WWL>Topics>>5-13-14 11:10am Garland: on flood insurance with Dr. Bill Cassidy

5-13-14 11:10am Garland: on flood insurance with Dr. Bill Cassidy

May 13, 2014|

Garland talks with U.S. Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy about flood insurance.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- welcome back to second half hour or weren't gonna talk about BA. And we heard a lot of a lot of ball McCarron death panels but it looks like there may have been moved would be saved have been cooking the books. Some people -- goes all the way back to 2011. Where they've been presenting. Figures. That's. There are seeing almost all of the boats on the early. Quick bases. Women they were put in the mall sometime for years. And a large number of them died during the wait. And the cooking the books again to the reports from people who leave. So that they could get bonuses. Based on how many bits of -- this hour though world talk about. Number of things that conservatives in this region flood insurance via -- That changes that have been made changes are going to be made charters school it's. Even more granted to the -- project. All of this will talk to programs and to build capacity doctor Bill Nelson who George stuff. They were calling here -- -- -- Are. You you held briefing with relentlessly. Well what's up. Yeah -- yeah. Everyone knows that the -- war is that your program being implemented by in no way it would look terrible form. The Gramm amendment after the outlook approved by the senate. And -- Permanently repealed bombard the underwater remote problem. -- -- -- Make sure that -- would go away we that we. A lot he can make sure that we. We. The other members there as well and that we spoke. Well. Part. Realist. We both walk and spring. Hardship re capable. Insurance for 4800 dollars or previous treaty have been under. Now there should. The premium. Increase the art app as a percent or what -- So given that. -- -- about that there aren't a lot of wanted to let. Now the -- But if you're. More. Worried. About your. -- pretty. You should call him back most likely that Hillary he brought them in jail there are read it -- -- rate -- If you're not if you're. You call it well. In our allotment Morgan but what do you think you would think you'd like let. You're should not be imported it in married 8% of some. What you paid for water and didn't want to check with your GG. I know -- whose after the fact but I'm curious. -- when you talk to -- in particular in this and convert from hearing setting or briefing setting on. Did you say to them. Isn't it when all you do is regret lower rates and -- probability. Is and where -- The worst in the best memories are. That we had to take you to Louisiana deceived what is it -- billion succeeding billion dollar Oedipus. That negated. So many of the things that you're already put into place that they ever tell you how that happens. So like yeah -- resort where. What are where he -- immunities. Of what -- done some good. But lower on. Whether it was the if protect. -- -- Army or they would not -- He now. Argues that the although they. Give credit -- -- have that. Now the -- of methodologies -- so the other and we checked on it big yet again artwork now. In arms that we -- And we. -- -- But -- -- Out. On the that made -- -- progress and get credit. Well on the board certified doctors. Ultimately lead we will have -- lower rate in the future. Even if -- -- we don't -- in -- year. -- because they'll get these. -- -- -- -- that. -- there again a problem. With them. Higher in the ballot yeah we realize that and so there was well. They are certainly. Why it is what did you protect and is not an option. -- of course. -- Lunging. There and and correct me if I'm wrong we -- got -- -- wonder is could this quickly. A lot of water initiated this at least two reports -- -- Was that the federal fund that that backs up our organizations or federal organizations as disposal and flood insurance and and a flooding repayments. Was going broke is is that funded now. It varies on -- bunker adapters. I have about 400000000001. Billion -- you're trading and the other one billion there are -- Our response -- though. So that got that big -- And importantly it would push out the amendment. Is that you're going to feel like forty billion now hole on the back a great barrier. -- The army core problem that the original design of the law levees would then failed. About what side you are going to destroy the old computer can recoup all of them money but. -- -- We. Actually create a mechanism for money goes back trot out. But -- party but forty billion within a year but over idle money back with -- on. Go to my all the reserves -- a -- -- there -- errors there'll be there they'll figure that that. Though yeah all that it was like Alberto water were not protected but we are part of the. It's a break we're coming right back. Where your all these radio with -- build camps in the US congressmen and we'll come back and just a more. We're talking the -- grown more liberal representatives in congress ought to build counts today. And congress wouldn't talk about the more again due to the gulf project. Yeah yeah yeah. Go for the protection lobby. That will protect the pollution terrible -- Now it has been on the board currently -- it then he looked there were probably expect -- But finally the army corps around it -- -- is all it cost them a bit. Criteria. And then recommended going all. At a hearing them out and it is -- -- at the war bill. What are we sort of reform act that going that you know about to be really. He has voted out but only by boat that's kind of how it will be -- -- -- -- provide. Which means that if congress -- moderately in August you can be -- it's important. But actually. Struck Europe without -- you know. There are you telling me this -- in the house might actually agree on its open. I but there it is the Republican -- Republican on the senate side. Hand. And we announced last week. That -- again then. Included in the -- report and so there will be. On the part of Egypt break out. -- that it will be again a restrict for the -- -- of the break. -- -- voted yeah but now thought about it and at the proper report Carter. The carpet lined out and it'll come back of the -- by bowed out we don't want more I don't think that it will. In the law by the. What what's your approach -- -- the more against the product. But it. That leads me dude -- let's go a little bit different direction. I'm sure you were for your approach. -- calls from restoration plan about government here in front of me. And bill initial pledge that I go in its fifty billion but every expert I've talked to including core. Says scum like building a house the in this from price may be fifty billion butcher guaranteed 607080. Maybe even a hundred billion. By the time you -- And you just mentioned there's no where you gonna get a forty billion dollar hole. In the flood protection. Pot of money. Build that supported bill -- hold them back ratepayers. Do you think there's really changed the world we're gonna get funding. Or this project in and a -- probably do. That. I'm out of money. Then go all critical. Race project. -- -- Perry they've only that they use the support. And the war. They've been there and make sure that it. Big part of what what the court I am would be. Ultimately in order. Oh or Mac but the pedal problems. -- rate there area. The continental shell law it and -- which -- 47. We'll be. -- all -- hundreds of millions of dollars. One bill it's one and now. That that would make up I think it would be out there are two. Is doing -- The amount of money that -- come from all of it and hopefully our -- number shell. To via -- -- and say it would be detonated. Only to be used a couple of great partner. -- -- -- -- -- It worked out by the better I think -- a lot -- app that senator remarkably little while vote. And they're out of money. So we're hopeful that the especially -- -- the -- on the -- government on the appropriation. It. I'm not want. I embedded. I've added up. Everything you mentioned and its role as student via coastal restoration master plan. I've talked to the centers. Of color -- in Wyoming Oklahoma Mon ten of the get 50% of their federal funds. Horrible or their oil royalties on federal properties and that that they've told flat out it's not gonna happen. What you guys have we all fear it's part of the general fund issues just like gonna happen period. And on top of that. One of the few other pots of money that -- Republican that could be -- let me back up all the money bit of added up. Amounts to about ten -- billion dollars year for the first three years and after that. We just don't have the money. What are your feelings about the attempt at lawsuit it's 97 oil companies that -- allowed to go to court and have. Ruled in -- -- via southeastern Louisiana led authority. Could provide tens of billions of more. People there -- point now. We can end that war on the picture now -- content shell will be much as 500 million now you're all. If you. And war court called old line when you are fit the bill. Which -- -- als. Well -- pastors. At some point in the future will and that additional -- 500 million dollars making it much but under the name that your. And hello again and long term generational project. So there will be two more dollars and that's one ultimate. Again that the Japanese amendment on page. Department of interior bill that it -- those or not that it would send it. -- -- -- -- That that would give -- ongoing strains. Now and not regard the losses clearly that was stated should not federal -- in my opinion. I'm a little about votes back they'll argued that legal arm correctly after. That we -- point jute side you know forty or fifty years now how well. Regulators at the time apparently signed all what was done. Now. -- first data. Secondly that distract it from the fact that the most significant damage to more but -- Has called on Lebanese. But let these economists that your. The completed. On the year can be viewed on the -- law back Lance. So the most important factor here has been in the should be. And so one distract the fact that the federal government. -- an obligation. When they should be. -- -- offset those. Are. But he. Could be put -- children are well and we want the ball. Broke person ball we will know we can't sue the federal government over the levees and number two. What I legislatures. Debating doing his retro actively. Doing the way you -- a law on battle I'll be authority does suit. And then and then changing it so we can be used again. It's like me running the -- life. And calling you and getting you to retroactively. Dual -- with the ball. Of running rope lights and letting -- feel that that. Yeah I don't know him out there of the state legislature is doing. And obviously. There are. Your reconstruct events and -- border for years ago a plane and it. Market -- -- But oil companies in the year on your on that job on the we and visit the the unity in the economy. Sort of -- it. I'm sure that morning normal sleep on it that they -- Well we're getting a lot of assurances we're gonna get the money it's gonna be okay in the long term hope everybody remembers. Who gave the assurances and I've certainly -- for a -- calculator preacher at the caller you have Tuesday. The overall bill biggest celebrity -- 53 yeah.