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5-13-14 12:10pm Garland: on Iran and drones

May 13, 2014|

Garland talks with Larry Korb of the Center for American Progress and Dakota Wood of the Heritage Foundation about whether Iran is capable of copying America's drones.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When -- -- did Tim and Al-Jazeera. Discounted said. I know what there's been. When I read it in the guardian. Says. On the numbers shows on reports in the guardian and England seems to do it 20 hold him in -- hybrid card about. Affordably and then broke for a policy. Analysts said outlets usual trod upon. What the situation is whether it is. When we take one of Scotland it is -- in prisons saw that have warned in Syria. And they -- -- talk to -- role in foreign policy figures being quoted as saying this in the and it says it is. Other. Non these insiders. Say western strategy in Syria in courage radicals and back parred. Leading through routes to European security from returning. And we talk about all the time the -- here's your -- -- liberal conservative do. Then you don't know if you can believe -- and lot of talent headlines radio talk shows TV news. You guys -- -- in the mid listen watch or read. And oftentimes it's in the gentry. So what are we go we go to be experts who -- with the knowledge and goodness knows Larry Korb notes at that knowledge. Former assistant secretary dependent singing your pillow with Center for American Progress national security program Larry thank you -- via. Call appreciate it very. I went so -- Exaggerated handle -- any credence. Well there's no doubt about the fact that without aid from Iran and Russia. Stock would have wall. What they provided him -- -- aides that he's been able to prevent the up and go to the rebels from winning. The other thing is the rebel the as you pointed out there are these RG hottest groups these extremists. Took advantage of the chaos in talks Syria. Took command these -- the same people that came into Iraq well we went we went in there -- common through Iraq now because Iraq but basically. Is beholden to -- so -- out -- and of course what's happened now is the opposition. Is divided along if you will you know that. The folks who just -- sought to go and have a peaceful Syria. And the the people there are who wanted to to make it all -- little violent violent extremists. Of me is that correct me you have more information drawing everything I read that in particular al-Qaeda. Or at least two extremists jihadist groups. Are funded by its Sunni Muslim countries in and that does mean a rock -- Well again not well enough on the by the country's. You know -- -- -- The bright notes -- now rock it's not control what machines well. Negotiate his city the Al-Maliki spent his time in except of course Saddam was facility and he persecuted this year. This year or in in ran -- country and Maliki spent a lot of time there. And because because of that relationship. -- -- has an awful lot of influence there fact. They let the planes fly from the right -- -- -- or Iraq to Syria to bring supplies to. And then do. I'll kinda grew from Little Rock win when you controlled or relief through well control with a government. Well they've they've basically there are the ones that are stirring up trouble now against a quality they've seen this morning nobody you know people died. And you know that is the violence is getting back to where one is -- -- in about 2000 not 2007. And yeah a day are they are bigger and there are. Sat there and you know there -- they're basically between. Rock and aunts and superior goal called back and forth in fact. Won the al-Qaeda group's results that the ones in Syria are too extreme if you can believe that. The yeah I -- -- What you have there basically right now it is chaos that's gonna have to be worked out between Russia. The United States cardinal ran. -- brings so sort of stability vehicles -- Aside may not be losing he's not winning he doesn't control but he he only controls about half the country. The little -- director McConnell is subject of what you were saying. Q does the thought. We had Saddam Hussein in the great war with the -- and and we go and we war. Where -- him. And we've put in. Please. Into the -- while we were there. Who's kind of against Iran. Now are often works with the that the government is in place there. Was it was worth the -- know what what do we get. Well absolutely not mean we went and basically there were two reasons one for the weapons of mass destruction. And the others it's supposed to ties to groups like you know al-Qaeda. Neither of them would true. Because Saddam was not a very religious I mean he pretended to be later on. On and that you know we know there were no weapons of mass destruction at Watergate was to increase the intelligible ran in that in that region. And it basically has led to civil war because even at that we call on the violence down -- -- it's. I'd like you know give them enough time to create a unified country -- -- -- main interest is Spain and power. And in fact he lost the election in not 2009 needed win but rant was. Able to convince their allies in Iraq to put him in power. All right who is sick of first break can be just -- were worth about Iraq Iran and Syria. Good news conferences in different news source publish in the wrong -- the last few -- Believe -- claiming that they have warned that a sot his one and Syria. And basically. They're saying that the United States never did understand Syria. And all we do is purge radical groups that are making all of the borders let's say bought. We've got an expert with the who's who knows these things much better than -- week. And will be back and get more information right putts. Worth thinking about increasing number of headlines in its most sudden coming out -- and saying good. President sought his war in the in Syria and the United States should know what we're doing. And and one of the things added that caught Boras started reading more about this. Of the city of -- -- Holmes. One of the major cities that the rebels and so when fighting audiences. Helped prolong. The minimum -- it is one night. And their big getting on buses elected going to school. Because -- are being allowed to leave the city and and it just seemed like. A turning point but it is always -- -- here loosen things in the media always called experts. To -- I can really understand is true and thank goodness we have Larry Korb former assistant secretary of defense. Larry the paragraph that I told people about before to break. -- -- -- leaders say we won the game and series easily united stage just in -- -- answer. Americans will replace. Assad but they never thought about what the alternative wars and all they've done is encourage radical groups and made the borders let's say. No borders that -- the number two open is. Isn't that what we've done in Egypt and Afghanistan. And it brought. Well I think it's important keep in mind that this was not about not mean we did not act for the longest time would not get involved. In the war where finally stepping up ball off our efforts efforts now. -- soul who was in the defeat -- -- get involved in May remember that would awareness on used chemical weapons last August. -- President Obama went to the congress for permission to retaliate it would give a total so we -- deal with the Russians again you know. That -- would exports chemical weapons that he has exported most of them so it's not it's not a mean and that's I think it's important for. People to keep that might not everything that happens in the world is about -- I mean -- look at the situation in both Syria and Egypt the people there are fed up with their worst who were dictators -- more about the world. Families. An interest in the world we didn't encourage though more. We president Meehan now Obama basic yeah I would like this ought to go. What you know -- the fact of the matter is -- it is not power is it not our our fight. And I think the experience in a rock show. That it's one thing that topple -- dictator. But then the question is what becomes now are you willing to this day and you know needle. Rebuild that nation. And so I think you know President Obama quite correctly is trying to do was -- with a negotiated. Solution. Will they will be model depends. Missed the -- who's got other things on line right now you know without which Ukraine and all cell. With the and negotiations were taking with Iran now about nuclear weapons. -- the bomb. Of removes. Universe and from a stroke harbored. Says. Effective bureau proof of America appealed the sudden accepted via non planned in 2012. Which little up the son plays. Pending a cease fire and internationally monitored elections we could've avoided all of the -- your thoughts. Well again. I think the real question is would. He has accepted it and war would be. You know the people who rose up against -- -- accepted it. I think you know that's you know that stated that the key issue closest on that ought to -- about power and he's not gonna give up willingly. The only way he will do it is if the Russians -- look you've got to go because you know we're gonna stop stop -- immediately and as well as the up. The guys ukrainians do what I mean that committee is the key thing. Yeah I think it would have been great if we accepted the -- the -- you know law plan. Just like now Brahimi is not a UN delegate is over -- and out Friday you know get a plan but. -- the sides are are not now willing to accept that. And do over -- broke -- from is that Holmes -- One was that an indication that it really didn't might be winding down. No I think what happened there -- and as you mentioned they went out on boxes. They were concerned that that the rebels that the fighting it was gonna kill a lot of innocent civilians so they were -- deal with that government. If you real okay it will get out so you can stop the shelling in the -- -- you know pink -- Has some sort of you know it's a semblance here because something like twelve million people in Syria have been displaced. And as well as you know how have left the -- have left that left the country sell it to a certain extent I think this was you know. Was very you know a good thing for everybody because. You know this battle like Greg on -- nobody women winning you -- a lot about how people look. More people kill star. And the rebels still hold about a little less than half the country. A good look let me you know Gordon through deer prints something to looking through piles couple weeks ago looking for. Sure ideas. A pulled a photograph back and Maria. Not not in it back in 2011. December -- US drone that brawn claimed they had that it shot it down but did gotta -- land and then look like -- and pretty good condition. And it was called in or Q1 seventy sentinel. And I thought I would do to follow up on that in just two days ago. There were videos from a news conference and Ted Rowland. Where the leader -- runs that are engineers of succeeding. In breaking the drones secrets and copying and we're -- reversed engineered. And will soon take a broad test flight and there was another constantly looking exactly electing a moment exaggerations. Are possible. Well I think any cute now there's no doubt that landed there you know army patrols remote control and you know sometimes it doesn't doesn't work. I think -- issued drone technology spreading around the world to you know is it any more than you could stop people from. You know development airplanes -- the right cell. The fact of the matter is that gonna get it anyway this you know getting this might help them you know to actually. All the technology a little bit more quickly but the real question. It's okay have a drone if you intelligence. The then I think we recognize. The fact of the people out of it on and our -- careful. And I do think that this is the key issue for the world to confront because the whole question -- warfare in the -- Warren. Wendy you use it and you know where you know the whole question about you know we killed -- -- it was an American citizen in Yemen. Because recently he's been plotting against that you know a lot of you know issues coming up about that. More than one quick push and long vigilance broadly and so on with the new book a couple of weeks ago. And one of the things you mentioned that I've never heard of these should do one of their concerns. Or just. Merchant and those ships pro LeBron out in the gulf. They launch area -- called a magnetic pole its bomb comes out all the Berlet from -- And he said there would be no way to tell who didn't worry came from a worried originated from. Don't -- brought -- say that risk withdrawal and -- if we get hit by a drone. Isner a signature of where we know which country or which group it came from then and if not -- retaliate. Well of course that question -- publisher intelligence you know he's. If it it was a car and you would obviously we've got satellites away difficult from and I mean you would be able to do that. But I do it. We got satellites and couldn't find the seven -- seventh. It's not a I know learn it but the -- guy that night at the people like China and not flying that played back -- on. Was in the foreign service look that flight from Qualcomm pork back to the Beijing news development oh my gosh you know so. Yeah I mean you know -- and other satellites and our satellites that we have that. Gather intelligence you know bill. I think again but it's like anything else and he sure we got agents on the ground you know better you know being involved in these things as well. Larry always an eye opener of pleasure bureau in the show thank you so much of -- -- -- take care. Korb senior fellow with the Center for American Progress and that was security program and the former assistant secretary of defense. Coming up next we'll talk to some money from the huge foundation an expert there on smoothly. The Middle East in particular Syria is. Subject we're in touch on a long time. My potential is attracted to rubble were free and city of Holmes. I'm in Syria. Which was supposedly one of the of the big strategic. Error and a lot of concern over not being -- -- the women and children there and food and water and children. And all of a sudden Boortz a -- one by active and rebel during inaugural ball outs and abandoning Holmes. So -- -- -- Google a couple of things -- some changes are being made be worth the show and and I hit out of user. And they had a couple articles claiming. -- in Syria being one so what does it. The number of the guardian and there's that little bit more believable than a broad foreign policy in all three it's instinct thing. What they're doing their proportion. -- Leaders and brawn have said and this is what one of the headlines it's -- and saw the born and Syria and come from top. To Iran's foreign policy figures and it says that western in soccer's. A number of them agreed that strategy conservative. Encouraged radicals in it backfired. Leading to threats to European security. -- returning -- And knowing that all of our news Tuesday is -- the conservative. Liberal -- Cedric separate group of the year for try to get -- -- And exactly what situation is. What have we have decode words senior research fellow defense programs Heritage Foundation -- welcomed -- -- -- -- -- Reports better brought loans Syria and and factions at rock group claiming that a -- his ruling on the verge of winning or they. Corrected federations. Well I think you have a competition among all the people commented on this four who's gonna get the dominant position of influence in the region. So they're gonna Emeka official pronouncements from these various seats of government whether it's wrong and Syria itself Russia. Iraq's Saudi Arabia. And they're gonna take -- position that puts him in the past -- Relative to the the most community that they want to that would be most influential and so -- -- competition. Among these competing centers of power Syria happens to be the reference to this point. On our -- And there's so there's competition between these cars so when -- talk talk about all of -- winning. Now democracy Iranian pronouncements on the -- rebels would make a video advance against government forces -- you would see pronouncement Saudi Arabia I think this story news. There's a long time would be finished here I think it will continue to be very messy. For a long time to calm -- been at the moment it does appear that the starters upper hand yes. Of the retreat from homes is that an indication that things or turning in solid -- was that. A big -- so to speak. I think so -- you have these kind of significant battles pitched battles of old were. -- comics objective sometimes it is cities sometimes it's so. Control of the strategic resource like oil fields something along those lines and so big deal was made when the rebels seized that town now that they've had to withdraw from. You know they lose states and that's in the government gets to claim that as our victory. -- We've with a becomes of the rubble we wish him all the different factions and ended up fighting each other law reports. A jihadist groups. And mix in those reports Europeans. People from Afghanistan and the raccoons and -- up to fight in the Ruble silent. Isn't really concerned that if and when this is all over. Those radicals go -- Coleman and bring the piped to Europe. Visit it's a very big concern I think stepping away from Europe from home to soar into Saudi Arabia the kingdom there. Issued -- are or or an edict of sorts. So prohibited. Now folks from from saudis from going to Syria to chewing and that Fareed because they were afraid of just which are bringing top. Which was increased radicalization. And this experience. In and fighting government forces and broken the tactics and techniques so for a and and bringing that back home in this Marty spam we did not want that is an internal security threat. So you know that's analogous to the concern that the Europeans would have where you have these so. Homegrown or home based. As ominous as -- been radicalized and going from Germany possibly Great Britain. France. To participate in this war. And then when they come back home you know they've been further radicalize to do -- hectic it is legitimate security -- And the through the the last months of last year was. A lot of calls for a Obama to do something and one bullet couldn't do what tended -- body and in particular American side to insert. There are hardly anything now Huckabee it's. When these things -- polling site there you know you look at where where there -- opportunities to be in control. And I think Quinn when the I don't when you have the push back insist on Rasheed was in the early stages. And you had more truly moderate types of actions were pushing back against his extraordinarily for retirees. Repressive regime. That was the moment win win the groups were less radicalized. And we could have assisted with -- various types. Equipment and supplies -- -- vision and intelligence those kinds of things in non. Boots on the ground kind of support. But over time as things happen in civil war kinds of scenarios. All bets are wrong and competed in various groups become more more radicalized in you have opportunities that are created. -- aggressive and violent factions to dominate each. The these insurgents aren't and that's what's happened in Syria so it's just to complete masterful are that these factions reported mention. Are each trying to. Gained prominence in this movement and I think to the Margaret elements have been completely pushed out and all these are just. But -- rookie al-Qaeda affiliates or rock fetal life. In terms of the Mercury extreme ideologies. And extreme use of violence. Which which ought to their credit. They have had to adopt in order to be successful against -- machine -- -- system match I just don't think that there is a good start that we come down on. In the relevant credible support the could be pardoned -- I think the best course of the moment just stand back. Q what happens when support to Turkey to Jordan to Israel role and ensure that the distance and -- -- -- torture regional conflict. The colonel waters -- five more minutes for your time just or rhythmic got to take breaks -- -- -- all of rub them with -- would call it the -- They're regrouping Derrick -- they could about the Middle East in particular scenario the wrong number of -- spokespeople. For Middle East countries. Are claiming that presidents it is virtually mourners are in the process of winning. And brought up a number of issues concerning how this might affect unites states or. Arturo. Cryptic code -- with the senior research fellow defense program with The Heritage Foundation. Dakota bureau -- of drew little law subject here because. Usually besides subjects like people -- on -- and pulled one last night. And one of things that popped open was. Back in December 2011. Went wrong captured. One of our drones who's in or Q1 of the bright and -- berries -- this again. And lord behold yesterday. There was good news conference and they Roland. Weather says look we've cooperated in fact we've reverse engineered it were broken that -- its secrets were copying and and we're getting ready to return flight even as -- A video -- looked like drone video corner bar were aircraft carrier. It do you think they have done answers just just propaganda. The United States military's does know they have nowhere yeah. Our understanding Arctic now. There I think you know this is eligible to things that -- -- -- Austrian propaganda. On the one hand on the other hand. Iran does have a history. On both indigenous and poppy do you leave the unmanned aerial vehicle programs stretching back to the eighties in 2006. During the second Lebanon war between has on so Lebanon and Israel. That has all factions using Iranian built -- -- -- -- back then. Iran has a long history at all so. Just making things they they photo shopped in this election 2000 that he. The -- they copied footage of a Japanese drone in 2012 and claimed it was known. They have a radio controlled model that they've they've fixed a couple stole partner in 2013. So a lot of this stuff they just -- stroll out there. To pop up their capabilities Morton actually nor. It is entirely possible that they could copy. Indeed the current aerodynamic. Structure of this particular craft and maybe even -- could all right. Putting an intentional and there are the that is our different and having actual capability. Where it's connected to -- architecture. Communications. Should be able to collect information to distribute that information to analyze all. That's a forger and issues or are they think most analysts were looking at this and saying that this is a bunch of propaganda. If they actually get it up to your flying you would be the story that the quite skeptical and spore is any kind of surveillance footage of firecracker operations in the US and such as stocks stuff that they could pull off with the way. And that way over what you may be track on top of it and you know -- process they have certain capabilities capsule description. Doesn't have chosen technology to believe that Howard turned around your world technology. Moving you have X for the neutral maybe faster than more fuel at this point and what was said the court should. FaceBook -- -- company's 161000 grown with the bill would stay in the airport group three weeks for months. If it had grown technology. Increases. Its smaller -- -- Do you ever get hit with the wrong. Whether -- and Israel with the facilities in Germany and Europe. It is a Trace of OK and can we tell really valued and. Based on the forensics. Looking at the materials which you could salvage. There is information that you can draw from that. You know based on our actions of the components of realized maybe a construction technique if you have a data based refer back to. So it is possible. Two trees back in the new overlay that with tortured internal system. Who is doing what movement -- hundred things changed hands it was something -- A drone that would be significant enough to deliver some kind and attacked. There is going to be essentially change the cost of these but it would move it into place and I think via the -- community would have accept that kind of stuff. But that you have again a couple layers one that's something that's militarily relevant. Usually drones and not big enough to deliver that kind of a punch. But that's part of -- open public perception. And in the political angst that could error of somebody else using an unmanned systems in any kind of attract. Against the US interest interest of one of our source agreement to completely that is a growing challenge. I mean there's companies out in the wants to deliver beer by you please. The other across the economies are not going away they are what they are and you can use things for good or for -- you know depending on -- motivations of course we should expect support that the future -- Although we we could known good couldn't hold those code solution and Sweden have experts like QB goes on black preacher and burn -- trio of great mark bush. -- -- -- -- -- is really old show really in pursuing this I didn't. Should America be ashamed that one in every three homeless males in the United States. Is -- veteran of the war and we've bought. And the pro like a desert cute quotes of the day as more secure and happy Richard says yeah costs. My daughter listening. In America where there which -- research. And really Ochoa coming up all so. To the news wonders of the due date change your award Academy Award for restaurant shall have -- -- ships in the pew -- Coming up next don't go.