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5-13 9:10am Tommy, Michael Sam

May 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, senior writer & NFL writer for the Sports Xchange, about Michael Sam getting drafted

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's interesting he spelled baloney BA LO NY. And when you see Bologna in the stewards are mostly BO LOG -- -- at some other sounds like you're Dan Quayle so I don't know that's -- I think I'll think if you Colin BS on somebody it's baloney. -- -- the United Nations stewards laden -- logged. I guess and I had a simple argument why that is and Steely Dan tickets and a man he's a lot alike. And Agassi too much of it in on them like garlic laden on oral red with yellow monster you -- man. It's. But enough let's go to Clark judge senior writer and NFL inside for the sports exchange we invited him on talk about -- like now I don't Clark. Event Lebanon. You well know what is. Phenomenal come from. He's in Pennsylvania. -- -- without present it is an advocate but only but it is better a lot better but it anyway that president -- he's -- A botnet. Him and to before I die. I'm gonna determine why it is that it's written a large number it's no baloney but I guess it's not only here Clark tell me about. You know the picture herd scene around the world now or video you got Michael Sam first openly gay football player. Is a very emotional moment point because he doubles over in two years during the conversation with. Guess the only -- and any leans over and hugs and when that leans over stanza and ram. But I say. -- Holy Moly. -- -- -- And the blue and white uniforms away and as Oprah -- back to lower. One the St. Louis Rams and very very raised the emotional moment and he turns around this is boyfriend 123 times whenever it is and an unseen. And then there was the incident with the cake where there it was almost. He did like -- wedding thing almost where yet you heat takes the cake and then puts in his boyfriends face and then. They kind of kiss and smear the Cato over each other's faces and and some people are okay -- some people. Are not however Clark. The only yeah anonymous say about the Jersey his Jersey's second highest seller right before Johnny football so you explain. If it's a dichotomy you what's on. I mean. -- what's going on is that people said Michael -- yeah there has indicated he's he's making history he historic development now. Terms of the reaction. To people -- -- negative I mean everything understandable to me at this juncture. Social norms change more quickly than people do. And so for some people it very difficult to watch -- understand and I'm not here to condemn them. And not -- say yeah that's right I'm just saying it's understandable because people change very bluntly I think it would. You know recreational marijuana -- mean it's marijuana is now allowed at least it no in Colorado and Washington some people don't like that well. Think people change slowly coming in and that's why you have. I think some of the reaction here people all over the map for that some people looked great you know I think some people didn't understand. Twenty years now I I would suspect we would you compare -- tenure as party. We weren't here but this guy it was eight. He. Made history when we see other other guy's got command or other people. Get ticked you know they hugged him mom think it that there are required to whatever their debt. You know the debate in the same thing. It is boredom -- Well a lot of people out there aren't receptive that -- I understand that because. We were outraged some people warm -- that way to take people long time. To change just -- there you know acceptance of what they want it lies to take a look at the -- -- -- -- gay marriage you know took a lot of states. On time to -- overcome that they're doing that now but anyway that's where it goes. Clark when it you know I'm I'm looking added and I'm wondering if it's not. If this is done in a different context is somebody's watching. From a guy he beds gay Wendell openly gay maybe realize he has a winning lottery tickets are aliens over enters -- boyfriend does the exact same thing with a cake if they happen have a cake there but you'd have to anticipate the lottery. Let's aren't -- weeds on that the point is list. Because it was during an NFL draft in an NFL context. Do you think that's what's making it's so hard for people to accept. Possibly yeah I mean possibly because certainly we look at sport differently than we do other areas of polite and an athlete. Are -- completely different. Environment then other people are that race differently they treated differently sometimes they're not exposed to things that others are so I think. There's probably something to do that but we've seen it before congress only happened. Before you know and so I'm sure we've known it was coming well. Yet he -- probably anticipate it might be coming but that still doesn't get over the fact that we haven't seen before so when you do. If -- -- shocked by people yeah there is is there not so much by mr. but at play in the range of emotions. To me that the understandable because it's something we haven't experienced before and it was in the conflict and it held that would be they are both tough guys. And -- that sensitive moment with another man and make some people uncomfortable and that said. We haven't seen that before and I think that's why you get that kind of. We haven't seen it before and nobody knows that I would find it hard to believe that Michael's Sam was the first gay player. -- -- -- Now we have a -- a -- agers met in the marketplace. So the point is he may have just as boyfriend and private doesn't matter if if you see it or not if you're opposed -- against -- my point here is that I brought. That he does that does that matter I think it matters in this context or to reaction because. You know as some people are -- -- -- understand that and Internet by. Get along -- exposed to mean in in terms of coming up out of marijuana use we you know we don't use marijuana here. And so. It that I need to listen -- -- I don't know whether she uses it or not. But I certainly don't want a calendar out and he noted that it that there could she is yet but I don't want it he would know about it. And I think that the reactions of people witnesses that -- within your -- You're watching an -- Milk diapers dot CA and you know these guys that -- -- -- the only people. And suddenly you see and hopefully game and it is important I think. That the -- become an issue because. That's it provoked a response and some people that we're talking about here so I. Think you could say yeah I'm fine with being with a guy he openly gave Michael and I'm fine with it. But now when it he was going on EG I want to turn the TV often -- people and that what it -- that -- you. I don't. Condone it or -- I just think it's understandable that in the reactors that they want to fighters in our hope that we get to respond. In terms. Responsible by the NFL and the owners I mean you see is his Jersey's second highest selling apparently some people -- Are brazen is at least the NFL audience is embracing this Ian off have you heard anything you're an insider -- If any saying has been -- among NFL owners and and I don't think -- -- anybody's day I think it'll -- be about their control and damaging her. Or controlling the brand. Yeah noted but if it -- I mean ultimately -- obviously it comes down -- How these guys played back attempted to make that team I don't know that I don't know the answer that one Griese went. Late is because he didn't get very well. So it has a much more to. Could do and that's play. So -- hope we advance the conversation a year from now we're talking about and much more and everything to do with what decided on the field rather what happens. Behind closed doors what happened off the field. So I'm more interest in Michael's fan as a football player then and what he does on TV weather report that looked like Robert. Teams where there were at least suspected of being game week -- nobody -- it could care less big teammate. Because this guy I was -- -- that that -- impact it -- good teammate and good friends and good people. And that's the same thing here this -- gonna have to be a good teammate and good players make that team. And and you know back when we advance the conversation so that when it happened two years now I don't care. They can I play that's all you want to know because that's ultimately the measure. But not measured by -- sales and understand that in the -- -- measured by that measured by by. But the NFL does care about its. It's marketing in the end here. -- -- -- and and I think probably is a bomb very very happy. That this has been the response because ultimately. We won't look the other way I mean honestly what it seems to me what happens. As it Michael Sam Francis Hussein I just want to be treated like somebody else means. But here from -- remind people and no mortgage on the -- like somebody else. And ineptitude here all the way it should be a common that their people. But what happens when you have a historic event like this with the first openly gay guys. We treatment anything but bad for the cameras and equipment had been there been in the opening -- of course the battleground epic. But the idea because he's symphony do something different and ground breaking arm up. Hopefully stated we get to that point when the openly gay players -- and we don't have again there and we don't care what happens. And we welcome him to training camp and he's seventh round graphic that they're going to be epic and simply say you don't feel it -- A pleasures OA's Clark judge senior writer NFL insiders those sports exchange Clark we'll talk to you again -- --

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