WWL>Topics>>5-13-14 3:10pm Angela: with award winning chefs

5-13-14 3:10pm Angela: with award winning chefs

May 13, 2014|

Angela talks with 2014 James Beard Award winning chefs Ryan Prewitt of Peche and Sue Zemanick of Gautreau's.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Say this day just gets better and better I loved our show on the veterans and to get the response. That the people have called and it just means so much we do all these people and this is a way we can help. And then they have those two phenomenal fathers on talking about what it's like to be a father. I hope we replay that in replay that I thank them and I loved it but. This is to show -- waited days for. In the world of food these -- the Oscars. I'm talking about the James Beard awards given annually to the best of the best the best chef's best restaurants even best cookbooks. It is no less glamorous and heart pounding in the Academy Awards. The competition is tough really tough. But when some of our new world and stars are recipients of the James Beard award. We are not only thrilled for them but realized the rest of the country now knows what we know. New Orleans produces not just culinary stars. The culinary leaders. We are so proud -- -- two of the winners with The Today Show up soon as the -- of restaurants go -- and I've been. And show up Ryan Pruitt who was shot and co owner of pinch seafood grill. They tied for best chef in the side. And Ryan Pruitt and his restaurant -- also picked up best new restaurant. It just I have chills. I have -- okay somehow we were lucky enough to have these two on -- at six weeks ago. At least it was like six weeks ago we were taught all they've been nominated and this is something or other. I looked down you win and you co winner. And I just had this an amazing emotional feeling. Not just the three individually but collectively and of course the descent. This show issuers Ireland now from the start you arrive in New York. What have you got on what -- it. Where what do you think. Ryan would like to effort and -- -- you -- Well you know his Jazz Fest before we went to New York so I was very busy and I had to leave at 6 AM on Sunday so I frantically packed after I got home from work on Saturday. Waited for my cab to come and get at 430 and when I arrived in New York I slept in the lobby of my hotel. That's how my James Beard award award experience started. And then we just kind of chilled for the day and the next day where the warts Germany's. And I got up to my hair my make up done and -- my outfit and it was talk about the it -- amazing you jumpsuit. It's beautiful. It perfectly matched -- -- we did not a plan that that we end up looking at great together in the photos and and and it was it was super cool halter dress -- American hustle and it was cool. So if you're feeling your feeling some feeling pretty in your feeling this is a special -- whether I winner don't exactly. Okay Ryan. You get to take your -- I did yes it was wonderful. He threw it up on Saturday and we had a very long flights he got there they got to a number of times and if you're going out to dinner that night and there get to spend all day Sunday kind of bouncing around the city which was great. And -- day. Again to spend more time kind of touring around and eating. Got dressed and went the whole the whole event is is really pretty incredible you -- realize that your surrounded by all of the people that use -- cook books I read in his sort of careers that I studied. Through the whole time that I've been working. And you guys these people are standing right next to you all time that's that's sort of surreal and that's that. It in the in the case that you have not met them that you know of them are you comfortable just to walk up and saying. -- on so I. Kathy castor. A few were more glasses of champagne yes. Did a little liquid courage notes. But you never any in the end. All of these before -- are really nice and everyone's through warm and welcoming and I think. Yeah maybe not. All year long but definitely on on that night everyone is just sort of happy to be. Surrounded by their peers it's such a wonderful event. The James Beard awards have been around for a couple of decades. The ninth 1990 except yet and it really is an. You know I'm not making light it really is the Academy Awards when we look at what shafts are in our world today I'm looking to look for. But I mean they are it's such a talent inning. A profound profession now so you should have your Academy Awards. So you're sitting there now it's a dinner. Or is it in just an audience -- and Germany. With -- nothing until after okay and so they start and what happened first did you get. Best new restaurant first. That is there a second OK -- -- -- let's talk about best shift in the -- Others who who else's in line for that. Just in the belly and chest and I want to tell and dish from Oxford. Are you -- is seated next to each other. Now actually had a awesome -- at the awards ceremony I was behind as sorry as in front of premium plot has an amazing restaurant tour in New York City. And Marcus innocent to my left hand Rick Bayliss behind. Escort them. And they had you. Say yes that's right and so you are a distance from each other -- Which you had talked to each other during the event. Or the -- before only it. There it's it's kind of hectic getting there there's that I parked it -- red carpet which is really very strange. In the whole experience is very strange I think that's a first for me Samoa drag me on a red carpet and. Tyler carpet at the honorable or into the red carpet and took -- so anyway now there -- about to call. Who is the best show up on the -- you know we're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back and we're gonna re live that moment right after this. Welcome back yet as we talked to our two James Beard award winners. Taking us back to that incredible moment Lincoln Center New York City. I mean spectacular. Red carpet. You walk down that she just floated down the petition so -- we're talking of course with them soon as the manic. Of restaurant goat throw and I think and chef Ryan -- Shia and co owner of cash seafood grill. Both winning okay now we're at that moment where there were dressed to the nines were feeling good you're surrounded by people you admire. You're seated here category comes out. Best -- in the south. Honest to god I think all having government accounting -- do kind of hold your breath. It was it was awful as -- incredibly nervous and and the south category comes towards the end of the events that you have. Well like an hour our Internet time sort of. And they weren't chipping around the -- and a little bit in the order that they were announcing the -- so when I thought we're supposed to be announced today. Mitch has another category so that made me even more nervous my palms are sweating and I don't know Gonzalez running yeah -- I ran about forty miles in my seat from shakes out -- and turned around the pay off -- toy car that my kids he's given me for good luck -- it was awful it was so stressful antidote to do. Not do they have cameras on you as a junior Kenny awards of the faces when the nominees are mentioned. Your base comes up now that you have a camera and photographer if -- -- -- -- -- -- In the seats you were not together. You haven't seen each other yet the academy for. Best chef in the cell whose name is called first -- So you immediately think. I hope it's me for a I had a so they said there's a time. Now with a -- first and then. So they -- -- the fact that it is so Ryan they call your name you hear at that moment. I you -- you sort of go on auto I don't know I just sort of went on auto pilot didn't immediately took a wrong turn and went to a part of the stage that -- -- stairs to climb Holland. So actually had to jump onto the stage from the Wayne's. Because I was going to get bad it was his heart he did Saturday through so it around at that point. They're saying not only great chef -- a great athlete I jump on the stats aren't that immediate Kagan the right way. But luckily I didn't follow my days that. Awful so they called you first and you got up and spoke than they also calls it. They announced but the -- names that met kind of at the stage and went up first. -- -- Erica is. Differ. With you hear your -- And it's just. Which a prepared speech -- which -- prepared -- -- -- those all that was going through my head and then don't fall down on projects. I had my -- want me -- stairs and I'm OK here's Kaplan Q okay. And you go up the stairs should go to the microphone now you're both on stage you're both at the Mike look at each other saying -- my wish. We did it. In and -- meaning of her sister. Always prefer a but I heard at a -- tell -- your -- If I could remember my speech like to see it again but of course I thanked the owners Patrick and her practicing playing and I. Think I forgot to thank my family so it -- -- -- -- -- And I think my -- -- my bonus tighter enforcement. And in my amazing kitchen staff front and back of the house pitchers. On the most important thing that's. There. That's the things like that the format that most people never. -- to get the caveat which is meaningful Malia very important calms me down after along or. This is beautiful thing and I you're just deep breathing and Ryan knew that moment to think yes this is edited it mystery. Have you literally thought I had a time unify and called on I need to think of elements. I did that every now today who sort of Rockwell if this does happen any -- and lease arrangement thoughts that. It's pretty straightforward I mean it was the same format you know they -- partners and human tumors to staff. And in my life. And you can't in my kids yeah he says that in the future they can there that I think the minute and forget them that is dry -- they care at all consortia. But then that says here's the truck yet in my pocket. That I've been via. Your kids over at the Newark there -- that was important so venue stepped on to go back to your seats now your seat made -- may not have recognized -- prior. Realize that they are sitting. Among winners. Well they'd be sort of a shoo you off the stage into a back area and photograph you and keep the issue and -- and then. -- use sort of eventually work your way back to the press room where there's more campaign in an Islamic. Good combo yeah. Yes that eventually I went back to the seed after that this past who was up from one more award. Okay didn't take -- back to that award you're back at the -- did you go back tears and no I did not. -- nothing you come up and when champagne champagne. So now you're seeing this again. Yes that's there the whole process started however again that running in place that -- -- and what's gonna happen actually. In the paint off the track you have to hold the whole thing but now you're kind of a seasoned veteran gives you Marty made up the stick stage once wrong but without. Always up and did blubber my way here that's teachers and -- did I haven't watched the replay I've done that I can't. But yes and then we were announced for best new restaurant. And that when you know of course since. An award they shared amongst men many people as that was especially meaningful. Were you the only person from passion there. -- Donald and Steven. And. Mara bill Donald's father of our other partner was there as well so did all of eagle on the stage -- the united okay. Had you seen them earlier in the evening. -- -- -- -- Euro traveling together. Okay where they seated next to you grow together -- so that's great -- so this is best new restaurant in the United States of America. Think about that game. Best new restaurant United States of America. Makes me nervous it's here at this time you went out the correct side instead I did it created what the actual -- -- Did you speaker did the others. Donald spoke cornerback path. I think Stephen's got a -- you and I just accepted the medal. -- We're talking with our wonderful James Beard winners are gonna come back we're gonna talk about. Other things that happened that evening that involved locals and not we're gonna talk about what they're doing in the restaurants and stay with this I'm Angela under the -- Well we're talking with the James Beard winners our very own yes Shia Xoom as a manic and chef Ryan Pruitt. Just made this so dad -- proud. They shared best chef of the self. And that Ryan also won for best new restaurant. In the United States of America we keep things. So you've had this glorious night he says that don't but let's don't talk about what we did after let's talk about what to -- It just was party central. Yeah. I had. A few bottles of champagne. Poured on me. Independence and -- yep that's right that's been directly that's what dry cleaners -- different. Yeah it was great there's a number of after a gallon after the well first there's this sort of reception. Area outside. Which is very nice and then after that number of restaurants after parties. That could be very loud very crowded very drunken yes. But it was a great. Treatment. Is at a medal the -- Wear around your neck it is that the physical. And so people at the reception -- happen. Introduce themselves and tickled and ticket to get that is here and you're invincible for a few hours. I would Wear it 24/7. I wanted to take off for a shot at a time. -- you know that you know we were talking that's. New Orleans has also represented by the Hanson noble people won an award and kind of tell us about that because that was a thrill for people to. I think we are on. Being at the awards really appreciate -- that heritage awards that they hand out ten different businesses and restaurants that have been around for -- long time and electing to keep. I'd keep an -- with that grandparents parents have done and I thought it was such -- Nice and amazing thing for Ashley Hanson to be up there to receive that award in honor of her family and it's just a cool thing because it's nice to see all different types of establishments and businesses in the restaurant world get recognized. So it was great to share that -- actually -- And you I'm sure was beautifully spoken and -- is yeah. No but isn't that great that it can be from the snowball stand to the great dining experience. I did not realized I was doing some search that they also give awards for cookbooks which is. Correct they showed that journalism awards on Saturday in May have their own awards ceremony well have fueled on cookbooks. -- -- but let's get one goal. And they'll have you back and talk about that. No but just sort of your final thoughts on I'm not really not making this to -- this is a big deal. The James Beard awards are big deals and you'll want and you deserved it it isn't just that -- nice people that you very talented people and you make the city very proud. And just -- your last thoughts on it he had to come back to the real world go back in the kitchen and start which you do all over again. Yeah I mean it's near the award third I think the thing that I was most sort of I guess surprised by is that the breach of the awards -- mean people that. I mean I've always followed and that I'm in the restaurant industry and I don't think that I appreciated that. You know a lot of people outside of the industry in follow them so closely I mean I've heard from people that I haven't talked here and fifteen or twenty years. Yes it's just it's really amazing. And to be. I mean they're they're sort of -- their pitcher is an awards serve is to have your your peers -- recognize you like that is extremely great honor. Yes. I grew at 100%. At the at a perfectly but. The awards mean a lot to all of us and I advocates and appears to choosing the awards make it that much more special for -- And I'm just so happy and so proud that it. I'm happy -- yeah he's great for the city it's great for our restaurants and is great for our staff to know that there other hard work is paying off the end. So the -- choose and they have physically -- to your restaurant. Or others haven't they're getting recommendations. Media. Who knows how to run it's it's I think it's. Probably a mixture I mean that diverting population for the beard awards this fairly large. -- and certainly not everyone is able to come to the restaurants that. You know it's obviously I guess and I guess enough of them did. -- -- to allow us to win. No absolutely. Spectacular. -- meanwhile you are back to work and until something exciting that -- doing. I came back to work in it was a fun big sign hanging in the kitchen and everybody was happy celebrating but they. After that it was back to work regular day nothing else really changed for him. Do you do you literally. Do people win twice to win three times a mean pop -- went twice could turn out like that but now you wouldn't be best new chef. You were going to other categories correct in a few -- -- but you can win something for your -- in the journalism awards and opening new restaurant more. That can't best restaurant overall men. And who got that. There mr. chip and -- then it didn't matter but you know I'm usually ignored. And where's that it says Everett and just yeah. Our cities like Chicago New York San Francisco the big competition. New York, New York tends to be the best represented. In the wars for many reasons. Many restaurants yes or -- restaurants that such -- A concentration of talent. And in New York. But yes new York and San Francisco and Chicago -- the sort of big big metropolitan cities tend to be represented. I mean New York has their own category yes -- well New York City has their own category and bust out there northeasterly. As the volume. Well one day new worlds will have its own category I agree we we should. Stay with -- will be right back. Again we're talking two or James Beard award winners. The shouts of passion and coach rose and hiding and we are just so very proud I -- shift a little bit and talk about. About your lines and creating your menus do you change them seasonally do you change him weekly. Is it because something has inspired -- that lets try this. Yes that you know all of the above I mean need. Mean we we don't change term are through we have a sort of menu that we we keep. Fairly it's you know it changes maybe once a month -- every three weeks or so and then. We have a fairly extensive special card that -- sort of more up to the minute with. Mean because seizure of large volume of what we serve has finished his -- seafood restaurant unity. Purchasing. We have to be able to sell things that we can get in to small quantities on any given day. It's this or special -- days. Pretty at the minute. I have always been very interested in how do you know. How much to order -- something. Not -- educated -- with us now I mean there there's a way to figured out you know how much of fishy. Well -- and usable product and you just do as a mathematical. You know it's just all maps -- that had a -- So if you have specials of that evening and there's a run on tour in you don't have enough you just say last two on 86 and and then you order something new for the next -- What about you how do you handle -- on. Creating your menu in changing your -- we like to do a lot of specials every day we usually do one if not -- retreat specials to appetizers entrees desserts. The week out and change our menu I can return is quite frequently. -- is coming up with new ideas and everyone in the kitchen has a thought this set saying what we're gonna put on the next menu and it's. A it's inspire them so they can become chefs one dance that they know that thought process that goes into creating a dash. So we all kind of get together and to the many changes as a group. And when you do come up with something because you can't access to a special fish or an idea from someone do you do a dry run. We try to do a driver and -- I have to say a lot of times or change the menus today it's. You know last minute tweaks and fixes and you know it's never a 100% until maybe. Have you ever had a -- her. I have not TV disasters that in -- eatery and a mania. Well that's because you know there's. Everywhere throughout something happen and you put it all in your head it makes sense -- -- when you translated to the plate you sort of look at and realize that. It looked better in your head that it has some play. That and you just. It is it true when. The wait staff picks up. Clears the table when you see people haven't eaten do you question -- what was the matter. Or was it really not feeling well I always look at the plates coming back from the -- when they're clearing the table and I'll ask the waiter if there was something wrong if there's a little bit. In health food left on the -- -- a lot fit -- -- a there's a lot of fear that's on the plane -- let's say there's -- two full they had to go. Or I don't think she cared for whatever the case meaning. Have you ever come on the kitchen and ask somebody is everything okay. I'm if there are complaints which I hope don't happen not often but there are willing to address them and -- to address them personally and I think that. -- the customer know that we're here -- correct issue we can't via a 100% perfect all the time we just try to be. The best cooks incessantly -- and hopefully they commit make it up to them the next and they come back. You also come out. Infrequently and usually the sort of course events involves the the front of house management. -- you know if someone wants to talk about something with me I'm always more than happy to. What is exciting. In your lives that you're looking forward to. Both in your individual profession professional life and what's happening in your industry. And I'm lucky part occasion and Houston if you could Wear your blue dress again -- -- -- have -- lobotomy as we all look forward into anything I mean are you excited about them. Maybe there's another restaurant may be years. There's always something memorize there's always. -- felony. In my getting the sign that we need to take a break. We'll be right back. -- sue as a manic and chef Ryan Pruitt. She -- trinity of seafood. What a thrill for all of us that you have won this award and we just cheer you -- they'll -- other awards in your life but it just means a lot that you would spend the hour with us today. But that you know how much appreciated here if you really. Continued success team. You make you make life here's special and I think that's but the bottom line. Thank you listeners -- back tomorrow.