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5-14 8:15am Tommy, Saints Super Bowl odds

May 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Vegas Runner about the Super Bowl odds for next season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I get a text that comes in and says I am not a better so could you please explain. What the twenty to one odds really mean and how were they determined. And the guy's gonna join us right now can do that I guarantee of Vegas runner otherwise known as BR he is a professional sports better and he's been on what Bobby indeed before I don't Vegas. Never battery glad -- -- -- -- -- any talk everybody is -- get excited debate it NBA -- keep you busy but. -- -- -- at the end down college football season there's already lined out back. They're already in line now if you wanted to bet that already so people are already excited. You know it would was one of strange things I lived in Vegas for awhile was that. The football games come on at 10 o'clock in the morning which mean the pregame shows starts -- 98. Freaky really -- and it isn't. Over. You know usually by 8 or 10 o'clock at night here where -- used to -- let go out yet it and at midnight. You have a girlfriend from your zone and. Actually. I'd been in normally a lot that is one of the city's. You know what we're letting go of that big is -- is there could be girlfriends all over the place tell me about how to go about determining that the saints -- one at 21. He had 21. If they win the Super Bowl right. Correct correct you get point 21 on your money com and and -- -- -- cities. Com. By how they proceed does that seem calm on top. Al they have them playing at sport that there probability of winning the Super Bowl and obviously. That first 1438 back. As they -- Here -- the 49ers and the favorite and it's the and New England in Denver paper in the ANC. Com last year was one of the first time in the wall and time that we actually salt that first fourteen -- -- -- favored before that -- may get to achieve these gains and then it is super ball and that fire that last year you went. And fees in. Those tendencies in. It's Super Bowl at odds that it's the one -- better. Until the fact that they got it right last year. Position and really. Add aliens where their teams in the top four. Make it think that your -- -- amp which. Don't want to happen between now and the -- Ball that -- changes the complexity of the on op would bet that last year they got it right it's kind of like. I'd like compared to March Madness and when -- get all number one -- in the final four rarely ever. When it. The selection committee to everybody -- -- great job they'd be exceeding the number one and that's kind of what happened last year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The picture probably. -- -- At T according to debate on. We take a break here Vegas trying to -- come back we'll pick it up at twenty to one end. You know betting strategy here and and and you do know the gamblers -- onto Vegas runner. Lord let me break even I need them -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people that would -- that that would repeat that would have been. Tell you so when we come back and talk about their bets here's here's my thing at twenty to one. You would staying playing at a bed more than a dollar area collar earlier said he bit 500 on that -- I don't know will talk about high yet. How you bet with your head -- -- that was the art wears a wallet figure and and then likelihood of the saints winning the Super Bowl when we come back getting questions or comments. We'll take you real quick at T 60187. Neitzel 38668890878. Eight when he suits Connolly get traffic in that it's. Hi Tommy Tucker talking to Vegas runner professionals what's better about the saints being. 21821. Milieu an early college favorites -- -- they'd be at the area. Ugly undertone while Tony when the odds it's one into one on him winning a Super Bowl against ranked. Yes that would even think long push that 181. Mainland students via many would say that -- 41 long shot but when super. I'd so a year you nearly and a horse race in and you bet the longshot at fifty to one you put two bucks on it as a candidate I came in. Because you like the name -- comes of this. In I don't know what I would do because even if you think the saints are gonna go in -- reasonably sure that to win the Super Bowl. Lot of stuff has ago right in May be wrong for some other teams -- -- that five -- again what. A hundred dollars banks so. I mean -- you do you do you make is that because you really think it is gonna have energy make it better at the better as a text comes in because. My wife my sister went to -- few months ago had and I had to put twenty dollars on the saints when the super bully odds were fifteen to one -- so I guess they should of waited. But what would have changed there why would go from fifteen to one. It's one -- one is that a reflection on in the saints are draft or something they did send in -- another team or how many people are betting on one. Two things either that the property that she had been to police -- and it -- Didn't keep calm and go to price as that market at a eligible. It. There's an adjustment made -- you know that that futures market. Is that the ones betting market where sport apple deeper into that line on the net state -- and. It game by game the way the market has become now the -- he bombed with with the Internet. Pretty much does the points pretty uniform. The world around it will be. Different but everyone that markets can be similar. Pretty much everywhere. The futures market and that comes in they get shot wore baseball -- There that would take more opposition and. At what an opinion in the futures market and say they would. Game by game come and that's what she may have gone fifteen to one rather than 41 which is readily available. -- so when it comes to betting if in fact he shouldn't again remember the game was prayer lord let me bring even need the money -- says a disclaimer. How do you balance your heart your wallet and your head when when it comes time to -- Here at the person -- -- -- -- -- -- -- life by pretty much been in the industry want to -- -- other them advocate. And come from very young I was forced to -- -- like posters and and for always picture these in and say I can't have a favorite team because when we come -- actually come -- -- that. Com and then -- have. Have been around. -- 20052006. I I I started don't in the war in com that went when they did -- suitable futures -- and then next -- economic huge -- and iPad. And he didn't that I would -- the primal Curtis. Whether I'm being biased when -- like that once Sunday but I have been able to not really but against the budget may be. On the game I don't think they're gonna -- -- Think he got it. Separate -- from being a professional and do when it for entertainment. On the two different things and it here that you -- at taming things that debt remember that maintaining cost money weather on the move these letters nightclub. You know it's gonna cost you money and if you're betting for entertainment then -- the short it's gonna cost you money can't be separate. You treat it like a business -- you expect something that you like the business and it is if you treat it like a business and you can bet with your. Personally I think at 21 you're getting a ton of value and that's all he could hope for when you're heading out like I -- the only thing I can hope for giving it is that. I'm gonna do my money down went on to test the you know that's all like it ever hopeful that I've been on the value and long term it could take care of itself if you keep it about it. And get -- -- -- pointing stock split. And for me at 41 down because when the season ended last year that -- -- one of the five best teams in the entire and it fell on our -- -- -- the biggest point spread may be thinking he'd turn it -- would have been papered over New Orleans Saints -- in neutral field. I don't think it's not -- change. Over the course of the last nine months to change that opinion and maybe there a little bit removed. Console for me I think 21 is a lot of them in the upper deck they necessarily the suitable for that to make money off that -- -- -- that ticket. -- suitable not to make that because they get the playoffs. The opportunities there for -- start hedging to start meddling at this park and other teams. Just tried to occur at all that take it and when you have 21 in the politely but there's a lot of opportunities to. And I thank you RJ appreciate your time of the aren't on site they thought. And we -- a lot of it and it shows together and also happens all the time and I appreciate you have agreed to have a good targeting.

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