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5-13-14 11:35am Garland: on V.A. hospitals

May 13, 2014|

Garland talks with former National Commander of the American Legion Bill Detweiller about the problems surrounding our nation's V.A. hospitals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Would go to a lot of shows over the years on via hospital in particular Booth. Major problems there were having their hospital in Washington when soldier first started coming back from the brought war. And everything we do one of these shows. We basically. Hear from that room that. But I like their care. They like what they bind at would be off the had occasion of the hospital here. Four different times and people could have been -- certain. During the solidity and got a group care. But picked this up yesterday. Countless scandals. And view hospital. In particular in Phoenix. Sporting occasions. They -- died. Because of delays in the anchor. And delays after the BA. Administrator or noon there reluctant -- a -- Clerks in the Colorado climate. Paul supplying appointment records to cover up those elections. And a listening tour of Portland's and I -- in the says that actually. These issues -- all the way back to 2011. 23 bit it's dead lately just weeding on cold enough celebrities. Beings Colorado's. And in Toniu. Augustus. South Carolina -- to Pittsburgh. So it its -- to be printed for breaching. So we decided well let you -- number of people. To talk about the time we -- build them while announcement from commander of American legion bill welcome back to ensure appreciated on. So what do you think about these isolated incidents or is this. Among -- is that spreads throughout the -- Structure will work. Well we had as an organization. You know we have heard some of the some of these things over in the last couple years. Changed at we hear reports like this we missed a group of people that go through that legal system say it to its. A group that goes in an Investigative Group goes into the obstacles and we try to go about every three years. So now we usually have a town hall meeting in the beginning and it and I warning go in and that's just and with veterans and using -- so and so -- Trying to get a handle on what's going mormons if they're they're in need at this issues and so we can read your. Picture these patterns have been taking care. I was in Indianapolis so last week so that national commitment -- meetings. And we hit -- that he appointed by completely -- -- and we had met and heard. About the Phoenix thanks that was all seem to be a lot of unanswered questions so. We did not take. Concerns coming out something at that time. On Monday morning where the Colorado thing and that we want to. Is it control it and blowing whistles of the speed of the telling the story. We decided that it was necessary definitely necessary take the stand. And we call for the resignation of the secretary and something we don't do lightly we -- it's just been a great and good bet so we met with many times. And but that there are times when we need to stand up week. We have an obligation to be the best advocate that the VA -- and the worst adversary and fortunately this time. When we have to be an -- Questions this happened that. All right we have we've had so when you hold on court won't talk to you talked with the audience Josh will from and bill. -- build up while I appreciated the call. There all -- -- talk. And did not get your -- her New York with the VA. That would could be. Money and build that well past national command of The American Legion. And I appreciate what you do and you sir for your service in Vietnam. On the marina medically retired from the Marine Corps and doctors in Iraq at all infantry or company. And that was medically retired after eight years. And like that it 80% that the stability from the VA and -- Got BA here in Arkansas and Louisiana and here in the Louisiana it is that not to all our. And you you said that. You that you hear good things about it in the thing is is what is. -- such as you hear them talking to lose well we you know we don't complain very much. This is my first time and poignant manner -- -- Honestly after talking character in the VA yesterday I was prepared to write my congressman. And just just they have nuclear girl thing that I have been -- -- -- and a friend of mine told me about the treaty should. I cannot go and some others that you want. But. What it is. Three observers are in the Marine Corps and I have a spine injury as well. And the last January high on her -- it -- -- a couple weeks short of the year to get that. Appointment is that it does it say it is an -- search now rent a little bit of that one. And MRI things of this nature of -- -- -- when -- -- -- forty people died under the care that was. First time I've heard via -- to be two and 1430 days. I have gone yeah any time. Where as the appointment -- multiple ones now that that is actually what I consider the standard of the day -- and from talking to other people to -- it is it is. Considered similar for all. The only thing the only way I found to actually get prompt care law is going to be a sit there for two days. Because the first -- sitting there on that label -- -- -- and second day. It becomes clear that she will not not well where. Then they will beauty care. And billboard would Josh from those talk about the news all over the news reports that have been in the news shall Copeland -- ever on record in the hospital ago and problem and they say. Come -- do away with 90 and come back with one. It's him or -- that is excellent and take a break 212 which we have. More time believe me I'm heart bleeds for you and and I'm always this down wounded in this country. But when you -- drove their biting and suffering like you're doing. Were primarily hamburgers and prevent fraud and think about do you. And we come back and we see you Wednesday all of thank you so much for excerpts. Or think it about whether or not we're me pork. What you did. Help you after you've helped. I don't you close. That disconnect. And when -- come back. Oh -- your help take a look at little of the history. -- what's happening with the veterans hospital. And ask you question. Can we assists and brilliant forward what they saved their unit deliberate and apparently they don't Alberta. Living here about reports that the US veteran affairs office have been cooking the books at a number applause moves round country. And order event third directors get bonuses. At the expense of veterans. That. Their treatment is delayed some time and through every year. Sporting patients died when delay -- -- 23 dead and another. And a bit of scandal. -- build. -- blow when. What is so -- central commander American legion believes that with me. We do a little reserves website that Europe don't tell me you -- -- 99. The -- hospitals to veterans affairs. Looked at such words in this have got to have million. And there mostly World War II in the second store dog and so that he in 2005. Started closing down hospital. Then there was a congressional movement to maybe give Tibet hards. To regular hospitals. And the via people -- -- we're gonna lose or draw a hospital so they went to open and roll. Anybody comes under your bed even appear no sooner you come and get to you there. Well the number one implements -- three and that includes a bundle. And we had a shooting. Bill in the economy -- In the its Olympic gold -- program. And cinema is altered and it promised Rolls -- care -- shortly prices. At the via hospital. The robot -- care. And that's more frightened beauty of veterans suburbia hospital. None of the numbers stands did not I didn't and instead of three in the men and and look at this in my relatives. We can't provide the promises. We've made. To the bad weather helped care. And we don't -- and so we're trying to. We're we're Obama world. I don't think you're wrong. I think it maybe not so different and what we were captured. And when it opened that admiral and I think they edit -- it's seven and eight. I mean I'm not noncombat related arc arc and he used to be social -- out of the GI bill. -- else. But -- not complain but that they open enrollment for the X that's Lebanon -- and then made quickly shut it down. So I don't think that is necessarily those people going that those people. Your time the system. What what unconcerned about war in anything at this time and I've been garbage and Bob and national level. -- dealing with questions that treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. I'm listening. Large enrollment question about Vietnam that you. Retiring now -- -- most abilities and -- sudden start thinking about being passed. And actually you know there looking to try to get some some helpful posttraumatic stress. I think that's one of our main problems are a big problem I think question of staff not head and situation -- And opt out Accenture and the bonus system he DT job in the bones would need to pay full. And apparently a couple of people have figured out a way to scam the system like partners in Colorado spartans. Who put out an email. A teller rushed the stamp or you can get around. The the crash not not -- -- on the appointment. They appointment issue so that question moments since its. Week. You know people have to wait so long between appointments and I think it all goes back to question that there's. We just don't have enough people there. Where did you -- it feels like Medicare Medicaid and Social Security. We're told all the time we don't have the money for it but we're gonna give into it and and as before -- government rather rural. But I remember the block -- region warned they block clean for gulf war syndrome. And in the top of everything else so listened and we all -- -- they reported that congress six weeks ago. Killed the Republicans killed. A 21 billion dollar bill the bill. Soul or we don't want to -- I was earning some real at all so or why don't want him telling the -- coach Claude. Of this country and by god will take care of you when you come back you going. Don't we don't have the money -- of people. Or the wherewithal to do it and if that's true shouldn't we syndrome -- regular hospital likely go to. Well they know it -- we had tried to do that and out in the open in Louisiana town in the launcher that's what it's doing because we don't have an obstacle. But I have always had a complaint that we knew. So -- -- can -- political and do which you know to take it to fight in defense and few countries that that contract. And you come back you deserve the best candidate has also. And we're not necessarily getting basket that we have -- Crew's salute from bill -- run out of time as always reserve Pritchard sure Tom thank you for calling. Regular Gregg governor bill big celebrity video moral five -- Number of authority -- -- claiming that president -- sought and won the war in Syria basically. We'll talk to experts -- ruin of so what does that mean draws from the world.