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5-13 7:45am Tommy, best & worst entry level jobs

May 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kate Brooks, Executive Director of the Office of Personal & Career Development at Wake Forest, about entry level jobs and tips for starting or switching careers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know that we're talking money entry level jobs and as it's still possible work your way. From the mail room to the board room. And what are the best and worst entry level jobs Kate Brooks joins us right now executive director of the office of personnel and career development. At Wake Forest University morning rob a good morning Harry I'm I'm well thank you tell me about the a study in terms of best and worst entry level jobs. Well you know it. -- the a lot of research comes at a Georgetown university in their public policy institute has looked at what you know where our jobs schooling where the careers going to pretty. And -- you might suspect. When you think about what our population is doing which is growing older. A lot of the jobs our careers that are related to things like health care industry. Or the technology sector. Or financial exciting things like that that. That people of all ages need -- in particular focus -- we're getting a little of the baby boomer generation is is particularly likely to need. And let ironies down -- worst entry level jobs from bottom top -- bottom ten down up to the worst total. Policy processing declared tool and die maker. Teller welder -- similar architectural draft their electronics is similar claim processing clerk boiler maker. And consumer loans servicing clerk that's the worst. You don't work would. So few boiler makers have to admit -- it's not a career -- many folks to go into the. -- is that because I guess so much energy. Has into the way energy our buildings. Being a lot of these changes -- anymore boilers. Well hopefully that's one factor and then you know and that is it that you get -- look at most of those careers as a career. That are irreplaceable guy automation you know or computer where computers or or some sort of technology. Can do that type of war. And that you just don't needed many people in the industry you might need one person to -- -- you know one of the things they found me at the Georgetown University study listed. Back in 1973. Only 28% of jobs required post secondary education and by post secondary and -- community college -- -- four year college or beyond. And intensely bloody they're predicting that 65%. Of jobs will require at least -- a secondary education. So we're just seen a trend towards jobs. They do require more education no matter what field. Because partly because of technology and the fact that there's a lot more to learn now issue that boiler makers. You know I respect their knowledge of technology. With much more mechanically inclined and now somebody that's worked in the HVAC industry or something like that is you know they have a lot about computers. Much more than they did before. Speaking of that and the best entry level drops from the bottom up programmer one training specialist network engineer. Market research analyst financial analyst. Software engineer attorney. As a best entry level job designer. A web designer and then the second information security analysts and I guess the vs. Developing apps. Presented at web applications developer. Definitely any anything that relates to computer programming specifically software development or app development is very hot right now that it's true. Everybody looking for the for the new bad app -- colorful owner put on your iPad or whatever else and they'll. That is the booming industry. In a way that the games industries which was hot a few years ago you don't hear quite this much about game development even though that's still going on and still important. -- that kind of superseded that don't you know yet it's always a little bit of were putting thing but. You're right the those -- -- tech jobs are still very the very popular and very much in demand -- managerial as well the government. Time professor wanna addresses and that is. The best way to get a career started or if you wanna switch careers and when it comes entry level jobs and an elected teller under one of the worst entry level job. Is there anyways start anymore the bottom and work you way up. All the way from the mail room to the board room or are those days gone. In other states are not on it is possible to work your way -- it's just gonna be done a little differently you're likely is it one time you might have been a pallor. At what they Wells Fargo and and may be worked her way up to BP or something. Well you might have to -- bank she might have to move around and go to different companies which you can craft a career that. No idea why would change why would you have to move around instead of staying at one place. Well it just has to do with what went in the opening become available and there are you know they don't have any management -- -- night at the -- And just like that the teller positions alone are disappearing because 8 PM. And and the fact that fewer people actually go to the bank do their transactions. More so as a result. You've got to find a bank that maybe -- the entry level and then you're probably gonna have to move that might be community panic if you like into. It's something that's a little more investment banking oriented or something like that you're gonna need to keep move in Iraq. It is saying that you can't be because if you say where you are you had to wait for somebody quit or die as opposed to a get promoted you move around then you you got to be willing to make some changes in your life. If that's right and you may want to you know look at different field speaking make it different perspective by doing for you mentioned marketing as a market research is as one of the positions. You know different. Places market differently as failed company that's selling a product is gonna market differently from how college is gonna market itself how hospital and market itself. -- it might pay you to move around and check out some of the different industries. Learn marketing and a lot of perspective so that you can you know kind of keep moving up in in that field maybe even -- on marketing consulting -- Never enough time doctor we appreciate you Tamil OT again thank you so my -- that.

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