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5-13-14 10:10am Garland: on Benghazi

May 13, 2014|

Garland gets two takes on the Republicans' obsession with Benghazi from Pearson Cross of ULL and political analyst Elliott Stonecipher.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go back to the very busy day a twelve boom fueled talk about -- in Syria. Or these. Leaders gave. Held a news conference you should move would stories declared. Meant -- in Syria have won the war answering and some of -- currency is viewed it and there is some very interesting reasons of reason wall and and we also showed birds of this vacated. Copy. Should say copy. A quarter were highly sophisticated drones that they were able polo are a number of years ago. And they sued him reverse engineered and Albania does seem expect technologies. Will. Two a couple of experts who -- India that is true -- and so as a bode for the future. BA. Big -- of the view. -- have been cooking books. They've been hiding records all rich. Hid the fact that they were not seeing veterans and their offspring of where they should. And pretty large number of veterans have died in the meantime like. A death panel of the wrong. Congressional investigation now. We'll talk to the commendable local American legion all too well about congress -- bill Cassidy. Talked used about the lakers and beat him in the -- insurance it's familiar view in the region or interest -- -- That's our a topic that I have to admit. I have read a read very little attention to. Although I hear about it constantly. And all you have to do is save the world turn your conservative friends. And people meant to -- the word is bin -- Well. I thought during world over -- forwards investigation. Atlas. And then look them in detail but I soon. They had to address to be investigated and didn't buy anything and moved on Oakland for a there -- -- a Republican from -- Big hearing investigations. So forth and so on. It's abolished better deal and it's time to better understand this from we have been through prayers and cross at the department of political science at -- -- -- with a proposed through thick with a call refute. We're here. I literally. Could not and Truman the polls on -- -- would surprise me the most recent bundles Gallup. That's. Believe most important problems facing Americans when Gallup poll -- was one. Dissatisfaction with government. And to health care. And it didn't even bring guns he didn't even appear on the list of major concerns. That the boaters are expressing my depict comptroller Susan. 2014. Mid term. Is is this important to the American people do UC and April's. -- -- polls that indicate that. People know much about it others and there are some people who are very very expired issue and -- that it sign. You know at -- best spinning and and then at the very worst that tree and -- attempt to return. You know change. The facts about something that was very enriching to American security. You don't really does matter intently to a very small number of people which are right it would show up and in any kind of -- If you wouldn't mind. Give we give our listeners just kind of readers -- version. Of what. Behind all this I -- sorting with -- Stephen's death in 2012. -- Well the writers strike it's urgent and that is that we maintained an embassy and guys the end. The embassy at some point came under attack and then. It coincided -- that we're aware. Ryan had a number of partner. You know. Points and -- in the Middle East world. And some of these other grants were upset about it video you mayor ever to try to occurred in California that was made that it stricter than. Outcomes that are very flattering light. I'm so initially there's some and that perhaps this was one part of those events but then later on it was revealed that in fact that's what went that this whereas. Al-Qaeda or -- would pay an attack and not respond it's kind of -- protest. And it's a culture in which a number question has to be answered which we're. First Buick -- in American embassy with impunity secondly. Welcome four people including ambassador work and an actor I killed how come help did not arrive. The CIA it was sunny areas how come they didn't respond and timely triggered if they're or hatred you have taken care. And then that last dent story that they're the biggest dog tale is to -- into the State Department. -- to make sure that Barack Obama got reelected. Spun it in such a way that would try it. -- something other than the failure of the administration and foreign policy and policy regarding terror. And and you recently I think. Part of the additional attention. Has brought about by -- is dep deputy national security. -- Hoping Susan -- -- -- -- to the United Nations to describe. What happened. In doing godspeed to the media. And the Republicans are looking patents reduces the smoking gun that liberal -- right. You know it's really searching Republicans and its course something that would indicate. You know positively that there had been some attempt by the Obama administration been -- cover up or -- struck. Knowledge on that case you know so. Rice been instructed to. You know. Do this to say disorders story and in against the pact and -- latest email that pop that seemed to indicate that there was some coaching so. Upper Republican sources that are clearly a sign that where there's smoke there's fire so we need to dig down here and touch the bottom of that. Or limit them to take a break here if you do fuel and this we're thinking about bin -- Something. I've yet to do usual and and congress is gearing up for another big investigation. And I've just been reading this and -- and the Figaro. Why is this so important to. I seldom talked into that that even mentions it is but if you Sabin got to speak to a conservative Republican. You can bet -- never diatribe that woken been true. The Barack Obama and all of his -- group prison forever. Welcome back get more details they would double appeal -- 71. -- plug. We're thinking about something -- has never been a subject but I think tank before it's called and got the congress getting ready for no abuse investigation. Into whether or not. President Obama and members of news that approach has waited while abuse creation over. Very important. Issue were one of our ambassadors. From Libya. Was killed that he ran the consulate and a Libya and there was -- and he got killed in. The Republicans. It was really about terrorism not about video. And aggravated the most loans like President Obama and crew are Clayton. And just three easily be prone to an email. Proven that through security advisor. Two's Susan Rawlings who was the well bomb -- it and sent out to all of the media. And in the email he gave her talking points. You're going to hear. And the Republicans say it's more evidence of cover. Help me understand the -- got propose appears in -- with the said the department political side that you oil well. Certainly would do. OK event that one emails seems to believe this sport that could lead -- no investigation. So far New York Times -- about four months and again. A mother Jones spent almost a year but none of them coupon in India evidence of -- -- York. Terrorism mix in with the house. The Senate Intelligence Committee investigating. Independent State Department inspector general. Participant. And we didn't that's the department. Our investigation. A navy admiral. Who's she was -- for bush. And Thomas Pickering who had seven ambassadorship. Well Romo took -- under a multiplicity of presidents including Reagan. Couldn't buy anything. -- -- we had to -- that. Investigators and then we had eight helpful reports. It is this thing so serious. Bet. There's an inning gave me -- makes this all worthwhile. The only thing theory that there it's. Things that aren't going to be answered by investigation into the currency. I mean in my view the -- -- investigation. Willing cover and a thing there is let there there are now prepared where. Update on everything that you just -- I mean if there wasn't there there they would have found that and now. In my view what this is really about is all kinds of signals Tuesday. Republican base. And also. You know trying to tarnish the you know the legacy -- Hillary Clinton added there the probable probable run for president cheap out and sixteen. It since may accomplish accomplished by the fact you know the Republican Party -- because you agree under cheat. The two parties are influenced particularly conspiratorial. And conspiracy theory around on the right vertical merger right now in my view decisions. But god he is one more attempt and the playing of the hardcore right when you build enthusiasm for 2000 import tool. And to -- that is to cheer for you get to do it and get to call and question Hillary Clinton's role that's sectors that. How to help Leo moves -- lips duo have identical Wednesday. Issues an indication. Of the president lying. And hiding information. And a very serious. Issue is that. The board what they're -- -- this is that an impeachable. Offense is that I mean I heard one Republican operative Tuesday. This is worse than in the Nixon tapes burden of one -- talk show last night of this of Watergate all over again. Can can that's what can this lead to. Death of Republicans. Yet at the Hindus and this. Well. No news is lying about something like this is that an impeachable. You know I don't think -- -- yet that they've lied about it I don't think that it's indicates they've -- does it meant that they may have spot that. Aren't they were looking for the best possible they're -- -- In the context of the 2012 election that's probably true that spoke if they're -- or. Are. Now. That impeached well. You know. Impeachment. But you know I don't think we're really talking about you know impeachment in the context anyway is just because. Similar under investigation. Into the whole Clinton air you know leading up. To the harbor some things that were not impeachable ultimately. Insert a conviction that the idea that somehow. You know any attempt to expand or any attempt at covering -- or any kind. Non cooperation beacon street obstruction of justice and somehow Arctic and sugar level of action. You know clearly and -- potential patently -- -- it and that it happened and with Richard Nixon and and I think the Republican Party it's been -- archer trying to get that and triggered what Clinton would love to have it would Obama. I don't think it's gonna happen I don't think they're any there there for before. The only one I have -- court action to. Over experts in -- and all year the marrying well -- league and for a again in his. Well this this will ignite the Republican base this new world. Get him angry enough to go to the polls. Most Republicans. Talk to the bomb Lenovo or dislike Clinton enough. Already been broken poles and and then I don't understand. Is liberals and conservatives. In congress my word nobody's else's or pathetic. They Kagan leaping -- we've gotten major major problem. And when they calm on the Chicago they brag about. That. You can cook and my goal against troop eats it eats. Gore in there and she aid and moderate rate got to stay the course importantly. So. On that side there's no chance of getting anything done and because the end game is already -- And then in on its. A look at liberals and conservatives Kagan -- finger on the problem with the fact that the case and the good shooter or accomplishment. And so the Republicans. -- by doing this date yet. Just. Their their -- Ignite. Well they're making. Experience and they're they're making a tactic tactical decision and its its strategic mistake. You know at the public polls you know Gallup poll suggests. Most people don't hear about them about -- the only people really here or people that are -- very much. -- support Republicans anyway. So urgently towards 2000 -- changed they have and especially 2016. Weeks into which the Republicans are defined by then and by. In a conspiracy theory and that's -- -- -- China they're gonna they're gonna pay a price sport you know and pat that's going to be at the polls that there really making a series in my these strategic. Look here Republican right now and you've got something in talked about that resonate more with the American public park Obama care -- oh and you jump on a -- want to jump on did you create or that you talked about the economy. The net today and -- and the thing they're treating and so for the market. Professor. Variant pursuing a elect a little better educated appreciate -- time very much that you have a great. -- All right take a break come right back up hill brigades 781053. At. Win -- -- about a subject that I have yet to do or should rule on this thing. Mainly because I didn't think about it. Look to the latest Gallup poll. And -- said the most important problems facing Americans or two things that satisfaction. With government. And the high cost of health care. So the word -- -- the on her lot and -- -- for a long time. Cursory understanding applause. But kept boarding waiting for real the -- dropped to do -- No god elegant stone five will meet them demographer political analyst. -- always told my hands through the news about what to do Bjork quick reader's digest. Idea what I think his -- and and then eligible tell me what. It all -- 2012 Kristi Britain's ambassador to Libya. His compound was over -- it was kill. State Department this signs of whether reports of escalating violence. On the compound itself was very poorly. Protected. And then came the dude -- allegations that White House law. Wind spinning attacks in response. To a video and they knew it was terrorism new video -- Some preacher in California so openly criticized on the news and Egypt number the places. That. And wide -- that's the reason when they quote. Allegations or they knew it was terrorism. And all of that. Blew up out of investigated. Subsided. -- recently. When there's evidence Republican -- cover because deputy national security advisor. Wrote an email helping unite the image of the ambassadors who rides to describe what happened. To the national media after the Elliott stonecipher welcome back to the show is always that pretty much encapsulate what's. It and and Garland thanks for having me on I think. Fundamentally what happened in this long period of tan that this has been being fall between partisans in the democratic and Republicans it. I think the Republicans. Hal who mishandled of course there investigation of this. Six different communities in one -- on -- working on this. I think they had played this panel I think it was over they were gonna start -- really early negative for terms and -- recently. Wading in to the picture was judicial. And judicial -- of course very well respected. Everybody in restraint and that is non partisan. They used to Freedom of Information Act request. To get to documents. On -- From the White House. Which clearly had been with the old bottle White House. Otherwise judicial watch would've gotten anything that the committee and and now here we go again. Did it and it is they select committee in the House of Representatives. Which may end up paying the ultimate in partisan. An appearance because they have -- Republican members. That is where we go with this now. And the shortest version of what it's about at this point to those who were interested in it. Is that there has been in no answer to the fundamental question. Who was hit and -- secretary of State's office does not sectors tiger's record all the life. The prize for example. Who came up with Fiat idiot to talk about the video. When the video we now. To do with how the government responded to -- -- of these four people including US ambassador. So judicial watch has given us another leg of this that we will now start seeing play out to -- Part of. Or it would what's the in game for the Republicans. Can be peach. Obama can they bring charges against Clinton. What what's the board did they expect to. Their product to be when this is zero. Well there are two answers and Andy I think it is fair to say it's as simple as that number award. There are people in the Republican Party who believe. That secretary of state then Hillary Clinton. Is the person. Who came up with a political. Response. So that the president. Very close to an election in 2012 at this point was protected maybe -- protecting herself but she was certainly protecting the president. Brooke follows. He didn't walk something this important if failure in the context of terrorism. Hitting the right at the end of -- 2012 campaign. So either she was the one who came up with this story about the video or not to. So that's one possibility right there. The the other in game. It is much much more directed. Hillary Clinton. And that is these are people who believe she's the -- not a president and that this would greatly harm her 26 to presidential campaign. So Soviet -- game we're on derby. And in indictment. Comparable to indictment. Rico indictment of President Obama. For lying about what caused the attack. And and giving Hillary Clinton. Trouble that should run for president. Or. I mean -- talk -- Oppenheimer. Let cited saying this is worse than Watergate. I saw. That -- -- Scarborough. City and its it is the Nixon tapes all over again. I'm. Did charges come of this chooses shows political. Look for things to look for at least -- Well charges can come out of but I don't think. Those of us out here who wonder what really happened believe that this is Watergate all over again. Some of us really remember -- Watergate laws -- the -- It's difficult to land it here except and here's an exception. If President Obama. Person. Came up with a story. About that this is after his advisors and of course suggest he do exist. If he came up with a story about a videos so it is chances of being re elected -- hurt that he's got a real serious problem. And yet he could be impeached. That's where it is as to go our order to be any such serious consequence. I think the difficulty for the Republicans it is. They are saying Watergate or some of their people are saying Watergate. When most people who really care about the facts just don't see that reach. -- -- -- -- -- When people like the Republican leadership and and -- her. Of course the speaker -- resisted this select -- wide open title judicial watch found that direct connection in the White House. But having said that. I think a lot of those simply don't see. Hal this is going where the worst of these people the worst of these comments from the -- people suggest. And that puts the pressure on the select committee a better and some. Really really hot really fast usually when they do what they don't they already have Garland and expertise. Do -- Pakistan already knows that they've got something that awful. On the White House. Generally they don't run this risk especially with mid terms come and unless they've got -- and really really hot too. Adding that that the political environment so much different today than during Watergate but I just don't have faith that that's the case -- Storage limit -- break here come -- ride backward thing that bugged him -- ago Robinson with the and that thing. Are welcome back we're thinking about in -- -- elegant some site with the political analysts and demographer that I call every time we talk politics for -- -- and goes. Oh it help me here -- Cliff -- look to investigations. New York Times four month investigation mother Jones almost year -- went to -- the evidence of terrorism. And in the incident and didn't object. Then there was a long Senate Intelligence Committee investigation and that was the independent State Department inspector general port open which was added bottom line. -- -- Who's -- -- chiefs of staff appointed by bush Thomas Pickering seven ambassadorships. To put him under Reagan and then we had -- long senate investigations and we had eight adults investigations. And something called judicial watch. Filed some Freedom of Information Act and finds out something that none of them could. Then they -- cents. Well actually it does make perfect sense to me and depends first of all you have to understand now and you do not come from the position of I don't believe the government. Judicial watch exists. For those votes don't believe any thing. Anybody in the government under duress -- pursue it anymore at least not to say and satellite. The New York. Times doesn't help -- about being so ridiculously part as. A mother Jones -- them today. You know there was no terrorism here. Anybody who looks at the facts of any of the Armenian investigations. Will be that from the very first moment. The people they're including the CIA. Do you it is -- terrorist related. And we have that span about the weight room and beyond any question. So you have the people on the rise screen fire in the theater. You have the people on the left who say it was never our please excuse the flames and smoke that keeps well. And that one that we did here and that's why judicial watch is so important to so let's talk about what they did it. They asked the White House. Fourth documents. Which all of the investigators had a party as the White House for and did not give it. And important. The key document based bank account that would talk a week ago not so much here. The key document that -- around as we learned in Watergate. Was fairy tale. It proved a direct White House staff link have. How did you just watched it when there were -- house investigations. Here. There were eight out investigations. There were some senators who got involved that would -- look at on the planet investigations bubble -- but. Else very -- If they're not guilty of something. Yeah. Every congressional attempt to get the same document to the judicial watch went to court in data age. To order the White House to -- -- of the house have gone through drugs and got him. To Purdue's. Actually apple should do exactly what they've done if that's the route they go and that is. Get a select committee in place and -- congressional and that is house represented in this case subpoenas. They don't have political. And they did do that. Just as they subpoenaed records in the same point in Thailand from the Arabs. And didn't get. I mean there are many examples all happening it wants but the one that goes straight to the White House well we can't figure out -- it kind of important. Why can't wait to this moment Garland the American people find out where Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- there while the attack was under way. -- we're running out of time unfortunately business of very important inaugural ball or purported on that. I think I understand that quite a bit better appreciated that time is all -- Governor bill -- -- -- -- -- plus three --