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5-13 6:15am Tommy, Louisiana film industry

May 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chris Stelly, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Office of Entertainment Industry Development, about how the film industry is doing in the state

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Probably a good day to film some movies. And Chris Kelly joins right now executive director of the Louisiana office of entertainment industry development. Morning Chris -- I'm great army to market yeah I'm well thank you I'm coming home from. Something on Saturday night and around 12 o'clock maybe I'm trying to cross -- Crescent City connection. And it takes me an hour and ten minutes to get across and I and it turned my daughter and -- say you know why don't they do it is. Overnight on the weekends. And -- of course it was overnight. On the weekends. Out. Tell me about the the movies that are on here today that are going on now the economic development it brings in the area how many people work and and under minor inconveniences I guess we have to put up -- I think at the time we all think this is major but after it's over you think well only waited ten minutes it's not that big of a deal. Yeah -- believe -- it. Those delays were gone because of the count that they lead I'll regret it but you know over the course of the past eight years we we've done you know remarkably well -- -- a motion picture industry around. Especially the city of new laws. Where -- we done pictures like twelve years the slave and balanced by club of course who are well recognized this task is easier on our legally as well. -- will -- ages glance over 21 jump street. All why you have to be a movie's not Chris but just there are movies for us out they're too you know -- of sand. Led 21 jump street twenty to adjust and all those. Are very very recognizable brands and you know we're at where we're well situated to. -- continue that streak with with those comedies I think twenty gentry will probably do really really well. -- how can you ignore a chase scene a shoot out up and down -- street that features there's battering and sign. Yen you know and then not to get finally which is coming properties situated by secular point discreet and Cho burst bank -- and all those other great. There is so. I'm -- amendment did that actually advertises for the city incur a recognized Louisiana brains yeah and yet. -- it is it's crazy but whenever we see movies it featured long ones we call. Jump up and look at is that we're seeing it for the first time there's something about human nature I don't know what it is split. There's expressway -- -- commercial look good he's an upper Manhattan boulevard that's not York. Now it's. -- Are better yet you know you'd use somewhere down new laws and then suddenly yen up at Lafayette general hospital which as you know pretty green at two hours away your right. That's that's the other thing that happens that's what you and a quarter secondly organ on a quarter street -- -- a West Bank house -- got their money quickly. -- take a break point and then we'll talk dollars. You -- Chris Kelly executive direct of Louisiana office of entertainment and industry development will take you calls to a -- questions that 26 187 Neitzel 386. Exit 890 -- any. It did Terry park -- -- on New -- -- like it or hated one of movies being shot -- area. And do you think the benefits gain from -- so many movies made here are worth the inconveniences and have you ever made money. From movies being made here either working in the industry avenue house uses something like that. More we come back 611 time when it Traficant that would go to terror problems. Six when he fired Tommy Tucker talking about that. Film industry here in Louisiana new -- ones and they had a lot of shooting them one on on wait until shooting and went on. -- it got to draw that line here which how much you movies on Terry parkway the exit and it affected that the -- exit and it was a little bit of an inconvenience but. Generally speaking when it comes to. To filming all the movies here and you see the signs that what what is the purpose of of those they have code words for the different movies Chris is that it. Right dozen directions until the crew land where you know where -- -- and and British you know where home page as. And it's me. -- -- Have been smaller crescent that outsource it gets ranked the it's amazing how many of those signs to begin in the -- and I get a text here that says. Is there any type of a clearinghouse -- one in website pitching -- to find out what cheating winners you know -- avoided if that's your desire. I'm much we we don't close any street closures -- the city new laws do you know -- -- office as well as you know the mayor's office I think that they impose some high street -- that you could certainly -- -- which in touch with with those guys. Our web -- is Louisiana entertainment dugout so anyone wants to know what's happening throughout the stated it in on time but it's certainly -- accessed -- -- A column I'll direct that were available. You know Monday through Friday and and -- to -- So when it comes dollars and cents and you know Texans in -- says were given. Too much you weigh everything and tax breaks. They knew where is lucky to have movies here let's get some money rolling it's not profitable and well would you say that the text that are. Well I would just let it -- elated and ecstatic that we released last year would not engage in another one here coming soon. Understanding. And Tony twelve generated over a billion dollars in economic impact on Louisiana businesses. And it also. -- -- supported local 141000 jobs not to mention 717. Million and direct household earnings. I would say that this economic impact is great and you know where where not only creating businesses that directly support the motion picture industry but. Ancillary industries like. I don't know grocery stores -- -- And cleaners. Caterers restaurants you know all of the other businesses that are so vital to Louisiana's economy are certainly benefiting from the from the challenges you know just ask around them as business has been wrong. And those numbers christened terms of of good jobs and economic impact that that's all local people and and that people are -- here it's not anything has rejected out or anything. -- that's all that -- based upon local qualified expenditures so you know all of that is. It's based upon what this kind and the state Louisiana and -- -- -- much of agent and a program. Put your engineers is -- -- during a commercial break he knows somebody that. Was working as a shadows they dressed up in -- and -- got a lot blinding camera and cast a shadow. Lee is -- point there that you didn't do you can pretty much find something to do if you if you go to the right sources. I believe so yeah I mean it that the motion picture industry at any given point in time you know a film like what that you you know two shot. I think two years ago. In Albania employs over 700 people at any given point in time so when you're talking about -- crossed the bridge again first caterers. Two senate is -- to even -- I mean there's a wide variety of jobs available. And a wide variety of opportunity for our young people and and anyone quite frankly so it's certainly. In -- that the cars the first front of people. How to go about -- some money get on the list DA as of sender as -- an actor extra anything like that. We we provide that's hysterical and I believe in entertainment. -- street Louis and a -- and street Louis Louisiana businesses -- encourage anyone that. -- -- -- That courier service particularly in a restaurant site even money comes acting. Even when it comes to acting we have database at present and active in things like that original deal with the acting that they think it's more about. Call opinion on your craft make sure that you have a good agent picking each you auditions and think by pat. There's some good actually testing agency just wanna be. An extra hand and -- -- beta today and and you know make make decent money. And I bet that -- extra staffing companies follow that you can and should do as well. So. If you're auditioning is a shadow you shouldn't go at night -- on a cloudy day. I'll tell you about it sure.

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