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WWL>Topics>>5-13 8:15am Tommy, Donald Sterling a racist?

5-13 8:15am Tommy, Donald Sterling a racist?

May 13, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the latest in the Donald Sterling saga?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

IEA youngsters thing and hear about this Donald Sterling thing how ironic it would be if you were blacklisted and couldn't -- an NBA team. When it be ironic yeah. Scared you with the island in -- you do it. Andrea -- hang on line -- talk about an entry level job in order talk about this Donald Sterling thing up ready Jack opinion -- Just got to laugh guys such as screw up. I don't understand for the life of me -- can make a billion dollars and then. He's gotten older united -- this has nothing to do with anything but it looks as though he may have had some work -- -- as they should think of myself. Maybe it looks like him. Like an old Chevy with new seat covers. Oh that's I would never get anything like that -- -- it is weight and I got something with the islands and I need to be worked on. -- without a gimme more work because it's kind of better guy -- woman is known sterling races that's not ready yet we're paying people. Is asking you 5050. Right now 50% yes 50% now of support. And I'd like to know what you think it's music's 187 Neitzel 386 exit 8908 -- Instead of yelling at the TV instead of driving -- at the radio this -- your chancellor at the entire gulf south of America. Here which you have to say. And if you don't think he's -- -- why not if you do. Mine on -- and what exactly makes him a racist and we sat and is not a terribly sensitive man you know I into -- but you know sometimes eighty year old people. I'm not very sensitive people are pretty set new ways and means I was born in. What thirties. And there again as a reason -- the eighty years along those lines. I am all right one thing that I find is interesting. Is that he's there and Magic Johnson. We have sound -- number 125. -- you play. -- -- -- -- And I'm here with you today to apologize. And asked for forgiveness. For all the people -- it kind of hurts you I never dreamt that this could have. Williams and number five -- five. About magic Johnson and when his activities consisted of. It loved every girl is and obesity and that in America and he had aids and when he had those aides. I think what -- might sit it out and I prayed for him I hope he could live to be well -- I first of the don't have -- he has HIV and when he says he made loved every girl and every city -- other events. I think she is had a wife and I. The -- because they rape and anybody I hit the. Hi Antuan Dodson eight years for that. Infamous video and it seems like every girl in every city -- -- have to apply hate to tell you this but. You lovely wife. And. Matches today. Magic. Reforms owners. Magic magic on gas so every every. Girl in every city and that would according to our according to Donald Sterling that would dwarf wilt Chamberlain's numbers if that's the case. Silent on this -- about the guy's girlfriend Anna please jealousy. He's added one point that. She was half black and that's why he was in his he was. Baited into Meehan racism and -- can be baited into being races. Weaknesses in all means jealous of young girl I don't know if this guy's actually showed his true colors and hear from field that is. Or somebody entry level jobs and -- annually -- arrogant manner. Tell him it's not about work -- about working you're out. Well I disagree with your your expert on them. I am one of the low end or the worst that -- Are there and our war two memorial in. Our you know can go pa department and look forward. I mean she said that the best and city -- to partner and -- We're just -- clear that wasn't her this uses study done by a wallet. Oh OK at the start of the web. It's completely fall off the map I mean you look at. Although the titans specialty. All the influence. Well you know there's no weapons -- significant for web site Chenault. Only other thing is when it comes entry level jobs attorney is supposed to be the fourth best and I know a lot of attorneys and a lot of people let -- -- -- a law school and having a hard time. Didn't on it there was an -- surplus of attorneys on and tell me they were quick to what what was your secret to. Stay in where you aren't working your way up from entry level to. DNA needed to put manager of two departments now. -- -- -- And keep the record of error you know just keep on -- then. Or core of that as Karen so you are the best. He keyboard. Didn't promote. I mean that's so like -- court -- And how long have you been there. -- -- It do you think it's important for a guy that's been a manager lady to -- somebody that they've done almost every job that they're managing. Iran. Yeah because they know what used to be extra food and ending though. Toward that other person doing. In effect which is talking because he can't handle bull -- -- your eyes if you hand. Oh yeah well -- not to expect some people just don't know. Compared has heard horror stories old ways. -- in -- and promoted to. It's parliament -- is to provide and they -- ordeal with the court is. It's it's. On me. -- I'm glad you called podium today congratulations. -- hard work pays off it does. It is nice to hear that are now and -- Donald Sterling was born in 1933. So does he get a pass for any it is because it was a different time than he's a billionaire real estate guy. Owns an NBA team for the time being idea Estes. Bottom line do you think he's a racist or not and I would really like to know what you think they'll just Thanksgiving Colin you don't even have to give us your name and you know like. 5050 tied right now and I think if you Megan and determination of whether reason races you have to. Yet to tell me Willard at least tell me your thought process of what makes some money races in your opinion coming back Tommy Tucker -- W. -- -- this fascinates me in so many ways because I could see it as a guy that's got racial issues like NC it is a guy that is an old man that. -- is very successful that is trying to in the grosses way imaginable recapture his youth with a beautiful young woman. Against -- as a young woman whom they Tellme uses several aliases. Trying to squeeze everything she can financially. Out of an older guy and use in his own humorous in his own ego against him. And I can also see it as. People that. One look for and if you do you're entitled to your opinion just like Donald Sterling has three speeches and and and title to whatever he wants saying. Of people that look at it is a massive conspiracy and say that he was set up -- and if he was. Your billionaire real estate guy a year eighty years old you haven't learned by this time. Let's just say to think above you -- with everything you deal I'd like to know how he got to be a billionaire and real estate industry. And to be so Smart when it comes to business but so dumb when he comes to a life. From you because here's the deal I'm sure every successful businessman. Has opinions that would be just torn apart if they were to be made public. So he's said that he was being taped. They tape everything because he didn't money hand he said she said when it comes relationship between them. Because he said she would constantly say when you said this and denied and let's go back and -- of the tape. Donald in a hold in high here on -- W good morning thanks for calling. It more calm you know like Marie. There -- -- the -- that recuperate say. And you know it really foolish -- to be you know -- -- -- with dates that will go more -- However. Then now well now they can do it well all the rules about the penalty in all that public and to make everything. I would say you know he made. He's been compensated not -- void there they would be forcing him to sell the team but there's still some hurdles to be cleared for that. Is not as though they've taken this multimillion dollar asset away from him they're saying you gotta sell it because we don't want to -- club and it's not. You know -- added I don't think you can look at the NFL the NBA's just another business it's an exclusive club and if you're lucky enough you're allowed him if you have the money. On make better sense that -- benefit both to me he'd he'd broken no rules. You know would be to be punished or. You know -- If he he may need to. You know at eighty years -- -- on the reevaluate their. But. 19331943. Guys in years old 1953. East money. And a lot of things were different then and that doesn't justify it -- and we all old people. No -- anybody that CD older people. That's and things that where you just Syrians say yes you know we're not saying that anymore right you know that's not proper. Yeah well what he's -- -- We got a great fit every every culture's become a target girl in the same manner -- war. You know it is going to be you know there have been great. -- unit and the people who knew it was being reported that he'd ever -- the word or anything like that. So it sure would make you a racist. That -- I'm saying what makes somebody a racist. Probably not I'll. Outbreak if a person. Truly over it is. Little you know there are open about it and he you know -- The other -- feel that what I believe mr. -- it is in my in my you know my opinion and not where I can. And feel like it was in the you don't have to hang around her are -- until it you know brought about Japan that. So bottom line is this about it deep rooted racism is it about a guy that was raised in a different time is it about a full racial man. Who is looking at lose and everything because he chased a beautiful young woman which happens a lot of times what you think. They got that letter the letter. Letter in -- -- -- -- -- -- Decency that you know I. Needed if I can. -- it's however saying it mostly did do it would. When you say take advantage I mean I -- -- an end to -- and the man woman thing here with the older man younger woman. Anybody's taken advantage of anybody there seems like more -- -- business deal Lama should not mean. It will. But you know not not that I okay adversity not naive either they'd they'd both know what normal. You know the built in GP -- and upon. They were doing. Yeah I think it we gotta run I'm glad you called Donald and it's quote here from sterling says. I admire him as little girl admire him bring him here feed him blank him but don't put magic on an answer Graham for the world to have to see. So they have to call me and don't bring him in my games so I don't know if he's got a personal thing was Magic Johnson. If it's all African American people although he went on to say something about that. And then here's another quote appearances I don't know an eighty year old man is kind of foolish and I'm kind of foolish at touchy like me and really cared for me. I guess being 51 years older than ever. Keep in mind is as 51 and he would be holding there's a little infant just born. And and you flash forward 29 years and and who knows what is going on now is deluding myself I just wish I could ask her why. And if she was setting me up you know if you are eighty years old and a billionaire I can't buy that excuse about -- eight when he six tunneling your traffic more calls. Right now though fears Harold -- David Blake we got so many things going on here and it amounts of oatmeal or. Hundred miles an hour exciting again you know my daughter premiums. DC is concerned about the omens. Yeah and -- chicken breasts thing -- -- Yahoo! oatmeal allow appeal of that stuff then and I have lost a couple of LBs but. It's almost like this smokers they cannot have a cigarette every now and ran it donuts wrung an affiliate put -- mouth management -- To you felt you -- feel all guilty. And I Haas I wanted to do -- and I do that suvs and be cheaper than -- feet. The doubters to meet that guy all is about the Ballard. -- around one Steely Dan tickets we have one to get do you before they go on sale is 254. Dollars ticket group. Season nice Higgins and we have scrambled Steely Dan again for breakfast so between now and 10 o'clock -- outlet to no one's gonna happen we're gonna play. A scrambled up Steely Dan song in the first -- correctly identified it. At T six OW -- ST 609467. Winds as soon take its 254. Dollars a show is Saturday July 26 they don't even go on sale until 10 o'clock Friday. I heard the one are you played yesterday the and you scrambled and it was it was a tough one and a and a -- was I started easy let's but it though. I started with Israel and in the years and and work our way through the hits I can also went on FaceBook on line if you go to. Got a W radios FaceBook page. Look for the Steely Dan contests than like this and you can register to win and then we'll have one. Winner of tickets picked at random midnight on Sunday night and I'll announce that Monday morning at nine I think it is some tickets go on sale Friday may sixteenth. 10 AM a ticket master we got a four year three here with these scrambled Steely Dan for breakfast. Contests he stuff it is Keith -- a morning thanks for calling your on -- W well. Yet economic. I think what they're guys that he won the order bill. It's speech as we call -- -- And let's open -- up to go back to all law. Because I think but do in the it and she might replicate itself but not that she's been so great L. Does -- say anything to do with color. Mean really got to -- on and a billionaire real estate guy and it's ED. That with a girl that's 51 years younger than him do you really think she's attracted doing goodness I'd be that delusional. And he's married and he's exactly so how can put yourself in the position of that. How can you not know go on and that this is not your body it is if rang and she doesn't love you it's almost straight -- business deal. With a prostitute and I'm not saying this woman is a prostitute but maybe it's laundered you know on an -- -- anything happened between them. But it. He -- is conversation take that I need to pay them -- to be made to the public. David you want to take between him. But it doesn't change the fact that he said it but he said doesn't -- know it so my question to you is this is this about. Race is this about an old man and a young woman is is about some money born in 1933. All of the above none of the above. They get it it's about more because at this but some more street that would even be talking -- when she would beg -- what you could be with him. The -- -- -- eight year old guy that was broke. Keep well I'll say now -- complex and leader. All -- for a second he did give me it did news and motivate. -- chicken breast and vegetables to reach eighty. But I don't think -- you haven't even had a good day I thank you thank you appreciate the call more we come back gate 4317. Before nine. Are also -- talking about they kiss that was heard around the NFL. When Michael's Sam's. Michael Sam was drafted in and turned over and that's turned overhang on turned around. And kissed his boyfriend in celebration ESPN she noted -- and it was just seen all around the world late 4317. Before nine latest -- We'll be right back on that W. Iran says Syria defeated the United States in the rubble true hope to replace president Assad. Applause Iran says it's carpet and won over most sophisticated drones. And will begin to produce a model if true. Here's the question so why are sure we do anything climbing so -- the -- would be Garland Robinette -- -- 1 PM on the golf -- of the news talk and sports powerhouse WW. -- and today Big Easy limos arrive at your next you've been in style more enjoy a night on the town with first class personal service today get a 475 dollar certificate good for four hours in a super stretch limo for just 149 I'd get my perks dot com slash New Orleans. I don't understand why in the world I had I said it is do -- And educated remarks. Because I really don't care who she brought. To the game. I was -- the game I was a little jealous. I have to admit. And it was a little more than a little jealous. And I get a taxi and asks me if I think he's a racist. I think in a lot of ways he says racist. As czar a lot of eighty year old people in that. Dug -- enemy theory. In you were raised in a different time and I think -- is constant conflict going on within people that are that agent. And older and maybe eluded younger where will -- I was taught to believe this wrongfully so. And then they'd try to fix it in their hands and they tried to think clearly but then sometimes. -- -- it's almost like an athlete under pressure and I'm not taking up for Donald Sterling your dogs and -- guys and -- it amazes me how I could get. To be a billionaire and real estate and yet not be aware of what's going on around -- other than the fact. That he was from thank you and you know with the wrong parts and I think sometimes like an athlete under pressure. It's so hard not to revert back to those old habits and sometimes you know you try to turn over a new leaf and and you find yourself act in. Like he used to not necessarily because you believe it would just not a habit not. Justifying any of this I'm just saying I think my opinion known. I think his age factors in in this I think that time in which he was brought up factors in this. And I think hubris factors into this and jealousy. Is somehow oh guys get disillusioned with these young girls even though they know it's all about money. That somehow on the line she really wants to be with Larry in a car high banks are calling on got a W out morning. I'd go Maloney you know oh conversations from October good they are traditional what it means to go -- you. They took -- different ideas for entry is great so he's not but. You know and and context. What could be extreme. Prejudice. Without necessary to be -- And an African American problem I'm very ratio. But I'm not. A racist. Explain the difference Larry. Well indefinite period of the -- to the auto industry of America has been shaped by a raise rates through them and religion. And in the context of America culture. You know if Google what -- But I adults -- -- at the top the economic. Pop and political and social power structure. And you look at advantage. You can't look to who to oppress people who -- -- -- -- And so good -- what bill -- well. Now when one of culled from that angle. That -- beacon for a group of allied medical -- -- -- black people. I'll have -- race doesn't come into the equation. But still we can have extreme prejudice whip out their garlic. We have a racist then -- -- such extreme prejudice that don't they missed the spirit in police in BA home. Well let me ask you this when it comes to this specific case do you think. Not making any excuses for Larry but you know if you've been around some people that are older. Sometimes they revert back like an athlete under -- to the bad habit. To what they shouldn't be doing now or shouldn't be thinking. And does that have anything to do with the way he was raised and not taken up for this guy believe senior year my thoughts on him. But did does his age factor and is -- a relationship with a young woman factor in this where he was in denial not realize and the only reason. She was -- was for his money and then didn't jealous and and lashing out that way because like an athlete under pressure with a bad habit. That became as default. Well thought page made it clear effective but only to be -- Bad dog -- cesspool of racism in America. All spread because benefit to -- -- to -- -- And down there may have been many -- lights and -- who were born in the same era. Cool man toward change interest rates ball. You know of equality and human respect and dignity -- all about. So -- any easy way it is made appointment made that he went through the sixties just like anybody else did. And the seventies so maybe that should have been gone back to my athlete example that should have been his new default right that should be is new -- -- exams they -- process new a new position what have you. Yes bloodstream when you apartment system. That is the suppression people that you you have knows some people go out of the -- -- that's changed. So he may very well say if the system operates through that called -- be. And that nobody's -- miniature. Larry we're late -- negative traffic but then again Nancy is real quick do you think anybody in America even though they say IOC color -- -- people. Is anybody really telling the truth when they say and then. I'll think it is either thank you Larry I'm glad you called -- -- Codecs and time ID 854 time -- traffic. Ever that would go to Terrell Robinson I Tommy Tucker good talking about the Michael's AMT isn't cake incident when we come back but it. Is Anderson doesn't matter if it makes you happy or if she is attracted which use. Do his money they are adults and and do what they want that's what the constitution guarantees. -- -- all that money if you can't fly -- whatever you want. Interesting tax banks will be back on WWL.

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