WWL>Topics>>5-13-14 1:10pm Angela: on homeless veterans

5-13-14 1:10pm Angela: on homeless veterans

May 13, 2014|

Angela talks with jazz trumpeter Kermit Ruffins and Lisa Carey of Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries about the problems plaguing today's military veterans.

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And we will commute to a beautiful beautiful on Tuesday. We have three wonderful shows we're going to be talking to a great man many of you know -- on to something very special -- our first hour. And in our second hour we're going to be talking about and I want all you dads. To think about giving us a -- is we're going to be talking about father. What it takes to be a father what kind of father you'll want to be what it takes as a -- to raise kids. And we have a couple in studio but we would really love to hear from you as well are -- differences between now mothers and fathers parent. So our third hour we're gonna hand. Back we are so thrilled for these two people. Just on a lucky day for us a month or two ago we had. Nominees to the James Beard awards are local nominees will two of them one and what's fabulous is that they tied. For best southern ships were having both of them on talking in our third -- Barbara began at. He started the rebirth brass band while in high school. And it's gone on to be one of our most beloved -- operators writing his own music and playing himself in the HBO special treatment. -- rothmans is a very special man but today he's blowing his trumpet for himself not for himself. But rather for the many homeless veterans in our community. Musician -- rothmans is -- against him were gonna we're gonna talk about the incredible program that you had a fabulous young woman who haven't studio. Have put together -- talk about that the we're gonna take this opportunity to really talk. About you confirm you are you or something else you have lived this incredible life. And and I'm just trying to think that your lawless junior high school. And you start playing the trumpet did you envision. -- doing today. -- you -- More. The which. Is. You know season. In it and he's been mentioned. All. Well. It is. Almost like they -- it deeply. So I mean is an injury and or me when I got a cloaking it in the field. We started. An accurate number. Kevin. In the war and let it felt like you do not for instance then there. I don't believe it. -- -- I think it takes a little talent and a lot of work. To make dreams come true and you really can't how many albums do you have now. It's like fifteen or unreal. Yet on the some of it earlier let's get adjusted for it gives people -- and -- streak against. And not even in order -- -- that it would revert. Well you have lived a wonderful life you continued to do so and and I once read that it really was. Louis Armstrong who inspired you who just captured juror mentioned nation. While -- you could do. -- Yeah well -- as. Well. It. Suggests in this. Actually. Own camp ultimately ultimately -- out the it is. And I get. Strong first. White and purple slightly. Away. When -- -- and couldn't leave the actual. And I just locked it and it went into that it would slow or at. The -- probably. Can't get the trumpet and then again. -- Technical level. And trumpet player at least okay. I mean it's it's incredible what he really. That it including. Identity. In the middle and it is. Simply natural. And went Tibet and -- -- -- -- Ultimately. And it without the political and -- in the music and everybody. -- the control. I tell you I'm impressed that you know the exact moment. Erie and that poor -- that you took. You you remembered the the impact it had on you. Is a phenomenal thing too but sometimes it is just that it is something triggers in some in you went. This is what I'm going to do and I can aspire to be -- Louie Armstrong. -- -- -- -- -- Tried. It. In and you're thinking. Is. Because no 101. Intimate. And thinking. -- about that. -- In. The it would it would you know. Right in the rear. Seats and -- and what community. And the Yankees. And just slightly as delicate that we. And you can wind up today. And met and that it is and the -- We look at. And much more animals should goal. Then you can play it's actually. If you play. I mean yeah we really strong in the I mean. It's cute -- That putt you know you mentioned true -- let's talk about your experience is working on -- you must have a ball. All of. In the -- it. Students -- autonomy in the and what is -- Any. And into an epic -- It's only. -- -- of biggest operator you know and -- when he should. We. Couldn't even. All -- Well we. Beat you you know it's really. It. Yeah so. -- we've -- in the interview. With. And then that. Maybe reading a slightly and so would be the MTV. -- that you. Coming out -- -- -- -- -- advocate. For that. And it really. In the weight. And keep. It it's really a lot of the swing. -- I think trimming will go absolutely become a plastic thing that people will look at for years and years to come. Let me ask you you have been in this business a long time. How have you seen the music scene change in New Orleans. -- -- Our plea -- and Clinton. Who report. To -- as well there street into a -- And out. Well we -- In hand. In the awkward. For. What it is that. I do it in -- But I -- about the -- At the moment non-GAAP total yeah. It would be played a brand. So it. The -- in which it. Appears instrumentation. On. And it was doing it wouldn't I wouldn't. -- -- Change a little bit. And you're feeling it yet or traditional. Some. -- and he's an -- it is considered traditional. But he's obviously been in the -- right now. And it and around New Orleans. He. Auckland and like you wouldn't believe. And it will be. Stumbled a bit jet in the world can you go to any school right now. You wouldn't be kept at each. Playing piano playing -- like these in and in the in the music. Light totally. In the -- what changes in the structure in all it really. You know and -- But I. It is. Completely. -- Just and -- It like it because I can solo. But didn't. Change. And it would. Mean. Different view it is beautiful city. Get. In it no -- So this. Like. It out. And thank heaven that you're there to help lead away and I know your continuing to write to continue into other things and one of the other things Richard Dooling. Is what were going to be talking the rest of the show about witches. He sort of extended your hand to helping homeless veterans and I'm just wondering what motivated you to do that. I always. Wanted to do. And -- head in agreement that was. Ali and -- insert. -- -- about. Coming. Out there. Well we're gradually also on record companies and I. -- to be in the eighties so. I went out to. Get just about six point. It. -- different form of a sudden. What is it. With a razor. And working. And -- always pray for. -- -- you know I mean what. Can you do and need to. -- -- -- -- -- -- It. And ended with people -- -- if it is. Is well. Well. What to. Do anything when he comes out and. Well again I appreciate you taking time in -- today your very busy. We're gonna follow on on what you're talking about a specific program that Carmen is involved with to help these homeless that's. We're gonna take a break we're gonna thank -- very much for being with this. Everyone stay with this we're going to be talking. With his partner policy partner in crime it's his partner in helping right after this. It was great fun talking to -- Russians -- first a lot of tremendous talent. And now sort of spreading his wings doing something it he obviously says he has always been. Very fond of people in our military what they do. And so he has joined hands with the delightful young woman Lisa Carey Tulane university graduate and realistic broker. And you're the director of the veterans housing outreach ministries yes I am. And you would think Kermit said you know what we need to do something better take the ball by the hand and keep moving kept them get them house get the house so that's. Really the Genesis of what you wanna do and you're working in the river parish. That's correct we do river parishes which includes saint charles' arm Saint John in saint chains we have also some scattered site living quarters in its. Jefferson perish and Arlington speakers so we can actually house nearly a hundred veterans. Both -- men and women in senior -- am. Ex military. Some with mental handicap and just. Veterans needing a place to stay. We do and -- emergency transitional and permanent house. How did you come up. Well I saw opening night initially started working underneath the bridge and I saw so many veterans and it's served their countries for. Just so many years and they would be under the bridge and didn't understand how to get the basic needs. Accomplish things like their DDD 214 forms -- a major. Problem if they want it to be somebody to get back into the world to get back on their feet. So we started going out in providing the necessary documentation that was needed for them to be. Be whole again in. Driver's license and then fine and then just a place to stay east a place to live -- in addition to just a place to sit and have a cup of coffee and talk to them and find out that the needs that they hacked. And we found over and over again that the same needs were met by many of the veterans. We found that because when they are so structured and the veterans environmental -- Coming out of the military when they got into arm that's that the bill which the real world a civilian life. There were no longer to able to just get things accomplished because they were accustomed to having. A list of things that they need to get accomplished and two and not many people didn't have those things that in place for them so they found themselves. Falling by the side of the road each time. And because they work. Under one bridge or another bridge are living in a car living with the family member but not getting bent their needs met we found them going further and further indebted to depression. Or just sort of isolate themselves from society and we figured that was a known now that serve their country these people had been a part of you know America making a change in our lives and -- changed and the environment -- was no need for those guys to be underneath that bridge and we decide to start taken them and one at a time it's going out talking to them and cold -- In the warm on heat and pulling them out on the side and start getting the proper paperwork and getting them to the appointments that they needed and then started actually howls and. Well we're gonna talk a lot more about the specifics of what you're doing. And we also have a gentleman on the line who is doing something similar it's about housing for veterans. On the North Shore and he's going to stay on the line and also gonna talk about a festival for veterans that's coming up. But everyone stay with this we're going to be going to the newsroom now on to find out what's happening but stay with us as we talk about housing veterans. We are back talking about we're talking about veterans and what we as a community can do to help those who are struggling. We are joined by Lisa Kerry who again is the director of veterans housing outreach ministries. And I also want to introduce Ed Ed die on the North Shore. And yeah. Yes you are organizing veterans village on the North Shore. Yes. About program is -- the brotherhood it's better. Help in better where the one that's still in the nature. Project and the law in what -- -- welcome home for the Vietnam veterans that they'd never -- -- of funds we could generate. From there on the welcome home. We're going to create what -- -- that -- -- bill which. We can go out. Locate homeless veterans. -- into the village we have a Doctor Who has offered his services to be free medical attention to the veterans. We give them temporary housing. Liveable place to sleep through -- food to eat fresh clothes. All we get that back into Portugal Ireland will help them get home -- one home match. We all have a committee to help side eight when he told parliament on that and the place stormed salute. Now again this is on the North Shore even though you're coming to New Orleans. And you're saying this village will be a place where there is housing. Yes. Well looking at almost like at camp site facility. That's going to be capped a two year period there's going to be an educational -- Where -- bit -- and can. We could not get some volunteers through the educational. Programs here in short and maybe some of the junior colleges to come to do programs for the veterans. I'd get -- re. Established. A bit -- so respected that they'll slide back and now. Get them back to where they're they're. -- actually like they should I mean it's always desperate of their help that and that terminology no one left behind. Isn't as a bully. That all the veterans when they go on the service as someone need help. Well that's what we're plan and -- or. I do have the facility yet. We have one -- looking at it's still in the process. The import. She didn't say very well established its civility that would be hurt if this doesn't work out. The fund will generate through the welcome home celebration in the wall in the Vietnam -- Should give us enough to where we have the start from scratch we could structural scratch. But this is the product that's going to happen. You know it's it's it's unusual because I didn't know you gonna call in and I'm so glad. That we had this planned with. With current -- and his partner Lisa Carey. Again with the veterans' housing which ministries. For the river parishes and she does have a place in Huntsville correct. And we've -- tablets there for the last four to five years. We have a scattered living also in the New Orleans area and Jefferson Parish had the capability of housing at least a hundred men and women. And in cases where some of the men or women are responsible for -- -- child's. We can accommodate as well we do I ever need -- funding at this particular time sponsorship. For the lights gas in -- to continue being our next. We can also use updating on the buildings without pain -- electrical power electricians coming into. Increase the electric the electrical capacity are putting more ceiling fans and an air conditioners. I'm also we can use plumbing because we have armed some some I think some -- plumbing you know situations were when you have a lot of people in house make things get stuck into the toilets and different things like packed. What you were talking about you have essentially an apartment complex in on bill yes man that has a plumbing issue. That's correct and so they're not letting you use it until the plumbing issue is correct and we definitely need some want to come out immediately because our veterans are still sitting and waiting for that particular facility. We have it both it's two story building that that's -- and we're finding that one of the cartilage -- sorts lines is being backed up -- just another lying tied into it. From another angle so we would like somebody to please come immediately and help us so that we can get -- get that get over that task and get active planning and zoning and open our buildings like yesterday -- our veterans are sitting and waiting week. Have the capability to house many senior veterans where those guys have come on the Korean War are we have two with three that are on the waiting list. And then we had some Vietnam War -- veterans that we can definitely cater to me before they get older and older -- not be able to take advantage. Off some of that the the things that are available to him. We provide them without getting them back into the VA -- and system where they're able to take K -- take advantage of the medical. I'm services that are part of the the veterans administration in addition to all of the different testing that has gone -- I'd take it and not being taken and a child such as the cardinals veterans that are were in the military with hearing loss. Needing eyeglasses. Dental health. Did insurers actually. And so many other medical needs that these guys neat but they need a stable home and Indian contracts. I mean we also can -- com tracks on board where they can get feeding. Yeah well we have done our second harvest come out and bring out tracks loaves of bread and and on fashion vegetation as we grow. Our vet didn't. I'm sorry group that's doubles as well as fruit on the label and it is a product acre or two from land there so we have the capability of also building two more sites on there. We just need some help from saint Charles parish to get us in the doors open foreign needy veterans are senior veterans -- -- veterans. And get this program work and immediately we would appreciate. Any help and you know something else that it was saying there are some veterans that given all of that help. Will want to go to war will want to job. That's right and then because they have an address the people realize that you don't have an address. That really isn't -- major wall that's correct so if you have an address and then you can. Get all your medical needs fixed core and then you know you can be productive person if if you -- -- correct you can get back on your feet immediately keep in mind the river parishes. Or parishes that have the highest par ports of income so we were we know that the the entry level jobs start anywhere from thirteen to fifteen dollars hour. So our veterans could definitely use that money to really get themselves back X tablets what their families. Participate in the community financially. Also the other veterans can participate black helping other. Our nonprofits in the area where they're giving back to other seniors to help them with on their daily living or. Planting are being a part of the local church there it's just a win win situation and our veterans need to be recognized and need a place and we definitely have the place and we're ready to open our doors there. And only so much of both stay with Maine we're gonna come back we're going to be talking about how you can help our veterans. I think that I've always believed that people the majority of people really do wanna help each other. And want to contribute in any way they can and sometimes they just don't know how. And so I think this is an hour that we spent talking about. If you have a real affection or. Veterans have done this kind where there are needs and that there are veterans who live in the river parishes veterans -- we've learned from -- On the North Shore. Where communities are coming together. To help them. Whether it be if they need an apartment whether they need just to be oriented to where the medical care is to have a place to -- like the coffee shop that Lisa's been talking about. We can do that yes this is not anything out of our reach and certainly and I know you would agree with that too because you're appealing. Two fellow veterans. These. Approach are. I would -- -- fact that. The Vietnam. Who me what it was. They users but the elderly and other. And step up and help. I mean well. Your -- and doing what she's doing I mean anybody can help just one -- makes a worthwhile. There are. -- any given night it over that all across United States. They had these are people that in the country needed them they stepped out and unfortunately the problem. Cannot fulfill. That these so is called back all the people that they're veterans surge. And the Brothers that they sir we showed that the overall objective. Of ride the brotherhood is to create. Our whole program no one -- alone which signifies. That's a veteran no matter where. They need a place to sit there on the pillow. -- he's subconsciously they need medical assistance they need food. Any chance to get all they want it you can't stop that light at the end that's what we're going to be doing. When it is is is literally a ride to. Well that itself. We are so -- Vietnam that. -- in the wall where a lot -- or. Will we get the Los Angeles where slide in Vietnam. We're going to sort combat -- the -- -- when -- come -- we'll get out -- That was odd is that the ball in -- -- satellite -- on motorcycles. So other better and better its -- to join us along the way. -- -- The Vietnam memorial -- the wall. Our goal is to have -- thousand motorcycle show are all better served United States. When we arrived in the Wal-Mart. March 2820. G. -- -- -- -- -- -- A major facility in the city in the law which will kick all the all star celebrity concert that's going to be a welcome home Vietnam and. And with that money you're going to build this village. Yeah man exactly between that -- and sponsorship. And donate just like you got loose -- It apart and could vote on that now that the dollar that go to of that. All of -- School that is. I also want to mention just because more on the subject that. For the groups that are helping the east saint Tammany habitat for humanity's. Veterans build project is building homes men earn one at a time. And the first homes land has been donated and cleared the construction has begun. And they're going to have a veteran's. Hospital and -- this Saturday may seventeenth. North Shore are -- So if you're out there and you want to participate in just tear this. Real projects that are happening. This what plan did or march 2890. When he is stand. -- really an amber -- is doing is unbelievable. And again. They hit bumps in the round and what Lisa has it is a -- with she needs a plumber. This is this is a significant. Problem for once it's fits they've -- facility they just need to do and these guys have a. Yes we have enough to accommodate 24 men just in the Condo area and another ten I'm sorry five to ten. Guys in the cooling area. Where we would hope to have on a place where that they can congregate and have 24 hours seven days that we Wi-Fi access where they are able to use the computer. And to find jobs and to find any information such as getting their DD 214 and getting all that correct documentation. In the rural areas it's a little bit difficult to get complaining to play -- ever been close so early. Want to have a outplacement the kind -- -- can have the camaraderie. Of having a cup of coffee in addition to having a place where they can get papal work accomplished and all the different documentation. So they could still be a part of the system but yet still -- and that that environment and still have the brotherhood and the sisterhood that they rightfully deserve. You know stay it was so everyone things are happening we'll be right back. Well we're talking about efforts to help our veterans and we had a caller I think we just lost him attempt. We missed him he needed help getting back into the VA we been talking with Lisa Carey who has a -- Sort of help veterans ministry. And we've been talking to and on the North Shore both with great ideas. And things that are happening right now and keep going back to Lisa. We definitely have the building she just need to get the guys and he can't do it until the plumbing expects to. That's correct please somebody some ex military person current military on your spare time. We need a plumber to prepare our sewage lines and allowable skies to move into the property immediately. -- we're just have a problem with the flow of the so which we have the -- We need to get somebody to he listened to us in saint Charles -- for planning and zoning and get our veterans and their like yesterday. -- nothing massive it's just a mere thing tied into our currents which line. And we need tactic get open and I'm sure a lot plumber would understand exactly what needed to be done and you're really focusing on analog of the senior debt. Yes see you're really able posttraumatic stress. And just the X veterans that need a place and had just changed our lives they've served our country and it's time for us to help and they get in touch. A veterans' housing outreach. My number is 3403429. 3403429. Please give us a call. And don't forget that this Saturday -- -- Harvard is going to be veterans festival and Edinburgh going to be looking forward to hearing more about this incredible ride you're gonna have. That'll be out driving a 100000 motorcycle guys in to New Orleans in march of about 2015 I applaud you all. Thank you all for joining me.