him today. We moved good guys in this case did and I they would go forward. Viewed did you did did go forward bag where -- moved -- could. Big cash shot to me edit and -- he -- over a group blue group. My free it was eroded here in the name was Jacob will be as did. We border agent who has passion for -- -- -- shaken out. You had a -- And I've seen a movement. It is. It was so dark we could keep try to -- it -- You do machine moved. Or frozen. Pizza -- -- no remorse. Nobody -- machine guns. So. Go red for our -- Warner both -- and I got to have mentioned. I'm notion of private Veronica never show it is they'll tell you about to sign here please see it and I know it. Who invented a machine gun knows about thirty yeah do you if I know Rupert did the. It was an honor to meet a man who was part of a generation and helped create the world we live in today mr. Kirby Smith worked in defense for seven years and spent fifteen months in the army. In the 104 infantry division known as the timberwolves. He spoke with sadness about the job that he had to do on the front lines in Germany during the war. Mr. Kirby said I killed a lot of people. And when he was handed an M three the weapon used in the war very similar to the one that he used. A quiet Paulus. Took over his face. As he inspected the weapons. And he held it in his hand. As if he had held just yesterday. During the movie beyond all boundaries which mr. Kirby had never seen -- -- today. He reached over grabbed by arm during the scene from Germany during Christmas. Yes. The war -- going to Christmas but there was -- He reached over during this this scene in the in the movie. And said that's about the time we got there. Later in the day mr. Kirby lamented. That the Germans were not bad people. I've heard stories about allied troops in German soldiers. Wishing each other Merry Christmas during the Christmas pause in the fighting. And mr. Kirby seem to understand that the soldiers on both sides had a job to do their job was to defend their country. The curator of the World War II museum who was taking mr. -- around with us. Also found to a few items. That related to mr. Kirby is division in World War II. One item was an army dress jacket worn by the timberwolves division which he was part of he touched the heavy fabric of the jacket and he said I didn't get to where this very much. A reference to the fact that his division was busy in the trenches on the frontlines. And really didn't -- to Wear dress uniforms. Mr. -- seemed to be an all. Of a Nazi flag to curator unfold before a Nazi flag that had been signed by members of the army's 104 infantry division which he was part of it was taken in battle. As I watched this 92 year old World War II vets reaction to the artifacts. At the museum that he was shown. I can only try. To imagine what they meant to him. And the memories that they brought back at how he was feeling. This is a man who was proud to defend his country and there's different question in his mind about what his mission once. There was one thing build it was even more important to mr. Kirby. In the amazing displays at the World War II museum. Mr. Kirby seem more interest in talking. And telling stories. There was a small group that included a few listeners. That followed mr. -- around and listen to his stories intently. At one point there was a a Chinese girl and it and she must have been may be fifteen years old. She was an off of mr. Kirby and intently listened to his stories. He may be 92 years old but mr. Kirby is mentally sharp and I was impressed by his confident firm handshake when we first met. This honorable. War were to -- represents a generation from a different time in America. When America was -- into World War II our military was not among the dominant militaries around the world we ranked eighteenth in the world we were even behind Romania. In terms of military power we had more horses than tanks. Before the war. But what we did as a country. Is something that we should be doing more today. And that is you know ninety. And -- finding reasons for us to to be divided. We can certainly have our political opinions. But it it it it shouldn't be so harsh and hateful. And disrespectful. As it is today. There was a time when being an American. Was more important in politics. It was more important than religious differences. It was more important than opinions on social issues. Before during World War II America pulled together as one nation. And fought and won a war on two major fronts. And I think it's fair to ask the question would this nation unite that way again. Today mr. Kirby. And all those who were part of his generation. They put differences aside. And the united to protect our country. America is so divided along many different lines conservative liberal. Christian non Christian black white straight gay I mean the list is endless. We should be ashamed. That we have a lot of our differences to so defied us. Mr. Kurdish generation. Witnesses that today. And that's not the way they work. In the presence of a 92 year old World War II vet I was reminded. There were not the same nation we were before and during World War II in some -- were much better. But in terms of the spirit the unity of this country. We should all pay attention how easily we've become distracted. From focusing on real problems. Instead of spending energy on the pettiness of division. Division this country's become a recreational sport. I don't want credit for even arranging mr. Kirby is visit to the World War II museum. There were others who were part of that is sort of -- our conversation I said I wanna get you to the museum. Visit and an ambulance company. That set a shuttle to pick you up and they're so honorable they didn't even want publicity didn't want me to mention their name. But I so respect that it just goes to show again they were doing it because that's what they really wanted to do. And they were doing for the publicity. And I guess I get some publicity out of this but that's what I was looking for. I just wanna be a reminder. That we all have the power to touch the lives of others. It's not always convenient. It's not always easy. But they're a lot of people like mr. Kirby. Who still need our attention. But we need them to. When you give your time to just talked to those who were part of an America that we should work to bring back. I think you're really blessed. With a living proof. Of how great this nation can be. And let's not let the media. Let's not let the politicians. Let's not let those who benefit. From division let's not allow them. To turn this into a divided nation. Let's try to get back. What that generation that. What mr. Kirby generation net. There's a bit of video with my conversation with mr. Kirby at the World War II museum it's on our website at W -- the outcome is scoop like tonight is titled. World War II -- mr. Kirby represents a very different America. If you wanna join our shooter with a comment on numbers 2601872. All 38668890. At seventy. And -- tech's number is it's every Saturday. This is the -- show. Graduate -- tonight's. And we'll be right back on WWL and welcome back to our show and is said Monday night live from New Orleans on WWL here's a text that read says this is the power of radio to help people. A beat their best very proud of you -- Bravo again I don't I don't want credit for doing a nice thing. Hi if anything I just wanna be reminders that. There are things that we can do the things that you can do. But to reach out and and in touch others -- a few calls -- just a moment but let me get to a few of these text. Here is a text of -- -- astute listening to the audio that you played brought tears to my eyes reminded me of my grandfather passed to in 2010. Who was a marine from 1943 to 1945. Super five. He talked about World War II in his last years. It would have tears in his eyes touching which you guys do for him was remarkable. -- what he did for us was a remarkable. And I noticed that a lot with with mr. Kirby did didn't take much for him to get. A choked up and even even express that he. He felt badly about the people but he had to kill. But -- had to do it it was kind of about defending the country and survival. Here's a text of these issues need to be look at. From -- sociological perspective society must evolve mentally in order to survive. To brand yourself as conservative liberal etc. is ridiculous. People automatically labeling themselves. And their thoughts around it confined perspective. You do what you want and let others do as they wish. But no one has any right to make decisions for others being a white person I am embarrassed by slavery. Justice I am heterosexual and embarrassed by taking away -- homosexuals rights. Of people will prevail. And those that refuse to change will not be part of the natural evolution of humanity. Very well put. And that's something that really expresses the the attitude and mentality of the show -- for a party to a rose year on W Leo good eating rose. Still 82 and so I was about news though we're not armed -- at Pearl Harbor. Select -- remember. What it did. Second World War. My brother. Volunteered. For the Marines assistant volunteer rings they ended up -- -- And I wish it could be your date -- the world war in the using. And that it would be very very. Yeah I wish I wish I could've seen it with my dad. Tell you what that's not they're not call. Like -- said that was maybe thirteen fourteen years old and we hit it Prisoner of War -- in the should be adjournment. In this spot to meet not -- a -- stay as it would go across the country and bring him to Mississippi. When the train stopped that the that the votes. The German soldiers were allowed to eat at the counters. And a black American soldiers. Hit expand outside in the -- from the outside. It up at me again and that bothers me now. And that was something that -- wrong with America in the past and that's something that Tim has changed that is is better now. But I just I I couldn't help but think rose about the the spirit of this country of the foreign and during the -- the the sacrifice that this country made the the lack of of a finger pointing that it and it seems to be absent from most of the history that I read about this error. -- that why I mean people got together and even that children you know children get -- but at oak partners. -- Obama in victory gardens aren't we used to buy and since Spain Italy got enough eighteen dollars and 75 cents witness against. We turn didn't for a walk. We're supposed to help the servicemen. And yet even that children at that time. Within about an -- it was wonderful still bit. I just wonder if we would be willing to make those sacrifices as families as individuals that that we did as a country that. I don't know I'd like to think like that would come together. That we did. A lot of people that get Esther. The army or not New York. A magic Wall Street to see American flags flying. Every out that -- a wonderful thing at all upon what she. And I in World War -- museum and there was several different. It didn't say it yet brought you customize the fact that think about brother brother on you know but. Let me at at and -- it -- got to go. Salute him an epic. It service -- and I sit there and thank them. Good for you rose I appreciate you calling her shirt like that soliciting. I have a Tennessee in the show me sometimes I I may forget but I'd -- I try to always make it a practice anytime somebody says that they were in the military. I always try to in the conversation with thanks for doing what you do for our country a from Mary Roger -- under the WL. He used to. Make a congressman and a sure and respect you and I'll hang up but it's and to use complicated. Slumped to a school yet in the ancient is obliged to because. We are a nation. Of just polluted and we -- from the principle they are principles. In which is an -- couple and law of war brings back. In America could we once want some. Of these two Munich. As a black man -- won't get America back again -- -- -- -- America Baghdad. That trotted out on black people and hated in -- human just respected him and couldn't even wondered. Attacked America -- on some -- Roger in that in the spirit of what we're talking about we're talking about the America where people came together and and we're united and and even though. -- even though segregation was legal discrimination was legal way in World War II broke out who were involved in the war. That was that was put aside and and people work together and and women. Were part of the workforce and took her construction jobs that men had. Actually went off to Warsaw I'm only talking about the that this spirit to unite compared to the deep divide among Americans today but no I'm not talking about. The the ugly discrimination and separation of our past. I didn't think you -- a token I guess to a -- -- that a person but I'm just stand I support him article we warn you again. School you know -- you can see you name and the cozy and you'll careers than bush. Yet you support to parents saying. It would -- and that you could. Dad wrote the Bible -- inspired me and are all -- right dead but he did the embassy is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We discriminated against Christian and everything at Stewart should almost demand polluted. -- judge people everybody. It won't do. But the Christian school in open it it would the city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh. Well who criticize who criticize you. Don't -- critic who's criticizing. Scoop into a porno but tell me specifically is there is there's somebody in particular who's criticizing him as it is co worker. To go to whatever they Christian goes through every day you have to do it's a bad. Almost object that is India owned by -- the Bible says. Well this a lot to condemn our guiding them in the in the Bible me is does a lot Roger. There's a lot it's condemned by god in the Bible. -- just does one thing right now. Talk about this one -- -- -- -- India right. You'd feel the same way about people who were divorced. People who watch porn as you do about homosexuals. -- than your fair because that what what I what I like to talk about is the problem. Of focusing on homosexuality. Is if that's the only sent. We could do it. It is its line and the pass. Or don't as being normal and it's normal. -- well you it. -- -- You don't have to accept it but you also don't have a right to discriminate against those who accept it. And discriminated against adult -- that -- look at its critics would. Say about that. -- discriminated against a part of god discriminated against. Roger you're entitled to your view of that front I'm. Sure you -- Roger there is so much in the old testament if you really wanna get into a discussion about the old testament and man lying -- if you really wanna get into a discussion about that. We're going to be getting a lot of things. Well do I've got him and I am just doing our respect -- But I think you can feel because if you prefer that Chris -- -- you must support the saint. Well I don't profess christianity I simply describe myself as a Christian I gotta get great run for well I'm not I'm not it's not my job to ruled christianity. Hi it's my job to just be honest about who I am I betting it's a break Roger I didn't join our spirited conversation. -- will be right back to wrap up our show -- -- of you well there is attacks series -- desire our last caller objects to discrimination yet he discriminates. You'd take care review Roger and leave others alone here's attacks that reads. Eating trip is condemned by god. In the Bible also. My support of same sex marriage. As a Christian. Is founded in the freedoms that we have to make choices about the hands. That we choose in life. Everyone interprets the Bible. And does not accept literally. Much of the social mores and standards. Of an ancient world tougher Pascagoula -- -- WWL. Secretary you're not -- went to a new all natural born he would have banned the book out at this room. Thank you don't start out Spybot diluted common -- -- -- -- But -- that the value on the scene. But did you. Probably would there I have a friend that came out well currently reunion. He called critical of the doubled them up there and and they were out there on an earlier today. But -- a very profitable light and come collector caught an equal well. It is what what. He was in front we're. The museum that he met with management he almost. And that's -- called -- higher president whoever that met and you actually. All are that moved Cellini. Was it just to. I hit an -- or at the end of the wall. How awful remedial convertible eat -- call partner and negotiate are now. Your tenure law or all the on the view of what Hitler call art than he caller and pretty written on -- An incredible light optic a lot of coal or -- are at an app but. It but -- Egypt has been a little bit and -- -- at all. I'm glad you called it was that way thanks a lot again and video of mister curry is forward to museum on our website at WWL dot com. Side the World War II museum is just such a wonderful reminder of offer up an America that we're so quick to put petty things aside and unite behind one efforts. I hope we're still that country I hope we can become a country again. When I think John -- senior producer Jack Harris also in the get a studio is LSU baseball on tomorrow night but the -- will be on right after LSU baseball tomorrow night have a great evening. -- New Orleans.