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5-13 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 13, 2014|

Dave talks about how much money you carry in your pocket, Donald Sterling can't shut up, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 -- -- the early edition of WWL first news on this thirteenth of may 2014. Hey it's Tuesday a not to mind today we survived congratulations. Welcome back. Well yeah I was relaxing. Yeah really count yet you do in after it goes through Monday and the rest and now. Those very guilty and idea terrible he -- sleeping in. -- so mad at those guys work in -- user time Dugard downstairs through Brack is no I think I'll sleep another. I have some things I'd like to say the humans on the radio -- -- Rodman and thank you so much. So the adult male termites who have reached sexual maturity while and it's time to move out on their round. Left the next branching out. You know it's funny it's as if the termites new Saturday night I was haven't a bunch of teenagers over -- house from a dollars per. And they were all hanging out outside and. Just after sons that the suits screaming and hollering the girls. And as their running and that. Well they opened the door and it was it was like one of those cartoons where this warm abuse follows the cartoon character now this is it was that -- might. And all these teenagers come -- at my house covered in terms like this on their shirts that are getting in their closed. And then there's termites on the house or run and it's off all the lights yep and that was -- in the dark and watch a movie. And but the rest of that turn off all the lights and sat in the dark dark. For like two and a half hours because the termites were swarming Saturday night which -- the night before mother's behalf that was the Mother's Day storm snowstorm. Whatever it might and he does any cents. But Saturday night you mean they always say Mother's Day is about time we have our first warm but they're more coming. And there's that that horrible feeling when the termites are swarming. And -- common through the windows and it crawled through the cracks and if you don't drop almost every light in the house are gonna find a way they find a way to get it. Everytime -- open the door they come in they find any little cracks and crevices and -- crane. And some people freak out yeah termites. They are not fun to have all over you know mourners outside on the porch and or whatever or all of you when you're sitting inside in the kitchen out of the bedroom -- But you do is turn off lights and everything's fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As you know many lights especially near the windows. None of those -- -- in the house and demand in the attic and stuff like that it. -- deals with their their look and replace start new colonies in the ground. So that I can eat your house now. I think and I think some people think they are the only a lot of -- my god during a house this morning -- Somalia and in the in my kitchen sink the -- termites in the kitchen sink the house is -- be gone and a matter of days are gonna eat the whole thing underground. Now. Maybe a couple thousand in your house you might wanna call next -- Yeah yeah you know a couple hundred that end up during the storm. That's party normal. And the whole thing will be over worth. But couple weeks and I. -- -- to keep track of the -- -- just another one happens. To them. Right there in the middle of the party. -- -- -- -- Money. Right now right. One dollar one dollar one. People like caring lasts and we have new report and share them. With -- -- and -- and actual money. A debit card or credit card. But an actual money might surprise you a little money people I'm one of those guys who almost never got your card guy knows well. Obama not spend money that the and if I have cashed them far more likely to spend money in the right down but what ideas demanded yet Iceland. But I. After some struggles as a young man. Realize that should only spend money. A pretty good idea. If it's not in the capital spend. What about those big blogs with like cattle warns on in -- -- wanna. You know never ever known using money that people use them I I -- a couple times a configures. -- America money to put an excellent. I could put the money in the clip that I did not. Some guys that aren't taking out one bill to regulate it -- -- messed up but I think the clip often put it back on. But I don't I just don't care. -- it is now a huge pockets for change. Every night. Empty pockets but the change addresses and every -- -- -- pocket all wonderful. -- February when you know if you did them pocket change managers here this year's worlds idea how much money's the average person care tech -- 7870 right now dynamic money you have in your pocket. Normally -- money you carry around if your normal. View. Anyway I'll share that with you and your forecast sports right after this. Tied a team good morning I'm gave -- thank -- so much for joining us on the early edition of WWL first -- text messages today it's 7870 response to the question how much cash do you carry -- -- zero says one zeroes that's another 400 to 500 dollars does another and guests I'm hoping yours small businessperson who does. You know catch is the -- no less than 500 bucks I'd be scared to walk. More. In my pocket. Does lose it guard rob. The announces pre casino or post casino well I know preakness in April and a bunch of posts in April have not. -- that house wins 200 dollars as another one. -- -- I'd never -- today actually have a ten dollar bill let me -- my lucky day when it come from if you never carry cash. Moses like area 100 dollar bill hidden in my wallet. And probably ten box and one in addition to that. It's now that's a few text messages and 87870. Coming up after sport to play how much the average hours and Carrey's. In their pocket according to a new report right now we have to go over to the Eyewitness News forecast senator. And check in with mr. meteorologist Laura -- -- week wait on that cold front. Man I'm blessed that we talked about a cold front in the middle may. It's looking warm and pretty humid again today 86 this afternoon and watch out for an isolated thunderstorm or two. Through the early evening hours the pretty quiet tonight with -- just round seventy. Then tomorrow rain and thunderstorm chances increase to 50% as they cool front arrives. We'll still keep highs around 83 on Wednesday but highs Thursday after skies clear only in the mid seventies on the Eyewitness News forecast center I'd royalties Clark knocked out. Highs in the mid seventies on Thursday now called a cool front I think that is a legitimate cold front. Not Phelan and now that's pressures start off the day it's 73 degrees and mostly cloudy skies at the airport in -- slide out clear and seventy degrees. Saints had a bunch of rookies you couldn't get drafted. It's just part of what's going on in the world of sports tells about that and everything else take good morning to Steve galleries if it's not Monday. Hallelujah I have heard today that -- -- I guess we're out yet or at all we get longer the draft you didn't have. Saturday is Sunday magazine in really have a Monday just kept -- but today is. 20% of the way through the legitimate work week so -- and -- Yet time to man up and do some sports. Good morning everyone the states announced that seventeen undrafted rookie free agents. Have agreed to terms with the team among the group is six foot six wide receiver Brandon Coleman from Rutgers. He hopes to learn a thing or two from veteran Marcus Colston. Yeah are more firmly knowledge throughout his career. I think he's you know -- together very unique skills that he -- stable. -- -- -- -- -- You can go to WWO dot com to see a complete list of the saints rookie free agent class. Will browns owner Jimmy has one says that he told newly drafted joining -- and -- -- he needs to start acting like a backup quarterback. Has will praise -- himself from being hateful true competitor but reiterated that Brian horn here. Is that -- starting QB in that -- they'll have to be got a veteran in training camp. In the NBA playoffs LeBron James tied a playoff career high with 49 points. At the Miami Heat down the nets 102 in 96 in Brooklyn to take 83 games to 1 lead in the Eastern Conference semis. Then Damian Miller scored 25 points and Portland trailblazers avoid the -- in the Western Conference semi finals. By beating San Antonio 103 and 92. LA clippers owner Donald Sterling has apologized for the races comments that you've got him banned from the FDA for life. Telling CNN's Anderson Cooper that it was a terrible mistake. And he's not a racist. Sterling also repeatedly disparaged magic Johnson's HIV positive status saying magic was not a -- role model for kids I. Just don't think he is a good example. Four of the children of Los Angeles that he would go wouldn't. Do what he did and then get aids. Earnings come arm. Okay and zephyr is pitching was lit up as disease were decimated in Omaha by the score of nineteen to one. Today -- four on sports talk to current odds in Las Vegas had the scenes as twenty to one favorites to win the Super Bowl. Who will be the black and gold biggest roadblock in the NFC. And at six LSU baseball takes on -- I'm -- gallery here early morning look at. -- Donald Sterling -- but I like to call diarrhea of the mouth and no filter between his brain and he just can't shot up. He just can't help himself in here's a guy who as an opportunity probably didn't matter anyway. But at least the opportunity to try to have history reflect a little better. I don't think he could have done anything they'd get reinstated did not be banned for life. Maybe he can influence couple the other or owners. With these appearances to maybe not vote to force him to -- his team. But here as an opportunity to least batter his position. A little bit. Any attacks on the most popular players of all time in the history of the NBA who. By his own admission did have rampant sex with women all the time everywhere and got HIV. But that was not the time of the place for him to bring this -- to have this discussion about whether Magic Johnson should be a revered hero or not. Boy he could deflect any of the attention off of him and put some blame on somebody else I would assume you know I cast I think he -- You know hey -- I might not be the best guy but hey look at this guy will be here he did some things -- as well you wonder how someone like that became so successful so rich. Unbelievable right -- there's so now and don't have any idea about it. Influence public opinion and make people like. The hospital like this will we clearly know -- he doesn't know what he's saying because he had those 3COM he knew about the taped conversations. Because he would get into these arguments with beast at the -- saying. No I never said this it's Hugo Ronaldo -- the replay the tape you did say this. And they've they've they've got to arguments over stuff before. That's the story that keeps on. Coming back. Keeps giving thank you Steve we'll have you back in point Imus must -- -- long enough right now that would -- free agency the draft. And signing unsigned rookies who didn't get drafted other holes left in the lineup for the saints where is this team still need to. Develop something to find solutions Steve tells that. It's like -- more sports here on WW well. AM FM and some tactic -- entity -- -- it's his opinion. The argument that I'm not saying that that's not a legitimate discussion and out of whether or not Magic Johnson should be revered hero but. Should he do it now while he's trying to save. His status as an NBA owner. Didn't help himself and all by attacking somebody else's time when he dishes that I am really sorry that was stupid of me I'm sorry I'm sorry I am sorry ams are nothing should citizens are. I'm sorry will be right back after this before. Let's get your forecast as we -- on the front. Rain chances for your Tuesday at 20% that means just a handful of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon and still warm out there with highs around 86 tonight flows only dropping to about seventy. And still warm day on Wednesday ahead of that cool front were reaching 83. But look for higher rain chance 50% tomorrow and even a stray shower or 2 possible Thursday morning at the front moves through but cooler on Thursday with ice at 75 from the -- witnessed these forecasts senator I'm urologists -- -- next how much money you have in your pocket. Clippers owner Donald Sterling apologizes Tennessee in an interview saying he's not a races and was aided in the making his comments. You believe them can you be baited into racism and -- sterling get the benefit of the doubt or not -- Tommy Tucker today -- -- and I -- right here on WWL. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news it's made in its thirteenth that's Tony fourteen excuse I can not modern day congratulations -- producer. I've the first day of the work week and now make their way on and -- the famous people -- Tuesday. The back on the Monday to remind us that we're making progress. Indeed man. In of these Donald Sterling comments. People aren't so. Emotional about this man and what he. Whether they hate him or even delivered a lot of people off them and think he has every right the world -- -- -- -- And I don't argue with that -- able to get upset with me for saying that he was. Dole. To do what he did last night. I just said that I don't think that when you have an opportunity to try and improve your public relations positions are clear the air well I don't think he can do that and our best he could have done was win over a couple of NBA owners and maybe have a fighting chance not to be forced to sell as team. The worst thing you could have done was to say anything else controversial. And for whatever reason he chose to use that opportunity to attack magic Jon Johnston. Who I think there is it legitimate discussion to have and I don't think there's anything wrong. In the aid. Another setting. Of raising the question of having this discussion is Magic Johnson hero should he be revered here at one of the greatest players of all time there's no doubt about that. Mean he by his own admission. Was wildly. At. Active and when it came to sexuality promiscuous promiscuous is a good warranty deed and he hit everything need to get -- hands on there's no doubt about that he admitted it. And he was diagnosed as being HIV positive which is not the same as having aids. But sterling apparently doesn't know the difference or doesn't care to make that differentiation. Here's the point what people attacking me very angry now where is right they want that person manner. Yes he does have the right to say what everyone's noticing was a -- time out and place to say it. And an opportunity. A slip by. -- by these comments yet when your you know what it was the old phrase out of the pan into the fire you know it just seems to me. If you -- have a debate -- should Magic Johnson be hero have that debate had taken sides in this thing it's a legitimate discussion you -- have. But not when years in a world of hurt and just trying to save the ability to continue to own team. So anyway I wanted to just clear the era yeah I was in discussions now we started the hour by talking about money in your pocket. I -- next to no money you -- of a dollar in your pocket now getting text messages from a lot of people who either have no money. Or a lot of money -- -- look at 40500 dollars around the pocket every day -- People who are tactic -- 77. Here -- the results of the Bankrate dot com. Survey are we don't they found that. The largest number of people 40%. Have less than twenty dollars in their pocket given. 9% to they have no money I mean that 9% and generally now I have somewhere to go right now they only take -- -- -- now I'll get some money. By generally I don't carry capital like him make the buy -- spend it in right spent less money and that happened to them hesitant that's what my cards that 49% of people. Then overall -- between zero and twenty dollars the next biggest group is 29% carry between twenty dollars. And fifty dollars -- march announced on March and also the vast vast majority of people carry less than fifty box. And then it's a single digit percentages anymore they carry more than a hundred dollars at all. While percent between 10250. 2% more than 250 dollars. I'm happy at least it Baywatch cast all time money clamps and huge bulging wallets than. But now and I think catches eventually just become thing that. Imprint when. They used only for very special occasion -- you partners have a safety concern. That people may be worry about. Carrying around so I flew 500 box Amezaga Texas ICC case 500 dollars every day I can I be nervous walking half -- apartment pocket. Or you know anything goes wrong. Is don't get that back now with the plastic the plastic. The bank but the money right back intimacy if your card music and I you know then you're not liable for there may be up to fifty bucks depending on terms of your camps. Yeah I just -- mean it is I don't like it I don't areas actually there's reasons to have it in the purposes for -- -- -- for people who. You know do our small business owners and deal in the -- yeah. In cash business. And catch becoming a thing of the past and not so thank -- him we'll talk about twenty minutes corporate -- Chris Miller joins us not make it big improvement Thursday. To the fan experience at Tiger Stadium will include beer sales. There are reports out there that LSU is getting closer. But not quite there yet to saying yes selling -- Tiger Stadium. God let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and -- say hey it's not Monday. All of this floor about. -- -- -- -- well Friday is the opposite. Maybe Saturday at the opposite of money has but I know it's not Monday that's right and that means we survived the first day of the work we can we're making progress. But mother nature. Is that not quite ready yet to give us any relief. Note note that frontal system is still west about that actually brings some very heavy rain Houston this morning at some flooding for the morning commuters but we're in just a slight chance for a shower today. Better chance tomorrow as to actual front arrives and then by Thursday will be talking much drier and nicer -- out there for the after me. Yeah where is the seventies now to start our Q yet. We -- get it out of the seventies on third I -- seventies Thursday at a time like it I -- annals of more of it yet and the lows in the fifty's and at a country. Haven't a couple of -- -- -- looking at the York pinpoint doppler radar that doesn't you have to lessen that it we have -- they were looking at. The radar and -- to the eighth -- all that rain years in the -- we don't have a 50% chance of rain. Yeah I'll let you know it's coming this way and it it. What you -- -- has always happened here is that what happens here is how it happened east of us right they have added there hasn't it's going to be cold again during the system and it you know completely fall apart yet that rain is tight at saint Marie and it's -- Our way but we do have a chance tomorrow into tomorrow evening. And then that things clear out this -- -- Thursday it appears that today just like yesterday I -- that came -- town's only isolated chances today but better chance tomorrow okay and then do we stay cool in the Friday. Yeah we -- annual -- earlier yes seventies and Friday. Night and Friday night I was so fixated on the change on Thursday that I. Must've -- with my empire looks nice to look at it still looks like no rain for the weekend. Back into the low eighties so I think we have and I stripped it. Fantastic and like it I love but I want -- more of -- we just have to survive tomorrow and that all will be well for several days. I have a question Korea -- what raw meat ball. We're making national headlines we are right here in southeast Louisiana are now after a man from Gonzales. Over the weekend was involved. What he says with a hit and run accident that some of -- wiped his car on the -- ten. You're seeing in the lane as he was driving to -- So he called bullies. Doesn't want to come in and file a report. Apparently -- feel like today it was a situation where they had to go look at the scene in our little -- new guy story may be items that they does that come on in you can fill a lot of reports you know for your insurance on so forth. So the guy drives to the Louisiana state police troop I headquarters. He -- then and cops immediately noticed that he appears to be little intoxicated. And they say as they continue to investigate it became clear he was definitely over the legal limit and so we drove himself to the police station -- drunk. Re got arrested accurately analyze you know. -- -- -- that he side -- something -- -- that is still under investor reaction. To attack them that we know of that. It got picked up by the national media and is now making the rounds on the Internet. As. One of those stories that our -- Yeah or -- and a yank it viewers to get killed some. Right now what probably people driving drunk to the police station Corey. You think you know I usually pretty aware one -- I know and I've had. Drinks to drive and why don't -- drive at all right but I definitely would think. Maybe I shouldn't drive to the police. Hey hey you know alcohol affects people different ways though you know. They did that liquid courage against people like had a vote odd feeling of being invincible sometimes you know maybe this guy just to really get it. Yet the minute he stepped out of his SUV at the two -- headquarters. Police say they smelled the -- -- -- the better he has license had been suspended. Driving on a suspended lights and that's another reason not to go to see the cops and that's drive at all. Yes but if you are arriving at this that in -- plays to drive it to the police station. Thank you Mara at it like now in the right with these -- Sports with Steve Geller coming up next other holes in the saints team now after all this free agency. The draft senate but two rookies that weren't drafted we'll talk to him about that after this. Ten minutes in front of 6 AM time for sports and for that we say -- gallery it's not on -- welcome to Tuesday. Last -- good morning I'm probably that 99 yards and take it back on her at home and I know don't go that that far back does dealt with on. Good morning everyone the saints have reached deals with seventeen undrafted free -- six foot 6225. Pound rockers wide receiver Brandon Coleman joins the black and gold. After hole in 34 passes for 530 yards and four touchdowns -- 2013. He is anxious to get to work with quarterback Drew Brees -- Through reason she -- firm so -- -- all -- you play we'll play within our program. Every young receivers to have a little better court directive will boost my confidence. To get a full rundown of all the saints undrafted free agents just go to WW dot com. Well is there already -- Johnny controversy brewing in Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy has on says the team has told Johnny -- -- start acting like a backup quarterback. Making it clear that Brian Hoyer is the team's starting QB demands that we'll have to beat out the veteran in training camp. Has them out of the team told me and sell this is not Hollywood. And they'll have to come to Cleveland ready to work. -- fun game pick anything that's from last night's game against Miami. And he didn't combined to score as many points as LeBron James produced in helping the heat taking 831 lead in the NBA's Eastern Conference semis. James Heidi playoff career high with 49 points in a 102 to 96 win in Brooklyn. The trailblazers have avoided a sweep by taking game for the over the spurs 103 to 92. Damian Miller scored 25 points and Nicholas Batum delivered fourteen points and fourteen rebounds. For Portland. Well clippers team owner Donald Sterling has apologized for his racist comments that got to bear from the NBA for life telling CNN's Anderson Cooper that it was a terrible mistake. And that he's not racist. Sterling was caught on tape for -- girlfriend beast of -- for posting photographs of African Americans tumor instead grim account. Thought he cared for me I was stupid. How good liberal temperament. 51 years or. She didn't that you wouldn't releases tapes it. She's a bad person. You know -- -- to survive. Poor Fella and over on the diamond is efforts were shellacked in Omaha losing nineteen to one. Today or on sports talk the current odds in Las Vegas had the same as 221 favorites to win the Super Bowl. Who the black and gold's biggest roadblock being in the NFC. Then at six LSU baseball takes on northwestern. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. I don't wanna have a full discussion about the next -- a protest quickly. Do you think when the saints go to Cleveland in week two of the regular season will they be facing Brian Hoyer. Or Johnny -- -- quarterback I fully expected to be Johnny football in a quarterback for the -- it's all the stock what you need to act like a back up don't coming here thinking that you're you're the -- -- -- we drafted you. It's just for the purposes of trying to humble -- a little -- yeah I think they even realize you know with him leaving getting drafted -- 22 overall coming up to the podium giving the dollar sign -- is that comes in the four -- make and the money -- so I think -- like you know what you need to check yourself a little and realize you are -- rookie and you know act like one speaking of -- the saints have a bunch of on the design what seventeen or undrafted freeagent. Obviously all those guys will not stay with the team but they're gonna get my shot. Then they they did have the six guys that they drafted right breaks expires and they were pretty active in free agencies to let me ask you this based on last year's team. The moves the saints have made now in the off season. Are there any gaping holes on offense defense or special teams that -- while cents after all this. I don't know like Colin a hole but I'm still concerned about the center position because if you go to the roster right now look. There's no official central whisker we know that -- expected to move from guard to the center position. And they also brought in some competition. Jonathan Goodwin also a veteran free agent expected to be signed but still nothing yet so right now to me the only position and needs to be really. Concern about his senator other than that adjourn the saints -- stock. All right you're not sold on the -- yet. I know several coaches and and I figured Mickey Loomis and really get things about it -- adamant. Yeah and I I even talked to. Steve court while he was injured during draft coverage and want to know how difficult it was moving former senator for the ninth right from the -- the center position he's like it's gonna take a little bit of time but he doesn't think that'll be too much of injuries and. You're like in love and everything about this team except for in that -- what's happened and it's all right fair enough thank you Steve country to be back in fifteen minutes more sports you'll not be a hole there. You will feel it he Steve Geller I'm Dave going to forecast after. I'm 49% of people say the either carry less than twenty dollars or no money at all. You know point we will have will be -- no money society. Forecast. Rain -- -- for your Tuesday at 20% that means just full of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. And still warm out there with highs around 86 tonight -- only dropping to about seventy and still warm day on Wednesday ahead of that cool front were reaching 83. But look for a higher rain chance 50% tomorrow anything to stray shower or 2 possible Thursday morning at the front moves through but cooler on Thursday with -- at 75 from the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm urologists Clark. Now are highs there's going to be about where we are now 73 degrees and mostly by. Tommy tiger we're together next -- the -- it's not a little movies debuted at the data DP. TV. -- business here and we're talking about load. They gay kiss between. The football players and -- -- talking about entry level jobs and of course and a -- tunnels there early in the air after what he's at last night I don't think -- -- -- -- talk -- -- -- an -- -- Donald -- -- -- He he's got diarrhea and he can't stop himself he must say things they can get him and -- for the -- got the right to fail thank you shouldn't that it.

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